GSSUSA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI 4 Settings for Car Truck Bicycle Bike with Backlit LCD, Non-Slip Grip & Lighted Nozzle, Silver(1 Pack)
Price: $6.99
4.78 / 5   (102 Reviews)



11 Mar, 2021
The pistol grip makes it easy to use and the digital scale is more trustworthy than an inexpensive stick that is difficult to read accurately.  read more »

Good product.

02 Mar, 2021
For the price they are good value they at the moment seem to working fine. I bought them for the son’s and my car they are small enough to easily fit into our glove compartment. read more »


15 Feb, 2021
Excellent price well...can't complain!  read more »

This is nice

27 Dec, 2020
This product works really good. I like how it's digital as the manual ones are sometimes hard to read! This is a very handy product. It would be a great gift for anyone with a vehicle. I would rec... read more »

Awesome buy!

23 Dec, 2020
I bought this for my son to throw in his glove compartment! Awesome buy at a great price. Works great too! read more »

GSSUSA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI 4 Settings for Car Truck Bicycle Bike with Backlit LCD, Non-Slip Grip & Lighted Nozzle, Silver(1 Pack) Price: $6.99 RATING:

31 Aug, 2020
GSSUSA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI 4 Settings for Car Truck Bicycle Bike with Backlit LCD, Non-Slip Grip & Lighted Nozzle, Silver(1 Pack)  Price: $6.99  RATING: read more »


07 Aug, 2020
quickly shows tire psi with backlight   read more »

Really works

03 Aug, 2020
Skeptical about purchasing if it would work or not but it works great and is accurate  read more »

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

30 Jul, 2020
I purchased because every time I go to check the air pressure in my tires the machines are never accurate and it just makes it so hard to use the self service ones. I have loved this tool so much it h... read more »

Great Tire Pressure Gauge

22 Jul, 2020
It works just like it is listed to. Love that it is easy to use and easy to read. Will be recommending to my friends and family. read more »

doesnt really work well

29 Jun, 2020
it wok so so . it does the job but hoping it owuld be better read more »

Absolutely Recommend this

21 Apr, 2020
This is a great, no non-sense tool for a gal like me who doesn’t know much about cars/tires and doesn’t necessarily have the time and patience to go to the gas station to check in tire pre... read more »

Awesome tire Gage

20 Apr, 2020
GSSUSA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI 4 Settings for Car Truck Bicycle Bike with Backlit LCD, Non-Slip Grip & Lighted Nozzle, Silver(1 Pack) Works perfectly with no guessing! Digital makes... read more »

This is a great tool to leave in the car....

12 Mar, 2020
This little tool is awesome.  We leave it in our glovebox.  I like to check the tire pressure weekly.  This tool makes it very easy and accurate.  Shipping was speedy! read more »

Very handy and good quality

02 Mar, 2020
I check my tires regularly and this guage works very well. I also love the light because it definitely helps make it easier to check the pressure. my husband liked it so much he took over mine and I h... read more »

Flimsy and never get an accurate read

01 Mar, 2020
Ive tried using thia digital tire gauge multiple times on different vehicles and neber could get the same reading twice. Not even on the same tire. Ordered a second one in hopes it was defective and s... read more »

Works good

22 Feb, 2020
Seems to work good. Feels very light weight. Not sure how long it will last.  read more »

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

20 Feb, 2020
This is a great, no non-sense tool for a gal like me who doesn’t know much about cars/tires and doesn’t necessarily have the time and patience to go to the gas station to check in tire pre... read more »

Great gauge

17 Feb, 2020
This is a fantastic tire gauge definitely recommend  read more »


13 Feb, 2020
Got this for my husband its awesome read more »

Perfect for the whole family

11 Feb, 2020
I believe that every family and everyone who on a motor vehicle in the United State Of American needs this for the safety of their family. Thank you very much  read more »

Great product!

09 Feb, 2020
Lightweight and easy to hold.  Blue light is very bright and nice. Definitely  a great find. read more »

Great find

08 Feb, 2020
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii.  Very well built and super easy to use. Comes with 4 settings for car, truck, bicycle. Also has backlit LCD. Compact for easy storage and carrying. read more »

Very handy

07 Feb, 2020
This works well and appears to be accurate.  It is very handy to keep in glove box for when its needed.  I'm glad I made the purchase.  The digital read out is much easier to see th... read more »

Perfect, easy to read

06 Feb, 2020
This is a great item. I always had trouble with traditional tire gauges, This one makes it much easier for me. Easy to use, easy to read. Quick reading, auto shut off.    #RankBo... read more »

I not recieved it as of yet.

05 Feb, 2020
Unfortunately it's hard to review an item I have not recieved yet. I will give an update after I recieve it. read more »

Seems pretty good

04 Feb, 2020
It turns on, I haven't used it yet, though. read more »

Handy tool

31 Jan, 2020
This tire pressure gauge is perfect for when you find yourself in a situation where your tires look a little low on air and need a quick inflation.  It is easy to use and helps keep you safe on t... read more »

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

31 Jan, 2020
It's always great to have a tire pressure gauge in the glovebox to check your tires periodically. This gauge is easy to use, and very acurate. The light up display makes it so you can even check y... read more »

Great upgraded replacement

31 Jan, 2020
My old digital tire gauge finally gave up the ghost. This one was priced nicely so after adding it to my wishlist for a while I finally purchased it. It has a wonderful grip. It conours to my fingers.... read more »


30 Jan, 2020
This is really nice for the price! It is fully digital! read more »

Convenient Reliable Tire Gauge

30 Jan, 2020
I was really surprised by the reliability of this little digital tire gauge.  It has been super reliable and accurate.  I also really love the blue led light up screen as it makes it so easy... read more »

Seems to work okay

30 Jan, 2020
I only tried this once, but it worked okay. Hopefully it will continue to work.  read more »

A must have for every vehicle

29 Jan, 2020
This is my review of the GSSUSA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI 4 Settings for Car Truck Bicycle Bike with Backlit LCD, Non-Slip Grip & Lighted Nozzle. It features the following:... read more »


26 Jan, 2020
Good quality and it works very well. It's digital so it's easy to use  read more »

Handy tool

24 Jan, 2020
Nice little tire pressure gauge. I like that it is digital. It works great. Everyone needs to have one of these in their vehicles. read more »


24 Jan, 2020
This little gadget is very handy. We used it on our suv tires and it was extremely accurate and worked great. Also tired it on daughters bicycle tires and again a perfect reading!! The lighted nozzle... read more »

Handy tool to have

24 Jan, 2020
Just exactly what I was looking for to keep in the car. My fancy battery charger actually has a tire pressure gauge on it, but I never get an accurate reading from it. This little tool does the trick... read more »

GREAT and easy to use

23 Jan, 2020
This portable tire gauge is easy to use and light weight making it easy as pie to bring with read more »


23 Jan, 2020
Overall it is a nice functional tool. However it does seem a little cheaply made. I haven't had it for too long yet but so far it is serving its purpose! read more »

works like a champ

22 Jan, 2020
This one works very well. The measurements were surprisingly on point. I really like this one over all others that i've tried. read more »

Pressure Gauge

22 Jan, 2020
Nice and sturdy works well does what it's suppose to thanks read more »


22 Jan, 2020
It is Handy, not heavy, quick read and pretty accurate read more »

Works Great!!!

20 Jan, 2020
This tire gauge is very accurate, as my boyfriend used it and then compared it to two other the gauge that he always use to check our tire pressure. Would definitely buy again! #Sponsored # Rank... read more »


20 Jan, 2020
Good tire pressure. Awesome product. read more »

The best digital tire gauge

19 Jan, 2020
I love this little guy to test the pressure of my tires.  I like to make sure my tires are inflated to optimal amount to improve my gas mileage.  This does the trick.  Give me the readi... read more »

Smoother Ride

19 Jan, 2020
This gauge is handy to have, very easy to use and the LED light makes it easy to read.  I liked that it came with a battery.  We found that just having one low tire can make a difference in... read more »

Works Great

17 Jan, 2020
 Very nice digital tire gauge.  It works great and is easy to use.  Seems accurate. #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #GSSUSA read more »

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI 4 Settings

15 Jan, 2020
 LOVE this Digital Tire Pressure Gauge was that it was exactly what the picture showed. I appreciate the light that beams out as it can get dark at times and that will come in handy. I also loike... read more »

Accurate and Rugged!

15 Jan, 2020
GSSUSA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge PRO ACCURACY -You can maintain your tires w/ the same confidence as the best mechanics. 4 SETTING and ADVANCED ENGINEERING - Designed to maintain correct t... read more »

Great gift idea!

15 Jan, 2020
This tire pressure gauge has came in handy a couple times since I got it. I used it for my bike and also my car and with both I had no issues. Very easy to apply the nozzle to the opening where the ai... read more »

Perfect size

15 Jan, 2020
I got this item for my glove box . It's perfect , light weight and I like that it lights up . I was able to use it at night and it was very handy . read more »

Must have for your vehicle

12 Jan, 2020
This digital tire gauge is not only a great thing to have but is easy to use. I’ve gone to too many gas stations where the pressure gauge is broken and I risk putting too much or not enough air... read more »

Works great !

11 Jan, 2020
Great tool to have laying in your glove box. I used it on my tires along with a simple one so I can test the gauge and it worked great. read more »


08 Jan, 2020
Feels very cheaply made, im not sure i would trust it to be correct read more »

Husband loves

07 Jan, 2020
Husband loves this pressure gauge. Easy read.  #rankboosterreview #gssusa read more »

Really well made, functions perfectly

07 Jan, 2020
I am very pleased with this tire pressure gauge and it is exactly what I needed.  I got stuck in town with a tire going down and had to get a friend to help me because I didn't have a way to... read more »

Exactly as Described

07 Jan, 2020
This digital tire pressure gauge is so helpful when your car tires need air. There is no guesswork involved. You simply read the meter and adjust the tire pressure according to your vehicles specs. Ve... read more »

Works great!

05 Jan, 2020
Really practical and accurate! read more »

Easy to use

03 Jan, 2020
I keep this in my glove compartment and it works well when I need to check the tire pressure. read more »

A++++++++ item

31 Dec, 2019
 great item and it works as advertised read more »

Works as expected

30 Dec, 2019
I needed a new tire gauge and this one works well. It does what it is supposed to do. It is easy to ready and is small enough to leave in my glove compartment  read more »

Great gift

28 Dec, 2019
My husband is a gadget fan, he is very handy and has plenty of tools and gadgets. His late father was a mechanic so he now owns all of his fathers tools so i tought this would make a great modern addi... read more »

Measured quite correctly

27 Dec, 2019
I hafve used this to measure my tire pressure and they were most accurate within acceptable range +- of  another tpms monitoring system Would recommend buying read more »

GSSUSA Digital Tire Gauge

24 Dec, 2019
I ordered this Digital Tire Gauge because I really liked the one I ordered for my Dad. It has a nice bright display that is visible at night and easy to read. The nozzle is clearly visible at night as... read more »

Great !

20 Dec, 2019
So this digital tire pressure gauge is accurate and there's a hidden bonus in that the tip is almost like a tiny flashlight to help you see (ie. if we were on the side of the road at nig... read more »

A must have with you

20 Dec, 2019
A must have with you in the car, I always carry mine to check tire pressure when I get a light on the dash and when I refill the tire as I font trust the gas station gauges read more »

Conveinent tire gauge

16 Dec, 2019
Very nice digital tire gauge.  Small portable and conveinent. read more »

Easy To Use

16 Dec, 2019
This digital tire pressure gauge by GSUSA is so easy to use, has four settings, can be used for cars, trucks, bicycle and motorbikes, has a backlit LCD readout and is easy to set up and start using.&n... read more »

Works great

14 Dec, 2019
Simple to use, was to read. The light is a great touch to read in the dark. read more »


14 Dec, 2019
Perfect tire gauge. Came quickly and already charged. Super accurate and way easier to use than the traditional tire gauge. Lights up so you can see how much air is in each tire. Small and doesn&rsquo... read more »

Works Great

13 Dec, 2019
I live in New England and the changing temps often lead to the tire sensor going on for no reason and now I have a way to easily check so I know if I actually have a problem or if it is just a weather... read more »


13 Dec, 2019
Checking the tires on my car has become a lot easier now with the digital tire pressure gauge. I also like that it small enough to fit in my glovebox without any problem!! read more »

little helper

13 Dec, 2019
I had the cheap one I got from the dollar store. This is a great buy. It is digital and will tell you exactly you tire pressure without you read it manually. Easy to use. Great little helper https:... read more »

Excellent tire pressure gauge for a reasonable price

12 Dec, 2019
I've typically used the pencil style tire pressure gauge, however -- those gauges have two issues: they aren't very accurate and they break easily. This gauge seems quite sturdy and accurate a... read more »

works great

12 Dec, 2019
Works much better than expected.  read more »


11 Dec, 2019
I loved how easy this pressure gauge is to use. It is small  and durable. Have to order one for my boyfriend now because he wants one.  read more »

Really handy to have it around

11 Dec, 2019
Many cars now days have indication of low air but it doesnt tell if its safe to drive to the air station or not. This machine works perfect and its really easy to use no instrcution needed. read more »

Great gift

11 Dec, 2019
Got this for my husband to keep in the car and it works great. Especially at night with the built in flashlight. It already came with batteries so I'm not sure what size you will need. This is ver... read more »

Great to have on hand

10 Dec, 2019
Bright blue light to see the valve at night, quick response to read pressure and accurate from multiple reads. Great to have this in the glove box when you need a quick read on the tires.  read more »

Nice accurate gauge

10 Dec, 2019
This gauge is nice quality and such a big help to me. I have a hard time with regular guages due to poor eyesight and arthritis. This is perfect.  read more »

Easy to use!

09 Dec, 2019
This is very easy to use.  It's lightweight and, you can carry it with you and, forget that you have it  Or, you can clip on a carbiner and, carry it with you that way.  A great dig... read more »

Nice gauge!

07 Dec, 2019
This digital tire pressure gauge is really nice to have. I keep mine in the tools that I carry at all times in the trunk of my car. It has a light so you can easily read the pressure. It has 4 ranges... read more »

Top quality tire gauge!

06 Dec, 2019
The Cadillac of tire gauges, this unit measures tire pressures up to 150 PSI, and in four different measurements (PSI, BAR, Kgf/cm2, KPA) so it is truly usable internationally. It auto-ranges, dependi... read more »


06 Dec, 2019
I always want to find things that make it easy for me to do anything even if it’s just checking the air in my tires because I hate getting my hands dirty and these that read more »

Keep my tires all aired up!

05 Dec, 2019
Since my father-in-law started us all down the path of riding the trails around the city, I have noticed I need more and more gadgets to keep my bike running in tip-top shape.  One of the major t... read more »

Great stocking stuffer

05 Dec, 2019
I bought this for my daughter to keep in her car. She said it's really easy to use and read and is very accurate! read more »

Good idea

04 Dec, 2019
This LCD digital tire gauge came in handy when trying to check your tire pressure at night because of the backlight. The no-slip grip handle was easy to hold. I wish the batteries lasted longer that c... read more »

easy to use

04 Dec, 2019
I bought this for my stepson since he will be turning 16 in a few weeks.  This tire pressure gauge provides accurate readings easily and reliably.  It should be something he can read easily... read more »

Great Gift

04 Dec, 2019
Bought this as a gift for my dad for christmas, I have a feeling he will really like this. read more »

Work perfect

04 Dec, 2019
Easy to use and read. Works perfect. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #GSSUSA read more »

This tire pressure gauge is perfect!

04 Dec, 2019
it’s compact, high quality, and easy to use. Way nicer than any other gauge I have ever used. read more »


03 Dec, 2019
#RankBooster #Sponsored #GSSUSA  Easy to use. Accurate. Love the silver and blue. Very convenient for tire issues at night. Great gift and must have got any vehicle. Helps keep me safe.  htt... read more »

Great gadget!

03 Dec, 2019
great safety item that I will keep in my car at all times. I love the simplicity of the product. read more »

Keep in the car!

03 Dec, 2019
This is a very accurate tire warranty pressure gauge. It's great to keep in the car to check your air when needed. It is much better than relying on the gas stations gauge. It will help you keep y... read more »

easy to read

03 Dec, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #GSSUSA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge This compact tire gauge is perfect for the car, the bike, or the truck. It is lightweight yet accurate. Easy to read displ... read more »

Works well

01 Dec, 2019
Need this and hate the regular ones. This is easy to use and reads quickly. I never need to wonder if my tires are low or how low they are now that I have this. A must have for all drivers and ve... read more »


30 Nov, 2019
#gssusa #Rankboosterreview #sponsored great! MUCH MUCH easier to use than a manual pressure reader! Works perfectly  read more »

Digital tire gauge

29 Nov, 2019
Got for my husband works great he loves it thank you read more »

Easy to use! A must have for every vehicle!

27 Nov, 2019
This tire pressure gauge by #GSSUSA is easy to use and works great! It has 4 settings perfect for cars, trucks, bicycles,  and more. It has an LCD backlight and its shape makes it easy to use due... read more »

Good for outside

27 Nov, 2019
Great for hubby. Like it read more »

Check it

27 Nov, 2019
Well made and durable. Works as expected. Very accurate. Great for throwing into you glove box or tool box. read more »

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