USB Cable Type C Sync Fast Charging Cord
Price: $89.00
3.97 / 5   (68 Reviews)


Super speed

22 Oct, 2020
USB Cable Type C Sync Fast Charging Cord #HENIST   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Review #amazon #sale #Viralix #gifts #deals Very good they allow fast data and are well made strong... read more »

Works great

11 Jul, 2020
Great cable for charging my phone. Works as expected and no issues. read more »

It works

07 Feb, 2020
Fast charging  The cord is long.. bought 2. read more »

It Works

06 Jan, 2020
This cord does just like it promises it charges your device and it works.  read more »


13 Dec, 2019
not sure what the purpose of this is. it is like 3 inches, charges super slow and ended up in the trash  read more »

Works as Expected

20 Nov, 2019
I was not disappointed with this purchase, as it performed as described. read more »

great for a typical cable

04 Sep, 2019
This is not one that will last a long time. I like how it is not too pricy but I must say something is strange about it. The Amazon price is 89 bucks. This may be a typo because I did not pay anything... read more »

Pricing is crazy

27 Aug, 2019
The price is ridicilous for this skimpy small cable that they send you. read more »

Worked Well

02 Jul, 2019
Nothing much about this product but it worked well. Does what it suppose to do.  read more »

Junk Does not work

17 Jun, 2019
Junk does not work at all, will not charge anything, got two, neither work. read more »

I Wish That They Could All Be Type C

29 May, 2019
The very best of USB is Type C. That's it. Fabulous. read more »

Great quality

17 May, 2019
I was really impressed by the quality of the cords.. there still working and I bring them everywhere I go, they get used alot. #amazonblogger #rankboosterblog #blogbooster read more »

Ok but not fast

09 May, 2019
I am always looking for additional fast charge cords for my Pixel 2XL.  So far none have been fast charge. This cord set is nice to have as a back-up. It's not fast charge but it isn't as... read more »

Usb fast charging cord

01 May, 2019
Very cheaply made. They work but is not a fast charging cord. Everytime I use it it says my phone will actually charge slower and to use the cord that came with my phone #rankboosterreview #blog... read more »


26 Apr, 2019
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored   USB Cable Type C Sync Fast Charging Cord   These cords are build pretty well but no where near worth the price. Mine worked well for two... read more »

Horrible product

24 Apr, 2019
Charger did not fit my phone nor did it charge my phone! Unhappy!! read more »

Type C fast charging cord

22 Apr, 2019
This charging cord works great. When hooked up to my Motorola phone it indicates turbo charge. I think the material the cord is made from is not the best it could be... Seems like just a thi... read more »

Cool product

22 Apr, 2019
cool product. read more »

a good fast cord

20 Apr, 2019
This USB Cable type C cord is a fast charger! It fits my Samsung Galaxy S9 Great and works wonderfully! I take this one with me to use with my external chargers and the one in the car. My phone charge... read more »

Good micro cable.

19 Apr, 2019
is very good cable. Works with all devices that accepts micro cable.  read more »

Works great

19 Apr, 2019
Very good charging cord it does what it sayd it charges your phone at super speed and can sync data even faster to your phone from your other devices, it is a fairly decent length not too short like s... read more »


19 Apr, 2019
Not working for my right read more »

Works great

18 Apr, 2019
This is a great USB type C cord. It works great for charging all of my types of devices. My devices charge quickly. The cord seems pretty sturdy. Hopefully it will last for a long time. read more »

Works ok

18 Apr, 2019
I grabbed this UBS Type C Sync Fast Charging Cord and because of the price listing, I thought it would be lightening fasr. Haha  It's fast. Fast as my others so I'm ok with it. There&#... read more »

USB Cable Type C

16 Apr, 2019
I recently bought this from Rank Booster, it was very expensive considering it didn't even work. read more »


16 Apr, 2019
This cable is advertised as a fast charging & data sync cable, well unfortunately it does neither one of those things. It charges extremely slowly and it does not have any data capabilities. My No... read more »

Great little cord

16 Apr, 2019
Great little charging cord. I bought one of these for me and my daughter. It's the perfect size for the portable charger. We are very happy with this little charging cord read more »

Not fast charging

16 Apr, 2019
Very disappointed! read more »


15 Apr, 2019
not worth $89 or even $10 read more »

very nice

15 Apr, 2019
this item works very good read more »


15 Apr, 2019
What can you say about a cable. It’s nice material. Connects good and works great.  read more »

Works GREAT!!

14 Apr, 2019
Fast sync charging. The cord is almost 5" long. Strong.  Works perfectly with my S8 phone.  I am completely pleased.  read more »

Fast charging

14 Apr, 2019
This cable works perfectly for my phone. It's approximately three feet long and charges my phone very quickly. Perfect for my needs. read more »

USB type C charging cable

14 Apr, 2019
I keep these around for my kids who all have Androids but also for all of my bluetooth speakers and headphones.  It's always good to have a lot of these, so I can leave them in the car or in... read more »


14 Apr, 2019
If I could give a zero or negative one (-1), that's what it is worth... My cat chewed thru my original charging cord and I was ecstatic a out getting this cable, only to be extremely disappointed.... read more »

USB Cable type C, fast charging cord

13 Apr, 2019
I really like this charger alot.. It fits almost all my equipment needing a charger. My phone was at 12% and within 15 minutes it was at that's fast!! I would recommend this product to an... read more »

Works Great!

13 Apr, 2019
this USB type C cable works great with our android phones nicely!  fast charging and very durable~ ready to use at any moment!  Handy to have for Android devices!  read more »

Work well with my devices.

12 Apr, 2019
Work well with my devices. read more »

Works just fine

12 Apr, 2019
This is just a standard type c fast charging cord. It works well and does charge fast, though I wish the cord was longer. read more »

Very good product and good price.

12 Apr, 2019
Works great and they stand behind their product. I definitely would recommend this product. read more »

Doesn't fast charge

12 Apr, 2019
I purchased two of these cables through #HEINST. Neither one of them is fast charge cables. I even used a fast charge transformer. This is quite frustrating only because when you have a quick charge e... read more »


11 Apr, 2019
Nice short cord to put in my bag and charge my phone with, i like having a short one on hand to tuck away because the long ones always get tangled, even in a zipper pouch. Works well and does what i n... read more »

Charging on the go

10 Apr, 2019
This is a fast charging short cord that we will be using while traveling. You can never have to many cords but even though this is a shorter cord then what I have it does the job and seems well made.t... read more »

Charges fast but expensive

10 Apr, 2019
This cable charges my device very fast and well made. Though it is not braided and does not have any extra features the cable itself is not bad. Though it is very expensive and probably wouldn't n... read more »

thank you

10 Apr, 2019
Shipped very timely. Just as described. I have 2 phone and i use the charger to charger my phone and it so fast and well.Works great, not a problem what’s so ever ... thanks so much. read more »

Works great

10 Apr, 2019
This charges my phone great. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #HENIST     read more »

Works Great

10 Apr, 2019
This was a perfect extra for the car. The cord isn't too long for the small space, and it charges fast in a pinch, which is usually when I'm in the car! Sturdy and handy since they keep changi... read more »

Great buy

10 Apr, 2019
Well made very durable highly recommend read more »


10 Apr, 2019
This charging cable is super fast! I had no issues getting it to connect and it’s very reliable and good quality! read more »

Sweet deal

10 Apr, 2019
I purchased a new phone requiring a USB type "C" input connector for charging that only came with a 3 foot long cable. That cable would barely reach from my power strip on the floor to the a... read more »


10 Apr, 2019
It was fast at charging, only drawback is the cord is not very long. But it is still a good USB cord.  read more »

Well made

10 Apr, 2019
Seriously how much can you really say about a charger it's a charger it works. What I buy it again yes because you always need Chargers and this is a pretty good charger. It's May well and fai... read more »

Not a fast charging cable

09 Apr, 2019
Not a fast charging cable. Cable charges very slow.  read more »

Faster than fast

09 Apr, 2019
Great product put out by a great company. Fast charging isn't the word for it. This is the fastest charging cable I have ever owned. would like to buy more in the future.  read more »


09 Apr, 2019
If I could give a zero or negative one (-1), that's what it is worth... My cat chewed thru my original charging cord and I was ecstatic a out getting this cable, only to be extremely disappointed.... read more »

Great !

09 Apr, 2019
The Micro USB & USB-C Fast Charging & Data Sync Cable is very good quality. I use it to charge my cell phone and connect it to my computer to transfer and sync files.  #RankBoosterRevi... read more »

works well

08 Apr, 2019
works but nor great quality but gets the job done  read more »


08 Apr, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Miller Amy Great Type C fast charging cord. read more »

USB-C Cord

07 Apr, 2019
I always need a new cord to help charge my iPad, Battery Backup, and other devices around the house.  I found this cord the other day and it works really well.  Here are so... read more »

Great fast charging and data sync cord. Highly recommend

07 Apr, 2019
Very nice thick and sturdy USB-C fast charging and data sync cord. The data sync is a very fast transfer for the longer length of cord at 3'3". The reversible connector allows you to connect... read more »

Works great

05 Apr, 2019
Works great, arrived fast read more »

The Besterest!

04 Apr, 2019
Good product, price is a little high. read more »

Good, but not nearly $90 good.

04 Apr, 2019
Charges fast and transfers fast, but nobody should spend $90 on any cable, much less a usb c cable... read more »

Better than expected.

04 Apr, 2019
Very good product and high quality. read more »


03 Apr, 2019
Well made charger cable. Works great and doesn't get hot. Recommend for a extra cable for the home is office. read more »

This Type C Sync Fast Charging Cord Works Great

01 Apr, 2019
This USB Cable Type C Sync Fast Charging Cord works Great! It's by HENIST!I bought it for my Samsung Galaxy S8 cellphone to charge it quickly and to be able to transfer data quickly and with a sta... read more »

USB Cable Type C Sync Fast Charging Cord

25 Mar, 2019
USB Cable Type C Sync Fast Charging Cord. Good cord, works good with my phone. #Rankboosterreview #Henist #Milleramy read more »

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