LIDERSTAR Huge Kite for Kids and Adults -Big Rainbow Kite 61 Inches Wide – Long Tail 95 inch,100 Meter String -Easy to Fly Toy for Outdoor Games Beach and Activities -Good Plan for Memorable Fun
Price: $15.97
4.97 / 5   (68 Reviews)


Kids Kite

18 Nov, 2020
My older son really enjoys playing with this kite in our local park, seeing how high he can get it to go. It is well made and will last a long time. read more »

Nephews love it!

20 Nov, 2019
My nephews love this kite. It's huge! They love going to the park and running around with it. Heck, I do too. It's  fun to use and play with. It's made of high quality materials. It&#... read more »

Beautiful and BIG

13 Oct, 2019
This kite is beautiful and very easy to assemble. Making a kite this size is alot more expensive and time consuming. It elevates very easy and slides smooth. Give your loved one a kite flying experien... read more »

Fun For All Ages

09 Oct, 2019
I received this rainbow kite from Liderstar. It has a tail that measures 95" inches long, and when fully extended this kite can reach heights of 328' feet! It is made out of durable polyester... read more »

Great kite!

05 Oct, 2019
This kite is perfect for spending time with your kids outdoors.  It is made with bright, brilliant colors and is quite durable.  If your looking for a high quality kite, I would recommend th... read more »


09 Sep, 2019
How can a kite go wrong? Pretty colors and shape. read more »

Awesome Kite

02 Aug, 2019
This is a super sturdy, solid looking kite.  Love the string grip and brite colors.  Can't wait until we get some wind and can take this for a fly! read more »

Nice toy

27 Jun, 2019
came in clean packaging and fun for the kids to play with on a windy day read more »


20 Jun, 2019
Really much better then i expected for the price, the colors are very bright its very well made, my kids just love it. read more »

Fly a kite

20 Jun, 2019
LIDERSTAR Huge Kite for Kids and Adults -Big Rainbow Kite 61 Inches Wide – Long Tail 95 inch,100 Meter String -Easy to Fly Toy for Outdoor Games Beach and Activities -Good Plan for Memorable Fun... read more »

Good quality

20 Jun, 2019
Good quality kite, we've flown it a few times and it's still going strong. We live in the midwest so or wind gets pretty strong. It's a nice size too.  read more »

good quality for the price

19 Jun, 2019
I bought this giant kite for my daughter and she likes it. Its easy to assemble and i would say the quality is good for the price. This is huge so this is not just for kids also for adults. &nb... read more »


14 Jun, 2019
Sent it to my adopted soldier and she loves playing with it on her down time. read more »

Flying a kite is a good sport!

13 Jun, 2019
I love this rainbow kite for kids. It is the second kite I've bought from this company. They are easy to fly, and my almost 8 year old son loves it. A wonderful kite. Easy to fly and eas... read more »

Extra Large Kite-Kids to Adults

09 Jun, 2019
This kite is Huge huge and it comes with a good size amount of string on a round hoop. The material on the kite is thicker so you don't need to worry about it tearing. The kids love it as do... read more »

Completely FUN

08 Jun, 2019
What a kite! Beautiful colors! Sturdy and strong! Built for many hours of complete fun whether your an adult or a kid! It's easily a 5 read more »


08 Jun, 2019
I knew that this kite was going to be large but I had absolutely no idea that it was going to be longer than I am tall. My nieces and nephews had an absolute blast with this kite at the beach. It is e... read more »

loads of fun

07 Jun, 2019
This kite is loads of fun for the family, we took it out on a windy day in florida and the kids had a blast. It is really large and easy to use.  read more »

My daughter loves this kite

06 Jun, 2019
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #liderstar we love this kite. Took it to the beach and used it almost everyday. Received a lot of compliments on it read more »


05 Jun, 2019
#RankBoosterReview   #Sponsored   LIDERSTAR Huge Kite for Kids and Adults -Big Rainbow Kite 61 Inch   Wow this kite has all the bells and whistles that a kite needs and i... read more »


05 Jun, 2019
tried this kite in high winds on purpose. I had to see how it stacks up with other kites made same. Very durable indeed. Did not fold or break. read more »

Big kite

05 Jun, 2019
this kite is huge and easy to use.. the vibrant color is so beautiful once its already flying up the sky. read more »

Deserves more than 5 stars

05 Jun, 2019
This Kite was easy to put together. We had so much fun with it. It is made out of good materials and it is nice to look at. We felt it was easy to get to fly and just had a lot of fun w... read more »

A hit with the kids!

05 Jun, 2019
This kite is easy to set up and everything was included for the kids to take to the park. Once they got the hang of it, they had no difficulty keeping the kite in the sky. The colors are a lot of fun... read more »

Easy to put together, and Colorful

03 Jun, 2019
I bought this kite by #JDERSTAR for something we can do as a family on a windy day at the beach. This kite was easy to put together , is very colorful , larger than expected  and easier to fly th... read more »

Like it

03 Jun, 2019
It's big and nice colors, really like it! read more »


02 Jun, 2019
By far the biggest kite I've ever owned. Easy to setup and really fun to fly. Little kids will certainly have a hard time with this, I'm guessing 11-12 age could handle with ease. Certainly we... read more »


31 May, 2019
my family loving it, we enjoy playing this kite. durable quality and it really fly high. read more »

Works very well

31 May, 2019
no complaints here. it does what a kite suppose to. so far so good. read more »

Great for kids!

30 May, 2019
  Off to fly this for the second time, thanks #LIDERSTAR read more »


30 May, 2019
I loved flying kites as a kid and recently ordered this kite for my grandkids. They love it!! Great way to have a good time and spend quality time with them.  read more »

Fun time with my kids

30 May, 2019
So much fun to play with this big, long tail kite. I really have fun time with my kids #RankBoosterReview #LIDERSTAR read more »

Great fun

30 May, 2019
This kite is big and very well made. It is lovely and well worth the money. With the new mary poppins out kites may be another desired item         #RankBoosterRevie... read more »

Go Fly a Kite

29 May, 2019
Just do it. Go fly a kite. This is a good one. I highly recommend it. Great quality and looks fantastic. So much fun for all the kids, no matter how old. read more »

Great fun for the family!

29 May, 2019
The LIDERSTAR Huge Kite for Kids and Adults is made of a very durable tent like polyester fabric. The kite is jumbo in size and has a long tail. The kite flies great in low wind and high wind. This is... read more »


28 May, 2019
Here is a large Kite that is rainbow in color so this would work good for a boy or a girl This kite is made with a nice fabric body it will not rip up like the ones from a Dollar Tree this one will la... read more »


27 May, 2019
#Rankboosterreview #liderstar #sponsored It’s HUGE! The kids loved it! Current status is in a tree, but during the windy day it works PERFECTLY  read more »

Affordable fun for everyone!

27 May, 2019
I initially purchased this affordable fabric kite for my 10 year-old son, but it quickly turned into something that my whole family enjoys. I didn't expect... read more »

Great Gift

27 May, 2019
I got this for a friend's daughter and she loves it, it's a great size and it comes together really easily and the colors are really pretty. It was a windy day so we didn't have much troub... read more »

Great giant kite for the kids

26 May, 2019
This kite is brightly colored, easy to assemble, comes packaged nicely and seems to be pretty durable. The kite’s body and tail are made of high quality ripstop polyester fabric with strong rods... read more »

Great kite with mild wind

26 May, 2019
This kite is very bright and vibrant colored. Comes with detailed instructions printed on the inside of the cardboard packaging label. The instructions included images for easy reference while finisin... read more »

Very Large1

24 May, 2019
This is definitely a large kite!  My grand kids loved it.  The colors are wonderful.  The only problem is its summer here in Alabama and not a breeze in sight!  I'll have to tu... read more »

beautiful, efffortless flight

24 May, 2019
This kite is huge! It measures 30 x 61 inches with a 95 inch tail. I really liked the ring handle because it was very easy for my 6 year old daughter to hold onto and gives her a secure grip. The ring... read more »

Fun in the Wind

23 May, 2019
This huge kite for kids and adults is so much fun.  Not only is it big but it comes with a long tail and a big roll of string.  This kite is sixty one inches long, the tail measures over nin... read more »

Excellent Product for Price

23 May, 2019
Kite as described.  My grandsons loved it.  Great for flying at the beach!   read more »


22 May, 2019
This kite is HUGE! VERY GOOD QUALITY!!! I have never seen a kite made this well myself. Material is very sturdy and, holds up a lot better than other kites.   Kids are having a blast flying... read more »

Great kite!

22 May, 2019
good quality and sturdy. read more »

Flying fun

20 May, 2019
I got this big kite for my daughter's and they really enjoy it. The bright colors make it easy to see and the step by step instructions are pretty simple to follow. I like the large circle handle... read more »

Good price and good value!

19 May, 2019
My kids love it very much, perfect for this summer.  read more »

Huge kite for kids

19 May, 2019
Big rainbow kite61 inches wide.#Liderstar is 95 with long tail. We are taking ours to Virginia Beach to see just how high we can get it to fly! We will be there in June come fly with us! read more »


18 May, 2019
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #LIDERSTAR Would make a wonderful gift. Had a blast flying it! Beautiful colors. Worth the buy! read more »

Lots of fun

18 May, 2019
Had a blast with this giant kite I really love the material it's a durable like plastic type not paper or film like most kites and it looks very well made and durable now getting it off the floor... read more »

big size kite

18 May, 2019
good one. read more »


17 May, 2019
Perfect kite for a day at the beach. Vibrant and beautiful. St=long construction. read more »

Yep - does what it's supposed to

17 May, 2019
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #liderstar read more »


16 May, 2019
I love this kite! It is made of a very strong material that will last for a long tine. The colors are very pretty and it has a long tail to keep it in the air longer .My grandkids will love it! ... read more »

Love it

15 May, 2019
I bought 2 of this 1 for my cousin and 1 for me , i was taking to her earlier about it ans she said her hisvand is more excited about it they tried to fly it but unlucky enough there ia no wind lol. B... read more »


15 May, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #LIDERSTAR Huge Kite This kite is huge!! It has vibrant colors and is beautiful as it flies in the breeze. Daughter loves it. read more »

Huge Kite and Lots of Fun

15 May, 2019 #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #LIDERSTAR read more »

This kite is SO EASY TO FLY!!!

14 May, 2019
 #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #LIDERSTAR Huge Kite for Kids and Adults -Big Rainbow Kite 61 Inches Wide – Long Tail 95 inch,100 Meter String -Easy to Fly Toy for Outdoor Games Bea... read more »

Perfect for spring!

14 May, 2019
This has a really good quality fabric and string.  My kids are loving it and it makes these windy days so much more fun!  Hours of entertaiment :) #windydays #letsgoflyakite #flyakite #color... read more »

Great Kite

13 May, 2019
 This is a perfect kite for any child or adult. It will definitely be coming to the beach with me on my next trip! #rankboosterreview #sponsored #lide... read more »

Awesome. Flys well

13 May, 2019
I love this kite. Kids have a big whole fun today. It was easy to assemble and get it in the air. Material used is good.  read more »

Love it

12 May, 2019
The kite came early in the mail. Wasa s described. very large and well made. Was easy to put together sturdy and was very fun to fly at the beach. Not made for strong winds but flys great in moderate... read more »

Exactly as described

11 May, 2019
This is a very nice kite that I an saving for our beach vacation. It's quite large and needs to be used in an open area for the most fun. I just love this and can't wait to use it. read more »

must have

11 May, 2019
this kite is huge.  if your flying it with a small child make sure an adult is actually holding the string because its big and will fly away from younger kids.  the colors are bright pink an... read more »


10 May, 2019
~ What ~ Made of strong ripstop polyester material, this large multi-colored kite measures 61 inches wide and 30 inches tall with a 95-inch long tail. It comes with a handle that has 328 feet of line... read more »

Easy to put together kite with great material!

10 May, 2019
I purchased this kite for myself in the last few days and just received it today. I have already put it together and so far so good. I like the material that it is made of this stuff is a bit thicker... read more »

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