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Oct, 2016

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I am a stay at home Mom with six children and I have been reviewing for about 6 years. I have reviewed all kinds of products and I always try to give a quality review with a detailed description. I pride myself on giving my honest opinion on how the products perform for me and what I like about them or what could be changed to make the product better. I enjoy trying all kinds of new things.
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Keeps me cool

28 May, 2023
I'm not a compulsive buyer, I like to read reviews and spend time doing my research. This product reached my expectations: Lightweight, great amount of air at three different noticeable speeds, an... read more »

Fun for kids

09 Feb, 2023
These cards have bright colors, cute designs and big fonts. This makes them easy for children to understand and learn. They are great for toddlers and pre-schoolers to learn upper and lowercase l... read more »


12 Jan, 2023
These ArzzuNiu Head-Mounted Night Vision Goggles are very well made and work great. The Digital infrared viewing has a head mount that makes it easy for hand-free activities and they stay in plac... read more »

Great for camping or hunting

12 Jan, 2023
These night vision binoculars/ Goggles by Gowwpun are simply amazing. I love the unique design for the viewing screen and they are really  cool and easy for anyone to use. With the 1312ft,/400... read more »

Fit perfectly

12 Jan, 2023
These Cassney Women's Underwear Ladies Cotton Mid-high Waisted Panties Briefs fit so well and stay in place. They are made very well and look great even after they are washed multiple times. They... read more »

Simple and easy

23 Dec, 2022
These iron on patches work great and I like the variety of colors. You can cut them to make shapes and designs plus they actually stay in place. Simple to use and fix holes, tears or just to add a nic... read more »

Perfect for learning and fun

09 Dec, 2022
I ordered this for my 2-year-old. They aren’t made with any BPA materials and safety is the most important feature. Additionally, the number and alphabet cards are durable and don’t break... read more »

My daughters love this

17 Nov, 2022
This Shimirth 37PCS Pretend Play Kitchen Accessories, Kids Kitchen Playset is well made and my daughters love it. They use it with their kids kitchen to prepare food and serve us the food afterwards.&... read more »

Fun for kids

03 Nov, 2022
I bought this set as extra for my daughters play set. I love the different types of foods that came with the set. The vibrant colors and how good the foods hold together with the Velcro. My daughters... read more »

Great variety of different foods

30 Oct, 2022
The food had a good assortment of different foods and my three daughters love it. They are 9, 7 and almost 4. They can put together a burger with the fixings and create fun meals for us to &... read more »

Good Flavor

23 Sep, 2022
The flavor of these is a subtle fruity flavor. I had no problem eating them. They aren't too chewy, no sticking to my teeth. Definitely one of the better gummy vitamins that I've tried. Excell... read more »

Beautiful and well made

28 Aug, 2022
This  notebook features a durable and water-resistant hardcover so it won't damage easily.  It has rounded corners and 160 pages so you have plenty of paper to write on in this jour... read more »

Great way to organize

02 Aug, 2022
I have been wanting to get all my Dewalt tools organized for a while and this storage rack is perfect. All my Dewalt power tools are in one place. I keep the chargers on the top shelf and driver bits/... read more »

Work well

02 Aug, 2022
These bolt cutters are on the smaller side but effective for smaller gauge steel. Good connection on the cutting teeth which is the most important thing. So far they have been sturdy and strong so I a... read more »

Strong and durable

23 Jul, 2022
This DURATECH impact socket adapter and reducer set is really well made and my husband loves them. They have a black phosphate finish to better protect them from rust and corrosion so t... read more »

Great set

23 Jul, 2022
Nice little set that is perfect for my needs. I love the holder, keep in one place, easy to organize, easy to see which ones fits without removing them all. They are good quality, good finish, ex... read more »

Great locking pliers

18 Jul, 2022
When i opened up these locking pliers I could already tell these were of good quality. I especially like the canvas case it brings to keep them organized and above all rolled up and tucked away neatly... read more »

Strong and durable

18 Jul, 2022
I love this case, it is so easy to see all the wrench sizes and very simple to remove and put back. The wrenches themselves seem really sturdy and durable.  They fit into the carry case by t... read more »

Very confusing

03 Jun, 2022
The instructions for this training collar containment system are very confusing and not easy to understand.  It doesn't seem to work that well for our dog and it takes a while to actually fig... read more »

Very effective

09 Mar, 2022
I have a female pit bull that is 9 months old. She had a few behavioral issues that I was working on. I decided to try this training collar and it is very effective.  I only had to use the vibrat... read more »

Great taste

02 Feb, 2022
These hair growth gummies are delicious and easy to chew. The cute teddy bear designs are fun looking and different. I have noticed that my hair was becoming thinner and wasn't growing as fast so... read more »

Perfect length

25 Jan, 2022
This hose works well for me and stretches as far as I need it for plants as opposed to hauling water for them, has a head with a selection of sprays, and is light weight to roll up and reel in. The 10... read more »

Great chargers

01 Oct, 2021
These charging cables are a fantastic value and they work great. I like the long length as it allows me to easily use my devices while they are charging. They charge fast and the quality of the build... read more »

Great chargers

01 Oct, 2021
These chargers are super convenient and work great. I use them for my google pixel 3XL and they charge up my phone just like any other charger cable. Super convenient that it comes with five so you ca... read more »

Great replacement remote

27 Aug, 2021
Our playstation 4 remote got lost and we had to get a new one. I didn't want to pay the high price for the name brand one and thought this one would work fine for our needs. This remote is simple... read more »

Fun for kids

12 Jul, 2021
This sidewalk chalk set is great and my children love it. It comes with 20 different pieces of sidewalk chalk and there are 10 different chalk colors. It has a convenient plastic bucket with lid... read more »

Compact charging tower

12 Jul, 2021
What a convenient, easy way to organize various appliances on top of a desk without having to crawl under the desk to get to a power strip! I was pleasantly surprised at how it organizes all my plugin... read more »

Compact charging tower

11 Jun, 2021
This Bedee power strip charging tower works extremely well. This is just what I have been looking for to use in my living room since I don't have enough outlets near my couch and loveseat. I like... read more »

Very cute and fun for dress up

03 Jun, 2021
Perfect princess set for my daughter because pink is her favorite color.  She loves it and loves getting dressed up with it and pretending she is a princess. The set is well made and good for cos... read more »

Great accessories for a costume

03 Jun, 2021
My daughter loves Elsa and the show frozen so I got this accessory kit to match her dress. She proudly wore this set with her Elsa "Frozen" dress and loved it. She especially loved the... read more »

Very quiet

11 May, 2021
This aquarium filter is very quiet and works great. The waterfall design increases the contact between water and air and achieves the effect of increasing oxygen so your fish are happy. The... read more »

Good flash cards

27 Apr, 2021
These math flash cards are good to help teach your children math which is an important skill for them to learn. There are four sets of arithmetic flashcards (featuring addition, subtraction, mult... read more »

Great for outdoor play

14 Apr, 2021
These kiztoys water guns are fun for all ages and my children have so much fun getting each other wet with them. They are simple to operate and easy to fill with water. This set comes with two good si... read more »

Great explorer set

17 Mar, 2021
My daughter's love exploring and playing outdoors.They have had a great time using all the tools to search. With so many different items in this set there is enough for everyone to have fun and se... read more »

Beautiful and modern

27 Feb, 2021
I really like this crystal ceiling fan and it adds a nice look to my kitchen. I have received a lot of compliments on this ceiling fan and everyone really likes it. The instillation is not simple unle... read more »

Very large

24 Feb, 2021
This little joy bath towel set comes with two bath towels, two hand towels and two wash cloths. I love the size and how absorbent they are. The bath towels are spa sized and huge! The hand towels are... read more »

Work pretty well

13 Feb, 2021
These are the flattest acne patches I’ve tried and they seem to work pretty well for me. I have found that they’re easier to peel off the plastic resulting in very few fold-over problems.... read more »

Very bright

13 Feb, 2021
This is a very beautiful light that adds an elegant look to any room. We put it in our dining room and it didn't take too long to set up. Thei light has three differentcolor changes (Cool, Neutral... read more »

Very elegant

13 Feb, 2021
This style fan is a great idea. Retractable blades are definitely a plus for when it is not in use. We were impressed that the crystals were actually glass. However, some of them were damaged when the... read more »

Looks beautiful but doesn't tell time well

03 Jan, 2021
I love the look of this farmhouse country sunflower clock because it has a retro rustic design and is very unique. I got it for my husband's Christmas present and he loved it also. The main p... read more »

Very well made

03 Jan, 2021
This is a well made hair clipper set. The clipper's motor is powerful and strong  The hair guard length attachments snap in and out with ease so you can easily change them. The unit stays cha... read more »

Very effective

14 Dec, 2020
The nose trimmer feature is gentle and very effective. It comes with a bag that is very handy to keep everything together and not misplace any of the pieces. It is verycompact and lightweight plus its... read more »

Fun for children

29 Nov, 2020
This car lights up on the front wheels, the wheel can spin 360 degree. This car is with crash resistant material , it won’t scratch wooden floor , this remote control car can be flips up, walks... read more »

Work well

12 Nov, 2020
These heat shrink connectors work well and my husband uses them a lot. There is no crimping required so you just simply position the stripped wires into the solder sleeve and apply heat to finish... read more »

Works great

03 Nov, 2020
This is a very unique trimmer and I really like how well it works. It has a sleek and modern design and is a sturdy little device that is very effective at removing unwanted hairs. It is well mad... read more »

Cute dress up accessories

03 Nov, 2020
My daughter's love pretending to be princesses and this set helped create the look they wanted with their princess dresses. It comes with a tiara/crown, a wand, a pair of gloves, a necklace a... read more »

Soft and smooth hair

03 Sep, 2020
I have naturally curly hair that is dry and damaged. I have tried a lot of products to try and help improve the look and feel of my hair but most don't do much for my hair type. I have always had... read more »

Fun for children

25 Aug, 2020
My daughter's love this magnetic drawing board and it saves me from using lots of paper. It's fun and brightly colored and has a unique design. I like the monster theme and the round edges bec... read more »

Beautiful designs

17 Aug, 2020
This 472 piece sky origami folding paper is very cool and fun. I am always looking for fun things to help keep my 7 year old daughter and 5 year old daughter entertained while also helping them be cre... read more »

Fun and creative

02 Aug, 2020
My daughter's love this painting tool kit. It comes with 2 waterproof aprons for painting and two pairs of sleeves, 15 paint brushes in different sizes, 4  sponge rollers, 4  rolling spo... read more »

Work great

10 Jul, 2020
My husband needed these resistors and they work very well. This kit has 525 different pieces of resistors with 17 different values so you definitely have the ones you need for the... read more »

Work well

10 Jul, 2020
My husband uses these heat shrink connectors a lot and they work really well. They are pretty simple to use and hold good. The price is good and you get 50 of them in different sizes so you can use th... read more »

Really cute

10 Jul, 2020
I ordered this product for my wedding anniversary coming up and they arrived on time. I really liked how they look like a rose and they would make a great surprise gift. The underwear fit nicely and w... read more »

Bright and compact

10 Jul, 2020
These flashlights are very compact and perfect to keep in your car or pocket. My husband always has one in his pocket and he loves them. These are awesome flashlights and very handy. Extremely us... read more »

Perfect for wood working

26 Jun, 2020
Small toggle clamps can be purchased at lots of hardware stores and even Harbor Freight. Cheap ones will have an open joint in the front where the hold down mounts. Those will twist and spread open wh... read more »

Perfect for storing my files

03 May, 2020
This leizhan USB 3.0 Type-c USB Flash Drive is just what I have been looking for to store all my important files on from my phone. You just insert the flash drive into your phone and upload your... read more »

Really helped my hair

29 Mar, 2020
I have six children and after I had my last baby my hair started to get really thin. I used to have very thick long hair but it just wasn't growing and was getting horribly thin. I decided to try... read more »

Perfect toast for anyone

29 Mar, 2020
I have six children and I needed a larger toaster so I decided to try this four slice stainless steel one. I have stainless steel appliances so it looks great in my kitchen and matches my other applia... read more »

Perfect for my style

19 Jan, 2020
I love the look and design of this diamond leather steering wheel cover with bling crystal rhinestones. It really makes my jeep stand out more and gives it a stylish look. I want my jeep to be un... read more »

Must have for your vehicle

12 Jan, 2020
This digital tire gauge is not only a great thing to have but is easy to use. I’ve gone to too many gas stations where the pressure gauge is broken and I risk putting too much or not enough air... read more »

Well made

05 Jan, 2020
I really like the look of these Starfish Hair Clips and they are really pretty. They are quite heavy so you can definitely tell you are wearing them. I couldn't leave them in all day because... read more »

Nice ring

14 Nov, 2019
This is a well made ring that is definitely worth the price. It doesn't irritate my skin or change colors at all. It is sturdy and strong but not heavy feeling on my hand. I really like the heartb... read more »

Fits perfectly

27 Oct, 2019
Nice adjustable glasses holders with wire straps. These were a little more heavy duty than we were expecting and worked great for my daughter. The strings secure well to the arms, and the wire is adju... read more »

Good vacuum

27 Sep, 2019
This is a good car vacuum that comes with three different attachments and a carrying bag that makes it easy to store. It is lightweight and compact and doesn't take up much room so I keep it in my... read more »

High quality

23 Aug, 2019
These are very good trash bags that work like they should. I decided to try them out because they were a much better price than the name brands in the grocery store. I received a box of 150 tall kitch... read more »

Quick and easy to use

05 Aug, 2019
I heard about these makeup remover pads from some friends and had to try them out to see if they actually worked. They are so soft they don't irritate m y skin and easy to use. All I did was wet t... read more »

Wonderful flavor

03 Jun, 2019
These Vicksson Sambucus Elderberry Gummies are great tasting and my whole family enjoys them. They are soft and easy to chew plus help boost our immune system. I want my family to stay healthy and tak... read more »

Multipurpose rotary tool

03 Jun, 2019
This rotary tool is very handy to have and works very well.  It helps for doing home repairs, working on your favorite hobby or craft, jewelry or model making. It is great for cutting, dril... read more »

Flying fun

20 May, 2019
I got this big kite for my daughter's and they really enjoy it. The bright colors make it easy to see and the step by step instructions are pretty simple to follow. I like the large circle handle... read more »

Fast charger

07 Apr, 2019
I needed a  USB Type C charger for my phone so I could charge it on the go and this charger is perfect for my needs. It is the proper length I needed and is well made. I like how fast it cha... read more »

Great sound quality

21 Mar, 2019
These headphone are a great product especially for the price. They paired instantly with ease and come with a variety of ear pieces to customize to your comfort. They have above average clarity and so... read more »

Perfect for my needs

16 Jan, 2019
I got this bellamei cheesecloth for using when I make homemade jelly and for canning. There is four yards of cheesecloth and it is unbleached pure cotton. You have to boil it for about 15 minutes when... read more »

Perfect gift

14 Nov, 2018
These bath bombs come in a nice gift box and are perfect for the holiday season or just to pamper yourself. I enjoy soaking in a nice bath with a bath bomb to help soothe and relax me. These bath bomb... read more »

Tightens my skin

03 Nov, 2018
This Beauty4lyfe vitamin C serum works well to tighten my skin and make it feel smoother. I use it in the morning and before bedtime because it says to use it twice a day. You don't have to use mu... read more »

Works great for our needs

02 Nov, 2018
This Werktough cordless drill is powerful and works great. It comes with 6 HHS drills, six S2 bits, an adapter and a carrying case so you can take it with you easily. It has a 1300MA battery with char... read more »

Perfect for my daughter

01 Nov, 2018
This pool float is perfect for small children and works great. My daughter loves the steering wheel and pretends she is driving her boat around the pool. There are also two handles for them to hang on... read more »


04 Oct, 2018
This Werktough  Outdoor Cordless Leaf Blower works well for small jobs and is good for blowing away leaves, grass and dirt from our patio. It is lightweight and battery operated so you can t... read more »

Stays on

02 Oct, 2018
I bought  this as a gift for my daughter who loves high end makeup and enjoys trying new shades of lipstick.  I am really  pleased with the quality, especially for such an incredib... read more »

Great for potty training

27 Sep, 2018
This potty seat with ladder is very handy to have when potty training your children. It lets your toddler have better access to the toilet and helps them be more independent when they need to go. Asse... read more »

Easy to use

15 Sep, 2018
This retractable dog leash works great for my dogs and makes walking them simple and easy. This retractable dog leash can expand up to 16ft and is strong and durable.The brake and lock button on the t... read more »

Perfect for my daughter

11 Sep, 2018
This goggles swim set is just what I needed for my daughter to use. We have a swimming pool and enjoy swimming. My daughter is learning to swim under water and I have been looking for a goggles swim s... read more »

Sweet taste

29 Aug, 2018
This is a delightful tea that has a nice sweet flavor and is very smooth. There are 20 tea bags so it's simple to make. I usually have to add honey or sweetener to my tea but this tea is already s... read more »

Great for keeping my dogs groomed

23 Aug, 2018
This is a well made double sided dog comb that is made from metal so it won't break easily and really removes the loose hair from my dogs. It makes grooming them way easier and they like it. The b... read more »

Helps train our dogs

16 Aug, 2018
Very easy to use and works like it should.  The audible beep is loud enough for the dog to hear. Very convenient to charge both the remote and the collar. It comes with clear instructions !... read more »

Soft and silky

16 Aug, 2018
I love the color and look of these decorative throw pillow covers. They help keep my throw pillows clean and I can change them when needed. The teal color goes well with my dark leather furniture and... read more »

Cute sleepwear

15 Aug, 2018
This little ladybug pajama set is adorable and looks so cute on my daughter. I was going to get a size four but none were available so I got the size three hoping it wouldn't be too small but luck... read more »

Adorable sleepwear

15 Aug, 2018
My daughter just loved this pajama set. It is so cute with the giraffe shirt and shorts. The material is thick but breathable so she can comfortably sleep and not be too cool. It's a little on the... read more »

Great for travel

11 Aug, 2018
This is a great manicure pedicure set that comes with Large Toe Nail Clippers, Small Toe Nail Clippers, Multi-purpose Scissors, aa Cuticl Trimmer, Ear Pick, Cuticle Knife, Nail Fil... read more »

Perfect for trimming bushes

09 Jul, 2018
My husband has his own lawn service and I got him this Cordless hedge trimmer so he could also trim shrubs and bushes. He enjoys making lawns look great and really likes how well this hedge trimmer wo... read more »

Playful puppies

15 Jun, 2018
These rope toys are perfect for our dogs and they love to play with them. We throw them around for them while they run after them. They are well made and a good price for all that you get. The travel... read more »

Great gift for Father's day

13 Jun, 2018
My husband needed a new screwdriver so I got him this one. It comes with plenty of accessories and makes working on most projects easier. The magnetic tip helps hold the screws so you don't lose t... read more »

Powerful tool

13 Jun, 2018
I got this 18v cordless drill driver for my husband and he is very happy with it. It is a powerful lightweight tool that is easy to use and comes with six high quality HSS drills, six S2 bits, on... read more »

Real looking

12 May, 2018
This Tyrannosaurus dinosaur is very real looking and my daughter's love it. They had another set of dinosaur's I had got them for Christmas that they played with all the time. I thought t... read more »

Compact first aid kit

27 Apr, 2018
This is a great first aid kit to have in case of emergencies and is very compact and lightweight. I got this first aid kit to keep in my vechicle so we have it when we go camping, hiking or fishing. Y... read more »

Perfect for your plants

24 Apr, 2018
ZXMEAN 600W Dual Chips 380-730nm Full Light Spectrum LED Plant Growth Lamp is wonderful to help your plants grow properly when they are indoors and can't get the proper sunlight. It provides extra... read more »

Great for hats

09 Mar, 2018
My husband collects hats and has quite a bit of them. I got this stainless steel wall mount to hang them on. I have a smaller one like this one and I really liked it. This six hook wall mount is even... read more »

Quality trail camera

04 Feb, 2018
This trail camera is a great addition to my hunting gear. I have used several other cameras but none with so many options to customize it. You can choose from 3, 5, 8, 12, & 16 mega pixel. There... read more »

Charges phone

22 Jan, 2018
This is a great charging case. It is lightweight and recharges my phone quickly and efficiently. The phone and the case can be recharged at the same time using the same cord. The case will recharge my... read more »

Works great

21 Jan, 2018
This Firstbuy USB Power Strip Powerport Strip Surge Protector with 6-Outlet 4-Port Smart USB Charger Charging Station works great and is really well made. It allows my son to use his gaming syste... read more »

Professional quality

14 Jan, 2018
This is a professional glue gun that works great for arts and crafts. It is large and easy to use. You get 12 glue sticks also so you are ready to use this glue gun. My older children enjoy making cra... read more »

Clean teeth

30 Dec, 2017
This is a wonderful electric toothbrush that works great. It has three different modes to choose from and is quite powerful yet it has soft bristles so it doesn't hurt your gums as you brush. It c... read more »

Very warm

08 Dec, 2017
I got this mermaid blanket for my teenage daughter because she really wanted one. This mermaid blanket is well made and works like it should. My daughter likes to snuggle up in it on the couch when sh... read more »

Very bright

24 Oct, 2017
I have been looking for a nice lighted makeup mirror and I am very happy with this one. It is an oval shape and large enough for me to see my whole face plus it comes with a stand that you can store s... read more »

Perfect for beauty and skin care products

16 Sep, 2017
I just got started with making homemade beauty and skin care products. I have bought a few do it yourself books and noticed they used vegetable glycerin in a lot of recipes so I decided to try this pr... read more »

Quality paint and so much

13 Sep, 2017
I love Halloween and enjoy dressing up and helping my children dress up to trick or treat. I got this face paint to help make our outfits more realistic by changing our face and making us look more un... read more »

Soft feet

28 Aug, 2017
I originally got this callus remover foot mask for me to use but it says on the package that pregnant women should not use this product. I didn't realize this so my husband used it. His feet are p... read more »

Energy all day

31 Jul, 2017
This is the best energy supplement that I have tried. Sometimes I need a boost to get through my day and coffee isn't enough. I have five children and work also so I am always on the go and very b... read more »

Perfect for any party

31 Jul, 2017
I got these balloons for my daughter's birthday party and she loved the colors. There are 100 large balloons that are thick and durable. They are easy to blow up and really look nice. They add a w... read more »

Wonderful for grilling

15 Jul, 2017
If you love to grill then these grilling mats are the way to go. They make cooking and clean up so much more simple and easy. There are two grilling mats and they are made very well. I like that you s... read more »

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