The best Grill Mat, Non-Stick BBQ Grilling Mat, Heavy Duty Weber Grill Mat, Set of 2, Size 13" x 16", Brown Color by The Racheal Collections
Price: $10.99
4.84 / 5   (38 Reviews)


Its just ok

11 Nov, 2019
These didnt last very long. They worked very well the 6 or 7 times we used them. Then they just fell apart. :( read more »


27 Jul, 2019

Slick mats for easy cleanup

18 Jul, 2019
These are fiberglass and PTFE mats.  With this you don't get the same scorch marks as you would directly on the grill if you're into that, but of course it lets you cook stuff on the gril... read more »

Grill Mate

18 Jul, 2019
Oh MY gosh! I am so excited to use this. I was at a friends house for the fourth and out burgers got fire!!! I am doubtful this will happen with the grill mats!! Can't wait to use them! #spo... read more »


17 Jul, 2019
We host an annual 4th of July party every year for our friends and family. Every year we grill up hot dogs and hamburgers. I knew we'd be grilling, so wanted to be sure I had plenty of new mats to... read more »

Non-Stick Mat

03 Jul, 2019
Great for the grill, easy to clean and keeps everything from falling  through . read more »

these are the best

16 Jun, 2019
There are so many ways you can use these. Can lay across grill to keep meats separate like fish, pork, beef, vegetables,  and etc.. using these also helps keep grill clean you get a 3 pack here a... read more »

Helps with grill mess

12 Jun, 2019
This really helps to grill mess free. Saves me time from scrubbing down the grill.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #The Racheal Collections read more »

Good Product

03 Jun, 2019
These are a cloth like material. they are strong and do the job. #RankBoosterReview   read more »

Works Great!

27 May, 2019
Shipped and arrived quickly.  Packaged well.  Just in time for grilling!  These were a little smaller than my other one but are very sturdy!  Cooked my chicken great!  Used on... read more »

Great to grill everything!

21 May, 2019
My hubby just loves these! We had a propane leak coming from our oven so we had to shut it off and was without our oven for 3 weeks. We had to grill on a BBQ for the entire time. These grill mats... read more »


20 May, 2019
I've been transitioning to all reusable type item in the kitchen. Seeing how much waste is filling up the landfills if absolutely insane. I think if we all tried a little more that we can make a g... read more »

So easy

17 May, 2019
#productreview #blogger #amazon #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #food #grilling #summer #nonstick #copper #bbq These mats are a dream because I hate scrubbing the grill after using it. We use a rubbe... read more »

love it

25 Apr, 2019
I was given a grill but the cast iron grates were rusted. These grilling mats saved me a lot of work cleaning them off.  I just put tthe mats over the top of the grates and our food came out wond... read more »


28 Mar, 2019
These mats are great for grilling. They keep things mess free so you don't have to scrub your grill after you are done. They clean really easy too with some soap and water everything just washes r... read more »

grill mat

24 Mar, 2019
great quality very useful on grill non stick comes in a set of 2  read more »

Works great!

22 Mar, 2019
Easy to clean and no messy grille to scrub after. Made some steaks and burgers and was amazed how nice and even they were cooked and how easy they just came right off the mats. Clean up was super easy... read more »

Easy clean up that doesn't break the bank

08 Mar, 2019
The liner I have on my grill right now needed to be replaced. I found this pack of 3 to be inexpensive when compared to similar products. Food tends not to stick, and it make the grill so much easier... read more »

Good quality grill mats

01 Mar, 2019
I used it for camping grill. Very nice quality. I was satisfied how the bbq was cooked. Was able to clean it easily with dish soap and use it again. Recommended! read more »

Amazing non stick technology

13 Feb, 2019
I was skeptical but purchased anyway. I am so glad I did. I trimed down one with ease to fit my cookie sheet. Straight out of the oven the chocolate chip cookies  slid right off and a simple dunk... read more »

These mat are great!

09 Feb, 2019
If you want some heavy duty mat you def should get these. They work great. They cook food really good and dont leave mess on grill! I would defiently recommend these to all my friends and family! If y... read more »

Good product

29 Jan, 2019
Although this is a grill mat, I've used it as a mat for drying decorated cookies. It works great with what I intended to do with it. read more »


20 Dec, 2018
I am not the best at grilling but at least with these grill mats when I grill things do not stick to the grill anymore! #rankboosterreview  read more »

These are great as well.... Can't wait for grilling season here in MN

16 Dec, 2018
BBQ Grill Mat, Set of 3 Heavy Duty, Non-stick Grill Mat 16 x 13 inches, Gold Brown Colour. Reusable and Easy to Clean Barbecue by The Racheal Collections.   I am here to do another product... read more »

Awesome color!

12 Dec, 2018
I have not used them yet because I don’t grill much, but when I do, I will definitely use them! They look like really great quality! I’m glad I got these! I have to use a community grill,... read more »

great product

09 Dec, 2018
these are amazing! Never need to worry with non stick cooking spray again. great for cookies and biscuits in the oven. love love love this read more »


05 Dec, 2018
These are great on the bbq. I love using them so much. The work wonderfully. I bought a new grill and wanted to keep it clean so I bought these and even after many uses you would think my grill was br... read more »

Heavy duty

28 Nov, 2018
Super Heavy duty. Works great, easy clean up I just toss it in the dish washer. Perfect for my husbands cook outs. Best BBQ Grill Mat, Set of 3 Heavy Duty, Non-stick Grill Mat 16 x 13 inches, Gold... read more »

The best Grill Mat, Non-Stick BBQ Grilling Mat, Heavy Duty Weber Grill Mat, Set of 2, Size 13" x 16", Brown Color by The Racheal Collections

22 Nov, 2018
The best Grill Mat, Non-Stick BBQ Grilling Mat, Heavy Duty Weber Grill Mat, Set of 2, Size 13" x 16", Brown Color by The Racheal Collections. Great for grilling fish and vegetables. Also wor... read more »

makes grilling a breeze

21 Nov, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #The Racheal Collections   Easy clean up makes grilling more enjoyable. No longer does my food get stuck to the grill. Happy grilling. read more »

Nice mat

19 Nov, 2018
I like these mats to go with my copper cookie sheets i have. But its not as shiny looking like the picture. It is ok though since it still blends in with the color of the cookie sheet. read more »

exactly what was wanted

13 Nov, 2018
These grill mats are very well made and perform exactly as wanted.  I bought them for a gift and am delighted with the quality.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored read more »


02 Nov, 2018
these are very very nice grill Mats, they are pliable but not flimsy. Quite heavy duty and quality material. Would recommend. #Rankboosterreview #sponsored #therachaelcollections read more »

The Best Grill-Mat is Exactly What it Says it is

25 Nov, 2017
The title says it all. This grill mat is the best thing to hit a grill since the steak. It's the easiest thing to use and extremely easy to cook on, and even easier to clean up. You can now cook l... read more »

Excellent Product!

19 Oct, 2017
I love this grill mat! we used one on the grill for grilled veggies and it worked wonderfully! I definitely recommend. A+ product! read more »

This Is A Kitchen or Grill Must have!

30 Aug, 2017
I have been seeing these floating around the internet for awhile now. When you are an avid baker/cooker you are always looking for the next best thing. However, you also can be hesitant sometimes... read more »

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