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Sep, 2017

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Stay at home momma who loves testing new products and spreading the word! Love to get deals, and love to share them as well. With two babies its great to be able to try these products, and we are always trying new things!
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Great Clip!

09 Dec, 2017
Nice clip, I like the checkered like dark look it has. Nice strength to hold cash and cards. It will be a nice stcking stuffer for my hubby!   #rankboosterreview #sponsored #CLCARBONLIFE read more »

Even better than the picture !

07 Dec, 2017
These pjs are super cute, and well made. Easy zip up. I just love the colors, and I love the cute design as well. These are nice because they will allow my baby to stay warm , but not sweaty while sle... read more »


03 Dec, 2017
And here it is folks! The UKULELE , all the accessories I have gotten and the main event has arrived! I can not wait to give this to my son. Nice case , comes with strings , and the smoothness and loo... read more »

Great Christmas Stage Light

03 Dec, 2017
Adding another Christmas Projection light to my collection! I haven't decided where to put this one yet, i have two outside, and one in our living room! I love this one, it shines bright, clear, a... read more »

Small and accurate!

03 Dec, 2017
Love the size, accuracy, and easy to read screen. This will be another perfect item to go with my sons ukulele. Screen turns green when in tune. User friendly! Also comes with the battery. Well worth... read more »

Perfect to go with ukulele

03 Dec, 2017
Great leather case, and variety of picks and sizes. Love that its a keychain too! My son will just love it to go with his Ukulele. read more »

Beautifully Made

01 Dec, 2017
I was originally going to gift this item, of course after I had a chance to play around, see how it worked. Well needless to say I will no longer be gifting it, because now that I've tested it, I... read more »

Prettier in person!

01 Dec, 2017
Pictures don't do it justice, even nicer in person! Pretty, sparkly, and durable. Now I can't wait to get my new Iphone X!! read more »

Love this company!

28 Nov, 2017
Honestly anything that i have gotten from this company is nothing short of perfection. Everything they make, is well packaged, great quality and built to last! I bought this stand as a Christmas prese... read more »

Cant Review

28 Nov, 2017
Unfortunately I can't give this item a fair review as the item didnt work and had to return :( read more »

Perfect for Florida!

28 Nov, 2017
I am actually kind of excited to zap some bugs ! (I know i sound like an awful person haha) Living in Florida I can't wait to fire up this bad boy and swat any bug that comes in my way! I love tha... read more »

Pretty Garden Projector !

28 Nov, 2017
This is a very nice basic garden Christmas projector light. Waterproof, has great distance, and nice clear bright lights. Does not come with remote, and is a stake only item, so made to stick in groun... read more »

Love the multiuse for other holidays!

28 Nov, 2017
Another great Christmas projector! Two ways to use, in ground or as tri pod. Waterproof, great range. The other reason this isnt 5 stars as it doesn't have the remote that the other lights often h... read more »

Fun Decorations

28 Nov, 2017
Cute decorations for birthdays! Can't wait until the next birthday to decorate with them. They aren't my favorite birthday decor I've ever seen, but they are cute and will do the job! The... read more »

Effective and ideal for practice

28 Nov, 2017
My son recently has shown some interest in wanting to play the drums. With a baby sister and apartment living, i thought a practice drum would be perfect for him! He can learn some techniques and beat... read more »

A gift

27 Nov, 2017
My dad is in a band and has many instruments so I thought this would’ve the perfect gift! He says so far so good! He’s pleased read more »

Makes me want to have a plant!

27 Nov, 2017
I dont exactly have a green thumb but this certainly makes me want to have a plant! This bluetooth flower pot speaker is so unique, and would make a great gift for anyone. It was super easy to set up... read more »

I may have to get more in bigger sizes and for gifts!

27 Nov, 2017
This pan truly is non stick, heats up very quick, with a nice even heat. I tried eggs in it, and the ease of use was great. My only complaint is the handle did get slightly hot but it wasn't too b... read more »

Great holiday decor!

26 Nov, 2017
I really can't say enough about these projection lights! They are by far my favorite Christmas decor item and I can't believe we haven' t purchased these a lot sooner! love love love!!! A+... read more »

Great product.

25 Nov, 2017
I bought this for my son for his guitar for Christmas. Its nice leather material and a good size. Seems very durable. I hope he likes it too! read more »

Great gift for Christmas!

25 Nov, 2017
I can’t actually give this a full review as in how the product works because it will be a gift for my son this Christmas but I will say it looks so fun! The packaging is nice and colorful , I kn... read more »

More lights the better!

23 Nov, 2017
Here in our household, the more decorations and lights to celebrate Christmas the better! I just love these projection lights! They really add something special, and i honestly love them better than t... read more »

Excitement is an understatement!

22 Nov, 2017
This is WAY to cool! We actually had a much smaller version that we had got from walmart. We thought that was pretty neat, until i recieved this product! WOW! i love love love it! I plugged it in our... read more »

Great space saving kitchen scale!

21 Nov, 2017
We live in an apartment and our kitchen has so much stuff in it, everytime we need a new item , im afraid where we will put it! I was so glad to recieve this digital kitchen scale because not only doe... read more »

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