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I am a mother of 4 a grandmother of 2 so far lol. I am a woman that loves to share my likes and dislikes with everyone : ) ...That being said I love to shop online for that next item I can share with everyone. I am a freelance writer, as well as owning my own dog walking/sitting business. I love what I do and I love sharing my knowledge with others that want to know whats new. People always come to me with questions and opinions, as well as with recommendations. Sometimes I think I should have been some type of TV host. I would love to do this reviewing realm on more of a full-time basis down the road, but for now I will do as much as people will send my way! : )
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Winter Must Have

20 Jul, 2021
I wanted to try these ever since I see them elsewhere. Great item to have when you live where you have to deal with ice. I like these because you have more control over them and they are easy to store... read more »

These Are Very Beautiful And Quality Made

20 Jul, 2021
I was really surprised these looked as great as the pictures. Some products don't, these surely don't disappoint! They are very beautiful, great size as well, I would definately get more of th... read more »

Zip Ties Are Always A Good Idea

20 Jul, 2021
Everyone should have zip ties, they are great for many things. You just can't go wrong, these are nice and durable and have served my needs well. Love the fact there is different sizes, so less cu... read more »

Could Be A Little Softer but Alright

20 Jul, 2021
This is a comfortable seat, but even with the gel it could be slightly softer. Too stiff for my office chair, but it is my personal opinion so now I use in my truck. Perfect for there, probably becaus... read more »

Great Tool While It Lasted

20 Jul, 2021
I got this for hubby because it's portability, but it only held up for like 3 months. Could just be a fluke, but it was great till it quit.  read more »

Very Comfy for Those Lazy Days!

20 Jul, 2021
This is a great getup for those lazy comfy days. They are nice and lightweight and the pockets are great to have as well. Would recommend, for anyone looking for that outfit that is one and done. read more »

Very Pretty Decent Size

20 Jul, 2021
This is very pretty, I turned into a necklace even though it is a keychain. I didn't want it all dinged up. These are great gifts for the sealife lovers, but not if they don't like the real de... read more »

Quick Fix For My Fountain

18 Nov, 2020
I bought this because I ended up getting a fountain that hasn't worked in a long time. Took old pump out and put this in, works like a champ! You do have to make sure it gets enough sun, if in an... read more »

Exactly What The Hubby Ordered!

18 Nov, 2020
Hubby was use to the old school wire connectors, I told him to give these a try! He had a grin from ear to ear! They are great when you want that added protection when doing wiring and it makes me fee... read more »

Not Happy, Undersized and Not Luxury!

18 Nov, 2020
 I am an honest reviewer and I was rather disappointed in this rug. Not thick by any means, took forever to get, had a high smell, and ended up smaller then shown....I cant recommend this rug in... read more »

You Will Def Feel It!

18 Nov, 2020
Bought because I try to use as much all natural products as possible. It is really hard to find a high level of quality hemp in a product as well. I use this for the occasional aches and pains in my b... read more »

Great Footrest For The Jeep Lover

18 Nov, 2020
Something I purchased awhile back! These are great for any Jeep lover. They are awesomely durable and easy to install. The design is pretty cool as well, you will be impressed with these and definatel... read more »

I Am In Love! Easy Updating!

18 Nov, 2020
These types of lights usually require some type of weird wiring, or cost an arm and a leg....So I was taking a chance, I am a sucker for anything glass prism. Not the cheap plastic, so my worries went... read more »

Love It! My Comfort Dress!!

24 Aug, 2019
If you have that favorite tshirt that you love to lounge in, you will love this! The pockets are reasonable size, material is light and comfortable. This is great for those days you just want somethin... read more »

It Is Great At What It Does!

04 Feb, 2019
I really like the warmer and the fact that it has a digital face on it. So I can see exactly what the temp is at. It doesn't take long to warm at all and is easy to clean. I wasn't thrilled wi... read more »

Not Impressed Very Disappointed

04 Feb, 2019
I had high hopes for this dress given how nice the picture looked, but those were dashed when I recieved. It looked just BAD!! The material was comfortable, but there were not curves to the cut and to... read more »

Perfect Replacement You Can Afford

04 Feb, 2019
I bought these thinking they would fit mine, but they don't but that is my fault. Anyways the quality is great and definately then paying the big bucks going through manufacturer. Pieces were all... read more »

High Quality, Very Impressed!

04 Feb, 2019
This is a must have for anyone looking for quality when it comes to what they are putting in their body. I use this for the MANY benefits it provides and it is not always easy to find one that you are... read more »

Great Basic Kegel Ball Set

12 Jan, 2018
If you are looking for just a basic kegel ball set this is awesome. If you are a woman most of us have heard of these. These are great for first time kegel users as well as experienced kegel users. Ag... read more »

Great Wireless Solution

12 Jan, 2018
I really hate to call these wireless because they have wires, just not one connecting to your phone or other item. I like to call them semi wireless, but the wire is mainly there to keep them together... read more »

Needed Handy Item

12 Jan, 2018
I still drive older vehicles because of that of course they are not equipped for todays technology. So having one of these is a must have! It is great to have even with a newer vehicle as well wh... read more »

Beautiful Inside And Out

12 Jan, 2018
I got this for my daughter who is fighting breast cancer right now. I wanted to give her something beautiful to look at through this hard time. This didn't disappoint, the purple is so pretty and... read more »

Definitely Interesting

12 Jan, 2018
Interesting concept for sure, works great in most aspects but definitely not a replacement lol. Left, right but no up or down....really need a woman to design these types for insight lol. While you wi... read more »

Great Fun For Anyone!

12 Jan, 2018
I bought this for my daughter, then my grandson came over and played with it. He loved it sooo much he wanted a larger version for Xmas which I got him. This one is great especially if you are using i... read more »

Always Great Wigs!

12 Jan, 2018
I have several wigs from this company and I have never been disappointed. While I do have some I love more than others, this one is a great addition for my collection. I like the length of this one be... read more »

Covers The Sides Completely!

12 Jan, 2018
I like how my S8+ looks so getting a clear case was a must have. I didn't want anything bulky though and the problem with a lot of the cases on the market today is they don't cover the sides a... read more »

Great For The Wisconsin Cold

12 Jan, 2018
I walk dogs out in the cold Wisconsin weather. I need access to my hands as well as being able to keep them warm. So these were the perfect solution! They keep you warm and Thinsulate has always done... read more »

Design Is Nice

12 Jan, 2018
Was looking for a wireless charger for my S8+ to save on my plug over time...It is sleek and spacesaving, however it don't seem to work with my phone right. I have to keep moving my phone around o... read more »

Awesome Musical Instrument You Can Take Anywhere!

12 Jan, 2018
I am always up for interesting musical instruments and that falls into that category. My youngest daughter loves anything to do with music as well. This is great because it is carrying size, comes wit... read more »

Great Fit For The Jeep

01 Jan, 2018
Was looking for a great seat cover for the jeep and this fit right up the alley for designs someone was looking for. The design wasn't as clear and crisp as I thought it would be, but it will work... read more »

Double The Fun, Two Is Better Than One!

01 Jan, 2018
I have always typically had the single egg version of a similar item, so I figured I would change things up a bit. I need a lot of stimulation sometimes and sometimes in more than one spot. This defin... read more »

Great Style Change Up

01 Jan, 2018
Was looking to have a band to change up my charge 2 from time to time. This was a great choice, it offered the little bit of bling I was looking for without being crazy. I went to a Gear 3 and gave th... read more »

Almost Perfect

01 Jan, 2018
We have 5 vehicles at this time and instead of moving holders from vehicle to vehicle I wanted a couple for each. So I decided to give this one a try, I like that it doesn't take up a lot of room.... read more »

Perfect For Many Things

01 Jan, 2018
I have always loved loofah sponges, they are a natural replenishable item. These are on the smaller size and that is ok because I can hold onto these a lot better than the larger ones. These... read more »

Simple, Clean and Effective

12 Dec, 2017
I just moved into a new place and I wanted a new shower curtain..I didn't want to use someone elses left behinds. This is a basic white shower curtain, lightweight with a silky feel to it. It... read more »

I Would Give More Stars If I Could!

12 Dec, 2017
This is an awesome mouse pad! I needed something bigger than the standard pad, but not something that would overtake my desk. I also needed something that would hold up to the heavy daily use of the m... read more »

Great Looking Dual Use Headphones

12 Dec, 2017
These are a great pair of headphones! One of the best things about them is you can used them wired or bluetooth. Which is great if you lose the wire or they break. Maybe you don't like bluetooth a... read more »

Great Color, Great Cosplay!

12 Dec, 2017
This is a great shade of pink, I really love the eNilecor line of wigs and this one is pretty nice. Not as nice as some other I have gotten, but still not bad.The wig is heat resistant which is a... read more »

Great Looking Bracelet For Everyday Wear

12 Dec, 2017
I am a big lover of semi precious stone jewelry and this combination is just awesome. I am not a suit and tie kind of person so this fits right into my type of attire. Not saying it wouldn&#... read more »

Protects Your Hands Perfectly!

12 Dec, 2017
I was in need of some potholders, the ones I had have seen their time. So I decided to give these a try, they were a simple go to design! I don't need anything fancy I just want it to work and the... read more »

Solar and Powerful!!

03 Nov, 2017
I do a lot of things outdoors when I can and a plugin is not always available. So being able to have a speaker that is solar is a must have! Now I know I can take it with me and have no worries about... read more »

I have a longer version from this company I love as well, but it requires a lot more upkeep. So I wanted to get my hands on this one since it was a shorter version. OMG!!! I am in love with this one too. No problems with tangling at all! It

03 Nov, 2017
I have a longer version from this company I love as well, but it requires a lot more upkeep. So I wanted to get my hands on this one since it was a shorter version. OMG!!! I am in love with this one t... read more »

Rockstar Style When You Want It!!

03 Nov, 2017
This is the perfect wig for whenever you want a little bit of sass. This is great for occasional wear, I don't know if I would wear it every day. It is good quality for the price, but you can... read more »

Great Cosplay Wig!

03 Nov, 2017
I have been loving wearing wigs, being able to change my style on a whim. This is a great wig at a great price. Its perfect for occasional wear, you can style a little. I would recommend styling befor... read more »

I Love This Wig!!! So Natural Looking! Great Way To Have Long Hair When I Want It!!

14 Oct, 2017
I have very fine thin hair and it takes forever for my hair to grow out as well. So I have always typically keep it cut short. Of course, though I do have those times I wish I had long beautiful locks... read more »

Sharp and Great for SM/Med Things

17 Sep, 2017
 <a href="" rel="nofollow" style="display: none;"></a>       This produ... read more »

Something That Looks Good and Is Good To Use, Put Those Kegels To Work!

16 Sep, 2017
I am one of many upon many women that have problems with bladder control. Mine started like many of ours did pregnancy/birth. There are many other reasons it can happen too, but as long as you are cle... read more »

Great For More Than Halloween!

16 Sep, 2017
This face paint is awesome!!! So awesome I didn't even get to try it....Long story short, let dad babysit dad thinks its play makeup...Enough said hahahahaha!! Dad said our daughter did a great jo... read more »

Power In A Small Package!!

15 Sep, 2017
This little cute purple toy packs quite the fun. While it isn't the biggest it is not quite the smallest either. If you are not a girth lover this is fine! This rechargable go getter is ready... read more »

So Far They Have Worked Well For Me

14 Sep, 2017
Even though I very seldom experience a slice or a poke to the finger (knock on wood), it is always on the back of my mind. I work alot with my hands as well too, so I need them to be usable on a daily... read more »

All Natural Is The Best Way To Go!! Great Outdoors Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets!!

14 Sep, 2017
It is towards the end of the year but the mosquitos are still out. It seems at the start of the season and the end they are super crazy and hungry. I can't use traditional bug spray because I have... read more »

Aphrodisia 10 Vibe Setting Vibe Perfect Beginner!

11 Sep, 2017
If you are looking for the perfect beginner vibe or just something smaller it is a perfect choice. It is on the shorter thinner side, but does have some great features. It does have ridges for more fe... read more »

Thirst Buster For Sure!

11 Sep, 2017
This is a great item for many occasions, this thing is a hefty carrier coming in at 2 liters. I like it for camping, but it would be great for hiking as well. Even sporting events or more, anywhere wh... read more »

Great Smaller Sized Cell Phone Holder

06 Sep, 2017
I don't like to have my car cluttered with tons of stuff if I can help it. So this was a great smaller gadget worth getting. It was small in size, so it wouldn't take up much room and you can... read more »

Exactly What I Was Looking For

06 Sep, 2017
It seems like there is always a fuse needed on something around my place. On our own cars or others that may be getting a fix... Never seemed like we had the right one when we needed it. This little k... read more »

Oh My, A Lot of Power In A Comfortable Size!

03 Sep, 2017
If you are looking for that adult toy that is not overly sized or has too many controls to operate... You have to add this one to your toy box!!! This is the perfect size and design for anyone from be... read more »

Well Made And True To Size!!!

01 Sep, 2017
I am in love with these shorts!!! Sometimes it is hard to buy things online like clothing since some are not true to size. Well, you don't have to worry here, because these ARE true to size!! They... read more »

This Is A Kitchen or Grill Must have!

30 Aug, 2017
I have been seeing these floating around the internet for awhile now. When you are an avid baker/cooker you are always looking for the next best thing. However, you also can be hesitant sometimes... read more »

WOW!! Amazing Vibe With Great Features!!

28 Aug, 2017
I have always been a big fan of the FOX line of vibes, why? The quality is there!! You won't be disappointed in this one, it packs quite the punch for sure. It has 10 different frequencies, thrust... read more »

So Cute I Had To Hoot About It!

27 Aug, 2017
This S8+ case was hard to pass up! The whimsical big owl and little owl are so adorable sitting next to each other on the branch. This phone case has a mix of colors but mainly teal, black and white w... read more »

Colorful and Beautiful!!

27 Aug, 2017
This design with the colors are hard to miss, they look great together! Dark blue, light blue, white cream and teal just blend together. The rhinestones are the finishing touch, This phone case is two... read more »

Love This Phone Cover!!

27 Aug, 2017
I love this phone cover for my S8+, I wanted something with a little bling that was not overly covered in it. It is a soft pink metallic color which looks great with the rhinestones. What I like about... read more »

Plain Looking With Awesome Features!

26 Aug, 2017
This is a plain jane vibe to the naked eye, but it has some great unseen features! One of my favorite features is that it is USB rechargable, yep that means no batteries needed!! That is a big bonus f... read more »

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