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Long CAble for continous usage

02 Aug, 2022
Long cables are convenient and this one is durable as my chair wheels run on it quite often.  It has not stripped or broken the insulation material and it chargers my device across the room! read more »

Month And I ams till Good

02 Aug, 2022
This is durable and hold my 9 cards plus id well. It falls and takes a beating sometimes in my back pocket but it does not show that a month and a half later. It has RFID but I don't know if that... read more »

Charge up my devices!!

02 Aug, 2022
A charger that works as a phone charger and laptop charger. Double impact. I never have charged both t the same time as in phone and computer(laptop) but it seems that is possible. But I love this lit... read more »

Cleaner pickerupper

02 Aug, 2022
I used to have smoke/dusk smog or whatever is on the inside of the glass that builds up over time.. this cleans it properly with the strenuous work normally attached in cleaning the interior windscree... read more »

Love it!

02 Aug, 2022
I attached mine in the rear of my car people are always watching it. So I put messages up for people to let them know I am watching them if you get what I mean. It is really fun and good from the outs... read more »

Portable table

02 Aug, 2022
Packs up in a small package that you can carry anywhere in a small long back pouch if you will. It collapses to about 18inch and the top folds up as well. Pretty sturdy as I store stuff on mine and it... read more »

convenient and Small

02 Aug, 2022
Has all the right functions and accessories for all your pumping needs from small balls like football soccer and car tyres. It has a digital display that shows you the current psi or pressure and shut... read more »

Back up Battery Solver

01 Oct, 2021
When you are out and about you need a backup just in case your battery dies suddenly or over time. This should be good enough to back you up when you need to get moving from a drained battery. It has... read more »

Glamour for her

01 Oct, 2021
I gave it as a present for someone as it was a little tight for me and they love it. I got a pictured and it looked great on them I would still recommend this however read more »

Best one yet

01 Oct, 2021
Pretty well made, the main housing is made of metal with a plastic basin installed for holding the mixture. It puts out a lot of bubbles and works awesome in windy conditions. it can be used in a hous... read more »

Device Looks Great

01 Oct, 2021
Unfortunately, I did not get the device there was a delivery problem read more »

I look like a Pro

01 Oct, 2021
I love the condenser it makes it look like a pro-level setup up. The actual recording sounds way better than the microphone system that I had before, this is a really good investment especially when y... read more »

My Desk Vacuum

01 Oct, 2021
This little this is a little Tasmanian devil it sucks up those small jobs around me like in my car and work area(desktop) it does its job. I have a small desk that attracts dust and it works grea... read more »

Mic Check 1 2 3

10 Sep, 2021
It is the cleanest sounding sound input device I have used, People tell me I sound great on the other end and I don't think I have a great voice. LOL. It has a volume knob for the pickup which is... read more »

Slicing Dicing

10 Sep, 2021
I am afraid of sharp objects such as knives so this came in handy so well, It charges and cut my spice and herbs so that I can cook! Initially, I thought it was a press and click thing but I have to h... read more »

Doggo Relief

01 Aug, 2021
So my dog gets scared after loud noise such as thunder or the regular bang bang, I give this bad boys and minutes time he is calm and collected, he like a whole new dog! read more »

Over and Under they go

01 Aug, 2021
Been using these for a while they can take a good beating even on concrete where I normally use mine, they stand up well, they don't take much energy to do full revolution, the padding is also nic... read more »

Great like tony tiger

01 Aug, 2021
I want a different vibe for a short commercial or ad I was doing these went with it perfectly, they were just different and gave that extra oomph in the 30-second video. read more »

Big Ben

01 Aug, 2021
Love this clock to death, I have a huge wall and wanted something different than pictures or frames, when  I got this it blended great on the wall and it kept the time accurately, love the silver... read more »

Photo magic

01 Aug, 2021
I used my mine in a photoshoot it did show up in the pics, I would prefer if there were a little brighter though, however, I think I didn't let them charge long enough in the sun, otherwise,... read more »

Air Fryer addition

01 Aug, 2021
This gets the job done for some of my air frying jobs especially when you want a little moist and internal fry for some off your food. it works well. i would recommend read more »

Great outdoor light

01 Aug, 2021
I used mine with my photography light, it's a very great light to mix colour in portraits shoot I am sure I will be using it for other things! awesome product. The app works great to make changes... read more »


01 Aug, 2021
Set it up on my computer desk, freaking cool, the app lets you cycle through the colours. To get white you have to adjust the saturation on the colour selection, music sync seems to work ok. Its works... read more »

Portrait tool

08 Jun, 2021
The artificial sunset, I absolutely love it as a photographer I need stuff like this to create new photos for clients. It is bright enough to encompass a portrait. The colours are a welcome addition.... read more »


08 Jun, 2021
It is filled with goodies stuff to help in all your electronic disassembly and assembly, the carrying case is awesome. A case within a case type deal with all the fitting needed is awesome. Did I say... read more »

Improved call clarity

08 Jun, 2021
Fits better than my apple product, clarity is great, however, it does pick up a lot of background noise from my experience. But I still love it. Battery life is about 2-4hrs.  read more »

Love Case

08 Jun, 2021
Love case love the tools even better, the push and release this fun I keep pressing it and what the thing flick out like a secret compartment. tools are strong and don't break so far, it is great... read more »

strong magnets

08 Jun, 2021
Got this because I always carelessly place screws down but this is a great addition in placing screws on it.  read more »

awesome saver

08 Jun, 2021
My network adapter failed and this quite handy. It works well, quick detection on windows 10, and great throughput. read more »

Love it

08 Jun, 2021
The artificial sunset, I absolutely love it as a photographer I need stuff like this to create new photos for clients. It is bright enough to encompass a portrait. I couldn't run it from my power... read more »

WIFI improved

08 Jun, 2021
Great Speed Great connection what more to ask for. Not as small as other products but works the same. I would recommend this read more »


06 May, 2021
These work as how masks should, they are very comfortable and protective in these times read more »

All day everyday

06 May, 2021
I wear this thing all day to answer my calls, it is clear and intuitive to modify the settings such as volume and answer calls. Clarity is really good and it doesn't pain my ears after prolongedus... read more »

Remove impurities

06 May, 2021
This thing removes the impurities in my face, all the gunk and whatnot are gone, just leave it on for about 10 minutes and peel it back as it hardens in a layer that is easy to peel off read more »

Covers the areas

06 May, 2021
Both these items cover a reasonable area with light I can't complain. Is set on the brightest mode for spotlight effect when someone is in the area. There are other modes too such dim but it... read more »

For my holes in my garments

06 May, 2021
These work reasonably well, I have to reapply them like every two weeks with the iron as it slightly lifts at some of the edges. overall good buy read more »

Mosquitoes be popping

06 May, 2021
This thing kills everything in the area that I placed it. Moths, mosquitoes.... everything flying. Comes with a cleaning kit to remove burnout insects. would definitely recommend read more »

Need for Speed

06 May, 2021
This thing is as fast as they come, the computer boots within 25 seconds rather than 110s. Nuff said! read more »

Party straws!!!!

17 Feb, 2021
What can I say the party-goers loved these, they kept inquiring where I got them from!! read more »

My Spare came through

17 Feb, 2021
I bought these cause you cant never have enough cables. They work perfectly well no kinking or fraying so far I would definitely recommend!! read more »

multi function sprayer

17 Feb, 2021
I started using it with my car I loved it so much I started bathing the dog with it. Gets the job done quickly. I only issue is that it eats through your soap liquid quickly read more »


17 Feb, 2021
Love the mouse its builtin button functions are great. DPI and RGB are easy to change to your preference setting. I just now to match it with a keyboard read more »

Firestick Helper

17 Feb, 2021
I think my firestick remote goes through batteries like a wildfire, but since getting these I have more than enough to get the remote going again  I always have a backup set ready to replace a... read more »

Environmental Friendly

17 Feb, 2021
I had a small gathering during the initial phase of the pandemic lol, we practised social distance.... anyways The cutlery set worked very well as I hate garbage that is not biodegradable. The set cam... read more »

Just Different

17 Feb, 2021
I want to change my regular conventional wallet and I decided to try this I was not disappointed it held all my previous cards which were 8 and had space for few more due to the elastic design, the pa... read more »

Absolutely love it

20 Nov, 2020
I got i, plug it in, and it works. it has 6 electrical outlet and two usb ports. all work great I think the usb ports are 2.4A each which is greaat. Now lets talk about the light it has three intensit... read more »

Fully love it

14 Nov, 2020
Two levels which is what I want bright and dim, so its very simple to use. The visible area is about 10-30 feet illumination in a shape of a circle pattern, the handlebar holder is able to spring 360... read more »

Acne monster

14 Nov, 2020
When the little buggers appear I just use it a couple of time in the day and the zit is noticeably smaller than before by the next day. A small application goes on a lot so you do not need to app... read more »

Hunger begone

14 Nov, 2020
I only used a cou[ple of time after eating I think it works I am less hungry for snacks and whatnot afterwards. Bootle is a little small but the dosage is pretty correct for my suppressant needs read more »

Dulls the pain

14 Nov, 2020
iThe cream is very good, it dulls the pain just like the other big brands(maybe even better) the sensation lasts about two hours from my couple of applications to my neck. I would definitely buy it ag... read more »

Water feels different

18 Oct, 2020
The water feels totally different than before I no longer feel a sense of harshness or heaviness to it. If feels almost silky smooth lol. My skins seems to e reacting to the improved quality water.. s... read more »

Love this little big light

18 Oct, 2020
This light will add nicely to my arsenal. I love the adjusted that can be done to increase or decrease the Kelvin/temperature and brightness of the light quite quickly. cool white to yellow. The batte... read more »

Mr Inphic /Mrs Inphic

08 Oct, 2020
Why you gotta do me like this..... First of all the product is awesome as I plugged this thing in I was impressed. Super easy scrolling easy setting controls such as DPI and colour calibration an... read more »

Bubble Bubbles and more Bubbles

07 Sep, 2020
I bought this to use with my photography set. It works just like how I pictured it. I just added a fan to help the bubbles to flow in the direction that I want. I was using this via USB function I hav... read more »

WorkFlow Improved

07 Sep, 2020
This thing looks awesome with added mobility in moving it where ever I wanted. It supports my heavier Planar 13lbs 27inch monitor and my 23inch monitor. The setup was pretty simple added to my desk al... read more »

Space that I needed very much

06 Feb, 2020
This is welcome space I need to offload all those music and videos that desperately do not want to delete. I just attach this bad boy on my keyring and extra space I carry with me! read more »

Nice Little Backpack

06 Feb, 2020
I bought this to replace a similar size backpack I absolutely love this one though more than my other backpack. It has more features however seems more durable build quality bag. I love that its water... read more »

Lengthy Quality Microphone

06 Feb, 2020
First of all, I wanted a mic to do interviews so far this works as it should. It's clear and sounds really great. I like the clip-on feature that allows to of course clip on to the person clo... read more »

So far So Good

06 Feb, 2020
This thing performs just how I want it, reads and write to and from a drone perfectly well. I have not had any issue with it. I will continue to use it. I like the colouring of it too very distinguish... read more »

Cooler than me!!

22 Jan, 2020
This laptop cooler is a beautiful product. I have two sets of knobs that turn on the five fans with light on them the first knob turn on the first set at the bottom while the other knob turns on the l... read more »

Nice Oils

15 Jan, 2020
Six samplers which are great! These smell strong, as in very authentic. The packaging is awesome the slide out box is well designed and I love it so much that it can be placed anywhere without feeling... read more »

Mic'd Up

15 Jan, 2020
This exactly what I wanted to for my video production skills to level up. It works well in close up interviews as well as outdoor shooting. I like the wind reducer thingy bob (dont remember the correc... read more »

The little drone that could

15 Jan, 2020
I bought this for my nephew he flys it weekly and love it very much. It does come with 2 batteries so the flying time is ok for most sessions. The camera is pretty decent and can be used to take pictu... read more »

Great Tech for Older Car

02 Jan, 2020
I am glad i bought this device, it made hands free possible in my old car. This is almost crystal clear from the other connected party end of the call. The sound it give out is clear as well. There is... read more »

So far So Clean

27 Dec, 2019
This little thing works it way little by little until it cleans the air in my kitchen. I have been using a lttle over a week. I guess im using it in too much off a big room to allow to perfom the way... read more »

Music Player and Hands-free

27 Dec, 2019
Great screen with multifunction options. Battery voltage reader. tells you your voltage before and after you start the vehicle. Handsfree this is where this thing works well, however at time I get som... read more »

Quality DASH CAM

27 Dec, 2019
I been using this for 4 months now and I can say it pretty awesome. The video quality is great in the day and good in the night. ADAS system is a bit so-so but I dont use it though. Battery life is go... read more »

Drying Time cut short!

27 Dec, 2019
On a reguloar 45 minute drying time my clothes now takes 32-33minutes to dry and that is just using 6 of the balls. They also work well with scented oils. read more »

Measured quite correctly

27 Dec, 2019
I hafve used this to measure my tire pressure and they were most accurate within acceptable range +- of  another tpms monitoring system Would recommend buying read more »

Quality organizer!

21 Nov, 2019
A bit big for my car but still love it organizes my already clustered trunk perfectly. Just wished i could decrease the size. Pockets galore. The top cover is the iciing on the cake though. Definitely... read more »


21 Nov, 2019
Thing is built strong no more wet days for me. Ribs are strong the button open and close is awesome. Definitely recommend this product read more »

I Am Happy

21 Nov, 2019
I played with a couple or arcade and other games and it works well. Would recommend this a buy for persons interest in an affordable wireless controller read more »

Swish SWash it goes

16 Sep, 2019
This thing works like how it should it cleans very well in between the teeth. It does the job. The attachments work from the 3 regular fine high-pressure attachments to the orthodontic piece. I would... read more »

I am linked up!

11 Sep, 2019
Easy setup and great integration with Alexa. I love these features Over-current and Surge Protection; Energy Use Monitoring on APP. I would buy again. Great Product read more »

Much better than Nasty Paper Straw

05 Aug, 2019
I  got this becuayse I hated those nasty tasting paper straws and This is exactly what I need. Its a collapsible straw that has a clean brush just in case anything sticks within the straw. It eas... read more »

Fast Beast

24 Jun, 2019
This POWERIVER 40W is a beast it gets the job done like any other top brand company or maker. I would definitely recommend this to a friend or family for today's new devices devices read more »

Does it Job

24 Jun, 2019
This little charger works as it should. Love that it can act as a Stand and also can be flat as well. My only complaint is that the cable seems not to be a fast charging cable as I replaced it with an... read more »


28 May, 2019
I bought this to facilitate me from carrying my home charger back and forth to work and I must say that I am pleased to know that it works great. The USB C port I have tested with a smartphone and it... read more »

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