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Nov, 2017

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I own several group pages. One is for members to get discounted products from sellers. This helps sellers move product, code only. My group is called Deal Dash. Always looking for sellers whom would like to participate in Dash Day as well as participation on other days. I run a review group and my own page Product Reviewing Mommy to post my reviews and links to products.
I have a large family, so we use tons of items as well as donate items. We are interested in a variety of categories. From kitchen, toys, musical instruments and accessories, furniture, make up, and much more. I own my own wholesale business. I can assist sellers in moving product. If interested in information feel free to contact me at [email protected]
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15 Jan, 2021
this is an item for a wide range of ages. My one year old love them!!! And his older siblings do too!!! Each bell is labeled with the note. So basically each one gives off a different sound. In which... read more »

Not impressed

15 Jan, 2021
I was actually hoping for something different. This was more of something you would find at the dollar store. The pictures did not match the product that arrived. Similar but in cheaper form. read more »

Love love love

30 Aug, 2020
These were perfect and I wish I could get more. Most importantly it does not cause itching nor irritation. Which is what I originally was concerned with. I highly recommend. read more »


30 Aug, 2020
This product was nice. I purchased for my husband as he has a bad back. The heating part did not last long. Only several uses. I contacted company and they sent a new one. To which again the heating p... read more »


30 Aug, 2020
I snagged these for my husband. They did not come with a handle. I tried with the end of a gulf club, which when I thought about it, it takes less effort to just pick up the ball. Instead with this yo... read more »


30 Aug, 2020
With my kiddos heading back to school, and having to wear   Masks throughout the day, I knew I had to find something to assist with comfort. They are bendable as I shall call it, so it form to th... read more »

Nice quality!!!

29 Aug, 2020
True to size, soft thick material. My daughter loved this and made her siblings jealous. I will definitely be buying again, money well spent. read more »

Exactly what I was looking for

29 Aug, 2020
I have been on the hunt for this and I could not seem to find them anywhere. I cook with garlic a lot!!! This product was easy to use and most importantly, easy to clean. I definitely recommend.  read more »

Nice quality

27 Aug, 2020
These were phenomenal. Perfect size and amazing quality. Used for my kiddos and recommended to fellow classmates to get.  read more »

Was excited but never received item

27 Aug, 2020
i was excited for this item, but it got lost from our local carrier. I will def reorder as these are very practical. read more »

Where have these been!!!

27 Aug, 2020
I never knew these even existed. With having kiddos and them learning to cook these have made clean up a breeze. I wish I knew about these sooner. Easy open packaging and easy to place on stove. I hon... read more »

Great Gift

27 Aug, 2020
I actually purchased this with my daughter in mind. She is taking cosmetology and also enjoys doing her siblings nails. She was excited when she saw this. She started practicing with it as she never u... read more »

Multi use

30 Nov, 2017
We realized you can use this for many reasons other than the obvious. Nail decirating, craft items, and the obvious. We are pleased with the quality also. Nice addition to gift basket, gift bag, or ju... read more »

This is too cool

27 Nov, 2017
I am definitely gonna need another one for my other oldest. This is absolutely cool. Multifunctional and will definitely help my children with school projects that they have to record. Very amazed and... read more »


27 Nov, 2017
Just as I anticipated, absolutely gorgeous. I Def will need and want a second one. The need of additional ones depends on size of house and look that you want. Love it!!! read more »

They liked it...

27 Nov, 2017
Placed in our Lil ones room and they like it. Easy to use so they can turn in and off as they need.  read more »

The gals love it

27 Nov, 2017
We were pleased in my household and found it awesome that it recharges. A Def plus for us. Ages of use was 6 to 10 years old at my house and they thoroughly enjoyed it. read more »

Perfect For personal use or basket gift addition

27 Nov, 2017
I snagged this for my one of my daughter as she has thick hair. She loved it as it helped massage in the conditioner and she was able to brush through. Very pleased and glad I found this. read more »

Multi use for us

27 Nov, 2017
Very pleased with amount of light illuminated. I purchased because it amplified to me that it is water proof. With power outages around here and weather conditions this will and is perfect for our use... read more »

All very pleased

27 Nov, 2017
We used these on a variety of instruments and we're pleased with what we wanted to accomplish. Some may think these are thin. But I feel all depends on personal preference, sound wanted, and instr... read more »

Decent Product

27 Nov, 2017
I am not a music person with guitar items. My husband used this and was pleased. He said it worked as expected and he will be using again. He likes to play for our Lil ones and with friends. Definitel... read more »

Thank Goodness

26 Nov, 2017
With having young ones, I needed help with keeping my vehicle Clean in the wet snowy seasons. This worked perfectly. Nice suction and so convenient. read more »

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