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Exceptional Quality

29 Aug, 2021
Works well to calm me for bed. If you have trouble sleeping get one of these. It does really help you to wind down and relax. read more »

Love it so far

08 Jul, 2020
a little package that has a lot of wow factor. Fuuuuuuuun to use material is a little stiff but maybe that will loosen up over time. read more »

Great pen until it broke

08 Jul, 2020
Cooper tip popped off the pen and all the workings spilled out. must have been a bad day at the factory? worked great until it broke read more »

Had to return it

08 Jul, 2020
Iten had a hole in it that made it uncomfortable to use so I had to return it. read more »

Really nice quality!

18 May, 2020
Got these for a dark hallway and they are really classy looking and add extra light in a well-needed area. Going to buy 4 more for out in the laundry room. These put out a lot of light and the adjustm... read more »

Most Excelent

05 Mar, 2020
Compliments any uniform Duty bay or duffle! read more »

cute and nice fit

18 Jan, 2020
Fit nice was very cute but the material is a little rough. read more »


03 Jan, 2020
The seller sent a bogus tracking number, never shipped the item. Waited two weeks and nothing was ever shipped. Eventually had to ask Amazon for a refund. read more »

Sent wrong case but it ok

05 Dec, 2019
Got the wrong case sent to me but after looking at it on my phone it works out fine. Had to remove the girly sparkle insert and now it looks cool. read more »

Super bright

05 Dec, 2019
This was a-ok let get it and see purchase. I was very happy with the light nice how it can be adjusted and lite up my whole two-car garage.  read more »

Cozy comfy

05 Dec, 2019
The wife just loved these they were very nice quality and the fit was just right wished I had bought her two pairs! read more »

Cool item

05 Dec, 2019
Nice pen a little heavy but should do the trick If you ever need it for a survival aid. I will buy it again! read more »

Save your money

15 Nov, 2019
I rarely give a 1-star review but this clock earned it. Save your money very very difficult to program and once you think you have it all set it changes all your setting for you and you have to start... read more »

Works good

07 Nov, 2019
Works ok and fit ok not sure how much I will use it but did help to remind me to stand up straight. read more »

great "little" glasses

27 Oct, 2019
Bought these and they were kid-size so had to return them. Good quality was just too small. read more »

Bright little lights

15 Oct, 2019
Using these under the hood to light up an older trucks engine compartment. works great plenty of light and they are really compact. read more »

This stuff works great

15 Oct, 2019
OK so combined this with a no yeast diet low sugars and added another probiotic and wow it only took three days to get my system back and running perfectly. I will be buying this again when needed. read more »


15 Oct, 2019
Love this cutting board, looks great has plenty of room for preparing cheese snacks and the storage compartment for the little knives is super convenient. Ordering another to give as a gift. &... read more »

Great little bag

04 Oct, 2019
Holds quite a bit of stuff, is compact in size, big enough for the essentials when you travel. read more »

Never received item

04 Oct, 2019
Never received item???? read more »

Ohhhhhh so Good

03 Oct, 2019
arrived on time was as advertised and felt ohhhhh so good to use. I will buy again when this one runs out. read more »

Comfy and cute

29 Sep, 2019
Thank you for early delivery. Most excellent design and comfortable fit. Well made and stylish. Look so most forward to wearing this item in the coming cold months of winter read more »

Very cute.

09 Sep, 2019
bought these to liven up my flat. They were very well made and had plenty of them to make a real solid impact on my decor. Will buy again. read more »

Great water bottle

09 Sep, 2019
Love this water bottle. I pack it with fresh fruit in the morning ad some green tea and I'm good for the whole day! read more »

Excellent Product 5 star

09 Sep, 2019
Arrived early and was as described. Charged up quickly and lasted for a very long time. Will buy more when needed. read more »

Worked great

01 Sep, 2019
Thought I was getting just one connector the kit comes with 5. Great deal for do it yourselfer used mine to rewire my Jeep.     read more »


16 Aug, 2019
Lights came in the mail three days early, were better than advertised. these just plugged right into my lighter outlet and I placed the LEDs under the dash and wow how cool. they are fully adjust... read more »

Works well

25 Jul, 2019
Nice to have in our greenhouse. Two of the four needed batteries but they work as advertised. read more »

As advertised

17 Jul, 2019
Cool looking little lights. Not sure how to connect them no instructions were in the package but overall they were as advertised. read more »

Very nice

17 Jul, 2019
Glasses were exquisite. fit the hand precisely and the sip is wondrously smooth goes well with a fine cigar and a nice round of billiards no less. Only the fines aged scotch should be consumed with th... read more »

As Advertised

08 Jul, 2019
Do a little electrical work and often need to solder parts and wire ends. Works great, nice to have it in a tube makes it easy to use and keep my work clean. Will buy again once this is used up. read more »

Tasted good but had a smell of mold to it

29 Jun, 2019
Tasted good but had a smell of mold to it. Not sure if it supposed to have a weird smell of not fresh? but tasted ok once we made it? read more »

Great lights for my wife's fairly garden

29 Jun, 2019
Had a couple ones arrive broken but the company made it good and sent replacements. Bought several and place them in the wife's outdoor fairly/herb garden. Looks really nice and seem to be well ma... read more »

Had to return it

29 Jun, 2019
Not able to give a review, I returned the shirt before it arrived? read more »

Worth Every Penny

29 Jun, 2019
Bought one for me and one for the wife. we both love to snorkel and wanted to try this new innovation that allows you to snorkel without using a mouthpiece. These really worked very nicely. sm/m... read more »

Worth Every Penny

29 Jun, 2019
Bought one for me and one for the wife. we both love to snorkel and wanted to try this new innovation that allows you to snorkel without using a mouthpiece. These really worked very nicely. sm/m... read more »

Bam! and its charged!

20 Jun, 2019
Love this little charger. Have tried several charges and this one by far is the best one. 3 times faster than any of the others and does not get my phone hot and bothered while charging. Does not come... read more »

Fit true to size

18 Jun, 2019
Loved this swimsuit. vibrant colors, very nice cut and fit her true to size. Wish I had bought her two! read more »

Great fit and look

18 Jun, 2019
She loved this shirt fit great and color was very nice too. Sleeves are more of a guys cut but still fits great. read more »

Worked very well

03 Jun, 2019
Used this mask on my blackheads on my nose and chin and it removed them all, I have one most clean face now! Love this stuff! read more »

Poor Quality

21 May, 2019
Fell apart after one use, very poorly made, had a strong odor of diesel fuel! read more »

Love it

12 May, 2019
The kite came early in the mail. Wasa s described. very large and well made. Was easy to put together sturdy and was very fun to fly at the beach. Not made for strong winds but flys great in moderate... read more »

OK but not for me

07 May, 2019
Antenna looked nice was a little flimsy and unfortunately, I had to return it because it wouldn't get a signal. Went back to my old cheapy wall mounted digital antenna I bought at the dollar store... read more »

Fun phone addition

27 Apr, 2019
Order came on time and was as described. Lenses were clear and took great shots. Not too fond of the telephoto lense rather long and heavy for regular use all other lenses were great and took some fun... read more »

Nice flags

18 Apr, 2019
Came in the mail on time and were just as advertised. Wife joked to make sure they got the stripes and star count right which they did. Flag nook very nice on our front porch. read more »

Very nice

18 Apr, 2019
Fit our phones perfectly, the cover is nice and thick with a very snug fit. took our phones kayaking and the phone came out great no worries about them getting wet! read more »

light duty only

14 Apr, 2019
OK, these work, but are not for holding down anything of substance two of the heads broke off while putting them in moist loose soil. Not made for heavy dense soils but work ok on wet lawn grasse... read more »

Worked very well

14 Apr, 2019
Great light arrived early and was better made than I expected for the price! Includes batteries so it's good to go right out of the box. Love using the Blacklight feature for gold p... read more »

Comfy little socks

09 Apr, 2019
Bought these as a gift for da wiffie and she loves wearing them around the house very cozy and sometimes I get a treat when there all she wears around the house yeah man! make sure to wash them before... read more »

Great help with bad knees

09 Apr, 2019
love these would buy again when they wear out. sized a little big but work great for achy knees. read more »

Never received it????

09 Apr, 2019
Paid for it got a tracking number and then waited. Nothing but crickets were heard for several weeks? and then finally, Contacted Amazon and they said item would not be shipped and gave... read more »

Worked very well

04 Apr, 2019
Love this flashlight. Works very well to help find the dirt in my house. Used it to look for scorpions in the garage too! Wish I had bought another one to give as a gift will buy again! read more »

Great as a night light

30 Mar, 2019
OK so the functionality of the light is a little complicated once you figure out how to use it it's pretty cool for a night light. As a speaker, it sounds a little tinie not much bass. Overal... read more »

Fast little charger

30 Mar, 2019
Had some delivery issues with our local post office, Once I got the charger plugged it into my 10a plugin and whippers the phone charged up super fast. This does not come with the usb part only t... read more »

most excellent flavor

09 Mar, 2019
Most excellent tea, smooth full flavor, and genuine oolong. will buy again when this runs low love this tea! read more »

Great case for da fone

09 Mar, 2019
Yah you do like that case for da fone fit was magnificent, slipped it right on and the grip was much fantastico felt like soft skin on a sunny day. A little bit wide than fone but not s... read more »

Great little camera

07 Mar, 2019
Item came early was a little bigger than it looks in the picture was very easy to set up app worked the first time picture quality is awesome sound quality is fair but good and night vision is ex... read more »


01 Mar, 2019
The camera was ok but was a real pain in the neck to configure. the initial set up was very difficult and took serval failed attempts to finally get it to work. Once it got up and running it... read more »

Worked very well

25 Feb, 2019
OK, so we needed smartphone charges that wouldn't take up a lot of space. These work really well for larger and smaller phones and they do charge rather fast at 2.5amp not as fast as our 5amp... read more »

They work

25 Feb, 2019
They Work ok but the focal length is a little to short for our 5.5 screen smartphones. not as clear an image as one would like but they do work fairly well. read more »

Great lights for my truck

18 Feb, 2019
Bought these because they were cheap but was surprised by just how good the quality was very well made compact and very bright. using them fro driving lights and the really light up the road. wil... read more »

Love this

09 Feb, 2019
Bought this for the wife who has a lot of shoulder muscle pain and she loves it. the three different speed is nice and it heats up but not to hot just the right temp.  read more »

Bright & useful headlamp

30 Jan, 2019
Installed the three aaa batteries and it worked like a charm. Nice to have a light on the bill of my hat makes working on my car easier in the dark read more »

Light smooth flavor

30 Jan, 2019
Not much of a tea coinisuir the flavor was nice not to heavy and a little flowery.    read more »

I Love my Fish Bag

18 Jan, 2019
Graphics were as good as pictured, decent quality. I will be using it for a gift to my Husband who loves to fish, I put an average size first aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray and a couple shot bottles of... read more »

Suck on baby

09 Jan, 2019
Oh la la this is the bomb, sucks really well has multiple suction rhythms and vibrations the comb is so much fun to just try them all over and over again. If you read the warning in the package to bew... read more »

Love it

01 Jan, 2019
Fits like a glove holds plenty of clips and also has the pockets for armor plates front an rear. this is the TAC vest you've been wanting to get it it's well made and very comfortabl... read more »

Excellent Lube

25 Dec, 2018
Great buy for the price plenty of lube that will last for several months of hard play. Very clean feeling non-irritating which the wife loves, no burning or stinging just super slippery ... read more »

Warm and fuzzy

09 Dec, 2018
Nice for a Christmas gift they are warm and fuzzy on the inside I would recommend washing before using them read more »


06 Dec, 2018
These are so cute little girl loved them not sure how long they will last but they are really cute for the price nota bad bargain! read more »

Smooth as silk and very quite

01 Dec, 2018
Bought this to replace an old outdated mouse and this one is great, super slim, lightweight, very comfortable on the hand. Not sure what the other people were smoking but no need to worry about turnin... read more »

Cute and very cleverly made

01 Dec, 2018
Bought this as a gift for my wife who loves cats and she just adores this tea mug. Got a cat lover then get her one of these! read more »

Love the tight fit

23 Nov, 2018
Forget about spending $100 plus on a fleshlight, this is just as good for a lot less cash! There is a tip you need to use take a piece of tape folded at one end and place it over the hole at the... read more »

Cool and tasty

23 Nov, 2018
So you need to make sure the two plates are connected correctly as you can put these together the wrong way. Ice balls come out perfect if you put molds together the right way! Great for drink... read more »

Stuff actually works to reduce wrinkles

05 Nov, 2018
If you're looking for something to help reduce eye wrinkles this stuff does work and is easy on the skin no harsh smell and within a couple of days I noticed the reduction in my eye line wrinkles... read more »

Nice bright driving lights

05 Nov, 2018
Bought these for my jeep and they are very nice and bright. You only get the lights no wiring harness and just the bare minimum of hardware to mount the lights. That said if you like to DIY your own s... read more »

Good reception

27 Oct, 2018
Plugged it in hung it on the wall behind or TV and started watching Freee tv. works pretty good just need to point it around to get the best reception. read more »

Super Charged

19 Oct, 2018
Whoa, with the little scooper provided it makes a really nice full glass of tea which has a great energy boost. Will buy more when this pack runs out. read more »

Loving warm lighting

19 Oct, 2018
OMG bought two of these for the front room. Once I figured out how to sync up one remote to work two lights at the same time it was totally awesome! There are tons of cool features super bright daylig... read more »

little spritzer

19 Oct, 2018
nice compact and works well we should have bought two. read more »

Love this stuff

19 Oct, 2018
Clean feeling super lubricating for all you indoor adventures and a little goes a long way also lasts as long as you need it to. Will buy again when this batch runs out slip on my friend and... read more »

Super bright but not harsh

19 Oct, 2018
Used one light in our garage and it was a lot better than the 4 old 4ft fluorescent tubes we had and every bit a bright. They put a white shield around the lights to cut out the harshness wh... read more »

Cute sockies

16 Oct, 2018
Just loved the socks nice thick material solid picture printing and the kittys are so dang cute  read more »

Nice quality

15 Oct, 2018
Works well nice that you can adjust grinding size read more »

Pass on this

15 Oct, 2018
Not very excited about this one just a blinking light in a box. read more »

Nice easy to use

15 Oct, 2018
Liked the quality work well and are easy to clean read more »

Cheap shoes

15 Oct, 2018
Shoe are cheap for a reason enough said. read more »

Love this Gadget

07 Oct, 2018
Ok Meat tenderizer, potato slice spacer steak carving tool all of the above this is a really cool addition to your kitchen gadgets and would recommend getting one! read more »

Super slippery

29 Sep, 2018
Got this in the mail yesterday and there is a lot here, a little lasts a long time, it's super slippery and does not sting or cause itching like the cheap stuff does. We will buy again once t... read more »

Love this stuff

29 Sep, 2018
If you ever read about this tea this is the real stuff and is very smooth super concentrated and just love it for a little pick me up! Try it you wont be dissapointed read more »

Loving warm lighting

25 Sep, 2018
will buy again, works right out of the box light up the surface area of my desk with a wonderful bright glow. Love the features and the timeout feature. Elegant looking modern lighting great for... read more »

Just the right size not to big not to small

11 Sep, 2018
Great toy wife got it in the mail today and played with it for hours. She said it was just the right size not to big and not too small. Described it inside as feeling very real and had great text... read more »

cancelled order

02 Sep, 2018
amazon could not deliver my order on time so I had to cancel it read more »

cancelled order

02 Sep, 2018
amazon messed up my order so I had to cancel it read more »

Super nice

27 Aug, 2018
So maybe you read some of the reviews that said these were the wrong color or they look cheap. Nope I have to say they look really sweet, wife put this on her wrist and we went out to the farmers... read more »

Eclectic design

27 Aug, 2018
Ok bought these for the art-loving wife and they do look very modern. We have a cool dining room tale one of a kind and these just make it look ultra modern. read more »


27 Aug, 2018
Bought this to keep the grill chill, and out of the rain. What a nice heavy duty cover, Dang thing arrived on a Sunday afternoon WAY COOL. Had it out of the package and installed in under a minute has... read more »

Keep looking

24 Aug, 2018
Tried several of these in the past and would keep looking for another one that works a little better than this one there out there. the size is ok, fit is really soft, suction is non-existent. Overall... read more »

Perfect fit and very well made glasses

05 Aug, 2018
These are really nice glasses for the money and wife gets compliments all the time about the bamboo frames. She really likes the fact that they are super lightweight and don't squeeze her temples... read more »

Super bright

05 Aug, 2018
This light is really nice has several features that more expensive ones don't like dim light and then full security light with motion detection. Works well and stays on throughout the night wish I... read more »

Cute cute cute

05 Aug, 2018
Liked the look of this swimsuit and it was a great fit once she adjusted the side ties it fit her like a glove very cute at the beach... read more »

Perfect fit will buy again

05 Aug, 2018
Yes, you have to try them out and for me, they were a perfect fit for my old worn out tennis shoes added bonus was that they helped with my lower back pain for the price these are a great deal! read more »

Holds carpet to the floor well

05 Aug, 2018
I bought these as our area rugs were curling up in the corners. They were perfect at keeping the ends down nice and tidy. will buy again when we replace our current floor rugs Cheers  read more »

Great toy for the money

05 Aug, 2018
We loved this one it was easy to charge worked as described and wife really enjoys the texture of it and the fact that it was flexible would buy it again! read more »

Great deal

22 Mar, 2018
Bought these to use as a headset with my smartphone. What a great deal, the sound is crisp and clean charged up in about 11/2 hours and is still working after using them on the phone all week. also u... read more »

Kept my drink ice cold all day long

22 Mar, 2018
Keep your drinks extra cold let it in the car all day in the blazing sun and when we came back from our hike the water inside was still as cold as when we filled it amazing want to buy another. read more »

These things really work

22 Mar, 2018
These things really work. Tried them for a few days and my ankle pain was greatly reduced. for the price, you can't go wrong and they arrive two days early. read more »


18 Mar, 2018
Item was ordered shipped and never arrived. Amazon said it was lost in shipping? read more »

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