Shower Filter - Water Softener Shower Head Filter with 2 Replaceable Multi-Stage Filter Cartridges to Remove Chlorine, Heavy Metal
Price: $15.99
4.78 / 5   (18 Reviews)


Clean up H2O.

22 Oct, 2020
Shower Filter - Water Softener Shower Head Filter with 2 Replaceable Multi-Stage Filter Cartridges to Remove Chlorine, Heavy Metal. I wanted for the bathroom. They work for better skin, hair. Well, of... read more »

Water feels different

18 Oct, 2020
The water feels totally different than before I no longer feel a sense of harshness or heaviness to it. If feels almost silky smooth lol. My skins seems to e reacting to the improved quality water.. s... read more »

Softer Water

13 Oct, 2020
SKYWEE PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS 15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C for Hard Water - Water Softener Shower Head Filter with Replaceable Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge to Remove Chlorine, Heavy Metal... read more »

works awesome!!

03 Oct, 2020
Bought several of these inline filters for the shower, and each of the hose bibs outside.  The water no longer leaves my eyes red after showering, and my garden is doing so much better now that i... read more »

If you like clean water you'll like this.

11 Dec, 2019
How can you go wrong with this? I mean it doesn't cost much and it cleans your water. Installation was a little tough, but it's worth it.  read more »

Filters nicely

23 Nov, 2019
What a Dazzling Filter. This filter is easy to install. I put in in under 2 minutes..... This water filter cleaned and softened the water so good . After a shower my skin felt soft. My hair even felt... read more »


19 Nov, 2019
This is a gOod filter I can tell the difference in my skin in just the last 2 days of having this filter in my shower... I will buy again ... read more »

Shower filter

18 Nov, 2019
I ordered my shower filter on Amazon using discounts I acquired via Viralix. I ordered on Friday and it was delivered the next day. Very solidly constructed heavier than I anticipated. I extremely exc... read more »

Nicely packaged, couldn't notice much change

18 Nov, 2019
Packaged nicely, comes with all equpiment required (including teflon tape, a nice extra touch!). After running water through for a little while, I could not smell or taste a difference in water from m... read more »

Works well

21 Oct, 2019
I'm loving this shower filter. I had been having issues with the well water where we just moved. My hair was so dull and with no shine, so hard to even comb my hair. I never had any trouble before... read more »

This filter works wonderful!

10 Aug, 2019
Where I live, there is hard water. I wanted to find a filter to clear out all those hard minerals. Ordered this filter and was super happy with the results. It was easy to put together. Always read th... read more »

Good filter

19 Jul, 2019
Very easy to install, doesnt impede water flow and seems to help make our water more skin friendly read more »

perfect for dyed hair and makes skin feel so soft

15 Jul, 2019
This filter makes your skin so soft and if you have dyed hair makes the dye last long as it takes all of the chemicals out of the water. Tried this with different shower heads feels same. make sure yo... read more »


14 Jul, 2019
The installing of this is really easy  and it works      read more »

have a better shower

13 Jul, 2019
I live in a very rural area and have a deep well water supply so our water is very hard. I have started to notice that I have very dry scalp and my skin stays very dry even with moisturizer. I had hea... read more »

Great Product!

12 Jul, 2019
I installed it immediately. It was a very easy installation! The water pressure feels strong, and my skin loves the cleanliness it receives from clean water! Definetely recommend. read more »

The water feels and tastes grerat

08 Jul, 2019
THe water in our bathroom sometimes smells minerally especially when I have the heat up. All the chemicals coming onto my skin sometimes made my skin dry and irritated. Since using this shower head fi... read more »

Works well for us

29 May, 2019
i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #SKYWEE Shower Filter - Water Softener Shower Head Filter with 2 Replaceable Multi-Stage Filter Cartridges to Remove Chlorine, Hea... read more »

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