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My name is Emily Joy, I’m 30 and live in Chicago, I enjoy doing ddpyoga, walking my dog, cooking, and reading/learning.
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Top quality vinyl!

04 Aug, 2021
I am constantly crafting, so therefore I'm always buying supplies and looking for new brands to try.  This vinyl adhered well with heat and weeding was a dream!! read more »

Vibrant and well made.

24 Jul, 2021
These were very well made and the shipping was lightning fast. The colors are amazing and they made a wonderful gift and I would 10/10 buy again  read more »

Great bumpers!

10 Jul, 2021
Really love these with my Apple Watch, they were easy to install and the colors are fun.  I love how many came in the pack, variety and function are both ????!  read more »

Great fidget!

08 Jul, 2021
Little things like this help me from picking my skin and face at work. Helps me destress after a long day and I really love how colorful it isssss  read more »

Made a great gift!

11 Jun, 2021
Wonderful outdoor fun for two kids aged 7 and 4, hours of use in the first week they had it.  read more »

Love it!

06 Jun, 2021
These clips are vibrant in color and very well made. They will be perfect for the summer, when trying to get my hair off my face. I love how lightweight they are as well!! Great item  read more »

Space saver!

03 Jun, 2021
This has freed up so much space on our kitchen counter. We have many bottles in it and it still spins with ease. It is also very very visually pleasing.  read more »

Big hit!

20 May, 2021
Bought this as a gift for a kiddo that needs some help at nighttime calming down. She loves it and the parents want one for their room now too. I highly recommend this item!!! read more »

Love the print!

24 Apr, 2021
These are very well made and I was surprised at how soft they were. I would definitely buy a few more pairs in differing colors. Will be a staple in my wardrobe this summer!! read more »


02 Apr, 2021
I am an avid croc wearer so I'm always looking for cute charms for the shoes in my collection.  The charms came well packaged and the quality is better than I expected. I was also able to... read more »

Great for trip to Disney

31 Mar, 2021
Bought these for a family friend who is taking her kids to Disney World for the first time soon.  she loved them and said they're soft and will be great for the park! 5 stars!  read more »


11 Mar, 2021
Got these on whim and I am VERY glad I did.  Great sound quality and easily paired with my phone. I would recommend this to friends and family alike!  read more »

Great Rack!

07 Mar, 2021
Fits perfectly in my kitchen with some other baskets and storage racks I already had.  Was both easy to put together and well constructed, very very pleased!  It also came well packaged.&n... read more »

Great gift for indoor play!

18 Feb, 2021
Got this for a kiddo turning five years old and he loves it! It's an easy escape from the hard things happening in this world.  It's well made and the carrying bags are great.  fiv... read more »

Great cables!

29 Jan, 2021
Love the color of these and that they feel rugged hoping they let a long time! read more »

Sturdy water bottle!

05 Jan, 2021
Bought as a gift, is easy to clean and has been dropped without breaking! Great item!  read more »

Comfy and great

01 Dec, 2020
This was a gift for my aunt for her birthday.  she loves it and said this is her favorite sweatshirt ever!  would buy more from this seller!  read more »

Well made and colorful!

18 Nov, 2020
My friend is now homeschooling like so many, this is a wonderful Montessori activity for her daughter.  They are bright and well-made!  Highly recommended!! read more »

Never received

18 Nov, 2020
Did not receive item read more »

Great controller!

18 Nov, 2020
Made a wonderful gift for a very good kid! He is enjoying playing all of his favorites!  read more »

Lightweight and cute!

08 Nov, 2020
Love these PJs, they're breathable and comfy for sleeping. I would absolutely recommend these to a friend or family member.  read more »

Soft Material!

18 Oct, 2020
Got these as a gift for a friends new baby, she said they're soft and stay on her baby's head well!  5 stars!  read more »

Great drawstring!

17 Oct, 2020
These will be great for winter and they are also well made! The colors are vibrant as well. 10/10 recommended  read more »

High capacity!

22 Sep, 2020
Great water bottle for the office, helps me keep track of how much water intake I'm getting. Wish it was a little better insulated but it's still great.  read more »

Pairs well!

15 Sep, 2020
Ordered as a gift for my friend who recently got a comparable drawing tablet. She loves that it is rechargeable and lightweight. Very very happy with this purchase!  read more »


15 Sep, 2020
Got this as gift for my niece and she loves it!  makes her feel like she's her favorite mermaid princess!! read more »

Fun decor a little bit heavy

06 Sep, 2020
Got this to spruce up a wall in my office, it's very cute but it's a little bit heavy. Also it makes a little bit of noise if it happens to hit the wall at all. But it definitely is cute to lo... read more »

Great gift!

30 Aug, 2020
Bought this for an artist friend! She says it's a great addition to her art room and she loves the product.  said it is well made and lightweight. read more »


30 Aug, 2020
I have a few pairs of Bluetooth sleep headphones.  this pair is my new favorite, it's comfortable and the sound quality is pretty great. I may purchase a backup pair, so I always have o... read more »

Small and cute!

30 Aug, 2020
Cannot wait time incorporate these into my Christmas decor this year! They're all very cute and well made, I would recommend to a friend!  read more »

Dogs love it!

24 Aug, 2020
10/10 stars from my friend's dogs!  They love boredom busters like this, slap some peanut butter on it and you're good to go!  read more »

Fun feeder!

04 Aug, 2020
We have an array of slow feeders in our house, this one is going to be a new favorite. It slows down our fast eater and the color of it is great!  read more »


28 Jul, 2020
This made a great gift! The headband alone was worth the cost! Adorable set!  read more »

Item never received.

11 Jul, 2020
Item was never received, amazon did not refund.  read more »

True to size and very cute!

25 Jun, 2020
Got this as a gift and it's very cute and bright!  made a kiddo smile and would buy again!  Great quality as well.  read more »

Made a great gift!

24 Jun, 2020
Got this for my quirky preteen niece and she loves them, get quality!  I plan on purchasing more as gifts!  read more »

Fun Tutus!

10 Jun, 2020
These were a perfect gift for a three year old! Now she is able to dress up any outfit. The tutus are bright and fun! I would recommend purchasing these!  read more »

Summer dress!

10 Jun, 2020
This loose fitting dress is perfect for a warm day!  The fabric is soft and I like the overall look of this dress. I want it in other colors.  read more »


10 Jun, 2020
This a great controller, it quickly connected to my switch and recharges rapidly. I would happily purchase another one to have on hand!  read more »

Great value!

10 Jun, 2020
Was a gift for my niece that is 3, the leopard will be great for when classes start again!  It's soft and looks like it will last for a long time.  read more »

Cute stickers!

10 Apr, 2020
Used these to decorate a water bottle and they were perfect for the job!!! Theyre high quality and have stayed on the bottle well!!   read more »

Lovely straws!

31 Mar, 2020
These are great and portable!  I love the cute carrying cases and the straws are cute and easy to clean!  loved sharing these with my family members!! read more »

Small but fun!

07 Mar, 2020
Keep this on my desk at work for quick notes.  I love how easy it is to use and how well it works!  I only wish that it was a little bit bigger!! read more »

Awesome razor!

07 Mar, 2020
I did not know how well this razor would work but I love it and use it multiple times a week.  It charges quickly and does a great job in sensitive areas! I was surprised by how much I love this... read more »

Small but powerful.

11 Jan, 2020
I had a pinched nerve in my neck and this heating pad was the only thing that gave me relief.  The timer settings are convenient and the fabric is very soft!!  I just wish the pad itself w... read more »

Fun and comfy hoodie!

04 Jan, 2020
Very comfy and flattering!  I ordered two sizes up (probably could have gotten away with one size up) to get that oversized look and I am so glad I did!  The fabric is soft and does n... read more »

Stylish and comfy.

19 Sep, 2019
I got this jumpsuit for work and I love it. It’s easily dressed up or down depending on my shoe choice for the day. I plan on purchasing this in other colors. Only downside is that it wrinkles e... read more »

Small and fun!

19 Sep, 2019
Got this as a gift for my coworker, she loves it and uses it on her way to work daily. She said the sound quality is not awful as not awfullllnd called the earphone stylist. #rankbooster #sponsored &n... read more »

Shore ready!

28 Jun, 2019
This suit fits true to size and is very comfortable to wear. I was pleased with the quality and it will be a staple in my summer wardrobe! The print is also unique, eye catching, and adorable!!!  read more »

Summer ready!

19 Jun, 2019
This dress is perfect for a summer day, it’s breathable and doesn’t stick to the skin on a warm day. I also think the print is vibrant and looks great!  read more »

Made a great gift!!

29 May, 2019
Got this for my best friend as a birthday gift, she loved it! Said it was great quality and has worn it daily.  read more »

Hair gadget!

10 May, 2019
This is a very neat tool, it takes awhile to heat upper but once it does it does a great job taming my hair. I would recommend it to friends and family and the red color makes it stand out  read more »

Leopard is my favorite color.

10 May, 2019
This shirt is very comfortable and pairs wonderfully with a pair of leggings and sneakers. The quality is great and it looked wonderful even after a cycle in the washer. I love blooming jelly’s... read more »

Summer ready!

02 May, 2019
Looking forward to using these all summer long. They keep our wine cool and they seem to be very high quality. I really love the Reks gold color of them as well! I would buy these again!!! read more »


30 Apr, 2019
This shirt is both comfy and versatile, I am able to wear it to work! The quality is also pretty great. I would buy more in other colors for sure.  read more »

Colorful and fun!

21 Apr, 2019
Great straws, got them for iced coffee at work.  Was able to share some with my co workers which they love them also, they also feel durable and like they will get many uses out of them.  read more »

Desk speaker.

14 Apr, 2019
Use this at work as a speaker for my pc, it works well. The only issue is that the aux cable it came with doesn’t work. So other than that the lights are great and my co-workers are wanting spea... read more »

Made a great gift.

14 Apr, 2019
Gave this as a birthday gift to my best friend, she loved the lights and said the speaker quality is great as well. Overall a great gift for a great friend!!  read more »

Great Cable!

07 Sep, 2018
Bought this as a backup cable for my device and it works wonderful! It is a dense and sturdy cable and I love having it in my bag ready to go! #rankboosterreview #sponsored #revolt  read more »

Stylish and sleek!

02 Aug, 2018
These ear phones are lightweight and have a great sound to them to them. I use them often and am very glad that I own them. I also love the way they look and how well made they are. #sponsored #rankbo... read more »

Boho chic!!

11 Jul, 2018
I love this case for my beloved MacBook Air, it is totally my style and I have peace of mind traveling with my computer now. I feel as though this case does a great job protecting my computer from bas... read more »

Great case!

03 Jul, 2018
I had been on the hunt for a cute, unique,and durable case for my kindle. This one is beautiful and high quality. I look forward to using this case for years to come. #rankboosterreview #sponsored #do... read more »

A+ Screen Protector!

10 Jun, 2018
I just got a new phone so I needed to protect its screen as soon as possible. I was excited to get these for such a great price and the quality is quite great. I would buy protectors from this company... read more »


13 May, 2018
Love this power strip for in my home office, it is also well made and has been easy to use. I love all th features and would happily buy another one! This makes life a lot easier. #RankBoosterReview #... read more »

Awesome travel charger!

06 May, 2018
I love this little charger for when I’m on the road. It’s compact and it charges my devices quickly. It is well-made and easily folds up so I can carry it in my purse! I am going to b... read more »

Love all the sizes!

26 Apr, 2018
Great cables for my iOS devices, many cable lengths to choose from which is great. The cables are sturdy and are well made. I would purchase from this seller again. #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #Juni... read more »

Nice for travel!

26 Apr, 2018
I love these little backscratchers, since there was more than one in the pack I was able to share them with family members which was awesome. They are also quite easy to pack in a suitcase. ... read more »

Comfy pet bed!

18 Apr, 2018
Great dog bed! I was able to donate this bed to a local rescue for some of their more sickly dogs. So far the woman I gave it to has said that they've loved it and that it's been a welcome ite... read more »

Great Headphones!

18 Apr, 2018
These are awesome little headphones, they’re not only stylish but they also pack a punch. The sound quality that comes out of them is pretty great and they are pretty to look at! I have got... read more »

Always needing lightning cables!

03 Jan, 2018
Was excited to find a pack of cables for such a good price! These cables are sleek and the fabric covered cord gives them a more sturdy feel. I also love that these are 6ft long!!! I have used one of... read more »

Great Modest Dress!

11 Dec, 2017
I bought this dress for some holiday engagements I hate coming up, I wanted something long and neutral. The material of this dress is soft and it feels so comfortable on that I could honestly relax or... read more »

Screen protectors!

11 Dec, 2017
Was so excited to find a 2 pack option that met my needs. These protectors are sturdy and have worked well on my iPhone. I have peace of mind because I know my screen is being protected while I am on... read more »

Put me in the holiday spirit!

29 Nov, 2017
This projector is fun and is a great addition to my purpose display. I like that the lights are white and that the patterns are beautiful and calming. This projector would also be great for indoor use... read more »

Sturdy Instrument Stand!

29 Nov, 2017
The first thing that catches your eye about this stand is it’s vibrant red color, it makes it stand out and gives it a modern look! The stand itself was easy to set up and holds a guitar with ea... read more »

Pleased with replacement!

29 Nov, 2017
These brushheads work perfectly with my sonicare brush! There is a tiny gap between the brush head and brush but it does not affect the over all quality of the brush. The bristles are not too soft or... read more »

All tuned up and ready to go!

29 Nov, 2017
Wonderful tuner, works for numerous instruments and the LCD screen is easy to read and adjust. Will make a great gift for the musicians in my family!     #RankBoosterReview i... read more »

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