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Cute designs!

05 Jun, 2019
Cute designs! I ordered the size Size: 4-5 Years which is a size 120 on the panties tag. This size fits size an average 4T-5T child. The panties have cute designs with soft material and nice leg an... read more »

Beautiful and thick drinking glasses

02 Jun, 2019
Beautiful and thick drinking glasses. These are the perfect size cups for breakfast, lunch or snack time . They are so colorful too!    #glasses #cups #drink #beverage #kitchen #dining... read more »

Short cord

02 Jun, 2019
The Yostyle USB Type C 1 foot cable works great charging my cell phone, but they are not fast charging. The cable is short and doesn't get tangled up when I am charging my phone. The cable is ... read more »

Great fun for the family!

29 May, 2019
The LIDERSTAR Huge Kite for Kids and Adults is made of a very durable tent like polyester fabric. The kite is jumbo in size and has a long tail. The kite flies great in low wind and high wind. This is... read more »

Adjustable Speeds!

21 Jul, 2018
  I am happy with the TimeLED Fan since it is small, rotatable and rechargeable. It has been very useful at my breakfast table, beside my bed and on my computer desk. The TimeLED fan is the pe... read more »

Nice loooking headphones and answers phone calls!

19 Jul, 2018
  These Wood In-Ear Headphones sound great with a crisp, clear sound when I listen to music. The headphones come with 3 sets of earbud covers, small, medium and large plus a caring case. The e... read more »

Comes with a remote control!

18 Jul, 2018
  The COSSCCI diffuser will hold 530 ml of water and will run up to 10 hours depending on if it is in the low or high mode. You have a choice of setting the diffuser on 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hour... read more »

Colorful with mist choice of High or Low!

14 Jul, 2018
  The 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser by ZEPST is the perfect size allowing me to use it all day. I like to add essential oil to keep a fresh fragrance through-out my house.  The diffuser... read more »

Wow, runs up to 18 hours!

14 Jul, 2018
  This is the largest diffuser I have owed and love how it lasts all day.  The diffuser has a beautiful light wood grain and a small amount of colorful lights.  It holds up to 530ml... read more »

Beautiful Wood Grain Color with choice of High or Low Mist!

14 Jul, 2018
I enjoy having a diffuser in my house, it keeps a nice fragrance plus adds some moisture to my air. The 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser by XPLUS is the perfect size allowing me to use it all day without... read more »

Great diffuser!

02 Mar, 2018
  This diffuser is the perfect size and has a nice colorful light. It holds up to 300ml and has high and low mist options. The diffuser comes with a measuring cup and power cord. It works grea... read more »

Thin and lightweight!

01 Mar, 2018
This is an easy to install iPhone cover which comes in several cute designs. I like how lightweight it is and not bulky. It seems to protect the phone from bumps and scrapes. read more »

Perfect for single bucket seat or full back seat!

16 Feb, 2018
This seat cover is neat since it unzips to make 2 small seat covers or zips tgoether to make 1 wide car seat cover. When it is in the back seat, it can be used as a hammock protector. When used as a s... read more »

Do It Your Self Pedicure!

15 Feb, 2018
  This is a 2 step process. First slide your feet in the Foot Peeling Mask socks and sit and relax for 1 - 1 1/2 hours. Remove sock and throw away. Don't wash your feet for 24 hours and th... read more »

Easy to Use - Left or Right Ear!

10 Feb, 2018
This is a great headset to use when driving or shopping. Everyone tells me they can hear me just fine and it stays in place on my ear. The control buttons are located on earpiece  and on the boom... read more »

Rechargeable Pulsing Facial Brush!

09 Feb, 2018
The MiroPure Electric Facial Brush pulses instead of rotates. It is best to place the facial cleaner on your face and then turn the facial brush on. When you turn the brush on it vibrates helping the... read more »

Uses a filter stick and comes with 1 extra filter!

05 Feb, 2018
  This is a cute cactus humidifier which adds a little moisture to my dry house in the winter. It is the perfect size for my bedroom nightstand. The humidifier is 5 1/2 inches tall and 3 in... read more »

Thick Support Pillow

04 Feb, 2018
My grandchildren tend to fall asleep when we travel. This pillow helps the child to lean over and support their neck when they are asleep. The protector has a long Velcro strip on the back. On th... read more »

Works great with 7-inch tablet!

04 Feb, 2018
I have had the hardest time trying to find something simple to stand my 7-inch tablet up on for me and my grandchildren to use. The Lobkin Cell Phone Tablet Stand works great with t will even work wit... read more »

Strong, Flexible and a Great Length!

04 Feb, 2018
  Recently I changed phones and discovered that I do not have any extra cables for my new ZTE Grand X4 since my phone takes the Type C cable. I chose to buy the USB-C to USB 3.0 Voltmax Cable... read more »

Long Lasting Diffuser with a Mist Control Volume!

04 Feb, 2018
  This is a fantastic diffuser that last all day or all night long. In fact it will almost last 20 hours on the lowest setting. I am very happy with the mist flow since you have the option of... read more »

Very Lightweight - Warm and Cozy!

04 Feb, 2018
  I love wearing boots in the fall and in the winter. I needed a nice pair of lace up boots with wide round toes and chose this pair of Suede Lace Up Snow Boots. It was hard to choose what col... read more »

Great assortment of bits for small screws!

04 Feb, 2018
  I never seem to have the right size tiny screwdriver head when I need it, so I ordered the UFire 63 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set. It is perfect for all my electronic repairs and even comes... read more »

Great set of 3 cables!

04 Feb, 2018
  I ordered this set of 3 Type-C cables so I could have a cable in my car, house and at work. It is a great length allowing me to connect it to my computer or across the room to a wall plug wi... read more »

Great disposable cups for hot or cold beverages!

04 Feb, 2018
  When I go to work, I drink hot chocolate or hot spiced tea in the mornings and a soda with ice in the afternoons. These cups work great for my hot liquids in the mornings and are durable eno... read more »

Tall firm air mattress, perfect for sleepovers!

04 Feb, 2018
  When my grandkids stay the night, I need an extra bed. I like the 3 girls sleeping in the same room and needed something that would fit between the foot of the bed and the wall. This air mat... read more »

Rides low to the ground and does best on smooth surface!

04 Feb, 2018
  I ordered this neat dragster looking car for my grandkids to play with since they enjoy remote controlled vehicles. This one is very low to the ground so it works best on concrete, very low... read more »

Long Cord with Spring Reinforcement!

04 Feb, 2018
  When my husband plays his electric guitar, he likes to be able to walk around and needs a long cable.  I was happy to see that this cable from Tuwejia is available in the 20 foot length... read more »

Portable - great for traveling!

04 Feb, 2018
  I am very happy with the power that this small Power Bank has. It is perfect to take along when I travel since it is not big and bulky. I really like the fact that it can be an AC outlet als... read more »

Nice and thick, yet flexible!

04 Feb, 2018
  My grandkids love to draw on cardboard boxes so I thought I would get this brown craft paper to wrap Christmas gifts in so they could decorate them and add a special touch. The paper is thic... read more »

Soft with snug elastic band!

04 Feb, 2018
  This fluffy microfiber cat cap has a nice elastic band around the bottom layer allowing it to fit snugly on my head. It fits  me perfectly and also fits my 8 year old granddaughter. I l... read more »

Fits shoe size 4 - 8

04 Feb, 2018
  The Non Skid Anti Slip Slipper Cotton Crew Socks are unisex and have non-slid grippers on the bottom. They come in random colors, so you won't know what you are getting until they arrive... read more »

Fantastic storage box with handle

04 Feb, 2018
  This is a great storage box for craft items, fingernail polish, hot-wheels and even essential oils. I really like how it is 2 sided with latches for both sides. The plastic box is 13 1/2... read more »

Finally a headset that fits small children!

04 Feb, 2018
  I ordered these earphones for my granddaughter to use while playing on her tablet and when she listens to her mp3 player. She is 3 years old and they work great for her, but she is tiny so t... read more »

Colorful and fun to use backdrop! Pin or tape it to your wall.

04 Feb, 2018
  I needed a simple backdrop that could be hung on the wall during the Christmas season and removed and stored until needed again. I am very glad that I ordered this backdrop since it is thick... read more »

Great Board for Beginners and Pros!

04 Feb, 2018
  I am very impressed with the heaviness of the dartboard, about 12 pounds. It is heavy duty, not thin and flimsy being, 1 1/2 inches thick. The box gives you directions to hang it correctly,... read more »

Colorful diffuser with 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off!

04 Feb, 2018
  I like using small diffusers in my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. This diffuser is nice and colorful but not overly bright since the shade is more of a frosted white color. The diffuser work... read more »

Handles/Straps help hold it in place where needed!

04 Feb, 2018
  I like using a massager for my neck and lower back, but have a hard time keeping it in the position that is comfortable. Since this message comes with straps/armrest, I am actually able to h... read more »

Runs in grass, concrete and even gravel!

04 Feb, 2018
  My grandkids enjoy playing with RC cars. This one has a great design and reminds me of a dune buggy. It even has a driver in the driver seat! The Vatos RC Car is a great size decked out i... read more »

Awesome fast car that runs in grass, gravel and on concrete! Note: Battery is not easy to get to.

04 Feb, 2018
  My grandkids like to play with RC vehicles, especially outside. This one from GPTOYS has large wheels, great suspension and works great in the grass. It is a little heavier than any of my ot... read more »

Great size with plenty of pockets!

04 Feb, 2018
  I purchased this Gizwise Tactical Backpack Diaper Bag for my cousin's baby shower. She is a camo fan and owns a ton of camo clothes. I thought this neat diaper bag would be a great acces... read more »

Beautiful blue stone heart!

04 Feb, 2018
  This is a beautiful musical note necklace with a thick blue stone. The necklace has an extended chain that can gives you a longer length depending on where you place the lobster-claw-clasp.... read more »

High and Low Mode Mist!

04 Feb, 2018
  This is a beautiful diffuser with a unique design. I really like how it has 3 light options. The MOSPRO Essential Oil Diffuser is 6 1/2 inches wide and 4 1/4 inches tall and holds 400 ml... read more »

Fits shoes great!

04 Feb, 2018
The gel insoles work great in my husbands shoes. It is amazing how much a little pad can help your knees and legs.  The insoles are very easy to cut with scissors and have shoes size guideline... read more »

Nice dark color!

04 Feb, 2018
  This is a very dark background that looks great in photos. The backdrop is meant to be tall with horizontal boards, but it looks fine with the boards going up and down. The backdrop is easy... read more »

Nice tall backdrop

04 Feb, 2018
  I ordered the "color: 12"  backdrop for our church nursery, since we needed something behind our nativity scene. This backdrop works really great since it is darker on the out... read more »

Don't have to worry about crushing these bows during storage!

04 Feb, 2018
I am very happy with these colorful cute bows. Especially since the are very fast and easy to make. The bows come flat, all you have to do is pull a string slowly until the bow is completely pulled... read more »

Fun finger puppets!

04 Feb, 2018
I purchased these cute finger puppets for my grandchildren who love to pretend play. They work great when they sing the "finger song" with daddy finger, mommy finger, brother finger, sister... read more »

Beautiful soft blanket!

04 Feb, 2018
I ordered the (Color: 60''x80'' Brown) blanket since I have a dark brown sofa. It looks really great on my sofa and it is very warm and soft. I like how the front is faux fur fleece an... read more »

Keeps the grandkids busy having fun singing!

03 Feb, 2018
My granddaughter loves to sing and make up songs. This mic is great since she can sing with the prerecorded music or make up her own song without music and record it. The microphone has 3 different... read more »

Mattress doesn't slide around!

03 Feb, 2018
My granddaughter is ready to sleep in a big bed instead of her toddler bed so I ordered this metal twin frame for her new mattress. The bed is plenty tall to place tubs of toys and shoes under it, but... read more »

Great for forward and backwards facing car seats!

03 Feb, 2018
When I have my grandkids in the car, I always use a seat protector. I ordered this tall-back seat protector to completely protect my seat since I have to use it with forwards and backwards facing car... read more »

Battery Easy to get to!

03 Feb, 2018
The GoolRC C12 Electric RC Car is nice looking and runs great. It is big, has large wheels and a great suspension. The car works great in grass, gravel, sand and on concrete. This RC Car is very co... read more »

Very impressed with this cordless drill - has low and high speed!

03 Feb, 2018
I am always needing a screwdriver or drill to put up pictures or shelves so I ordered this cordless drill. This is a great drill and it even has 2 speeds unlike my old drill. It goes forward and backw... read more »

Great sounding earphones!

03 Feb, 2018
These headphones have a great sound and a flat silicon no-tangle really does not tangle! The cord is plenty long allowing me to place my phone or mp3 player in my pocket and listen to my mus... read more »

Hook head is moveable - Vertical holds 2 lbs - Horizontal holds 12 lbs

03 Feb, 2018
A little smaller than I thought they would be, but they still work great holding my keys on the door. If you go to quickly hanging things, the hooks will pop off the door, but as long as you are slow... read more »

Compact and easy to travel with!

03 Feb, 2018
Neat backseat organizer for the kids. Attaches to headrest with a strap. Has zipper on outside and 4 small mesh pocket on the inside. There are 3 elastic bands to help keep papers or notebooks in plac... read more »

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