Snowfall Outdoor Led Christmas Lights Displays Projector Show Waterproof Rotating Projection Snowflake Lamp with Wireless Remote for Xmas Halloween Party Wedding and Garden Decorations
Price: $35.99
4.82 / 5   (45 Reviews)


SO Pretty

18 Mar, 2018
This light display is well worth the money! We live in Texas and don't get "snow" but this gave us the effect of snow. We've used it in the house to entertain the kids as well and th... read more »

Excellent quality

02 Feb, 2018
This worked great . Gave it as a gift to my mom who was looking for one but was too cheap to buy her own. Lol  read more »

Best Christmas decoration

01 Feb, 2018
This is by far the prettiest easy. Fastest and new way of decorating for christmad.  Easy to set up, put away and works flawlessly  read more »

looks like snow

29 Jan, 2018
I love this light projector because it made it look like snow was falling on our house this Christmas. Its neutral colors of circles, so it can be used for other things as well. You can changed the sp... read more »

Beautiful & works great

27 Jan, 2018
This snowfall led Christmas display light is so pretty. Super easy to install just stick the stake in the ground at the desired distance from your house. Comes with a remote so no need to go outside t... read more »

Love this

29 Dec, 2017
This is an amazing projector that makes it look like it's snowing on your house :)  Love it! read more »


27 Dec, 2017
This makes it look like it is snowing in the dark.  It's so pretty! read more »

fun lights for winter

18 Dec, 2017
Make it snow! Or  at least look like it at night with this light orb.  It comes with a ground spike that screws on so you can place this on the yard and point it at a building or some type o... read more »

I love looking at all the Christmas decorations, and especially the Christmas lights

18 Dec, 2017
I love looking at all the Christmas decorations, and especially the Christmas lights, so this year I bought several of them to decorate my home and yard. These Snowfall Outdoor Led Christmas Ligh... read more »

Simply beautiful!

13 Dec, 2017
These lights are awesome!  We are setting these up in our back yard and have been able to create an awesome holiday feel.  Like the fact that this unit is waterproof and will be able to let... read more »

Let it snow.

12 Dec, 2017
This is really neat.  It makes it look like snow falling from the sky.  Kids love it.  It comes with a remote.  It has differents speeds.  It has a stake to put in the ground... read more »

Great addition

07 Dec, 2017
  Added a nice touch to my holiday lights! I kept it simple. I put up very few lights just around my porch and walkway, then used this "light show" to illuminate the rest of my house... read more »

Wish I could say it was great.

06 Dec, 2017
This didn't work and I really wanted it to. The seller food refund me. It just kept strobing no matter what I did. I followed all directions and also sent a video of what I need did to the seller.... read more »

Awesome light show!

06 Dec, 2017
I am so impressed with the vivid colors of this projector! My kids were absolutely thrilled when we turned it on for the first time. We have not had much spare time this year to do a lot of outside de... read more »

This is gorgeous!

06 Dec, 2017
We are so happy with this that I dont even have enough words! We purchased something like this from a store and were so unhappy with how it looked. The lights were all blurry and they barely showed up... read more »


05 Dec, 2017
This is the most beautiful light I have gotten in a long time. It workd to perfection and lights up the entire room. My daughter is so excited to use this for her snow themed birthday party! read more »

Beautiful Snowfall Light Projector!

04 Dec, 2017
This light arrived well packaged and I was surprised at the size, it is much larger than I expected! It comes with a remote and the battery is included. Set up is easy and a yard stake is included so... read more »

Led Christmas Lights Displays Projector

02 Dec, 2017
Snowfall Outdoor Led Christmas Lights Displays Projector. Show Waterproof Rotating Projection Snowflake Lamp with Wireless Remote for Xmas Halloween Party Wedding and Garden Decorations. This led C... read more »

Pretty snowflakes!

01 Dec, 2017
This Snowfall Outdoor Led Christmas Light Display Projector by  #BEIYIHOME looks pretty with my outdoor lights! It's waterproof, rotates projects snowflakes! Has a wireless remote & was e... read more »

Great Show!

01 Dec, 2017
WoW! It covers the entire front of my house and it looks as if it is really snowing...The only problem that I have with this item is that, instead of the light show ing snow around in a circle, i... read more »

The snow everywhere descending

01 Dec, 2017
BEIYI HOME-US Snowfall Outdoor Led Christmas Lights Displays Projector Show Waterproof Rotating Projection Snowflake Lamp with Wireless Remote This is one of the most hypnotic things I've ev... read more »

Not snowflakes, but all around still great!

30 Nov, 2017
I expected it to be snowflakes, rather than snowfall. However I am still pleased with the results.  read more »


30 Nov, 2017
Well I was so excited to get this light and it works well and is nicely made however is not what I thought it would be.  You have to have the light a t the right angle and well I dont think... read more »

Put me in the holiday spirit!

29 Nov, 2017
This projector is fun and is a great addition to my purpose display. I like that the lights are white and that the patterns are beautiful and calming. This projector would also be great for indoor use... read more »

Totally awesome lights

29 Nov, 2017
This light by #Beiyihome-US is totally awesome. This light shines snowflakes on whatever you shine it on, such as a house, wall or what not. This is also comes with a remote so you don't have to m... read more »

Easy Christmas Decoration!

29 Nov, 2017
I finally have a house to put Christmas lights on but don't feel comfortable hanging them myself (hate ladders).  I loved the idea of this and how simple it is to use.  This projector is... read more »

Led outdoor lights

28 Nov, 2017
These are awesome! It never snows here. Now every night we can go sit outside and enjoy the snowfall on our house. This light is bright and it does cover the whole front of the house. Plus snow in the... read more »

Beautiful and classic!

28 Nov, 2017
I am in love with this light projector! This is my first time owning one, and it is soooooo much easier than traditional Christmas lights!  I opened our shed this year to discover some critter... read more »


27 Nov, 2017
Just as I anticipated, absolutely gorgeous. I Def will need and want a second one. The need of additional ones depends on size of house and look that you want. Love it!!! read more »

Let It Snow!

27 Nov, 2017
I live in Texas and snow is not something we see here.  This Snowfall outdoor projector creates a lovely snow flurry or full on blizzard with the lights.  It is remote controlled and I love... read more »

Snowfall anytime!

26 Nov, 2017
We live in the deep south so we never get to see snow fall in the winter but with this snowfall projector, it can look like it is snowing all the time. The projector comes with a remote so I don't... read more »

Beautiful Projector

26 Nov, 2017
This is a perfect light projector display for the Christmas holiday season by BEIYI HOME-US . The box contains the light projector, a stake to secure it in the ground, a power adapter with a waterproo... read more »


25 Nov, 2017
I was so excited to try this projection lamp. It is easy to set up and instructions are straight forward. This projector has a convenient remote with mutiple options for lighting effects and speed. Th... read more »

Amazing Perfect!

25 Nov, 2017
I Really love My Snowfall Outdoor LED Christmas Lights display! It Really looks like real snow is Falling- Simply beautiful- A lot of Cars have been slowing down/ stopping to see! Works Great too! read more »

Very pretty light show

25 Nov, 2017
Snowfall Outdoor Led Christmas Lights Displays Projector Show Waterproof Rotating Projection Snowflake Lamp with Wireless Remote for Xmas Halloween Party Wedding and Garden Decorations This is so e... read more »


25 Nov, 2017
This Snowfall outdoor LED christmas projector is very neat.Comes with a remote control . is waterproof and very easy to set up. Low voltage and Up to 30 feet Snowflakes projecting distance.  read more »

The perfect outdoor holiday decoration!

25 Nov, 2017
BEIYI Home-US Snowfall Outdoor LED Light   MY RATING: 5/5 stars   This is probably my favorite item that I have reviewed so far. My mom has wanted one of these for several years... read more »

Great Holiday Fun!

24 Nov, 2017
I was excited to receive this product in the mail, just in time for the holiday season! The different options for the lights are so fun and my neighbors have already commented on how much they like my... read more »

Love this it

24 Nov, 2017
I just love this product. I gave it to my mom as a gift and she just loves it    #Ra... read more »

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!

23 Nov, 2017
This light is so bright and has great projection! It looks so peaceful and really adds to the holiday spirit. The setup is so easy and takes about 5 minutes! This is great for decorating and looks awe... read more »


22 Nov, 2017
Last year, I decided to be lazy and just get a projector for the outside for holiday lights. They were all fails. It either took forever to warm up or you couldn't see the color on the house. It w... read more »

Excitement is an understatement!

22 Nov, 2017
This is WAY to cool! We actually had a much smaller version that we had got from walmart. We thought that was pretty neat, until i recieved this product! WOW! i love love love it! I plugged it in our... read more »


18 Nov, 2017
~ What ~ This waterproof ABS plastic and metal light can be used outdoors or indoors to varied white lights that look like snow falling against the dark. The gift box comes with the 4 LED projector l... read more »

Great quality

17 Nov, 2017
this is a great quality product for a great price. seller is friendly and compassionate about customer care. I will order again so my dad can have one!! read more »

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