Phone Fast Charger, 2-Pack 5Ft/1.5M Nylon Braided Phone Charger Cable(Gold and Grey)with Wall Plug 2-Port USB Charger Sync Compatible with Phone SE XS MAX/XR/X/8/7/6S/6/Plus
Price: $10.99
4.89 / 5   (83 Reviews)


Great for everyday use!

03 Sep, 2021
No issues here! easy cable management. no wire tangling. I keep in one place and use everyday. great products for the price! read more »

Didn’t work for long

31 Jul, 2021
This chargers each worked a few weeks and then stopped working. The iPhone said that they were not supported.  read more »

Fast Charge

05 Nov, 2020
I received this 2 pack of 5 foot iPhone charging cables from PumpkinElectronics. The wires are extremely durable and made out of braided nylon so they are less likely to tangle or break. They charge i... read more »

Nice 5' charging cords for a good price

17 Sep, 2020
Nice sturdy, quality cords that work well. 5' gives you plenty of space.  read more »

You can never have enough chargers around

05 Aug, 2020
The nylon braiding makes these extra durable. These cords will last you a long time. The charging is optimal. I went from dead to a full battery in a little under two hours while still streaming simul... read more »


23 Jul, 2020
These are the best! Super fast charging, long, and extremely durable. read more »

Nice chargers!

14 Jul, 2020
Super nice and sturdy!  read more »

Works great!

12 Jul, 2020
My original charger cable stopped working and I bought one in between that was taking forever to charge and would make my screen jumps.  This cable makes my phone charges super fast and I do not... read more »

super fast

06 Jul, 2020
  Phone Fast Charger, 2-Pack 5Ft/1.5M Nylon Braided Phone Charging Cable Data Sync Transfer Cord #OTISA #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored... read more »


25 Jun, 2020
Works great, been using these for a couple weeks & they charge quite well :) read more »

iPhone charger

22 Jun, 2020
It's Awesome read more »

Great Charger!

02 Jun, 2020
Used this and works great! Had no problem charging up my phone and charges fast. Great buy! read more »

Charges fast

19 Apr, 2020
These cords charge fast. I definitely recommend them to anyone wanting a fast charge on their iPhone.  read more »

Cable works as expected!

13 Apr, 2020
This cable does exactly what you want it to do it charges your device very fast and just like you hoped it would do.  read more »

Charging cords

28 Feb, 2020
Was a great item to purchase thank you so much. read more »

Fast and reliable

15 Feb, 2020
Good charger and it is very fast. Cable is very durable and good quality read more »

Love it

13 Feb, 2020
I love these chargers. It comes with 2 cords and a charging cube, for this price it can't be beat! I use them as car chargers though so they really come in handy! Charge super fast & sufficien... read more »

Nice, but doesn't seem fast

11 Feb, 2020
I like the length and color and feel of these cords, but they don't seem to charge any faster than a standard cord. They are twice the length though, so I like them. read more »

Works great!

04 Feb, 2020
My phone was about to die and it charged it back up so fast! I was quite impressed and I'm really happy I made this purchase! read more »


01 Feb, 2020
amazing! read more »

Great chargers

31 Jan, 2020
This two pack of chargers is just what I needed.  I am able to keep one in my purse and one in my vehicle so that I am never again in a situation where my phone is just about dead and I have no w... read more »

Perfect Set!

30 Jan, 2020
This is a perfect set of charging cord's, and charging block! read more »

Great iPhone cords

14 Jan, 2020
This iPhone cord is durable and fast charging! It's a great quality cord and charges my phone faster then most chargers I've used.. most cords break fast or stop working but this cord is made... read more »


21 Dec, 2019
Beyond the best out there would definitely recommend these read more »

iPad at work always missing a charger

19 Dec, 2019
We have 2 iPads at work and we are always one charger short and really needed a quick charger to get to where we can use it faster so I got this one to have with me when I need it. This works well wit... read more »

Good items!

18 Dec, 2019
Durable, working great. Awesome and good quality product! read more »

Great price for a great product!

17 Dec, 2019
Nice and thick cord that charges your device well. No issues in the past few weeks with it. Average length but great quality. Not breaking or separating at the ends. Hopefully it lasts.  read more »

Great charger

17 Dec, 2019
These cane fast and in a great package . I'm always breaking or loosing my cables . These are very heavy duty and great quality .  read more »

Works Great!

13 Dec, 2019
Both cables and wall charger work fantastic on my iPad.  Very satisfied!  read more »

Works great!

13 Dec, 2019
Bought for my kids and the are holding up good!  read more »

Works well..

13 Dec, 2019
Well made 2 pack of fast charger cords that work great.The  two pack has (one grey and one gold ) 5 ft. long and a charging block with 2 USB ports.  The lenght is just what I need... read more »

Fast charging I love it

12 Dec, 2019
Works great for my iPhone x , it's almost a month now since I bought this charger , still completely works great and fast charging , I love it read more »

Awesome Phone Charger Cord Set

09 Dec, 2019
  The Phone Fast Charging 2-Pack of 5Ft Nylon Braided iPhone Charging Cords plus Wall Outlet is really nice. This set is awesome. The&nbs... read more »

Great charging set

09 Dec, 2019
This is a great set, with two cords and a wall plug with two usb ports.  And it is a super value at $11. The cords are braided, reinforced at the plugs and a good legnth -- longer than the standa... read more »

works good! amazing price

08 Dec, 2019
Charges my Iphone very fast and i like that it comes with a wall adapter. Also it's nylon braided so that's a bonus. read more »

Really sturdy charging cables

07 Dec, 2019
I am always in need of charging cables and I love the braided ones. This set is perfect. You get two charging cables along with a wall plug. They are good quality cables and they charge my iPhone and... read more »

Really good

05 Dec, 2019
It's really good product. Look very sturdy and well made. Works great with my iPhone max. Super recommend it. read more »

Super product

05 Dec, 2019
These are pretty amazing iPhone cords I really like that they're super durable the fact that they're five foot long is extremely accommodating I would recommend to many.. I've had problems... read more »


05 Dec, 2019
LOVE these chargers!   Perfect for kids to use since they are made so well!   read more »

Fast charging iPhone cables

05 Dec, 2019
I received my 2 pack flexible iPhone charging cords their good in length and work on my iPhone 7s as well as my sons iPhone 11. read more »

Works great

04 Dec, 2019
Works great for my xs read more »


04 Dec, 2019
Have been working with ipad and iphone. Length and quality is great!  Hoping it wil be more long lasting since its a braided cord.  read more »

Very Durable Charging Cables

04 Dec, 2019
These IPhone charging cables are amazing. The way they are braided makes them last longer than other cords.  They are very heavy and durable.  They are also a very good length.  My phon... read more »

Fast Charger 2 pack

02 Dec, 2019
These cords are well made and braided for extra strength. The ends don't weaken and break like most cords so that's a thumbs up for me. The cords are 5 feet long so that gives you plenty of... read more »

Phone charging set

01 Dec, 2019
2 cords and a block is perfect for my husband and I. Seems to charge faster than the cord I bought from Walmart. Cable is thick and won't tangle easy. read more »


30 Nov, 2019
#Rankboosterreview #phonecharger #sponsored great phone chargers, they do charge somewhat faster than my old chargers read more »

Good Quality

30 Nov, 2019
Made well and a great price, very high quality cables, like how long they are. they do work as a fast charger and seem to be better than the one that I had before it broke. I don't think these are... read more »

Great chargers

29 Nov, 2019
This charging set comes 2 to a pack and fits multiple branded phones.The chargers seem to be well made of a nylon type cabe,and comes with the wall plug.This is a great set because it gives you one co... read more »

Phone fast charger 2 pack with 2 port charger

29 Nov, 2019
I always love these braided cords.  The ones that come with the iphone have a tendency to bend and break easily at the charging port,  These are rugged and are great for travel as they are s... read more »

Nice Chargers

29 Nov, 2019
 I really like the 6 ft. Cord. It's nice to be able to charge and still keep on working at the same time. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Amy read more »


27 Nov, 2019
Really fast charger and very durable.  read more »

Great buy

27 Nov, 2019
I always want to have extra charging cables around the house since we all use the same cables and they tend to walk away. This package is a steal because it comes with a cube to plug into a socket and... read more »

Works great!

27 Nov, 2019
These cables work awesomely for my iPhone! Curves quickly and effectively! #RankBoosterReview#Sponsored#Otisa read more »

Awesome bundle!

26 Nov, 2019
You can’t beat the price and the quality is very good. I loved that the electrical outlet part came with it! Great charger set! read more »


26 Nov, 2019

Charge 2 iphones at the same time

26 Nov, 2019
This set consists of a pair of 5 foot long Apple iPhone compatible high speed braided charging cables and a high speed wall charger. Suitable for travel or home use. The smart charger can identify the... read more »

Well Made

26 Nov, 2019
These cords seem to be really well made, love that the base box has 2 ports so more than one thing can get charged at a time. Would be a great gift read more »

Fast shipping!

24 Nov, 2019
The product shipped faster than I expected!! Also, for the price, you can't beat two charger cables and a wall plug that charges my device fast! read more »

Good Cables

24 Nov, 2019
Nice braided cables.  I love the braided ones because they seem to last longer.  And the 5 foot size is a nice length.  The plug in charger piece is a plus.  Can never have too man... read more »

WRITE YOUR REVIEW Phone Fast Charger, 2-Pack 5Ft/1.5M Nylon Braided Phone Charger Cable(Gold and Grey)with Wall Plug 2-Port USB Charger Sync Compatible with Phone SE XS MAX/XR/X/8/7/6S/6/Plus Price: $10.99

24 Nov, 2019
WRITE YOUR REVIEW Phone Fast Charger, 2-Pack 5Ft/1.5M Nylon Braided Phone Charger Cable(Gold and Grey)with Wall Plug 2-Port USB Charger Sync Compatible with Phone SE XS MAX/XR/X/8/7/6S/6/Plus&n... read more »


23 Nov, 2019
These work great.  read more »

Another great set of charging cords

23 Nov, 2019
They are very well made. Came with it's own block. Works great. read more »

Phone Fast Charger, 2-Pack 5Ft/1.5M Nylon Braided Phone Charger Cable(Gold and Grey)with Wall Plug 2-Port USB Charger.

23 Nov, 2019
Phone Fast Charger, 2-Pack 5Ft/1.5M Nylon Braided Phone Charger Cable(Gold and Grey)with Wall Plug 2-Port USB Charger. I am getting cherger's to give as presents. read more »

Works well and is well made

22 Nov, 2019
We are always going through phone chargers and whether we lose them or they wear out they never seem didn't last what they should. This is a well made set of cords that work great with our iPhones... read more »

exactly what I need

22 Nov, 2019
I like the fabric cords the best.  They last longer and the connections are more stable.  Plus you get a plug in... you can't ask for anything better at this price.  I give this 5 s... read more »

Well Made Cables!

21 Nov, 2019
I purchased these charging cables to replace some others that I had that were wore out. I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of these cables compared to others that I have tried. I will be buying... read more »

5ft charger

20 Nov, 2019
All my chargers was out of juice and needed a long enough fast charger to replace my old one. I came across this 2 pack 5 feet nylon phone charger and it is working spendidly. It is compatible with my... read more »

Easy Fast and Sturdy

20 Nov, 2019
This phone fast charger comes in a two pack, is nylon braided and comes with a wall plug as well.  It is compatible with all types of different phones.  These chargers are so very fast and m... read more »

Very Functional

19 Nov, 2019
Arrived quickly and packaged very well.  Fits perfectly.  I'm very happy that these are longer in length than the standard.  Seems to work well.  Love that they include wall bl... read more »

Great lighting cords

19 Nov, 2019
i love the braided lighting cords. These are a great price and are made tough to last longer than a lot of cords I’ve tried. The length is perfect and it’s a two pack so you have a back up... read more »

Charges fast

18 Nov, 2019
Comes with 2 cords and one port. Charges your phone faster than most chargers. read more »


17 Nov, 2019
These lightning cords are awesome especially for the price. I didn't know it when I ordered but they also came with a warranty and a power brick with 2 usb outlets on it. I have been using the cor... read more »


17 Nov, 2019
works well as discribed read more »

Absolutely Recommend this

16 Nov, 2019
I got these phone charger because I will be traveling a lot more this holiday season, These are handy very useful to have a set at work, in car and on the go with a portable charger. The branded charg... read more »

Good quality and compatible cables

15 Nov, 2019
This cables are made with good covering have thick layer to protect from damage due to daily use and also works great with iphone 11. read more »

Great set

15 Nov, 2019
They look nice - great quality.  read more »


13 Nov, 2019
Im so happy i got these, they aseem to charge my phone faster than regular charger, They are a good length so i dont have to sit scrunched up to use phone while on old 2 ft charging cord, I have more... read more »

Completely and Totally Awesome

11 Nov, 2019
These charging cords are very nice. I love that they are braided and are going to be much studier than other ones on the market. They are also two different colors, but essentially the same style so t... read more »

Love them

11 Nov, 2019
very sturdy and 3pieces that work well. No error messages and charges fast just like it says. They are very well made and strong. I love the nylon it helps to protect the woring and maybe they wont br... read more »


09 Nov, 2019
Great usb cable set for my devices. Good quality. read more »

get charged

08 Nov, 2019
Very nice, well made and seems really durable cords. The work great and slightly better then the ones that came with the phone. Highly recommended for the quality and price.  read more »

Great iPhone cables!

05 Nov, 2019
Great Quality Cables! Highly recommend! read more »

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