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May, 2017

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Newly retired in Sandpoint Idaho. Enjoying my majestic view from the top of a mountain. I use my background in photographs every chance I get.
For the first time ever, I have a craft room to call my own! I enjoy several hobbies, fashion, photography, camping, writing, blogging and reading. I'm a beauty product junkie with a terrible shoe addiction that is only rivaled by my purse addiction. Because a girl can't have too many addictions I've added a Cricut Explore Air 2 to my life. I am thoroughly enjoying being able to create wall art, t-shirts and just about anything else that I can decorate. I enjoy combining my writing with my photography addiction.
Life is GREAT!!!!!
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02 May, 2023
As someone with arthritis this scrubber is PERFECT!  Ergonomically comfortable.   Scrubs my cast iron pans with ease. read more »


17 Apr, 2021
Cute design. I like the black and white colors. Ear pieces fit perfectly for all day comfort  I like that is is sewn on the back, when I am in an area that doesn't requir... read more »


17 Apr, 2021
My Granddaughter is obsessed with Among Us.  These stickers are great rewards for completing homework and cleaning her room Great designs. Colorful.   Thoroughly impres... read more »

Warm! Cute!

05 Apr, 2021
Great fit! Warm. Soft to the touch. Deep pockets. Nice collar, stands up and keeps my neck warm. Perfect for layering.  Very pleased.   read more »


11 Nov, 2020
During Covid lock down I decided to give myself a home perm. It's BAD. VERY. BAD. I have spent a fortune o conditioners, masks and homemade remedies.  I STILL HAD dry, brittle hair. ... read more »

So easy!

11 Nov, 2020
Not at first but. After a couple YouTube videos I was rockin' my eyelashes   First PRACTICE! DON'T do this the day of your event. (Unless you are a liquid eyeliner gal. I CURLE... read more »

Norgana the elf is stylish in her new skirt

11 Nov, 2020
Cute skirt for our Elf on the Shelf. Fits perfectly.  Well made, no loose threads or snags. Its just a super cute skirt!  Can the Eld come out early please!? read more »


11 Nov, 2020
Works better than I expected.  We live on well water I wanted to check the ph levels (this hasn't been checked in years. Easy to use. Aqurate readings Easy to read. Stores easily... read more »

I'm shocked

11 Nov, 2020
I really didn't believe this would work. However my face has truly lightened. My hands, I swear have lighter and fewer age spots.  No bad taste and no after taste. No jumpy jitters with th... read more »


11 Nov, 2020
This is one very sharp rotary cutter! I do alot of crafts, cutting vinyl, cardboard and material and this cutter blew through it all like butter!  Very sharp. Easy to hold. Locks for saf... read more »


11 Nov, 2020
This is the perfect set. Fun cutesy rags, serious grown up tags. I won't have to by more tags again for several Christmases.  There are also stickers for sealing my Christmas card envelope... read more »


02 Nov, 2020
My chin and neck area is firming up.  I use for just 5 to 10 minutes a day and I saw results quickly.  Easy to use. Great buy. read more »


28 Oct, 2020
These are stunning pajamas. They are so comfortable. I want more them.  The pajamas just glide on my body.  I am 5'4 and 170 I purchased a large. I could have easily ordered a medium.... read more »


28 Oct, 2020
I love that my drink stays cold for hours.  I can use the straw or drink from the cup.  The color is perfect.  As a crafter these are perfect for putting vinyl sayings on them.... read more »


28 Oct, 2020
This wrap is soft and luxurios. The colors are amazing. The wrap is warm and stylis.  I can use as a wrap or scarf or even a blanket.  This wrap is so soft I wear it every time I go ou... read more »

True help!!

10 Sep, 2020
These pads are great for on the go. I have RA, and I'm not always in a spot that I can soak my hands in Epsom Salts. These pads are LARGE! I can wrap one around both my hands.  They sta... read more »

Super Cute

11 Aug, 2020
 I love the warn look of these pillows.  The fit is perfect.  Easy to place on my pillows. Hidden zipper is sturdy.  No complaints. I love these pillow covers. ... read more »


09 Aug, 2020
The sound is great.  These earbuds fit comfortably in my ears and don't fall out. I run on a treadmill each morning and these earbuds stay in my ears.  These look just like the exp... read more »

Exactly what I wanted

09 Aug, 2020
Installation was easy. I cut the film to about an inch wider all the way around then used a razor to trim the extra when placement was done. Clean the window REALLY well and the film adheres much be... read more »

These GREAT!!

17 Nov, 2019
I originally purchased these with the thought of fixing a gag gift for the Husband and his "honey do" list.  After they arrived I was so impressed that I'm keeping half for mysel... read more »


03 Nov, 2019
Not only is the nightgown cute with the white details. But it's comfy!!  This nightgown is thick. This is not some cheap nightgown.  Pockets are large enough to hold a cell phone.&... read more »


03 Nov, 2019
Great sizes!  3 different sizes of baskets.  Small, medium and large. Each of the 3 baskets have handles. The baskets are sturdy and hold a lot of weight.  The beige and gray&n... read more »

SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

03 Nov, 2019
This is a super cute white Christmas Tree. Tiny little lights surround this white metal and spring Christmas tree.  Plastic base.  Requires 3 AA batteries (not included) Small c... read more »

Just BAD

28 Oct, 2019
I'm not sure how this charger could be worth $49.95. It's so cheaply made. It even looks cheap. It's extremely light weight. The arms pulled open ONCE and then broke.  It will n... read more »

I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!!!

25 Oct, 2019
Super fast charging.  Works for the S8 and S9 Galaxy phones.  Absolutely the best charger out there.  I am extremely pleased.  read more »

Soft AND Warm!!

17 Oct, 2019
Idaho gets COLD. On top of a mountain means low temperatures and high winds, at times bringing the temperatures down to a -14! This hat is super warm. The faux fur is soft to the touc... read more »

Warm AND Cozy!!

16 Oct, 2019
The designs on these slipper socks are so cute! Idaho gets COLD my feet are staying super warm with these socks.  The socks are fleece lined with THE SOFTEST fleece!!!! ... read more »

Idaho COLD! Feet Still WARM!!

16 Oct, 2019
First and foremost these are super comfortable slipper socks! The small grippers on the bottom don't hurt my feet but they keep me from slipping on our tile floors.  I wear a size 9 sh... read more »

Super Comfy, Super CUTE!!

13 Oct, 2019
Not only are the graphics cute as all get out. But the seams are well sewn.The fit is as advertised.  I'm 185 and 5'4" the fit is perfect.  The collar isn't bindin... read more »

Crafters DELIGHT!!!

11 Oct, 2019
9 full yards of 40" wide pitch black netting.  I am giddy over this find. Large enough to hang over windows. Thick enough to drape perfectly. AND enough fabric that I can ad... read more »


11 Oct, 2019
I am never without my phone so having my wallet attached is a great benefit.  Plenty of card space. 3 cards and ID slot. The ID slot has a small cut out in the center making it easy to rem... read more »


10 Oct, 2019
How absolutely cute are these!?! I almost want it to start snowing so I can make snow penguins!!  Easy to open a slide latch on the sides so I can remove my frozen cutie.  There are 5... read more »

Best Jammies!!

06 Oct, 2019
I am A HUGE fan of ENJOYNIGHT pajamas!! The fit is always right on. The jammies don't bind. Nice lose comfy fit.  This pair is super cute!! Soft against the skin. Adorable design on this top... read more »

Cracked Heels be GONE!!

26 Sep, 2019
I thought the pedegg was my favorite dry skin tool but I was wrong. This foot file is amazing. Made of Nano Glass. The shape fits perfectly in my hand. Gentle motion rubbing this device around the... read more »

I can SEE!

20 Sep, 2019
  No more running to the optometrist or eye glass center. I can fix my OWN glasses now!! All the different size screws are included and not only can fix eye glasses but other small items. ... read more »

Super Soft!

16 Sep, 2019
These are velvety soft. Perfect for the mid day nap on the sofa.  Perfect fit the pillows on my couch. 18" by 18" with a hidden zipper.  2 pillows per package. ... read more »

Great Color Match

10 Sep, 2019
I was worried about the color since I was ordering from the computer screen colors, but the color is perfection!! I ordered Warm Stone and it's a true beige without any pinkish color. One... read more »


05 Sep, 2019
Exactly what I was hoping for. Cute stickers, some are small enough to go into my pocket calendar and some are a little bigger which looks cute on my desk calendar.  There are 22 pages two pag... read more »

SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

01 Sep, 2019
First, this is not just a pillow cover, this is a pillow. The pillow arrives in a vacuum sealed bag and needs about a day to fully inflate.  This pillow has a velvet feel to it. The color... read more »

Strong cord. Grommet too wide

01 Sep, 2019
This is an awesome idea. The cord is strong has a 3 prong plug. Both USB ports work. Both plugs work. My only complaint (Totally my fault for not measuring!) is that the grommet the part tha... read more »

Not a loose fitting tank

13 Aug, 2019
This is a small top even at the XXXL size. 19" across the bust area.  It is a cute top. Just a little smaller than I was hoping for.  Will be the perfect top under a shirt or a sw... read more »

SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 Aug, 2019
First, this dress is super cute!!  The pattern is every which way which gives the dress a very unique and fun look.  The dress is very summery. It is EXTREMELY light weight so you will... read more »

I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!!!

31 Jul, 2019
This skirt is super cute!!! Perfect heather gray color.  The waist band folds over and still doesn't look bulky.  The material is great. Like a comfy old tshirt. VERY nice!! The sh... read more »

So Far So Good

28 Jul, 2019
I like these chin up patches. The make my neck and chin area feel smoother. As far as slimming, it's still to early to tell.  I do feel like my skin feels tighter.  The fabric does... read more »

Another Home Run From ENJOYNIGHT

22 Jul, 2019
I am loving all of my ENJOYNIGHT pajama's this sleep dress is super comfy for these hot nights!  Sleeveless with razor back so no worries about straps fall. I absolutely love the fit!!!... read more »


07 Jul, 2019
These ice molds make the perfect ice cube. They look great. Last a long time. The silicone is flexiable eough to release the ice cube easily. The ice spheres are 2" around. Small funnel inc... read more »

If The Dog Doesn't Want it I DO!!

30 Jun, 2019
Seriously if the dog doesn't want it, I'll take it!  This mat feels so good on a hot day.   The mat is nice and big at 35.4" x 19.7"    My fur ba... read more »

Pup and Owner Very Happy

18 Jun, 2019
We live on 10 acres in the very north tip of Idaho. It's full of trees. My pooch and I hike every morning. My hiking bag is full of treats, water bottles, bug spray, bear spray.  By the end o... read more »

PERFECT For Crafting With Vinyl

18 Jun, 2019
I can’t say enough good things about these particular tumblers. I just keep coming back to this particular brand because they have a slide over the opening which I like a lot! Especially during... read more »

Great Sweet Taste

17 Jun, 2019
  Ready for some smooth, slightly sweet green tea? Then this is one you should try. Vacuum packed. Full leaf tea.. I love the taste of the tea. You don't need to add any sweetners.... read more »

Not overpowering!

16 Jun, 2019
This incense is perfect for me because it's not an overpowering 'knock you over' heavy scent. This scent reminds me of a campfire.   Extremely pleasant aroma.  There a... read more »

Great kit!

15 Jun, 2019
Did you know after age 20 your skins collagen production slows down by about 1 percent per year!! Hello aging. Derma rolling is a great deterrent with zero down time. These little&... read more »


15 Jun, 2019
Super comfortable and excellent summer dress.  I'm 5'4" the dress hits my ankle bone perfectly. The top can be worn up or pulled down at the shoulders.  The colors are... read more »

Awesome tumblers for Vinyl Sayings AND drinks

15 Jun, 2019
One of my favorite crafting projects is adding Vinyl sayings to glass, wood, t-shirts and especially to tumblers.  These tumblers are perfect for adhering vinyl  Check this out; this i... read more »


14 Jun, 2019
First, this tea has a very smooth taste to it. WOW! No bitter taste at all. SO smooth tasting it makes me think I've never had a truly good cup of tea before.  The tea arrives in bundt cak... read more »

Absolutely Beautiful!!

12 Jun, 2019
From the beautiful packaging; a hinged cloth box with velvet lining. To the traditional Chinese Tea Cup this is wonderful gift for yourself or a tea lover. The cup is beautifully hand crafted. The... read more »

Great Start For Kids and Adults

11 Jun, 2019
This is the perfect kit for kids and adults that want to see how easy and cute 5D Diamond Painting is.  I want my 8 year old Granddaughter to love these projects as much as I do but handing he... read more »

PERFECT For Crafting

06 Jun, 2019
I do a lot of work with my Cricut Maker Machine. I like to upload designs to the Cricut and then clean them up before I cut the design onto vinyl.  This pen makes a HUGE difference in how fast... read more »

Works Well

03 Jun, 2019
This face primer is a little on the pricey side. 12ml / 0.4 ounces. A small bottle, 3 pumps for my face. My face feels soft after application.  My make up goes on smoothly and lasts all day.&n... read more »


31 May, 2019
I am not a good sleeper. The minute my head hits the pillow my mind opens a million different tabs. Things I have to do, things I forgot to do. Feeling guilty about people I keep forgetting to call. C... read more »

So Far So Good

31 May, 2019
I've only been taking these a short while but I have noticed that I am not snacking as much as I was before I started these capsules (which is a start!). They are easy to swallow capsules. ... read more »


31 May, 2019
I was looking for a comfortable bra with no padding. Straps that stay put. This sports bra from Yirind fits the bill perfectly. Straps that stay put. The bra is affordable bra. Slip over your... read more »

Super Cute

31 May, 2019
ENJOYNIGHT pajamas are just the best all the way around!!  This super cute lounge pants are no different. I seriously want ALL the styles and colors!! Adorable flamingo designs with pineapples... read more »

OhhhhhMMMGeeee BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

29 May, 2019
OhhhhhMMMGeeee, I am seriously OVER the moon excited about this hummingbird feeder.  This is by far the prettiest hummingbird feeder I have ever seen. Not even in specialty stores have I seen... read more »

Super Cute

29 May, 2019
Oversized shades. Cute print on the frame.  The lenses aren't really dark but they do take the glare away.  Frames/Lenses are light and don't hurt my nose. Some glasses are so... read more »

Even arrived boxed!

29 May, 2019
Bring on SUMMER I'm ready!! I love the elegance of fans! This is a two piece set,  beautiful 8" silk fans, beautifully boxed.   Delicate flower design on both. One pin... read more »

It's okay for A cups

28 May, 2019
This definitely a bra for the littler girls.  Laying flat the bra is 9" The bra will stretch to 15".  The bra is 5" top to bottom. There is no padding. The side... read more »

Super Classy

27 May, 2019
This linen top is super classy.  The perfect Kaki color it's more like a deep gray. I used Fabreeze wrinkle release and the wrinkles from shipping smoothed out quickly. The top is fr... read more »


26 May, 2019
Living in the mountains in Idaho I have trail cams that I have set out in the trees to capture pictures of wild life. This 32G Micro SD card works perfectly with the adapter that arrives with... read more »


26 May, 2019
How cute is this little die cast robot? He is a cute toy, a tad on the expensive side for what he does. He doesn't walk or move.  He does copy what you say and make other noises.  H... read more »


26 May, 2019
  Perfect tumblers! Not only does this tumbler fit perfectly in your hand. These 12 ounce tumblers keeps hot drunks hot. Cold drinks cold 8+ hours.  There are two tumblers included... read more »

They work!

24 May, 2019
It was hard for me to get use to something in my nose at first.  I am told that do snore a LOT less with these Purcon dialators. I actually feel very rested.  These are comfortable to... read more »

TONS of Seeds

24 May, 2019
It's really hard to review seeds. The package arrived within 2 weeks.  There are at least 100 seeds in the package.  I'm excited to get these in the ground! Not only does the p... read more »


24 May, 2019
I've noticed more and more electronic items I purchase arrive with a charging cord but no port. I'm forever having to unplug one thing to charge another.  I wanted something that would... read more »

Beautiful Shirt BUT VERY SMALL!!

23 May, 2019
This is a beautiful heavy weight nylon shirt. It's not see-through. It flows nicely.  The colors are pretty. The aged look is a great accent.  The bad part is that its small. It... read more »


18 May, 2019
Very nice belt that will easily work for a man or woman. Arrives in a small black mesh bag, making it easy to give as a gift.  The belt itself measures 52.5" not including the buckle for... read more »

No Dog Breath!

17 May, 2019
We have always brushed our Furbabies teeth. But wrestling a 100# Bernese Mountain Dog every night is a chore.  This Ezio Toothbrush is AWESOME!! I put doggie toothpaste in the small hole in th... read more »

Truly AWESOME Leash!!

15 May, 2019
Not only does this hands free leash work wonderfully it's pretty too. A beautiful herringbone design great for man or woman. Girl or boy pooch too! My Bernese Mountain dog is almost 100 pounds... read more »

SO cute!!

10 May, 2019
OMG super cute flowy summer top!! This flowy top is the perfect rust color. The straps are adjustable. Great length. Sizing is correct.  Bring on summer I am ready! read more »


10 May, 2019
Strong plastic hook, great for holding the plug or charging cord.  Sticks well. 2.5" by 2.5"  Did take a 39 days to arrive to the USA. read more »

Great Placemats

09 May, 2019
This  is a great set of black placemats. They arrive individually packaged. They do need to be ironed if you are going for a fancier, cleaner look. The placemats are 17" by 11.5" the... read more »

LOVE This Bracelet.

07 May, 2019
If you are looking for a gift for practically anyone this bracelet is for you. Occasionally everyone could use a reminder to keep going.  This bracelet has a great weight to it. Its not a flim... read more »

Poor Design

07 May, 2019
These shoes took a long time to arrive. 4 weeks.  The soles are the correct size for my foot.  However,  the toe loop is huge! I thought being made of rope I could size them for my f... read more »

Bring On The Beach!

04 May, 2019
Bring on the beach I've got a new cute swimsuit! Cute little swim skirt with a zippered pocket! I LOVE that feature!! Great turquoise color with black swim skirt and turquoise accents. ... read more »

Beautiful Floor Lamp!!

04 May, 2019
This is a beautiful, unique floor lamp that give us the soft light we were after. Yes, you can adjust it for brighter light if you wanted. The light is 52″ tall.  The lamp is 9&Prim... read more »

Sorta Cute

02 May, 2019
I really wanted to love this t-shirt. But, the material is shiny and glossy. The stars are on the wrong side and the stripes are more orange than red.  It's comfortable as all get out. The... read more »


29 Apr, 2019
It's hard to write  review about seeds, but here goes. The seeds 15 days to arrive from China.  Large dark seeds. Idaho is still cold so I have started these inside. I a... read more »

Great Vinyl

26 Apr, 2019
Personally, I had a hard time deciding which side was the cut side. Once I figured out the side with the faint line pattern is the side you cut on. Super shiny side down on the mat.  This... read more »

Perfect Kitchen Accessory

23 Apr, 2019
Perfect Kitchen Accessory. A stand for my phone! Off the counter, easy to follow recipes or facetime with the grandkid without getting my phone messy.  Holds my phone vertical or horizontal.... read more »


23 Apr, 2019
Awesome sleep mask WITH speakers! Soft to the touch. 27" from end to end of the velcro straps so will fit any size head. Super comfortable. Blocks out all the light. Pairs easily... read more »

Not Just For Cookin'!

23 Apr, 2019
I have fallen in love with cup pours. (Check YouTube if you've never heard of these) One thing that you need is a small torch. This one is by far the BEST I have owned. This fits in my hand... read more »

Fun craft!

22 Apr, 2019
I have always wanted to do a resin craft. I couldn't wait for these molds to arrive. First, they are soft and flexible molds. The resin releases easily. The kit has extras like the flakes of gl... read more »

It's Okay

20 Apr, 2019
The rock is pretty beat up already. Once you are in bright light there are a few spots that have pretty color.  Rock is very large; certainly too big to carry with you.  The rock is sc... read more »


20 Apr, 2019
This phone holder is lightweight and yet doesn't have a problem holding my Samsung S8 phone.  Easy to remove my phone just pull out, no holding an additional button.  I love that it c... read more »


17 Apr, 2019
These are my favorite Jammies ever!!  So much so that this is the second set of EnJOYNIGHT I've purchased. I want ALL the capri's in ALL the colors!!  These fit perfectly. The per... read more »


17 Apr, 2019
I love these eye pads. First they feel amazing on my eyes. They don't slip around or off. They really have helped my bags diminish.  I put a pair on and relax at night time. I've also... read more »

Life Like and Vibrant

15 Apr, 2019
Super cute plants that look real plants growing in rocks.     Complete with roots.    Real glass containers. Shiny, tiny pebbles.    Extrem... read more »


14 Apr, 2019
Cute but extremely thin material. You will definitely need a slip with this one. The buttons are for looks only. The dress is very small even an XXL is tight. Order two sizes up for the fit in the pic... read more »

Works GREAT!!

14 Apr, 2019
Fast sync charging. The cord is almost 5" long. Strong.  Works perfectly with my S8 phone.  I am completely pleased.  read more »

Super Cute!!

14 Apr, 2019
Super cute top. It falls to the top of my thighs (I'm 5'4")  I am a chunky 180 and the XXL is snug.  The faux suede patch in the center collar and elbows is soft and adds a g... read more »

Super Cute

14 Apr, 2019
This is a super cute dress.  You will need a slip with this dress.  This dress does need to be ironed when it arrives.  Order a size up as it is smaller than I thought it would... read more »

Sturdy AND Elegant

10 Apr, 2019
I grabbed this pair of 12 ounce tumblers so I can decorate with vinyl sayings. These tumblers are exactly what I hoped for. They feel substainsal in the hand. They look great. These look amazi... read more »

Super cute! Super Warm!

07 Apr, 2019
This hat is perfect for Idaho weather. Not only cute, well fitting but also warm. Love the beige color with the bright confetti pops of color.  The hat fits snug but not so tight that it leave... read more »

Ordered On February 18th and it never arrived.

07 Apr, 2019
I ordered this dipping powder on February 18th and it never arrived.  I'm not even allowed on Amazon to ask for a refund?? Sayyyyyyyyy what?!  read more »

Loved The First, Bought a Second!

03 Apr, 2019
I bought the beautiful mans wallet for my son. It has a meaningful saying. I loved it so much I grabbed a second one for my husband.  This wallet also arrives in a perfect gift box. The wal... read more »

Perfect Gift

01 Apr, 2019
Beautiful mans wallet with a meaningful saying. Perfect gift for my son who turns 40 this year. Arrives in a perfect gift box. The wallet has the worn leather look. The leather feels soft and sm... read more »

Sooooo PRETTY!!!!!

28 Mar, 2019
I know that we gals buy makeup brushes for functionality. But, THESE are SO PRETTY I want to put them in a jar and leave them on the bathroom counter!!!! The brushes have soft, dense bristles. T... read more »

I want to live in these PJs!!!

26 Mar, 2019
This set of PJ's may very well be my favorite EVER!!  The cotton is soft.  The length of the capri pants is perfect. No binding, no riding up in the middle of the night.  P... read more »

Now This IS GENIUS!!

24 Mar, 2019
I have several book lights.They make reading in bed easy. BUT one that goes around your necK? Comfortably. Flexes every which way. Has THREE different brightness levels? GENIUS!!  This is comf... read more »


23 Mar, 2019
This canvas is amazing. The colors are crisp and bright. It's like standing at the edge of the lake. A breath taking picture!  The canvas is 20" tall and 40" long.  Two h... read more »

Just buy 2 sets! They are THAT fun!

17 Mar, 2019
These eggs are so awesome! Solid wood. I'm trying my hand at several ways to decorate them. With the paints included. Speckled. Wood Burning tool. The ways to decorate these eggs is endless. ... read more »

Comfy AND Cute

15 Mar, 2019
I'm dreaming of sunshine and summer because I'm very tired of the snow! This is super cute. Soft. Washes and dries like a dream. No shrinking. No fading. These are lightweight and perfect for... read more »

Puppy Love

14 Mar, 2019
Bear was so excited when I opened the bag of goodies and dumped them on the floor. There are plenty of choices. Rop toys and the stuffed elephant are her favorites. She actually cuddles the litt... read more »

FurBaby Mom's Best Friend

12 Mar, 2019
Strong plastic.  Great shoveling action. Great color. Did take some muscle to attach the handle to the scopper. Just remember to hold the purple handle down when attaching the pieces.&nb... read more »


09 Mar, 2019
This set is exactly what someone that does a lot of cooking needs!! These are heavy glass bottles that hold 8 ounces each. I use a LOT of Olive Oil in my cooking so I keep one near the stove and one o... read more »

SO Helpful!

09 Mar, 2019
I am the worst at remembering to water my plants. These self watering spikes are WONDERFUL!!!! I can set the drip time so that the bottle of water will last 15 days!! AMAZING! I played with the screw... read more »

Brilliant Additions To MY MakeUp Drawers

08 Mar, 2019
My makeup drawers look like someone dumped it over and scooped it all back in with a shovel. NO WONDER it always takes me so much time to get ready in the mornings.  In the time it took me to... read more »

VERY Warm!! But NOT Touch Screen

04 Mar, 2019
Having -19 degree weather in Idaho a good pair of gloves is important.  These gloves look huge but fit snug. The size says large but they fit like a medium.   These are not touch... read more »

Great Price

02 Mar, 2019
These Konjac sponges work well and are priced great. I have been using Konjac sponges for several years now and love the gentle exfoliation but thorough cleaning I get without stripping my skin.&... read more »

Love them!

28 Feb, 2019
Golden glow in the middle of winter, what could be better? Each sheet will do either both forarms or both calves. *For me anyway.  They do have an awful scent when you first start using the... read more »

Dried Up

28 Feb, 2019
The first tube that you use to prime your lashes was dry so the fibers don't stick to your lashes. I added a few drops of Opti Free contact lens cleaner and was able to use the the duo. ... read more »

An Absolute GEM!!

20 Feb, 2019
I can't even begin to tell you just how pleased I am with this journal! Beautiful, worn in leather with heart embossed on the cover. This blank journal looks like it has been treasured for years.... read more »

Absolutely AWESOME!!

11 Feb, 2019
We have a large Bermese Mountain puppy. At 6 months she is already a whopping 65 pounds. Getting her into our spa tub is not an easy task. This FOLDABLE pool is perfect! Not only strong PVC but also d... read more »

One Piece Perfect!

06 Feb, 2019
This set is a great addition to my kitchen. First, I love that these spatulas are one solid piece. The top doesn't fall off mid project. Each entire spatula is silicone  and 8.5" I... read more »

Brilliant addition to tongs

02 Feb, 2019
Seriously, how has no one ever thought of adding feet to their kitchen tongs!  This is the first time I personally have seen tongs with feet or kick stands on them! I LOVE THIS FEATURE!!! ... read more »


30 Jan, 2019
I cook with Olive oil almost daily, this dispenser is SO COOL!!!!!!!! First the bottle is nice enough to leave out on my counter all the time.  The oil comes out smooth and steadily, I love th... read more »

Absolutely AWESOME!!

28 Jan, 2019
 The husband absolutely loves this headset. Shoveling snow is a lot of work but goes way faster and less boring when you have tunes in your ears!  The volume buttons are easy to use and f... read more »

Great Yoga Pants

25 Jan, 2019
These pants are comfortable. They allow plenty of movement. These are not tight, they feel like comfy sweatpants. The 1" waistband stays put, the dog and I do our morning yoga and they waistband... read more »

Pedicure Time

20 Jan, 2019
This drill arrived quickly. Well packaged, however going by the box itself I wouldn't have known it did nails. No instructions arrive with the drill.  There is an excellent assortm... read more »


19 Jan, 2019
Finally, a pet nail grinder that actually works!  I have a Bernese Mountain Dog with some super strong nails!  This grinder works perfectly! Like the directions state GO SLOW!! The fir... read more »


19 Jan, 2019
 I really do love this canvas! The picture fits over my window exactly as I hoped.  The canvas has great colors. The sides continue wtih the main design on them. The hooks on t... read more »


18 Jan, 2019
New Year, better me, healthier me. Starting with a Waist Trimmer Belt that acts as lumbar support too! I've been wearing this daily, even when I'm not on the treadmill. It's comfortable. V... read more »

Perfect Eyebrow PEN

18 Jan, 2019
First, I love the tip of this eyebrow pen. It gives me that perfect look to fill in the hair in my brows. The brown color is great.  The color doesn't smear. The color lasts all day.... read more »

Truly Soft!

29 Dec, 2018
This extra long (Plenty long enough to tie twice around the neck!) at almost 79" and 28" wide this scarf is perfect to wear. Idaho is COLD! This scarf keeps me super warm and stylin' too... read more »

THE Perfect Qi Charger

23 Dec, 2018
First, this charger works EVEN with a bulky case! The phone doesn't have to be placed a certain way, or on a "Sweet Spot" just lay it inside the lipped area and CHARGING!! Perfect. Th... read more »

Perfect For ME!

21 Dec, 2018
We have a very tall, three story house. I am NOT hanging Christmas lights, but I still want to be festive. This projector is PERFECT!!  There are 20 different slides. Easily a slide for every... read more »

SPARKLE All the WAY!!!!!!

20 Dec, 2018
I am a vinyl addict. I am always looking for vinyl that adheres well, WEEDS easily and stays put wash after wash. This RED is amazing!! Full of sparkle. I swear this is the easiest vinyl I've e... read more »


20 Dec, 2018
These cotton pads come in a nice soft vinyl bag for storage. The bag arrives sealed closed. After you open the bag, keep it closed by pulling the strings, which is great to me, no more wasted pad... read more »


15 Dec, 2018
I just started sewing. Even with my limited knowledge of sewing THESE ARE SO COOL!!!!!! This set makes the task of heming so much easier! I would suggest checking on YouTube if you have never used a r... read more »

Even For Women!

15 Dec, 2018
I don't like to carry a purse all the time. I wanted a slim wallet that allowed me to take my cards, cash and ID with me. This is perfect size for me. This wallet fits in my front pocket as well a... read more »

Craft Room PERFECT!!

15 Dec, 2018
I do a lot of crafting. From working with material to vinyl. I love to use my rotary blade for quilting and this small mat is PERFECT!! Not only can I put it my craft bag when I take my quilting wi... read more »

Perfect For ME!

15 Dec, 2018
I do a lot of crafts and a lot of baking. This cheesecloth is perfect for me.  There are two packages, FOUR yards!!  I wanted to try my hand at apron making this year I wanted to add a... read more »


15 Dec, 2018
I've killed numerous house plants so I'm switching to faux plants!! This set of succulents are the perfect solution. This 15 piece set looks REAL! The colors are perfect. Best of all? I can... read more »

SO Real Looking!

15 Dec, 2018
I am very pleased with the look of these plants.  I live in Idaho, it's cold, yes even indoors! I've killed numerous house plants. These are the perfect solution.  These look R... read more »

Easy To Weed

15 Dec, 2018
I'm very pleased with this vinyl. The roll arrived with no dings or snags.  I used my Cricut Air 2 and the vinyl cut perfectly. Best part is that the vinyl weeds so easily!!  I use... read more »

Great Addition To My Cricut Machine!!

11 Dec, 2018
I do a lot of work with vinyl. These tools work wonderfully to get the bubbles out of the vinyl on the mat and for applying to all surfaces from windows to wood. I love the fact that this is a two... read more »

Awesome Assortment of Thread

10 Dec, 2018
New sewing machine AND new assortment of thread. YEAH ME!!  The colors are beautiful. The assortment of polyester thread is great. Each spool has 250 years! That's a lot of thread.&nb... read more »

Works With Cricut TOO!!

10 Dec, 2018
I love these tags! 100 heavy weight kraft paper tags with heart cut outs AND the jute to add them to your packages.  These work great in my Cricut machine with the pen or with the cut out.&nbs... read more »

OMGeeeeeee CUDDLY!!!!!

06 Dec, 2018
I admit it I wasn't expecting this comforter to be amazing. I was going to put this on the bed in the guest room. The moment I took this comforter out of the vacuum sealed bag I was in love!! ... read more »

There is a reason this isn't on Amazon anymore

06 Dec, 2018
I think I just paid a lot of money for a toy. I am pretty sure this was meant for a childrens playhouse? Maybe a teeny tiny closet? The vacuum is 4" around. The vacuum is super cute. It looks... read more »

Super Cute

05 Dec, 2018
This little dog toy is super cute. Love the goofy one eye and crazy smile. I'm not sure why there is a speaker on the listing. Yes, it squeaks but the speaker suggests (to me anyway) that it shoul... read more »

Love It!

04 Dec, 2018
We are talking airplane ride comfortable. This shirt is cute. Warm without being too hot. Comfortable sleeves with a button to hold the sleeves up.  Long enough to tuck in if you wanted. ... read more »

It REALLY Is Long Lasting

26 Nov, 2018
This is an amazing foundation, I have truly found MY foundation. First, covers my age spots on my chin line so well!! This doesn't transfer to my collar. Chiak BB cream lasts all day. ... read more »

Kitchen Helper!

24 Nov, 2018
I use my phone all the time. Having it off the counter and out of the food prep area is making me so happy!  This holder is compact in size.  Holds my Galaxy S8 phone in the case... read more »


24 Nov, 2018
When you travel the less stuff you have to schlep around the better. This card reader is perfect!  I can read all of my cards. All sizes! I'm very pleased.  No drivers to uplo... read more »


23 Nov, 2018
I love to decorate with candles. ESPECIALLY around Christmas. However when you live in a dense forest area you really start rethinking the candles with real flames.  These candles have a REAL... read more »

These Work Great

23 Nov, 2018
I am very happy with these socks. I recently fell down the stairs (Oh so graceful me!) I have to wear a boot on my foot for 6 weeks. Of course you can't wear the boot to bed; but tossing and turni... read more »

This Shawl SCREAMS Fall!!

21 Nov, 2018
So soft, so pretty! This shawl is the perect fall set of colors. From orange, green, black and gray it goes with everything.  The wrap is a large square at 55" by 55"  This w... read more »

Almost Perfect!

21 Nov, 2018
This would be the perfect coat if I could just get the wrinkles out!! I tried to steam them out. I tried Wrinkle Release Spray to get the wrinkles out. I guess the only way to remove the wrinkles... read more »

A MILLION Stars Please!!

21 Nov, 2018
I don't ever want to leave my desk! OHMMMGEEEEEEEE I love this seat cushion!! LOVE it. LOVE IT!!!  The cushion works at my desk and in the car!! YES, it comes with the adapter for both.&nb... read more »

OH SO Pretty!!

21 Nov, 2018
Beautiful. That's the best way to describe this pillow. The colors are so soft and pretty. It's the perfect little Reindeer pillow. Fits an 18 x 18" insert perfectly. The fabric feels... read more »

Absolutely AWESOME!!!

16 Nov, 2018
This basket is 100% worth the wait. The basket is the perfect size. I ordered this to keep the dogs toys all in one spot and it's AMAZING!!!  The basket looks great sitting out. Folds down... read more »

PERFECT Holiday Gift!

14 Nov, 2018
This is a perfect Holiday gift! Even if you keep it for yourself.  Not only do you get 12 beautiful acrylic paints(12ml) tubes and 6 brushes (3 flat, 3 round), you also get 3 (8x10" flat)... read more »

One arrived broken

14 Nov, 2018
I would have easily given these candle holders 10 stars but one of the pedestals arrived broken. There was shattered glass everywhere in the box.  I do like the one remaining holder. The mercu... read more »

Christmas Ready!

14 Nov, 2018
This is an awesome set of watercolor paints. Arrives with 6 brushes flat and round. Absolutely a perfect Christmas gift! This is a set that includes a small watercolor paint book that is 8.5" x 5... read more »

Space Ship?

12 Nov, 2018
The bullet thermos looks cool except the big space ship silk screened on one side. Works well. Looks just like a large bullet which is the look I was going for.   Even better is... read more »

Pretty AND Helpful

10 Nov, 2018
First, I love the colors of these folders. Soft pretty pastel colors. Strong snap closures. Excellent fit for all my letter size paperwork.  Each of the folders has 5 pockets inside. ... read more »

Great Eye Mask

07 Nov, 2018
I toyed with 4 stars but the mask is so great I went with 5. It's the cord. It's so short that I can't comfortably lay in bed to wear the mask.  The mask is soft velvet like materi... read more »


07 Nov, 2018
Normally I have a QI charger and a phone stand on my desk. Now, I have both in one super slick stand. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it!! Charges fast. Light turns green when the phone is charging. Works through... read more »


07 Nov, 2018
I love this Zinnor Eyelash serum. My lashes are noticeably thicker after just a week of use.  No eye irritation. No red eyes, no stinging. Application is SUPER easy with a lash wand! No more h... read more »

Feels great

06 Nov, 2018
This is a great serum; it's lightweight and not greasy. No skin irritation!  My skin feels hydrated, firmer especially around the eyes.  I can't wait to see how it does on... read more »

Absolutely Needs 100 Stars!!

04 Nov, 2018
This might be the coolest puppy treat bag ever!! Not only does it hold the puppy treats but it holds the waste bags too!! Even better? There's a net area for my phone. Zippered areas for my ID and... read more »

Nice Brush

04 Nov, 2018
This is a nice brush for getting the weeds and dirt from my dogs coat. The brush doesn't hurt the pup as I brush. The handle is comfortable for both my husband and myself to use.  The best... read more »

My Favorite Kitchen Tool

04 Nov, 2018
This is THE COOLEST gadget!  You can mix everything in half the time! The curve of the tool fits in my hand so perfectly. The curve of the whisk itself works better against the side of... read more »

So THAT's How It's Done!?

02 Nov, 2018
I never understood the benefit of a selfie light until now. HOLY SMOKES!! A selfie ring light makes a huge difference. I took a picture, no makeup, flat hair on a yucky, cold day and DANG! I don... read more »

These Feel GREAT!!!

02 Nov, 2018
So calming! That was the first thing that I noticed.  Second my eyes felt amazing. The puffiness was not near as pronounced. I can't wait to see how my eyes look after more treatments.&nbs... read more »

Super Cute!

02 Nov, 2018
Very retro, super cute headbands.  Great for not only hiding the fact that the roots need to be done and my bangs need cut!!! Second these are awesome in the cold wind of Idaho becau... read more »

Puppy Struttin' Her Stuff Now!

02 Nov, 2018
Great leash for a puppy that loves to run!!  This is a great leash for our puppy who loves to run. We on a mountain with no fence so she needs to be on a leash this is PERFECT!! &nbs... read more »


02 Nov, 2018
For such tiny magnets these are wicked strong!!  I wanted these to make cute magnets for the magnetic white board and gifts. These are PERFECT!!!  So strong that the Halloween Spiders... read more »

Bring On The Snow!

01 Nov, 2018
Oh, don't get me wrong; I AM NOT shoveling the snow! I do however want my husband to be warm while he shovels. Afterall, Idaho was HIS idea!! NOT mine. This winter mask not only covers his ears... read more »

Perfect Dress For Halloween

31 Oct, 2018
First, it's pink with adorable Halloween pumpkins, ghosts, cats and more.  The dress is soft to the touch. No loose seams. No snags or runs.  The dress washes and goes to the dr... read more »

Extremely Pleased!!

30 Oct, 2018
FINALLY! A smart Plug POWERSTRIP!!!!!! Who knew?! Works with Alexa AND Google Home!! 4 plugs, 4 usb outlets. Perfect compact size 7.5" by 4" Nice extra long cord too!!  &nbs... read more »

Gloomy Outside. Warm & Pretty Inside

30 Oct, 2018
I love Gerber Daisies. Having fresh towards winter is not gonna happen. I ordered these off white and pale pink package of 14 and I am really pleased. I actually didn't expect these flowers to be... read more »

Who knew?

30 Oct, 2018
Did you know that a tongue scraper helps with morning breath?   This is super easy to use. Lightweight. To scraper is made of stainless steel. The handle is a lightweight plastic in... read more »

OMGeeeeeee CUTE!!!!!

29 Oct, 2018
I can't believe the entire 4 piece set is only $14.99. I've seen lesser quality of pillows at HomeDepot for MORE!!! Made of a cotton linen, almost the look and feel of burlap.  The ins... read more »

Let The Baking Begin!

29 Oct, 2018
This is a compact in size cooling rack. The rack is 10 inches wide and 9 inches long.  The grid is small so that nothing falls through the cracks.  The rack has a non-stick c... read more »

Desk Tool For MOM!!

28 Oct, 2018
This is a handy pen!! It's not just a pen but a pen with a ruler on the side. Handy for desk work. My favorite feature though might just be the level. Since the pen is 5 sided it doesn't roll... read more »


28 Oct, 2018
I am a essential oil junkie and have a weakness for pretty diffusers. This glass diffuser projects a light mist so it's perfect for small spaces. 7 color changes, 4 timer modes. The diffuser can e... read more »

Rustic Charm!!

28 Oct, 2018
I was not sure what to expect with this set. I was very pleased when it arrived and actually looks like the pictures. This set is plastic, however the painting on it makes it look rustic. Like metal t... read more »

Puppy FUN!!!!

28 Oct, 2018
100% cotton rope. A set of 4 pet chew, very durable. PERFECT for tug of war and just chewing. I have a Bernese Mountain Dog that is 3 months old, let me tell you what she has SHARP teeth!!  This... read more »

Savin' Money!

28 Oct, 2018
I toyed with just 4 stars because I wish these were a little thicker or maybe smaller in size. The 3.5" round pads are very flimsy. So they are hard to hold and move around the skin. I found that... read more »

Super Cute!

28 Oct, 2018
This small pepper mill is super cute. Standing almost 5" tall.  The mill grinds to a nice fine pepper. It's easy to use. BRIGHT red color that really pops in my kitchen.  Easy... read more »

My Own Tool Set!

27 Oct, 2018
Great set of Allen wrenches.  The ball end design helps access socket cap screws up to a 30°entry angle, allowing easier access to those hard-to-reach places and making it easy for... read more »

I Have My OWN Set Of Tools Now!!

27 Oct, 2018
This is a great, sturdy set of wire cutters which help with floral arrangements! Some of the (fake) floral stems (especially the larger ones) have a bear to cut!! This pair of cutters are sturdy,... read more »

Awesome Set!!

27 Oct, 2018
A set of screwdrivers all my very own! Red and black handles. This is a set of 6 screwdrivers. Each with the magnetic tip which is SO HANDY!!!!!! Especially when the screw you are working on fall... read more »

OMGeeeeeee CUTE!!!!!

26 Oct, 2018
The seven year old is loving her new Halloween 'twirly' dress.  The 6/7 fits perfectly. There are no loose seams, no runs or snags anywhere on the dress.  Super cute!!  read more »

Ummmm no

26 Oct, 2018
First, all they smell like is burning wood. Each and everyone of them. They smell like a campfire, which yes, I do enjoy. But I wanted to smell Jasmine.  The second reason for only one star is... read more »

Great Price. Long Lasting

26 Oct, 2018
We go through a ton of AA batteries a month. Between the toys for the kids, the dog, the remote controls and the Trail Camera I never seem to have enough batteries.  These are long lasting. 40... read more »

Puppy FUN!!!!!

26 Oct, 2018
This is a great toy for my 10 week old Bernese Mountain Dog. I filled each of the 6 outer puzzle areas showed my dog once and she was HOOKED!!!  She actually will push her treat toy towards us wh... read more »


24 Oct, 2018
This is a nice, warm cuddly jacket. The sizing is pretty good, however I would suggest ordering a size larger or even two if you plan to wear anything bulky under it. If you plan to wear a s... read more »

All The Mess in ONE Spot!

24 Oct, 2018
I am thrilled with my puppies new food and water bowl with A NO SPILL Silicone Base!!! How brilliant is this?! We just finished getting wood flooring and new carpet in the house, so the last thin... read more »

Crafters Best Friend

23 Oct, 2018
Absolutely wonderful package of sandpaper. I can work on a project start to finish. These are perfect size for my hand sander.  Each piece has the grit number printed on it.  I can use... read more »

Best Sound Machine EVER!!

22 Oct, 2018
I don't sleep worth beans. Now that I live in Idaho (ON a MOUNTAIN mind you!!) it's tooooooooooo quiet. I mean so quiet it just keeps my mind racing.  This White Noise machine is compa... read more »

Green Thumb!!

21 Oct, 2018
I may not have a green thumb for real plants but no one will know the difference now.  HA!! 10 pieces under $11. Bright, HEALTHY green succulent colors. These look real until you get up rea... read more »


21 Oct, 2018
We live on top of a mountain where at night the only light is either the porch light or moonlight. These lights are actually bright enough to guide the way to the front door.  Attractive desig... read more »

They Keep The Rug DOWN!!

20 Oct, 2018
These keep the rug in place. I'm very pleased. They stick very well, my once trip hazard rug is now just a great rug. I took off a star because the backing of the grippers is a bear and a half... read more »

Craft Room PERFECT!!

20 Oct, 2018
I love this mat!! First, it's magic! When they say self healing they mean NO ridges, no scratches just a smooth surface each and every single cut.  The mat is 18" long and 12" hi... read more »

Long Wait But Worth It!

20 Oct, 2018
Things I love about these pajamas. XLarge is true to size, actually even a little on the large size with is perfect for a person that tosses and turns all night.  These pajamas don't bind... read more »

LOVE it!!

20 Oct, 2018
I am an essential oil junkie. I love my home to smell good all of the time. With a puppy in the house it's not always that easy.  I love that this is such a quiet diffuser. Turns off autom... read more »

N/A sponsor cancelled order

20 Oct, 2018
N/A sponsor cancelled order read more »

Works GREAT!!

20 Oct, 2018
First, I love the security seal on the box and the eyelash serum.  Second, I love the fact that it doesn't sting my eyes. I have even put this on my lashes while my contact lenses are in.... read more »

OMGeeeeeee CUTE!!!!!

16 Oct, 2018
I couldn't be more thrilled with this speaker if I tried. OHHHHHHHHHHHMGEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! So cute.  Yes, it might be small in size but the speaker has crisp, clean sound. No static. No e... read more »

Excellent Calming Blanket

15 Oct, 2018
This blanket is worth its weight in gold! I don't sleep well at night. I toss. I turn. I stress. I also get excellent at math! "Go to sleep now, I'll get 4 hours of sleep" "Go t... read more »

Great Stones!

14 Oct, 2018
A great assortment of polished rocks anywhere from 1" to 2".  The rocks are shiny and smooth and each with a different inspirational words engraved and highlighted in gold.  The... read more »


14 Oct, 2018
NOW I know where my glasses are!!  No more searching room to room only to find my glasses are on top of my head.  This is black and silver, very boho stylish. I do wish the silver ring... read more »

Great Dusting Towels

13 Oct, 2018
These microfiber cloths are a little smaller than what I normally buy these are 12" by 12". The package has 12 towel in various colors. These are thin but work just as well as any other clot... read more »

Works Great With Alexa!

12 Oct, 2018
Super easy to use. Plug in, upload the app. Less than five minutes I had the socket plugged in and working with Alexa. SWWEEET!!!!!!!!! Added bonus is the available USB plug on the bottom. This soc... read more »


12 Oct, 2018
This is amazing stuff!! Talk about run proof, sweat proof and sleep proof. Great brown color. A little goes a long way.  I highly recommend practicing with this before a day out. The staying p... read more »

Comfortable & Cute!!

12 Oct, 2018
First, I love the color combination! These are 100% breathable. My feet never ever get hot and sweaty.  The shoes run large I would suggest ordering a full size smaller.  The tread is... read more »


12 Oct, 2018
These are cute socks. The socks are lightweight. Not a thick winter sock like the picture suggests.  The main color of the socks is very light so the words don't really stand out. I a... read more »


10 Oct, 2018
Living in Idaho on a mountain I am going with a cabin feel to my decor and this little bed not only looks perfect in the room but the puppy loves it!!  The mat can lay flat for a full 38"... read more »

So cute!!

09 Oct, 2018
Truthfully, when I took this blanket from the box my first thought was "did I buy a sofa throw?" It's that soft. This blanket is that cuddly, that soft and that pretty in color. I really... read more »

Pain relief!!

09 Oct, 2018
I have lower back pain on a daily basis. I take a perscription drug for the pain but some days that doesn't even help. I started adding 12 drops of the Hemp Seed Oil and I've found I'm mov... read more »

Great candles

09 Oct, 2018
This set of 12 tea lights are perfect for inside pumpkins. Soft romantic lighting. Thanks to the remote I can place these up high in my kitchen decorative cabinets and turn them on and off. I can... read more »

Puppy Training Made Easy

07 Oct, 2018
Our new puppy is a Bernese Mountain Dog, at 9 weeks old she is already 18 pounds. Being a puppy she is on the stubborn side. This leash/harness has helped so much with the potty training and prac... read more »

NO Stinky Sinks

07 Oct, 2018
Super easy to use. Toss one stick in each sink and your are done. Our drains are running great. Even the drain that the kitchen remodel contractor cleaned his grout trays in seems to be running s... read more »

Nice and Warm!!

07 Oct, 2018
I'm loving these leather gloves. Very pretty, feminine design. Very warm!! Idaho has gotten COLD the last few days and these gloves are so warm. Extremely soft, dreamy leather. The fi... read more »

Craft Room PERFECT!!

04 Oct, 2018
This might be listed as a toy organizer but I found it's perfect organizer in my craft room. Holding everything from ribbon scraps to buttons. AND it's a double sided so one side can be for... read more »


04 Oct, 2018
These are great looking boots with great traction. Traction that is perfect for that early snow heading to Idaho. The inside is a soft moisture wicking, quick dry material. The wide fit and safety... read more »


03 Oct, 2018
This is a pretty necklace. It's unique. It is thicker than I hoped for. But overall very pretty. I like the little 'wish' tag that is attached. I think this will make a great gift. ... read more »

OMGeeeeeee CUTE!!!!!

03 Oct, 2018
I have a puppy. A puppy that is going to be a large dog but for now she is only 8 weeks old. I have tried keeping her in the backseat. HOWEVER, the crying breaks my heart. Bear is TOO big for my lap w... read more »

Works GREAT!!

03 Oct, 2018
Okay, seriously why do women get nose hairs?? Why?! That's not a very feminine thing to have to deal with.  This is a handy little trimmer. There are guides that will help with The Husband... read more »

Comfy Cozy AND Warm

02 Oct, 2018
Having recently moved from California to Idaho I realize I need pajama's that are warm!! This set of cute kitty pj's gets softer the more they are laundered.  The size is great. I'... read more »

Perfect Set of Lights!

01 Oct, 2018
Great set of lights. 32.8 feet of warm white lights. There are 100 lights. There are 8 different modes that you can use. From flashing, star lights, slow glo and in waves. Or use the combination to ge... read more »

This IS SO COOL!!!

01 Oct, 2018
First, the design is super cute. I ordered the red but it's more of a coral color. I'm very pleased with the color. Add bonus is the SEVENTY cones that arrive with the incense burner.... read more »

Hairs Be Gone!

28 Sep, 2018
Seriously? Hair on my face!!?? I'm not a fan. Who knew I would have to worry about chin hairs and a mustache too?!?!  Small in size but fits nicely in the hand. Uses 1 AA battery, takes care... read more »


28 Sep, 2018
50x's lens!! This is one awesome monocular!! I have an amazing view and array of wild life that come close to the house. Now I can zoom in and watch them without disturbing them.  I found th... read more »

SO COOL!!!!!

28 Sep, 2018
Not only a great phone lens but a sturdy tripod included.  I am impressed with the crystal clear lens. 18x zoom. Holds onto my phone easily with the clamp.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S8.... read more »

So SOFT!!!

28 Sep, 2018
This is a great rug for my guest room. Great size slightly larger than 4' by 5'4"  The color is steel blue gray very pretty. LONG, fluffy soft fibers. The backing keeps the rug in... read more »

Bernese Mountain Size!!

28 Sep, 2018
I have a Bernese Mountain puppy, this will grow up to be a large dog. She needs a large collar. This collar is thick, padded and feels substantial..  I like the extra padding around the neck a... read more »

Goes Perfect In My Bathroom

24 Sep, 2018
I've decorated the bottom floor in an industrial type decor. I found the Gigrin toilet paper holder to fit perfectly. Flat black. Shelf for my phone. (LOVE that!!) the sticky mat keeps my phone pr... read more »

Princess Bride!!

22 Sep, 2018
This is a lovely head piece for a girl. Pretty lace. Pretty flowers. Flexible head piece so that you can adjust it so the veil doesn't move. I really wasn't expecting this to be so lovely and... read more »

Excellent Headset!

22 Sep, 2018
I can't say enough great things about this headset.  Compact, comfortable to wear. Super long battery life. Connects wicked fast to my Galaxy S8.  All that isn't anything if th... read more »

Very Happy!

22 Sep, 2018
I am very pleased with my new trash can. First, the color. AWESOME!! A matte gray color that is FINGERPRINT resistant!!  The removeable wastebasket inside is very handy!! The handle make the e... read more »


21 Sep, 2018
Want a fun right hand ring? This is it!  The black and silver is very pretty. The silver area is not a sparkly silver but bright with texture. The black area is shiny and the two tones are stu... read more »

Weird size

21 Sep, 2018
These are very thin mats. that are just under 7" So, not big enough to be used as a placemat. Too big to be used as a coaster.   Very pricey for the product. Also be prepared to... read more »

Great Leash!

21 Sep, 2018
Even in the wilds of Idaho a puppy needs a leash. This training leash will work work for years! This is a sturdy leash!  Which is perfect for a Bermese Mountain Dog (it's a BIG dog!!) Th... read more »

OMGeeeeeee CUTE!!!!!

20 Sep, 2018
I live in Idaho at the very top of Idaho; like 40 miles away from Canada. To say my feet get cold is an understatement!!  My feet are freezing for months at a time.  I can enjoy my home w... read more »

Excellent Brush

19 Sep, 2018
This is a great dog grooming brush. Sturdy wood handle. Two sided brush; one side has a dense bristle that is great to maintain a silky, shiny coat. The other side is a bright lime green&nbs... read more »

BEST Seat Cover EVER!

19 Sep, 2018
This may be the best seat cover I've ever seen! So many perks!! First, it's a quilted material that is soft to the touch but sturdy AND waterproof!! It protects my leather seats from wet, mudd... read more »

New Kitchen New Canisters

19 Sep, 2018
First, love the colors. I ordered the Brown Gray. The sizes are great. I love the window that shows what's inside each of the containers, no labels to wash off or wipe off. I can also change my mi... read more »

Great liner!

18 Sep, 2018
This is a great large pet seat cover. I should have had this when my kids were younger!  This fits great in my Subaru Crosstrek Doesn't slip, it's well made. Easy to clean. My seats... read more »

Pure GOLD!

17 Sep, 2018
I would have never dreamed that oil would help my make up stay on longer, LOOK fresher and my skin look dewy but NOT oily. I'm 60 years old and this helps my skin feel amazing all day. My skin... read more »

Great Set!

17 Sep, 2018
This is a sweet set of battery operated string lights. There are 100 LED Fairy Lights with Remote and Timer.  There are 8 different modes for these warm white lights. This will be amazing in my... read more »

Very happy!

17 Sep, 2018
I am very pleased with this leash. It's sturdy. The leash retracts smoothly and easily with a push of a button. The leash stays put after you lock it. I have a Bermese Mountain puppy and this keep... read more »


17 Sep, 2018
The look is great. I love the fairy lights inside the bulbs. It's a unique look. The solar charger works quickly. The lights stay on all night. There is a small button on the back that turns the l... read more »

Perfect Set

17 Sep, 2018
This 2 pack of bins is the best I've added to my new craft room.  Not only do these fold down flat but when they are expanded they stay up. They are lined. Sturdy. Pretty gold cloth lining... read more »

Greatest set!!

15 Sep, 2018
I like to pack light when I travel. This set is PERFECT!!! Even arrives in a small reuseable zip bag that I can keep all the bottles together in.  Each bottle has a pop top for easy usage. Eac... read more »


15 Sep, 2018
I wouldn't even give this slice of wood a single star! It's a slice of a branch that isn't even large enough for my coffee cup.  This SINGLE (yes, as in ONE piece) arrived after a... read more »

OMGeeeeeee CUTE!!!!!

15 Sep, 2018
I wish this dress came in an adult size! It is that adorable!!  The seams are well sewn. The collar doesn't ride up. The dress fits great. I ordered a size up, so for the 7-year-old I orde... read more »

Move Over Blue Bird Of Happiness, the Blue Bunny of Happiness is HERE!!

14 Sep, 2018
I have a Blue Bird of Happiness in my window. However, when you were raised on a rabbit farm I think you should have a blue BUNNY of Happiness in the window. This is the cutest little bunny... read more »

Pens and Waterbottles!

14 Sep, 2018
I can't say no to a new pen or a new water bottle. This water bottle is a beautiful aqua blue bottle I really couldn't resist!! Big BONUS straw cleaner brush and bottle brush included. Perfect... read more »

Cute baby doll

13 Sep, 2018
The Careshine baby doll is definitely cute. The body soft but not too soft. The outfit is super cute. The frog is an applique that is stitched on. The shirt has 2 plastic snaps. The seams are well se... read more »

Perfect for new puppy!

13 Sep, 2018
Starting out on the right foot paw. A gentle brushing every night. This glove is the perfect size for myself or my husband to use. The rubbery spikes are comfortable for my new 12 week old puppy. The... read more »

Enough For The Day!!

13 Sep, 2018
Now THIS is a water bottle!  Large enough to hold a day's worth of water for my husband that works outside all day.  The jug has a large opening to make it easy to fill. The pop top i... read more »

Not Quite

13 Sep, 2018
First, I do like that these bulbs are shatterproof. The gold ties are long enough to go on a wide branch. The white set is great. Plenty of sparkle.  The red set would be pretty without the ad... read more »


08 Sep, 2018
In the process of remodeling our kitchen means that contractors are in and out all day. Most timesoutside doors and the garage are open all the time. So, we have tons of bugs inside now. I HATE BUGS!!... read more »

Happy Halloween!

08 Sep, 2018
The SECOND the weather starts cooling off I want to decorate for Halloween! As soon as I saw this set of Nesting Dolls I wanted them!!  Made of a light weight wood. HAND PAINTED!! Each on... read more »


08 Sep, 2018
If you are like me you enjoy the shampoo massage you receive when you get your hair cut. This handheld massager gives me the same relaxing feel.  Different speeds and vibration modes with just... read more »

Remodeling and Mice!

08 Sep, 2018
I've learned the hard way that when you are remodeling a kitchen the doors to your house and the garage stand open all day. Live in the country? YOU WILL get mice. From the look of my peace o... read more »

HOLDS strong!

04 Sep, 2018
I live on a dirt road. A dirt road that is full of ruts, meaning that my car is being jostled every which way. This holder holds STRONG!  I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 which is a large phone, it... read more »

Great Laundry Room addition

04 Sep, 2018
#sponsored What does every new home need? A new laundry basket! Since the laundry room off my new craft room I wanted something that would allow me to sort laundry anywhere except all over my floor!... read more »

Unique Firming Tool

04 Sep, 2018
This little device is a great addition to my beauty routine. The device is clam shaped with a small cap that protects the metal part. The device charges quickly. One long press of... read more »

New Kitchen Must Have

03 Sep, 2018
Every new kitchen deserves new utensils.   This set arrived quickly and well packaged.  Each of the 6 pieces is made of a brushed silver with black silicone. Each piece is sturdy.... read more »

Great set

01 Sep, 2018
Perfect for my Gardening Bullet Journal.   3 rolls of washi tape and a sheet of gardening stickers.  The washi tape sticks and doesn't roll up. Stays put!  Great soft color... read more »

So Easy!

30 Aug, 2018
First, I have to say these are a very clever and unique tieback. Personally, I've never seen anything even similar.  We just moved into our new home which is surrounded by forests of trees... read more »

Closet Saver!

26 Aug, 2018
My new house is jam packed with lights. Every. Single. Room. EXCEPT one lone closet. Seriously?! Count 'em, 17 recessed lights in the masterbedroom. The closet? Zip. Zero. Nadda. Right now we are... read more »


25 Aug, 2018
No larger than a paperback book this charger has a lip around the edges so I can easily postion my phone on the charger even in the middle of the night.  Three coils means that the phone start... read more »

Protects my sofa during construction

21 Aug, 2018
We are in the midst of remodeling and the house is one big dust bowl. I wanted something sturdy enough that if someone sat on the sofa with tools in their pockets it wouldn't harm the sofa. This w... read more »

I Can't Wait For My Photos To Arrive!!

21 Aug, 2018
EXACTLY what I wanted! This year I have been decorating with Turquoise as my main color, these frames (as in TWO!) fit the room beautifully.  Gold accents are subtle and just make the frames POP!... read more »

Love the color

11 Aug, 2018
I adore the color and the design of this top. The fabric is soft lightweight breathable fabric.  The top washes like a dream, I used cold water. The colors don't fade. I did throw it in a... read more »


04 Aug, 2018
We live on 10 acres in Idaho, we get mice and ants continually. Actually we get 'em all. Ants, spiders, mosquito's and tons of beetles along with tons of other annoying critters.  I pl... read more »

Excellent Airbrush

29 Jul, 2018
  I am a total beginner with air brushing. I have to admit it's a lot more art than I realized. I do like that the body design of the hand-held is comfortable, it has the feel of... read more »

This is FUN!

28 Jul, 2018
The 7-year-old Granddaughter adores this light. Tons of colors that you can change the color to be a constant color or let the light change on it's own. The underside has a hook so you could hang... read more »

It's Pretty

28 Jul, 2018
This is a large decorative key, a little over 15.5" It's heavy. I was disappointed that screw or nails of the same color weren't included, I wish there weren't holes there at all. The... read more »

Crafting FUN!

27 Jul, 2018
I added this kit to my crafting supply for my 7-year-old granddaughter.  This kit has 36 containers of Magic Clay. Not a single one of the containers was dried out. Each and everyone of the conta... read more »

Cute and HELPFUL!

27 Jul, 2018
FINALLY! A phone holder that includes a wireless charger! Well, not exactly wireless. You do have to plug in the Qi charger itself then simply insert your phone and it begins to charge. Perfect for so... read more »

Absorbant AND Pretty

27 Jul, 2018
6 absorbant coasters with cork on the underside. The designs are a very pretty mandala design. 2 of each of the color combinations. Redish orange, green tones and purlplish blue.  I'm plea... read more »

Works GREAT!!

27 Jul, 2018
I started with a clean refridgerator, dried the drawers and placed the Life Extender liners inside.  I have a fairly new refridgerator and these 15" x 14" liners fit perfectly no nee... read more »

Cool Nightlight

25 Jul, 2018
Unique night light. White or yellow light. 5.9" MOON! It has smart touch for on and off and color change from warm to white light. Removeable USB charger. Fully charged the light lasts a little o... read more »

Great For A Bird Bath

25 Jul, 2018
The solar pump is actually smaller than I had imagined it would be. For a small to medium bird bath it is the perfect size. I have a rather large Koi pond and it isn't strong enough to create a fo... read more »

Solid & Convienient!

20 Jul, 2018
This flash drive is very easy to use. Plug it in, it's ready to use. It's very user friendly. I backed up my iPad (very full iPad I might add) in less than 5 minutes. I can even plug into my l... read more »

Super Cute!

19 Jul, 2018
I love this dress! The dress runs a little on the small size. I bought a size 8/9 for my 7-year-old granddaughter and the fit is perfect. The dress is well sewn. No loose seams, no runs, no holes.&... read more »

Super cute!

19 Jul, 2018
Great fitting super cute hat!! The rim folds up and STAYS put. The hat is lightweight so it's super comfy even when it's 100degrees outside!! UV protection AND a great alternative to sunglasse... read more »

Beautiful and QUIET!

17 Jul, 2018
This is the prettiest essential oil diffuser! It really does remind me of a perfume bottle but with lights and mists! Love the 2 separate button feature. It allows for mist or light or both. Love the... read more »

Great Charging Cable

01 Aug, 2017
Worked so well my daughter stole it. Now I'm buying the duo pack. I ordered a single a while back and my daughter snagged it right away. ABSOLUTELY wonderful cable. I keep one in my car and I can... read more »

Brilliant Blue! Works Great!

01 Aug, 2017
I ordered a single a while back and my daughter snagged it right away. This time I grabbed the duo. ABSOLUTELY wonderful cable. I keep one in my car and I can absolutely charge any device myself or my... read more »

I love them!!!!

01 Aug, 2017
Great for energy. No jitters. No upset stomach. No shakes. I take 2 around 7am, I get a steady energy all day. I can still sleep around 9pm. read more »

Sad Shape

01 Aug, 2017
These arrived wrapped in wet newspaper with all the leaves dead. I cut the leaves off and placed the bamboo in the aquarium. They have been there for 2 weeks; there is no new growth as yet. If this Ba... read more »

Works GREAT!

01 Aug, 2017
I just cleaned out my tank and started completely over.  I placed one of the conditioner Turtles in the water and tested it the next morning. The numbers were great. I added brand new fish (Molli... read more »


01 Aug, 2017
I have been intrigued with the marimo moss balls ever since I first saw one in the pet store. I introduced these to my aquarium a couple of weeks ago. The first thing that happened is the Picasimus fi... read more »

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