RC Stunt Car, YKS Invincible Tornado Twister - Multifunctional Rechargeable RC Acrobatic Stunt Car with LED Lights and Music (Red)
Price: $22.34
4.81 / 5   (112 Reviews)


Lot's of tricks!

26 Apr, 2018
My nephew has enjoyed playing with this remote twister vehicle. He does so many different tricks with it, an exciting colorful effect to all the 360 spins and flips. Also, plays music and the wheels l... read more »

Fun RC Stunt Car

31 Mar, 2018
I got this RC Stunt Car for my grandson, He loves it! it plays the crazy frog song and has lights that flash. Its exciting and fun to drive. Now i have to get one for myself! read more »


31 Mar, 2018
Cute toy.  Works as it should  read more »

it's ok

28 Mar, 2018
So its cool but it has a couple of major flaws. first off it plays this loud, annoying repetetive music that there is no way to shut off. Second issue is that it was difficult to steer... Although I g... read more »

A lot of fun

17 Mar, 2018
Wow, impressed. My teenagers had fun with this. You can't get it stuck anywhere. It twists and turns , moves every which way. Lights going off. A fun remote control car. Music a little loud but ta... read more »

Great First RC Car

08 Mar, 2018
This car is remote-controlled, has lights and music. The car performs well and the three-year-old figured it out very fast and loved it! I had bought a smiliar one at Christmas for the other 3-year-ol... read more »

Great toy

02 Mar, 2018
Great price too  read more »

Love the colors

01 Mar, 2018
Cute little car goes every which way. Easter basket ready read more »

Fun RC car for boys and girls of all ages!

27 Feb, 2018
I ordered this RC Stunt Car for my 3 year old, her cousins got one for Christmas and she has been talking about it ever since so I thought we'd give it a try. So glad I did, she loves it. The remo... read more »

so fun

27 Feb, 2018
i love this car, it never gets stuck with its tornado twister, it is so fun to play with, but music is loud so i suggest putting tape over that.  #rankbooster#ykstornadotwister#fun read more »

Loads of fun!

27 Feb, 2018
We played with this for hours!  It goes every direction.  You can spin it in circles or make it flip.  Great for young ones and grown "kids". read more »

so much fun

23 Feb, 2018
m y kids and I have had a blast with this! So much fun in such a little package! read more »


22 Feb, 2018
Grear product must hage read more »

Cool car

20 Feb, 2018
I got this for my little cousin and he loves it.i think it's a bit loud and i believe it would be better if we can stop the music but you can't it stays on .but so far everything works with no... read more »


18 Feb, 2018
It’s fun and easy to use. Kids use it to play with the puppy and have him chase it  read more »

Fun rc car.

17 Feb, 2018
Love love love love this rc car. My girls love it and have been playing with it non stop. It does fun  stunts and the music is even catchy. This is easy for my 3.5 year old to play with. read more »

Awese multi functioning remote control car

16 Feb, 2018
This is such an amazing remote controlled stunt car. The RC car plays music and has some pretty cool LED lights. This thing can do just about anything, from twirls, turns, 360 degr... read more »

Very durable and great toy

15 Feb, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/YKS-Invincible-Tornado-Twister-Multifunctional/dp/B06XTQT35N I got this RC Speed Stunt Car soon after I ordered it and in great condition it came in a box that kept it safe f... read more »

Great toy

14 Feb, 2018
My daughter absolutely adores this car , and is holding up great. She's ran it through water, mud, dirt, off hills ect. It's still running.  read more »

Great toy for younger kids.

09 Feb, 2018
Tried this out with a 6 year old and he had a blast playing with it. The controls are simple and the car looks cool. It lights up and makes musical sounds. Also tried with an older teen and he had fun... read more »

Cute, lots of LED lights, TONS of Fun!

09 Feb, 2018
YKS Invincible Tornado Twister - Multifunctional Rechargeable RC Acrobatic Stunt Car with LED Lights and Music (Red) Product Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XTQT35N/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_j5zFAb... read more »


08 Feb, 2018
My son loves this race car. It lights up and has a cute little tune that plays while you are using it. It lights up and I think that is his favorite part about it! The race car is actually pretty fast... read more »

This is a really cool stunt car!

08 Feb, 2018
My daughter loved this little remote control car. It has fun upbeat music and flashing lights. The car can flip, twist and do tons of stunts. I really like that the car has a rechargeable battery pack... read more »

Great RC car purchase

08 Feb, 2018
 my five year old has a great time with this car it is fully remote control some of the pros are at lights up very colorful and grabs your attention as well as plays and neat little tune that hol... read more »


07 Feb, 2018
My little boy loves this car. Its pink but he doesn't care. Its easy to control and does a lot of tricks. read more »

Cool car

06 Feb, 2018
This is cool car,my son really like it.they really enjoy playing of this. https://www.amazon.com/YKS-Invincible-Tornado-Twister-Multifunctional/dp/B06XTQT35N/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8... read more »

Rc stunt car

04 Feb, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #YKSinvincibletornadotwister Very nice gift idea. Such a cool toy for kids. read more »

Very cute toy!

04 Feb, 2018
I got this for a gift for a small child, and I still plan to give it to her, but it is a lot of fun to play with as an adult.  It does all kinds of cool stunts and flips and is all lit up. ... read more »

Perfect For Even the Youngest

04 Feb, 2018
I purchased this for my 2-year-old grandson and it’s perfect for him. It does state on the package for 6 and up. But, with our babies hitting technical genius as soon as they learn to swipe righ... read more »

Nice little toy

04 Feb, 2018
Bought this car for my son and he loves it. He has already figured out how to do different stunts with it and the LED lights are great for night time. So far it seams well made and has held up great w... read more »

Even my 68 year old kid loves it!

04 Feb, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XTQT35N/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is a fantastic car! I love the lights, music and the acrobatics that it does, it is very entertaini... read more »

fun in the dark

04 Feb, 2018
Fun toy to use on a hardwood surface, especially with the lights off. 4 stars because it is very lightweight read more »

Stunt car

03 Feb, 2018
Very cool stunt car with led lights! Super easy to use, control and store. Provides hours of fun, for the little ones as well as pets. So far I am very pleased with this toy and I would definitely rec... read more »

Fun Fun Fun

02 Feb, 2018
YYKS YKS Invincible Tornado Twister - Multifunctional Rechargeable RC Acrobatic Stunt Car with LED Lights and Music (Red)   Great toy car it is a little loud and the music will drive yo... read more »


01 Feb, 2018
YKS Invincible Tornado Twister -This rc car is amazing. It succeeded my expectations. I love that it has a rechargeable battery pack for the car and it charges via wall outlet not usb. It is easy to u... read more »

pretty awesome

01 Feb, 2018
Very pleased with this remote control car and my daughter was thrilled to get something new to play with as any kid would be. The music gets to be a little nerve wracking but it has a separate on/off... read more »


31 Jan, 2018
I love it. My kid love it to. The lights is very cool and the music makes it cooler. I highly recommend this to anyone read more »

Love the car.

31 Jan, 2018
Love the car. Got it for my nephew. Love the music. read more »

Fun RC

31 Jan, 2018
I bought this cute RC for my daughter's 5th birthday. She did not have any problem with figuring out how to make it do tricks. In my opinion, the RC is the perfect speed for younger kids. It does... read more »

Like That Its Rechargeable

30 Jan, 2018
This is my 1st rechargeable remote control car. I appreciate not needing 15 batteries to get going. My 1st impression by the way the box looked was that this was going to be a cheaply made car. But... read more »


30 Jan, 2018
Very nice. Works great good quality i love thge sound read more »

My son will love this.

30 Jan, 2018
I have had tumblrs before and they kind of rumble around until they bump into something this thing does a much better job than its competitors.  Its lights up and its hard not to lov... read more »

My baby loves this

30 Jan, 2018
both my 13 year old and 1 year old love this car. It is so fun to watch them run around he house playing with it. The lights and great but the music adds that extra great element. The remote works wel... read more »

Kids love it

30 Jan, 2018
I purchased this for my grand nephews and they love it.  The car is rechargeable as it comes with a cable to recharge the car. The controller does need batteries. My nephew loves the car wit... read more »

Keeps kids entertained

29 Jan, 2018
My son loves this car! It lights up and plays music. And it's rechargable. That's always a plus. Keeps kids entertained for hours. read more »

A great little RC remote car

29 Jan, 2018
I had a similiar one in the past and this is the only recharagable RC min car. The recharagble fucniton gives us an easy access to multi-funs. The operation is easy-friendly for my kids.  My... read more »

best remote control car

27 Jan, 2018
this is the best remote control car, the LED lights are great and the remote works amazing! my toddlers loves it read more »


23 Jan, 2018
Awesome read more »

Lots of fun......

15 Jan, 2018
This little car is so much fun, not only for kids but the husband loves it.   It flippps and runs and lights and music.  I love it becuase I don't have to buy batteries, it's ch... read more »

Great Fun For Anyone!

12 Jan, 2018
I bought this for my daughter, then my grandson came over and played with it. He loved it sooo much he wanted a larger version for Xmas which I got him. This one is great especially if you are using i... read more »

Good quality but

10 Jan, 2018
My son loves this twister stunt car. It can withstand any fall and rough hits. It's very good quality. My only issues is the music is really annoying and cannot be turned off. I put tape on the sp... read more »


10 Jan, 2018
This was an amazing deal. Everywhere i saw them the price was overrated thanks to rank-booster i got an amazing deal read more »


03 Jan, 2018
I purchased this for my 9 yr old son and I must say I think I love it as much as he Does! It's amazing the tricks this car can do. It flips sideways, in a full circle, does jumps and all. It light... read more »


02 Jan, 2018
This car is ok. We had issues with it charging and holding a charger. After a few we just gave up. The concept looks awesome and my kids were really hoping it would work. Not sure if it was the batter... read more »

loud and fun

18 Dec, 2017
I got this for my nephew and he LOVES it. He is only 3 but the controls are easy for him to use. There are 2 switches. One goes forward and back. The other flips the front wheels left or right. It fla... read more »

I know this is going to be a big hit on Christmas morning

18 Dec, 2017
I bought the YKS Invincible Tornado Twister RC Stunt Car for my 6 year old granddaughter for Christmas, so she hasn't had a chance to try it out yet. While she was gone, the adults in the hou... read more »

Awesome little car

15 Dec, 2017
My grandson loved this little car, the lights and music keeps him entertained for a while. He loves the stunts too. #RankBoosterReview, #Sponsored, #YKS https://www.amazon.com/Stunt-YKS-Invincib... read more »

Lots of fun

12 Dec, 2017
Music, lights and craziness.  This car goes everywhere and all over.  It has a remote to control where it goes.  It goes every direction and spins and flips.  Lots of fun. &nb... read more »

So fun

08 Dec, 2017
My kids love this car. It is easy to use and has fun colors. Stays charged for awhile read more »

So far so good!

06 Dec, 2017
This is a Christmas present so I haven't tried it yet but as soon as I do, if I can update, I will. But I will say the package is a little flimsy.  read more »

Kids approve

06 Dec, 2017
My kids love racing this car. They crack up everytime they make it jump over something or flip. It is pretty fast and will race all around the house. The batteries seem to hold up fairly well, which i... read more »

Cute Small RC

05 Dec, 2017
Cute little RC for my daughter. It's perfect because it doesn't go extremely fast to where her little eyes lose it. She loves the lights and "tricks" it does. Her favorite thing to d... read more »

Lots of fun

04 Dec, 2017
Having 2 grandsons, it will be hard to decide who gets this one! It is so cool. Made by YKS, this RC Stunt Car, YKS Invincible Tornado Twister - Multi-functional Rechargeable RC Acrobatic Stunt Car wi... read more »

roll over

03 Dec, 2017
My twin boys are absolutely going to love this car. Of course mommy had to play with it before I wrapped it up for christmas. The RC Stunt car is totally awesome. It goes every direction you can think... read more »

Great Gift.

02 Dec, 2017
This would be a great Christmas gift. It is simple to use and the lights are much brighter then I had expected! read more »

Works great, lights are awesome

02 Dec, 2017
  I bought this as a Christmas present for my son. It works fine, the lights are really cool, and it has no issues with functionality. It was easy to get turned on and set up for a trial run b... read more »

super toy

01 Dec, 2017
Love this car -- it comes with remote, nice lights and sounds... kids love it so much ! #RankBoosterReview Get yours today ! https://www.amazon.com/Stunt-YKS-Invincible-Tornado-Twister/dp/B06... read more »

great Christmas gift

01 Dec, 2017
What a fun little toy. Got it for a two year old for Christmas. He'll love it, easy to use...lights are great for the little kids.  read more »

Love it

30 Nov, 2017
my son absolutely loves it, he enjoys the colors and that it’s fast, I like it to it’s not a bad little car at all definitely will be buying more.  read more »


30 Nov, 2017
My 4 year old loves this car it lights up in a crazy way and plays music Its a nice quality and perfect for younger children. read more »

Cool light up stunt car that plays music!

29 Nov, 2017
This RC tornado twister stunt car is so cool!  I love the lights and the music!  It goes over things with no problem!  My son is going to love this! read more »

Kids Like it

28 Nov, 2017
I gave this to my little neice for her birthday. She loved it. She played with it exclusively for a few days after, not even wanting to play with the rest of her toys. The reason for 4 stars is the po... read more »

Wow! This YKS RC car is so cool!

28 Nov, 2017
For its price ($22.34 currently) this is a fantastic little toy RC car. I love that the car its self is rechargeable. Compared to other cars at this price point, you will be saving a lot of money on j... read more »

nice stunt car

28 Nov, 2017
bought for my grandson who loves it...loves al the tricks it can do...no complaints...delivered in timely manner and seems to be made of high quality material...love it!!  #alex huang  # Ran... read more »

Really neat and my toddler loves it!

28 Nov, 2017
This is a very cool toy and my toddler is obsessed. We love RC cars but this one glows which makes it really unique! We love that it’s rechargeable so it doesn’t go through a ton of b... read more »

The gals love it

27 Nov, 2017
We were pleased in my household and found it awesome that it recharges. A Def plus for us. Ages of use was 6 to 10 years old at my house and they thoroughly enjoyed it. read more »

This Car Is AWESOME!

27 Nov, 2017
My Grandson LOVES his RC Stunt Car! It does Amazing Twists & Turns! Plus, lights up with Music!! My husband said, he wanted one too!! Haha! Great Gift! Thank You! read more »

Great rc

27 Nov, 2017
This is a great little rc car. My kids really enjoy racing it around the house, and seeing what they can make it do. It has a pretty long run time, which is also nice! #tankbooster #sponsorediii  read more »

Remote Control Stunt Car

27 Nov, 2017
This is a fun and great little remote control car. Does all kinds of stunts. Has LED lights and music and is rechargeable. Love it!  read more »

Coolest RC lit up music playing car EVER!!!

26 Nov, 2017
  This is the coolest RC car I've ever seen and played with. I was excited when I heard the music playing and then once the batteries were in, it was so much fun to play with it. The co tr... read more »


26 Nov, 2017
My son loves this car..alot bigger then what i expected...works great havent had a problem with it yet...definitly worth the buy..thanks. read more »

So much fun

26 Nov, 2017
This Tornado Twister RC Stunt Car will definitely keep you and your kids entertained. The kids will like the music and the colorful lights.  As an adult, I like how it flips and tosses and turns.... read more »

Fun for young and old

26 Nov, 2017
Awesome for kids and those that are a kid at heart.  This RC stunt car, invincible twister tornado is a very fun car to play with... I to it for my kids but enjoy playing with it myself... I g... read more »

fun remote car

25 Nov, 2017
This is a fun remote control car. It is good for any gender. My daughters love it! It is easy to use and fun to control. It does flips and 360 turns. The lights and music just add to the excitement of... read more »


25 Nov, 2017
This one is super cool. Lights up, plays music, does tricks, and is rechargeable so your not constantly buying batteries. It's easy enough to use that my 5 year old niece had no issues with using... read more »


25 Nov, 2017
This is a neat little stunt car. I purchased this as a gift for my nephew and niece and they are going to be super excited!!! Cant wait to see the excitement on their faces when they open it. read more »

Love love love this little car

25 Nov, 2017
I purchased this car for my son. It lights up and does tricks. Perfect Christmas present or gift for any occasion. It's also good for all ages! My son is 2 years old, but it would also be good for... read more »

Great gift for Christmas!

25 Nov, 2017
I can’t actually give this a full review as in how the product works because it will be a gift for my son this Christmas but I will say it looks so fun! The packaging is nice and colorful , I kn... read more »

So Awesome!

25 Nov, 2017
My son is getting this for Christmas so I haven't had a whole lot of time to play with it just yet. It is really awesome for what I've seen yet. The lights, the color, the moves... my little d... read more »

Make a amazing gift

25 Nov, 2017
My daughter is going to love it for christmas from Santa she's been waiting one and asking Santa for one and it was amazing deal not to pass up and the look on her face when we start to play with... read more »

My Grandson Is Going To Love It!!

25 Nov, 2017
My grandson loves cars. Any car will do but the ones that go fast and do tricks, well now those are the ones he loves the most.  I have not seen this little car in action yet and I won't unti... read more »

Rechargeable RC Stunt car.

24 Nov, 2017
I have this to my granddaughter and son in law to try out.  My granddaughter said it was the most fun car she had ever used.  It does crazy stunts and the lights are a big plus for her. &nbs... read more »

Exciting Stunt Car!

24 Nov, 2017
The kids all had a blast with this awesome stunt car. It lights up, plays music, and does several stunts. A great holiday gift idea! I do wish it had an option of turning the music off but overall an... read more »

So much fun!

23 Nov, 2017
Gonna make a great Christmas present!! Looks like it will be so much fun!! Happy with this!!   read more »

rc stunt car

23 Nov, 2017
it was nicely packaged my son loves it alot he loves playing with it he likes to chase the cats with it  read more »

Car is great, music not so much

23 Nov, 2017
So I bought this for a Christmas present for my kids for next month. I waited for them to go to sleep before I attempted to to take it out of the box, play around with it quietly, then put it back in... read more »

Fun & entertaining stunt car!

22 Nov, 2017
I purchased this RC Stunt car for my nephew for Christmas but I am trying it out and having a lot fun with it!  This stunt car comes with a remote control and AC adapter. It has a built in batte... read more »


22 Nov, 2017
omg this is the most awesome toy i have ever gotten my nephew.  I got it for him for christmas but im thinking it may be a super early gift (because i want to play with it with him tooo lol), def... read more »

This car is awesome.

22 Nov, 2017
I purchased this for my Grandson for Christmas. I am totally pleased with this and can not wait for him to unwrap it! You got sound , lights  and running wheels which is everything a boy will wan... read more »

Absolutely love this car! it

21 Nov, 2017
Absolutely love this car!! I bought this for my daughters Christmas present and I. Couldn't help but take it out and test it! I love the song that it plays and love the lights  on it so she c... read more »

Funny Tornado Car For Christmas

21 Nov, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/Stunt-YKS-Invincible-To…/…/B06XTQT35N This is the coolest toy, this car spins, turns , and rolls over. Who could ask for more in a gift. You will a hit as "S... read more »

#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #RCStuntCar

21 Nov, 2017
This is a Christmas gift for my son so I can't give it a proper review. It looks awesome from being in the box though. read more »

Remote control car by YKS

21 Nov, 2017
This is a great little remote car with lights and sound by YKS. If you do not want to hear your child play with the car then this isn't for you, there is music. The remote is wireless and runs off... read more »

A Stunt Above the Rest

21 Nov, 2017
This RC stunt car is one of the better ones on the market today.  It is very impressive because of the many functions it has available.  Not only does it do many different stunts but it ligh... read more »

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