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Womens biker shorts

15 May, 2021
Great length for bike short. Material is a bit thick. Will last for ever read more »

Womens running shorts

15 May, 2021
Love the color of the marbled one. They are a little thick but great for all days that aren't over 85! read more »

Potato peeler

02 Oct, 2020
Does the job! My son in law was peeling cucumbers with a knife. He was cutting away so much of the fruit. He likes it! read more »

Heel cups for your shoes

02 Oct, 2020
My husband is a runner so he has problems with his heels. These help with pain. Need to put them in all his shoes. #skyfootgreatforfeet. read more »

Grass woven bed mat 5 included

02 Oct, 2020
These are great to keep my bunnies off the bottom of their cage. Of course they can chew on them with no harm done. read more »

Liquid eye shadow

28 Sep, 2020
Many pretty colors. Goes on very smooth. Would buy again . read more »

Tie dye face masks

07 Sep, 2020
Love these masks! So pretty! And there not as hot. I shared with my grandkids.                                   &n... read more »

Pop tube toys

12 Aug, 2020
???? These are so fun! The sounds my kids found them to make. Keep them busy long enough for me to take a nap. #3otterstubetoys.  Yeah! read more »

Hummingbird lights with suction cup

07 Aug, 2020
Omg these are adorable! #Tutulights are bright with different colors.  read more »

Butterflies wind up powered to fly

05 Aug, 2020
They are cute but don't fly very far. Works better if you sit on table and let take off from there. #bbangcoolbutterflies are cute.Granddaughter likes them! read more »

Large slow dog bowl feeder

05 Aug, 2020
#jasgooddogbowl is very sturdy and thick plastic. Takes my dog about 5 more minutes to eat then my old one. He's a lab so they eat so fast. Glad I bought this bowl. It's great! read more »

Ice cream pens

25 Jul, 2020
These are adorable. My granddaughter loves them. She always wants ice cream after she use them.#koogelpensfun !!! read more »

Toe separating cushion

13 Jun, 2020
My husband is a runner and had toe pain. He said this worked. Will buy more to help his other foot too read more »

Crystal ball with butterfly

13 Jun, 2020
It's spins like a disco ball. Shines in my kitchen window.  Very very pretty. Going to get more for my daughters house read more »

Kids digit camera

13 Jun, 2020
Gift for my four year old granddaughter. She uses her tablet. Because of the virus her party been postponed. Hope it works good   Will let u know read more »

Stickers cute ones

13 Jun, 2020
Great for my granddaughter she's loves putting them on he sippee cups. And all  her tablet read more »

Christmas PrinTed paper

13 Jun, 2020
Very thick Good paper to make krafts with. Doesn't show what the gift is. 3 large rolls read more »

Womens sleeveles tshirt

13 Jun, 2020
I got this for me, love the length in the back. #mymore is super soft. Looks hook on my help cover my belly. read more »

Solar hanging bird light

13 Jun, 2020
One of my favorite solar lights this year! My favorite color and it the inner shape of a bird. The lights inside are wire so you can move them around where you like them to show the most.. #petralalig... read more »

Silicon reusable muffin

13 Jun, 2020
Use2d these to make cupcakes for my sons first bday. They were a hit. Popped out really easy. Will use soon for my daughters first!!. read more »

Glow strobe wire lights

13 Jun, 2020
Green blues and white wires. Theses  are for a holiday gift. Hope to get the pink ones too.… read more »

Face masks

13 Jun, 2020
  I received 3 face masks that took about 6 week too get here. They are super soft which will be nice on my face. My only complaint is how thin they are. read more »

Silicon ear plugs

13 Jun, 2020
I bought these to wear in the shower and give my husband a pair to use in his sleep. They work fine for both users. We're both happy! read more »

Fart machine

11 Jun, 2020
Big Whoopee button. My family always seem to think those sounds are funny. Will be good on Christmas morning. read more »

Waterproof nylon small phone shoulder bag.

11 Jun, 2020
It's really cute. Kinda thin material. Took a long time to receive. My phone fits along with credit cards. That all I need. #hamoonsshoulderpursebag. read more »

Training silverware

11 Jun, 2020
These are perfect for little hands. Nicely made. Pretty colors. Canme on time. read more »

Outdoor sand and water toysThese were for my granddaughter. She loved them so I love the

11 Jun, 2020
These were for my granddaughter. She loved them so I love them. read more »

Tropical artificial leaves

11 Jun, 2020
I used these to decorate my new tropical themed porch. They look real enough for me. They are nice. I also purchased #monesteracanvasleaves they all match so good together read more »

Canvas painting Tropical leaves

11 Jun, 2020
These were a perfect touch to our new back porch. It's screened in and we bought new furniture and painted. The theme is tropical. The canvas are perfect for the decor.#monsteracanvas are very goo... read more »

Solar motion lights

11 Jun, 2020
#Insherebrightsolarlights can't go wrong with these. They are super bright and sensitive to motion. Customer service is grand too. read more »

Princess dress up set

10 Jun, 2020
#3Ottersdressup  sooo cute for pretend play. My granddaughter thinks she's really special when wearing her dress up articles.  Great to wear at here b-day party. read more »

Butterfly nets

18 Apr, 2020
There's are well made and have arms that are extendable. Very pretty pastel colors. Will be fun this summer read more »

Drive safe keychain

09 Mar, 2020
Perfect keychain for my Son who drives for his work. #Runalpsilverkeychain not to big that you can't carry it in your pocket. Strong enough to hold a few keys. read more »

Funny keychain

09 Mar, 2020
Nicely made keychain. #Runalpnaughtykeychain purchased for fun got my NF. Got a good laugh from it. read more »

Clothes, shoes lot fits Barbie doll

24 Feb, 2020
Cute little outfits kinda hard dress a doll with these. #E-tingdoll clothes are pretty simple outfits. Comes with lots of shoes. read more »

Rubber balls with pump

24 Feb, 2020
6 balls of different colors, comes with a small handle pump. Great for my granddaughters 4 birthday party.  Don't over fill them or let the dog get the #Shindelminibasketballs. They are on th... read more »

100 pieces and straws to celebrate party

24 Feb, 2020
Bought these to celebrate Marci Graw. Use some for little decorating accents. Straws work great for the kiddo drink.#Koogelparty decorations with straws are fun! My only complaint is there a little th... read more »

Windshield Protector

24 Feb, 2020
Nice to use when it's cold. Brrrrr! I don't have garage so this saves me time in the mornings so I'm not late for work. Works for me. read more »

Billie Eilish Singer Themed stickers

08 Feb, 2020
My granddaughter liked thes so much that I had to order more . She wanted to pass some on to her girlfriends.  read more »

Double Dog leash

23 Jan, 2020
I got this to try with my two puppies. They are still babies and don't quite listen to me yet. It's a nice strong leash. And it would be good for two dogs that already know how to walk on a le... read more »

Kids bike horn duck

23 Jan, 2020
Your little on will love this bike horn. It's a duck with helmet. It will help my granddaughter to remember to use her helmet when the duck is wearing his.#wisfunbikehorn is squeaky duck that my g... read more »

Biodegradable trash bags

22 Jan, 2020
Purchased these to take camping. Don't want to harm nature if possible. These might help a little. Good to use at campsites in winter when the trash don't get emptied as often. Thick enough to... read more »

Glass ball led globe light

22 Jan, 2020
I purchased for my garden but use at a nite lite would work nice. Has a warm white glow with a beautiful crackle finish. No ugly wires  to see read more »

Airbrush kit handheld

22 Jan, 2020
Rechargeable handheld airbrush kit that works wonderfully. I bought it to apply my makeup. Getting old and don't need the extra pull on my skin. Works just as needed. #cosscciairbrush can be used... read more »

Women’s leather belt Black

29 Dec, 2019
Simple belt to add a little class to a pair of jeans. Fit me very good. If they have a brown one I will be purchasing it too. read more »

3D Soccer or Basketball nightlight

29 Dec, 2019
Purchased for my grandson. It's so cool looking at night. Love how it changes color. Love that you can charge it #JCMKJ made a awesome light. Easy to install. read more »

Holiday duct tape

29 Dec, 2019
This is great for covering anything that needs a little help to look great for the holidays. I used it to wrap, and cover a couple electrical outlets. To cover pencils and pens. It's great for cra... read more »

Llama crew sock

18 Dec, 2019
Cute llamas everywhere! Purchased for a gift my granddaughter that loves llamas. She's going to love them! read more »

Solar flame light

14 Dec, 2019
I collect solar lights and this is my favorite now. It really shows motion. As if there's a candle inside.#Keenstone2&1 makes a waterproof seal piece of art. Stays on for hours! read more »

Organic honey white red jade full loose leaf tea

08 Dec, 2019
Yummy tea. Very smooth. My granddaughter is the tea drinker. she loves the honey flavor. read more »

Upgraded black out sleep mask

08 Dec, 2019
My husband uses these #2020 blackout masks when I stay up and watch tv. They keep the tv light out. Haven't used them during the day so not sure how well they work for that. read more »

Womens hoodie

08 Dec, 2019
Comfy and cute. Fabric is on the heavy side. But it's a nice stay home on Sunday and relax around the house. read more »

Mermaid tail glasses

08 Dec, 2019
They will be pretty with colorful drinks inside. They are thinner then I thought they would be. Looks like they might be plastic if sitting on table. I'm debating whether to send them back due the... read more »

Kids grow a garden and toy set

08 Dec, 2019
We haven't started growing it yet, that will be spring here in Ohio. It's so cute! My granddaughter will probably loose the doll by then! LOL! A good toy to teach some agricultural. read more »

Starfish Barrettes

01 Dec, 2019
You receive 2 metal hair clips. For decoration in your seaworthy Hair style. Pretty and fastenS thru a not thick. read more »

Acne pimple patches

01 Dec, 2019
Just the right size for a pimple. They do seem to dry out the spot. Hydrocolloid pads to help your pimples go away. I put one one while watching TV at night. read more »

Phone charging set

01 Dec, 2019
2 cords and a block is perfect for my husband and I. Seems to charge faster than the cord I bought from Walmart. Cable is thick and won't tangle easy. read more »

Women’s Christmas Socks

01 Dec, 2019
These are so cute! I were a size 6 they fit me good but not so good on my granddaughters big feet. Good for the holiday family gatherings.  read more »

Pink children’s smart watch

23 Nov, 2019
was impressed with all the things this little watch can do. It's for Christmas but I played with it before wrapping. #enowyl smart watch with touch screen. Nice. read more »

Men’s space socks

23 Nov, 2019
Size is pretty correct. But them for a gag gift to the guy at my work who's into Aliens and loves pizza. Good quality. read more »

3 pack girls leggins

23 Nov, 2019
Very vivid colors. Size looks correct. #Slaixiuleggins are a good price and quality for 3 pairs. read more »

Bring me tea socks

23 Nov, 2019
They are a good fit. And funny to wear. A gag gift for Christmas. read more »

Portable clotheline

23 Nov, 2019
We like to Tavel in our motorhome thru the winter. This will come in handy for lots of things. My husband a runner and he can hang his sweaty clothes out in the morning. We use towels on our lab. Can... read more »

Dog trimmer. And grinder

23 Nov, 2019
Makes my puppies nails smith enough that she don't bring blood when she plays with me. I even use them on out labs nails. No more scratches on my arms. #kissintrimmergrinder you can't go wrong... read more »

Cutie doggy raincoat

22 Nov, 2019
Love the reflectors. Like the material the rain coat is made out of. My pup don't need a umbrella when she's wearing this. Perfect for dogs who hate the rain. Fits well. read more »

Toddler Santa PJs

22 Nov, 2019
We always buy our little ones a pair of Christmas pjs. These are perfect to wear on Christmas Eve. With the long sleeves and pants there will keep them warm in Ohio weather. #LitBudpjs are so ado... read more »

Solar Outdoor Stake Lights

22 Nov, 2019
Fibor octave solar lights that look like a waterfall. I'm using mine in the summer for decoration in my garden. You could use the for the holidays too. Easy to put together and install in the grou... read more »

Compact Umbrella for travel

22 Nov, 2019
Perfect size to put in your door of your car. It's easy to open and close. Has some kind of coating on it to keep the rain repelling from it. I have t had no problems with it in the wind either. read more »

Long handle poop scoop

16 Nov, 2019
We have a lab, what a mess they leave. My husbands clean up after him. This helps his back. No more bending with the #TIMINGILA Long Handle Pet Pooper Scooper for Dogs and Cats with High Strength Mate... read more »

Womens Novety socks

16 Nov, 2019
Dog and cat women crew socks. Cute critter socks. Great for casual wear. read more »

Women’s mittens

16 Nov, 2019
So soft and warm mittens. #IL Caldo knitted mittens keep my hands warm in Ohio. Very pretty also. I really like them. read more »

Cute dog shirt

13 Nov, 2019
already purchased the pink one this time it's the green/ blue one. Its soft enough but does run on the sin side. Great for days that don't get below 55. I have a 6lb chihuahua and it'... read more »

Children’s Flute Toy

13 Nov, 2019
Nice music/sound maker! Granddaughter loves to blow and dance just like Peter Piper. #Lot-Yes Descant Soprano Recorder did right by making this toy with bag included. read more »

Leggings that look like jeans

04 Nov, 2019
They are comfortable like leggings but look like jeans. My family says since when you wear jeans! Complement every where I go. #   milene88 Women Fashion Print Long Straight Skinny read more »

Led bike light

04 Nov, 2019
#Fanddy sold me this. I sent them email I couldn't figure out how to get it to work with no reply read more »

Wireless Switch Pro Controller Gamepad Joypad

04 Nov, 2019
Purchased this for a gift for Christmas. Can leave review after the holidays. read more »

Non slip flip flops for bath or beach pool

04 Nov, 2019
They are none slip so good for kids. There's no piece those goes between there toes for no blisters. Great comfort for my granddaughter. # NADARDA Colorful Fruit Boys Girls Slide Sandals No... read more »

Solar ghost lights

04 Nov, 2019
I've had them hooked up for at least 2 weeks and they work perfectly. Love the fact that there solar no plug in required. #Ausein Halloween Ghost String Lights, 19.7ft 30 LED you can't go wron... read more »

Kiloid Socks

04 Nov, 2019
Order was canceled by them read more »

Women’s long sleeve with shoulder cut out

04 Nov, 2019
Very nice for casual wear. Washed up nicely. Perfect for my daughter in high school. #Eanklosco long sleeve shirt makes a nice gift. read more »

3D DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set with 18Pcs and lites

04 Nov, 2019
cute decoration for my granddaughter to repeatedly decorate everyday until Christmas. She loves to show me how differently she does it every day. The lites are just a extra perk. #Legendog 3D DIY Felt... read more »

Back set protector from Pets

04 Nov, 2019
Works great in our Honda CRV. Cover the seat and is strong enough from our pups digging at it! Very thick and tuff. We like it a lot #Pecute protects the seat good. read more »

High powered milk frother

04 Nov, 2019
Came Beth due to thin packaging. Still works with a slight bend in stem. read more »

Detangler and hair treament

04 Nov, 2019
Smells wonderful! Makes it easy to brush my hair after shampoos. The #pinapple&papaya helps to nourish your hair. Has helped with my split ends too! read more »

V line mask and pull up chin to remove double chin

04 Nov, 2019
Hope to see improvement with all five treatments. Have only used one so far read more »

Women’s comfortable loose casual long sleeve top

04 Nov, 2019
Very nice material. Many seamed fabric so a flowing feel. #Suwiina makes a great product. I got the lite purple and it's on the nice end of a pullover. Dress it up more with a scarf! Nice! read more »

Hooded sweatshirt

04 Nov, 2019
Could not be delivered. No reason why? read more »

Womens cotton underwear

02 Nov, 2019
These are my new favorite underwater. #IESUNNY did right by these. Multiple seams for comfort. Material is soft and very stretchy! Will buy more! read more »

Phone holder for Bike

30 Oct, 2019
Pretty simple to install. I attached it to my granddaughter bike so she can listen to tunes while she rides.  Phone fits nice and snug read more »

Women’s plaid t shirt

30 Oct, 2019
came as described. I like the loose feel to it. I hate tight clothes read more »

Bounce Horse

30 Oct, 2019
Kinda has a smell when you first open and blown up. It's for my granddaughter she's 3 but she large for her age so she a little to big for it. But she likes it anyway read more »

Long sleeve wrap dree

26 Oct, 2019
 Cute dress  read more »

Long sleeve women’s Camo print t-shirt

26 Oct, 2019
Cute shirt with opens on upper sleeves. #BMJLtshirt is nicely made shirt. Love the style read more »

Training Chopsticks

26 Oct, 2019
Got these for ages 4-12 to learn how to eat with chopsticks. There are 4 #Lanmoktrainers in different styles. We haven't used them yet they will be a surprise  read more »

Ankle length leggings

26 Oct, 2019
Nice and soft. Pretty colors. #LipaToveexerciseleggings work great with yoga workouts. read more »

Dog birthday outfit including TuTu

26 Oct, 2019
Cute pink outfit comes with numbers to add on hat for your pets birthday. #Legendogdoggiecostume is very pretty and has a shiny bow collar. My dog didn't care for it(lol) read more »

2 Halloween weapon props

20 Oct, 2019
Great for additions to scarey costumes. A sickle and a Axe #Fansport props are perfect for trick or treat! Light and life like!! read more »

Dog bed with washable cover

13 Oct, 2019
Super thick, 2 sided one for cold one for heat! I purchased this for our lab puppy. Cooper sleeps and plays on his #Pecutedogbed! I love it, you can't  go wrong.  read more »

LED masks

12 Oct, 2019
Great for trick or treating. Lights in mask are super bright! I also use for decoration too! read more »

Led Mask

12 Oct, 2019
The led lights that are in the masks are very very bright! Great for decoration too read more »

Led Mask

12 Oct, 2019
Great #Halloween Mask! Grandkids love them. I'm using for decoration  read more »

Halloween Mask

12 Oct, 2019
I'm using it for decoration. Hung it in my living room windows. My grandkids are using the #AuseinMasks for trick or treat! So cool they are! read more »

Harness Vest for medium and large dog

06 Oct, 2019
It’s reflective a good fit and very well made. #NopullMorstoneharness! Love it read more »

3 Halloween bandana foe pet

06 Oct, 2019
 Very colorful and soft. Triangle #Fansport bibs work on medium to large dogs. Too big for my small dog read more »

Remote Control tea lights

06 Oct, 2019
This are so cute. I bought them for Halloween to insert in our Jack o lanterns. They are color changing with flickering option. #Topstonetealights are very bright and easy to use with the remote that&... read more »

Cutie PAWSOME doggy shirt

05 Oct, 2019
I choose  the pink for my puppy. Is super soft. I like that it has no sleeves. It’s a little big but I’m sure she will grow into it. read more »

Multi charging cord

05 Oct, 2019
This is a must needed gift for my hubby. He has multiple cables on my kitchen counter. #AOJI cable saves me from having to look and complain about all those cables on my kitchen! Yeah! I’m happy... read more »

Woman’s pullover sweater with stars

05 Oct, 2019
So much softer than I expected. This #BloomingJelly Crewneck pullover with stars on sleeves is the perfect thickness for a sweater pullover so comfy! read more »

Kids waterproof camera

04 Oct, 2019
I purchased the #Drograce waterproof camera for my grandson. When he swims he spends most under the water. He will love this. It’s going to be for  Christmas. He will have a camera just lik... read more »

Samsung phone case A50 cover

22 Sep, 2019
Pretty color fits snugly. read more »

Winter Critter socks

08 Sep, 2019
#Aimke women’s animal socks are sooo cute! There a gift so my granddaughter, I will post after I get her opinion  read more »

Eye makeup pads

06 Sep, 2019
The bag they come in is TOO cute! Great for the washer. Softly removes eye makeup.  read more »

Kids 3d castle puzzle

28 Aug, 2019
Puzzle came before the time they posted. Is a gift for my granddaughter. She will like putting together. #Iazimen hard paper puzzle is smaller than I expected. My fault for not reading the description... read more »

Swimming mask

10 Aug, 2019
Great for snorkeling. Bought my husband one and now this one if for the grandson. Can see all things around you. #Gocheer swimming mask underwater swimming device covers full face that covers the nose... read more »

Shark kid laundry hamper

10 Aug, 2019
This thing is huge. Much bigger than exspected it to be.#bins&things is perfect for my grandkids laundry or stuffed animals. Big white shark teeth! read more »

Switch Pro Controller

10 Aug, 2019
Great present for my grandkids! #Switchprocontroller for Nintendo with charging cable. Red and blue handles. Will make the game work as the regular game. Makes things so much easier! read more »

Reusable collapsible drinking straws

10 Aug, 2019
I don’t no how many times we go somewhere that straws aren’t available. I understand it helps the environment so theses are perfect! #Bchoice collapsible stainless steel silicone foldable... read more »

Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candle.

10 Aug, 2019
The smell isn’t overwhelming it’s subtle but nice. #Natural Soy Aromatherapy candle gives off a fresh air scent that you will enjoy. It’s doesn’t have that yucky black smoke wh... read more »

Shuttlecock ball for badminton

30 Jul, 2019
Grandkids and my husband how fun batting this instead is mosquitos. #Hotstype had a great idea with this one. We take it camping it helps to keep the kids off their Computers! read more »

One piece tummy control halter style

29 Jul, 2019
This is the suit I’ve been looking for. #Yong Dong bathing suit is a one piece with good tummy control. It’s not cut to high to show to much skin. Nice bathing suit. read more »

Set of waterproof liquid lipsticks

03 Jul, 2019
Set of six beautiful waterproof lipsticks. This #Matte liquid lipstick s come in 6 luscious clothes. You won’t be disappointed with this product. read more »

Tritan large water bottles

29 Jun, 2019
Purchased this for my granddaughter. It’s Sooooo cute! #Q Me Cool Tritan doesn’t leak and came on time. Good for soccer practice! read more »

Taiwan white grape teabags

14 Jun, 2019
Yummy never had grape tea before.#Yan Hou Tang make many different flavors. Haven’t had a bad one yet. I will keep buying from them. read more »

Girls leggings with attached skirt

14 Jun, 2019
The skirt pants took awhile to come. Flower 110 #soaixiu little girls leggings size 4-11 looks true to size.  They are cute and comfy for my granddaughter. Can used in spring and fall.  read more »

Memory foam pillow Queen

14 Jun, 2019
Love how you can adjust the firmness. It comes with extra foam, never seen that before. I read other reviews had odor. I didn’t smell anything.#Jiaac did RIGHT when they made this pillow A+ read more »

PS4 Xbox and more gaming headset

14 Jun, 2019
Purchased for my grandson.#Butfulakegh-1 headset with blue led lights. I no nothing about them but he’s happy so they must be good ones! read more »

Sleeveless stars and stripe tank

14 Jun, 2019
America tank top for women. I had to return, it was to small. And I ordered a size up. But I loved the design read more »

Women's sleeveless jumpsuit wide leg

14 Jun, 2019
Received this outfit on time. It comes with a tie belt which I like. Wide legs make it comfy. #Annystore elegant one piece is a cute outfit. The only part I’m no so crazy about is how stiff the... read more »

Soprano Descant Recorder

06 Jun, 2019
My granddaughter won’t put it down. I can hear it in my sleep. #Lot-Yes 8 Hole Recorder has been a great hit around here. Shipping super duper fast read more »

Womens 2 piece out fit with tank and skirt

05 Jun, 2019
Tye Dye crop top with #Bodycon. Midi dress skirt with sleeveless tank top. The picture doesn’t do it justice! It’s very colorful you will be pleased. Not sure how it fits yet. I purchased... read more »

Emergency hand crank phone charger

29 May, 2019
who would have thought that they make a crank charger for phone! Purchased this #eubell crank for my motorhome. Good thing to have when we stay with a place with no electricity. You can’t be too... read more »

Human Hair extension 20” 40g/ 20

28 May, 2019
Lovely hair  extensions dark brown #Komorebe hair tape. The hair feels real. Using them for graduation party that’s in June. Can’t wait, think I will like them! read more »

Casual open long sleeve cardigan

28 May, 2019
I purchased this #Kimono-Cardigan-Blouse long sleeve to wear over a simple shirt. You won’t go wrong I love it. Super soft beautiful flower prints. I bought the XXl love my clothes long. And it&... read more »

Womens shoulder ruffle flamingo swimsuit

28 May, 2019
2 piece women’s bathing suit with ruffle sleeves. So cute #MarinaVida brand of suit with flamingo on the bottoms. This suit is available in sizes S to Xxx plus sizes. read more »

Womens casual Henley long sleeve pullover

19 May, 2019
This shirt is comfy and sexy! #Pevor makes this simple long sleeve into a really nice shirt with cutouts on the sleeves , which gives it a little class. Can’t wait to give it to my granddaughter... read more »

Huge kite for kids

19 May, 2019
Big rainbow kite61 inches wide.#Liderstar is 95 with long tail. We are taking ours to Virginia Beach to see just how high we can get it to fly! We will be there in June come fly with us! read more »

African print halter two piece bathing suit with ruffle.

19 May, 2019
Colors are all good together. #Mycherish ruffle swimsuit. Love the fit, only negative to the suit is the top is not equal all sides. It makes it look like I’m styling I’m just not so ready... read more »

Womens high neck halter two piece su

19 May, 2019
Love the baby blue color! And it comes in a extra small size. #Veranotwo piece bikini suit with wave edges.  The halter top colors my upper chest where I always burns first. read more »

Push up Bikini Set

15 May, 2019
This I a perfect bathing suit! #MariinaVida made this for me. Not to thin not to thick of a bikini. It does gives a little boost where I need it. read more »

Casual round neck short sleeve tie t shirt

15 May, 2019
The green color of this shirt is really nice. I like how it’s a twist tie on bottom of shirt. #Blooming Jelly is the makers of this comfortable t shirt that has some class to it. I like it! read more »

Women's Chiffon half sleeve with overlay blouse

08 May, 2019
Very pretty #Saslax blue with white trim. Looks nice with white pants. I really like how the overlay flows down. If you need extra length order a size up. read more »

360 wheelchair cup holder and many other places to hang it on

30 Apr, 2019
Multi use 360 #ProCIV cup holder. You can use it just about anywhere. I love how it loosen and frightens so you can use it on anything and anywhere you go! I’m using it on a walker. Good bu... read more »

Acne Pimple Patches

30 Apr, 2019
#JOLVKA Acne patches to rid your cash of blemishes. Got these for my granddaughter. So far she’s said only good things about them. And the fact there cruelty and vegan free makes them good for a... read more »

MarinaVida Bikini swimsuit

21 Apr, 2019
Women’s bikini with a low waist  bottom. Swimsuit made by #MarinaVida, lovely suit. The top ties around neck like a halter. You won’t be disappointed! read more »

Slaixui Girls underwear

20 Apr, 2019
6 pack of little girls super soft  #slaixui panties. Shipment was on time. You will want these underwear for your little girl. They are super soft and have a little thickness to them.... read more »

Xuanrus dog/puppy treat dispenser

20 Apr, 2019
Good for very small dogs. #Xuanrus treat dispenser is great entertainment for my dog and cats!Yes it’s fun for my cats too. My dog wears around 30lb and he carries it around house. It’s a... read more »

Lipa Tova Leggings

20 Apr, 2019
Received on time. The #LiPa Tova yoga # leggins came as described. Colors are super bright and material is sooooft! Great for a spring day. April showers bring thy flowers are beautiful. read more »

#Monai Ladybug Charm

18 Apr, 2019
#Miraculous Monai keychain. KittyKats and Ladybugs. Corpus are #vibrant and colorful read more »

Clubwear! Off the shoulder Mini dress

18 Apr, 2019
T Shirt material that gathers on bottom of the skirt, which gives it cute shape. Not too short. Can’t wait to find some place to wear it read more »

Reversible Women’s Bathing Suit

16 Apr, 2019
Women’s suit with a base color that’s dark blue. Beautiful and bright colors. One piece to help hide my belly. Can’t wait for summer to show it off!  read more »

MarinaVida Women Two piece Swimsuit

29 Mar, 2019
This suit is adorable. Purchased for my granddaughter, she’s going to like it too. Arrived on time in perfect condition read more »

Charge cord

17 Mar, 2019
never received it. Was delivered to wrong house  read more »

Bird statues

17 Mar, 2019
Absolutely Love these birds!! They are chubby and cute. Very well made. Will buy more read more »

Halter black bathing suot

09 Mar, 2019
It’s cute, well made but runs large read more »

17 tone finger piano

27 Feb, 2019
This was a good price! My granddaughter plays piano and has for over ten years. She will be starting college this fall and wanted her to take this with her to her dorm room. So FUN! read more »

Petit Poo for toilet odor

03 Feb, 2019
We have a small mobile home. This stuff is amazing for keeping the odors in control. Will never go camping without some! read more »

Dog cat carrier

03 Feb, 2019
Colors are very bright! Lots of protection to keep the pet snug inside. My only complaint is the fabric is pretty stiff. It might be for safety but no to soft on my dog read more »

Animal cable bites protector

03 Feb, 2019
As soon as I got these out of my bag everyone was grabbing. Then they tried trading with each other. I like the glow in the dark ones. But sad to say I didn’t get any,they went to fast! read more »

Woman’s short sleeve dress/shirt

31 Jan, 2019
I ordered the wine color xxl. I wear it with leggings. Love it!! Super soft! Long enough to cover my back side.  read more »

Workout S/S Quick dry t shirt

20 Dec, 2018
Perfect for my husband who is a marathon runner. Doesn’t weigh him down when he sweats while running. read more »

Qibest makeup concealer

17 Dec, 2018
Goes on smooth, blends with ease. Guess the name says it Best read more »

Wood decorations for Christmas tree

16 Dec, 2018
These are perfect wood decorations for your tree. My favorite new ornament for this year. You can’t go wrong with these read more »

Glitter Eyeshadow

12 Dec, 2018
This has so many fun colors! The size is way bigger then I thought I would receive. Love it!!! read more »

Christmas Squishies

08 Dec, 2018
Received 5 that are connected to a key chain. So cute Granddaughter loves them! read more »

Hailey and Elijah Magnetic Drawing board

17 Nov, 2018
How much fun this toy is! For your little artists. Don’t need any paper or crayons, just draw and swipe. Don’t have to work about getting marks from crayons or paint read more »

Forbua unicorn

16 Nov, 2018
The light is very light, so is easy to hang. Comes will extra stickers for your little one or to decorate the gift. Looks pretty when all the lights out! read more »

4 pack Halloween pillows

03 Nov, 2018
Love these! The color are so BRIGHT  read more »

Zombie skull mask

03 Nov, 2018
Totally GROSS and scarey! Had teeth everywhere!  The bad thing is the eyeholes were kinda small. We used it as a prop but if you were going to wear it you would need to make bigger holes. And you... read more »

Starry lights

26 Oct, 2018
Cant wait to put them out for the holidays. They will makes your neighbors envy you, read more »

Lightweight headphones

26 Oct, 2018
Bought these for my grandson for school. He likes them so I’m totally happy with them! Would buy again read more »

Solar lantern lights

30 Sep, 2018
I haven’t used them yet but they are beautiful. It’s getting cold here in Ohio so I’m going to wait till next spring to hang them outside read more »

Aserlin men’s underwear boxer briefs

06 Sep, 2018
My husband loves them! I love them because he’s no wearing loose fitting white briefs. These fit good and was up good too! Will buy more read more »

Kids seatbelt pillows

29 Aug, 2018
Received these in lightning speed! They are just what the kids wanted. I’m short so I had one for myself. So they complained. Now we all happy and comfy! read more »


26 Aug, 2018
They all smell and burn wonderfully! read more »

Dog clicker

26 Aug, 2018
I bought this to stop my dog from barking at people. It works, love it!!! read more »

Xbox headset

25 Aug, 2018
They came to me fast and well packaged. They are a gift for my grandson. He will love them! read more »

IPhone charger

01 Aug, 2018
works good, no issues read more »

Bathtub took fishing pole with fishes

05 Jul, 2018
My granddaughter love to catch the fish during her bath time. She gets clean and gets to fish at the same time. My husband would love to do that too! read more »

Protective cover for IPhone 6

28 Jun, 2018
A perfect fit!!   read more »

Love a Heart Necklace

24 Jun, 2018
Absolutely beautiful! read more »

Pool blow up floats drinks

14 Jun, 2018
These are adorable! They have held the air good air in them. Haven’t went swimming yet to no how there hold up. Just don’t use a huge cup and you’ll be fine! read more »

Unicorn cake decorations

06 Jun, 2018
perfect for a two tier round cake. Items a very heavy, not a cheap feeling item read more »

Nite lights

27 May, 2018
Purchased the night lightfor my grandaughter who justed turned 2. I cant wait till i go to see her, i want to make sure shes not afraid of the dark ever agian. Thank you, all came in just fine! &nb... read more »

Bluetooth headphones pink

16 May, 2018
super soft and i like how the cover my ears. It keep all the sound in my ears. I love them. Giving them to my granddaughter. Hers just stopped working today read more »

12 piece make up brushes

16 May, 2018
i like how they all com wrapped in the pink case to carry them with me. They are much smaller than i exspected.  read more »

Catnip fish

08 May, 2018
i bought these even though i dont own a cat. I have a enclosed porch where i live and its on a river. Im going to hang them for some decorations. Mygrandkids will love them and so do I. read more »

Catnip Fish

08 May, 2018
i bought these even though i dont own a cat. I have a enclosed porch where i live and its on a river. Im going to hang them for some decorations. Mygrandkids will love them and so do I. read more »

Storage System (anything that uses a long handle)

04 May, 2018
Bought this for my laundry room. Have one mop and two brooms. It holds them perfectly ! read more »

Elephant pjs

25 Apr, 2018
i got these for my grandaughter, there not just for boys! She now nos how to say Elephant. Pjs are all good. Nice! Comphy! Cute! read more »


25 Apr, 2018
Perfect for spring and summer boys pjs. There cute, love them.! read more »

first aid kit

12 Apr, 2018
bought to take on my first cruise. Its perfect has everything needed for a small ouchy. I love it. read more »

Touchbeauty heated eyelash curler

01 Mar, 2018
I never thought that this curler would do anything but it Worked! I watched my daughter use it an TaDah!Her lashes grow. Used better wth some mascara on them first. I give it 4 stars cause it’s... read more »

Apple iPhone X case

26 Feb, 2018
great thin looking case with good protection. Happy with my purchase read more »

Eyebrow and eye lash growth serum.

26 Feb, 2018
started using a few days ago to soon to see any results. Everything case in great condition and on time. I can add to review after it has time to work read more »

Polarized sunglasses

26 Feb, 2018
i got these for my husband, they are the best sunglasses he’s ever owned. Love the study case that comes with the glasses. Nice read more »

Credit card money clip

26 Feb, 2018
came in on time in perfect condition. It’s pretty simple but does what it’s suppose to do. read more »

Baby girl Memory book

18 Feb, 2018
I purchased this for a gift. It’s give you lots of room to record everything about your baby girl. My fav is the butterfly’s that are included with the book. So CUTE! read more »

Seat belt cover

07 Feb, 2018
The listing says the seat cover is for kids, well it’s for anyone that has issues with the seat belt. I’m 56 years and I love it! I’m short so the seat belt cuts into my neck, but no... read more »

Solar garden lights

06 Feb, 2018
Everything came packed nicely, no damage or breakage during shipping. I live in southeastern Ohio,so the ground if frozen solid. I want be able to give a complete review for months. But as of now ever... read more »

Cat head nail files

30 Jan, 2018
Every time I break a nail and I get a file out everybody around me wants one! I send them to Amazon! Not only are they cute but they work nicely! read more »

Feather cat toy

30 Jan, 2018
thank you for this great purchase! My cats love them and they are strong enough to have kept all the feathers from falling out! So Fun! read more »

Apple/android charger

09 Jan, 2018
Its perfect for my daughters family! The have both types of cell phones. It’s a add on to a birthday present. And you can’t beat the shade of blue they are. I’m happy with it. read more »

Ultrasonic Pest repellent

30 Dec, 2017
Ultrasonic Pest repellent, we live out in the country so there isn’t a bug or critter we don’t see.Mice and the stinky lady bugs are our repeat guest. So far so good on the mice! I&rs... read more »

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