V Line Mask, Chin Up Patch, Double Chin Reducer, V-Shape Lifting Up Face Mask - Anti Age Face Slimming Lifting Patch for Wrinkles, Tightening Firming Face & Neck - 5 Strips
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Didn't fit

09 Apr, 2021
I honestly can't tell if this product really works as it didn't fit my face =/  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #SKYWEEPROFESSIONALPRODUCTS read more »

I dont see the difference

30 Mar, 2021
I have used them and waited for the end results and find that there was not difference at all with my double chin. I think the constant looking down and being on the computer all the time aids to the... read more »

Chin up patch

19 Jan, 2021
I purchased these because I have a slight chin droop, I used this and you can actually see a difference, it's a good product, thank you for allowing me to try this read more »

Works somewhat

18 Jan, 2021
This won't drastically reduce a "double chin" but I did notice some improvement in skin texture for a time after use.  read more »

Comfortable Way to Anti-Aging

18 Dec, 2020
I used this a few times since getting it. It isn't annoying or uncomfortable. I was hoping it would be like this so I could wear it and go about my day. It's easy to use and I can feel it keep... read more »


14 Dec, 2020
these make my face so smooth, one down fall is they hurt your ears. So make sure to strech them out for a few mins prior to wearing, i did wear my during the day then tried at night. the time i wore i... read more »


01 Dec, 2020
Works well to reduce a double chin issue! read more »


04 Oct, 2020
I really wanted to try these. So I finally got the courage to buy them. The price was perfect. Shipping was fast. There's instructions that are provided and helpful. I love the way they feel on my... read more »

Runs Small

26 Sep, 2020
This was just too small for me I couldn't use it. I gave to my friends teen daughter, and she enjoyed them.  read more »

Love it

14 Sep, 2020
Great product  read more »


23 Jul, 2020
These lifting patches work great!  I was able to tell a difference after only using a couple of times.  They do not irritate my skin and they are easy to put on and to remove with no sticky... read more »

VLine Mask

18 Jul, 2020
I didn't realize it was a one time use, but good for special occassions read more »

Nice Quality!

17 Jul, 2020
Compact To me it is worth it. Out of curiosity, I tried several other chin masks, but this is the only one that can give me an effect. It is a little difficult to wear at first, and I need to stret... read more »

Effective slimming

12 Jul, 2020
This seems to be effective, at least in the short term. One star knocked off because the ear loops hurt my ears. I cannot imagine wearing this for 8 hour with the ear loops. read more »

Amazing masks

12 Jul, 2020
This is pretty amazing! I am going to use them at night and take it off when I wake up in the morning.  I want to order more if I start to see results.   read more »

Excellent Chin and Jawline Mask

11 Jul, 2020
  V Line Mask, Chin up Patch, Double Chin Reducer, V-Shape Lifting up Face Mask - Anti Age Face Slimming Lifting Patch for Wrinkles, Tightening Firming Face & Neck - 5 Strips By SK... read more »

Worked good!!

07 Jul, 2020
I liked this products, used it 3x so far and I can see a difference. Makes my double shin firm. read more »


07 Jul, 2020
It's to tight on my face  read more »

Face lift

04 Jul, 2020
I purchased and received these face lift gels and they feel amazing. Left my skin feeling soft and smooth. I've only used 2 so far but looks like it is working so far. read more »


26 Mar, 2020
These were fun to try. I didnt see much of a difference but my daughter thinks otherwise.  All and all it was fun may buy more for my daughter.  read more »

left my neck and chin lifted and smooth

07 Feb, 2020
I really like these V line masks they really do lift your chin and tighten the skin.  #Vlinemask #chinuppatch #viralix read more »

Chin Up Patch

13 Jan, 2020
My skin loses firmness and elasticity. So I would expect this chin lifting mask helps me and get me smoother and healthier-looking skin. It is made of Resilience fabric hydrogel band and provides firm... read more »


01 Jan, 2020
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. V Line Mask, Chin Up Patch, Double Chin Reducer, V-Shape Lifting Up Face Mask - Anti Age Face Slimming Lifting Patch for Wrinkles, Tightening Firming Face &... read more »

No results

01 Dec, 2019
As I get older I am more and more aware of my double chin and saggy skin. I saw these and was not convinced they would work, but was curious enough to try them out. There are 5 in the package that you... read more »

Good mask

17 Nov, 2019
So far, so good. read more »

Very small.

11 Nov, 2019
This product is a great idea but it is too small for use on an adult, if it was made bigger I would love to give it another try. read more »

Nice idea

07 Nov, 2019
Not sure if it will help read more »

V line mask and pull up chin to remove double chin

04 Nov, 2019
Hope to see improvement with all five treatments. Have only used one so far read more »

V Line Mask, Double Chin Reducer

31 Oct, 2019
They need to figure out a easier way to mount these to your face, attaching to your ears hurt, putting it onto my ears. Maybe make it longer from end to end as I don't have a big/fat face. Your fa... read more »

Does not really fit sadly

28 Oct, 2019
I know this is supposed to be really tight in your neck/chin,  but it keeps falling from my ear because it super tight. So I cannot used it. Maybe this is a teenager size. But the firm liquid... read more »

Better than expected.

26 Oct, 2019
Easy to use. Had a cooling affect on my face. Really enjoyed it. Can tell a difference in my skin already!! read more »

easy to use

24 Oct, 2019
First use and can see a difference,Easy product to use, and i see an immediate difference. Really helps that loose skin tighten up very well. It felt nice on my face. read more »


19 Oct, 2019
do not work on me I think I’m always meant to have a double chin I guess read more »

it works!

15 Oct, 2019
i am old. this item is easy to use. i have small face so it fit perfectly. its helping w my double chin but i wish i found it sooner. i hope it fixes my double chin. so far it works. great value for t... read more »


15 Oct, 2019
These work great! It has helped with my wrinkles a lot and fine lines! read more »

Vline mask

28 Sep, 2019
Easy to use. Effective read more »

Nice face masks

25 Sep, 2019
These work fantastic they have a pleasant smell and leave my face feeling soft and smooth! read more »


22 Sep, 2019
First time using something like this, so I didn't really know what to expect.  Very cool! And would definitely recommend! As an entertainer, this was a cool and effective product! read more »

easy to use

21 Sep, 2019
Easy to use, fits great, stays on, waiting to see results, skin did feel a little tighter.  read more »

So Excited

20 Sep, 2019
I am really self-conscious about the appearance of my face.  I've always had a double chin, regardless of my weight it's just always been there.  I've never found anything that c... read more »

Couldn't see a difference

20 Sep, 2019
I believe you have to use the patches every night for a few weeks to get results. Simple instructions to follow, they stayed on thru the night but I didn't notice a difference. read more »

V Line Mask

17 Sep, 2019
Good quality product and effect is just amazing, thank you. read more »

It is working

12 Sep, 2019
i got it for my wife , she tried it as she is suffering from a drry skin , she saw a differene in her skin claearly it helped with her dry skin it does have a nice moisturizing effect .   ... read more »

Working very good.

06 Sep, 2019
I can feel and see a small difference already just with one use! read more »

Instant Results

02 Sep, 2019
Products that truly give you instant beauty results are like rare, beautiful unicorns! This is my unicorn! I can't get enough of these! Instant confidence booster. Skin is smoother, softer, and ha... read more »

Very good.

25 Aug, 2019
Been very happy with my experience so far. Was pretty easy to initially apply the mask. It felt a little awkward at first but became easier in time. The product is soft and comfy for a soothing feel o... read more »


09 Aug, 2019
Doesn't do anything for a double chin but does seem to tighen the area around my jaw line, a little bit  and the skin feels softer.  read more »

Seems to be working so far

05 Aug, 2019
Easy to use,  easy ro apply and take off! read more »

It totally works

03 Aug, 2019
I have always been insecure about my jawline line and double chin. It's not bad but I have a very feminine round oval face. This helps sculpt my face and makes my jawline look sharper.  read more »

Chin Up Patch works wonderful!

02 Aug, 2019
This is a definatley must try!  I can feel the difference after wearing this chin up patch for 3 days now.  Ofcourse you would wear them at home or at night when sleeping.  read more »

Firmer skin

30 Jul, 2019
Noticed firmer skin under my chin after just two uses.  read more »

V Line Mask

29 Jul, 2019
The SkyWee V Line Mask is definately interesting looks to be good quality and I cannot wait to use it. I honestly have been trying to do everything possibly to firm up my skin, so I'm ho... read more »

So Far So Good

28 Jul, 2019
I like these chin up patches. The make my neck and chin area feel smoother. As far as slimming, it's still to early to tell.  I do feel like my skin feels tighter.  The fabric does... read more »

Love it!

26 Jul, 2019
Exactly what I needed!! Arrived in a timely manner!! read more »

Dry masks

26 Jul, 2019
It is weird to me that the masks are dry and not wet. Plus it is big enough for my face, won't reach from my one ear to the other. read more »

Works very well

10 Jul, 2019
Works nicely.  read more »


05 Jul, 2019
Even on the first use, I can see a difference, Easy product to use, and I see an immediate difference. Really helps that loose skin tighten up very well. It felt nice on my face. #RankBoosterReview&nb... read more »

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