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I am a mom of three gorgeous boys, I have a blog and YouTube account. I love to review I take it seriously because this is a job and passion to me as I know I am helping others to build their business. I live in the country and I am a student and will have a bachelors in Peer Support counseling and psychology. If you want an honest review please let me help.
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18 May, 2022
this little guy does an awesome job, it is very smart. I love how it actually shows you exact codes. It's easy to use and sets itself up pretty much by itself. This is definitely something anyone... read more »


30 Nov, 2019
My son loved it! this was one of the most amazing deals on Christmas stockings that I have found in a while. These are very well made and the stitching is amazing. They are well worth $15 ea. T... read more »

Best little kit ever

24 Nov, 2019
this is clearly one of the best little flashlight kits out their. I got these as stocking stuffers but couldn't wait. My husband and my middle son are obsessed over flash lights. These are very br... read more »

Love this its Oerfect

22 Nov, 2019
love this little ion blow dryer. It is the perfect size for my travels for the hospital it also has an extra detachable head so that it makes doing a blow out easy. It has the perfect heated airflow a... read more »

Love the versatility

19 Nov, 2019
Amazing and very handy to have. You have three different chargers on one cord, no more tangles and multiple charge boxes. The cord stretches and couls itself back up as needed so it isnt just strung a... read more »

Absolutely amazing.

19 Nov, 2019
Thia is an amazing little set. Now instead of loosing my mind when my kids replace my keys or the remote, I just grab the remote and press the button. I actually labeled them and put a small note on t... read more »

Beautiful light

17 Nov, 2019
loving this light, it is very beautiful and enhances the look of any room. I love the fact that it comes with almost everything u need to set it up. The one thing i wish it would come with is the bulb... read more »

These are adorable

17 Nov, 2019
    I love the fact that these come in so many different sizes and you can have them go all the way up your ear. They are well made and they do not cause me to have a reaction to the metals... read more »

Absolutely beautiful!

17 Nov, 2019
   This rose is absolutely beautiful and is very satisfying to just sit and look at. Very pretty to have on after dark.  My kids were in awe when they first noticed it. I also love the... read more »

Handy to Have

12 Nov, 2019
This little guy is very handy to have if u love to drive and be handfree. If your not one of the lucky ones that their car is already equipped with the Bluetooth u need this in your life. Turn your sp... read more »

Love this Umbrella

12 Nov, 2019
Caption Lovinb this Umbrella  loving this umbrella. It is so easy to use and is automatic push putton to open ans close. It also comes in a water proof sleeve to protect you from gettin... read more »

Amazing set

11 Nov, 2019
this is an amazing set and has every piece you need for fixing the things around your home or office. I purchased another set for my son its always handy to have these little kits around. It has a pie... read more »

Love them

11 Nov, 2019
very sturdy and 3pieces that work well. No error messages and charges fast just like it says. They are very well made and strong. I love the nylon it helps to protect the woring and maybe they wont br... read more »

Worked well

06 Nov, 2019
This worked better than I ever imagined and for a fraction of thr price as most high dollar ones. It literally seemed to last way longer and it doesn't leave a ring around your mouth read more »

Hands down so Beautiful

28 Oct, 2019
This is hands down by far one of the best bible holders I have came in contact with. It is sturdy, well made, easy zip closure, beautifuly  colored,& an amazing design. I got this becaus... read more »

Awesome Water Bottle

26 Sep, 2019
This is an awesome bottle and even has a part for my vitamins. It also hs an awesome handle to help carry while jogging or working out.  It is a fruit infused blender bottle that can also filter... read more »


01 Aug, 2019
this little guy is one of the best chargers I have found for its size. It charged my husbands truck up quicker than his big charger. I also love that u can use it for power wheels up to a full size ca... read more »

Perfect for having hands free videos

07 Jul, 2019
this little piece is perfect for having hands free videos or photos. Im in love with this especially when doing a live or reading a digital book. It allows me to be lazy, well a little anyway. I would... read more »

Amazing little case/keyboard

23 Jun, 2019
this is an amazing piece of work. It not only fits my ipad snug it keeps it protected very well. It has a sturdy band to hold it closed so the keyboard doesn’t slide out.  The rose pink col... read more »

Amazing Mini 10” Table Ring light

15 Jun, 2019
ZoMei amazing Selfie Table Top Mini Ring Light Amazing mini 10” table topring light from ZoMei this is the best of its kind, I appreciate all the componets and extras that came with this... read more »

Cool Brush

02 Jun, 2019
this is an awesome brush. It is pretty big so if you have short or thin hair, I don’t think this brush will work the best for your hair. But it is about the size of a baseball so its amazing for... read more »

Amazing quality

02 Jun, 2019
I got this sling shot for my 15yr old son for his birthday. He absolutely adores it. It is steady and sturdy. Thr color is perfect for him because he likes the camo colors. It also has an awesome guar... read more »

Less than perfect came broke

22 May, 2019
    When receiving this mirror i was excited intitally. Until I opened it and it was broke.  However it was packed good so it had to be done at the factory.  The bluetooth... read more »

Super Cute

22 May, 2019
this party set is super cute and comes with everything you need to throw an awesome party whether it be for birthday parties or events. The colors are very low key and pretty. I haven’t used the... read more »

This is such an amazing product

07 May, 2019
this product holds all my items that I need in my dressing room. It is fully functional and very easy to put together. I love that it has seperate drawers for different products as well. It also conta... read more »

Amazing Action Camera

02 May, 2018
This little guys seems to Amaze me every day. It has so many features I am still looking into them and learning them. I was so excited to learn I was chosen to review this amazing little gadget. It is... read more »

Loving these shirts

01 May, 2018
Another awesome Tee from @rank_booster for review. This is an awesome Tee it is stretchy qnd made of cotton. This is a medium and fits around the same as lg so I do believe the sizing is a little off.... read more »

An amazing necklace yet again this store has out done itself. Im so in love with how this necklace

01 May, 2018
An amazing necklace yet again this store has out done itself. Im so in love with how this necklace is made. It is dainty but very very noticeable and pretty. It has a gleam from the sun and will get y... read more »

Smells amazing

01 May, 2018
Love this. Its smells so amazing. It also lasts a very long time as well. The scent is strong enough to make your room smell like vanilla foelds as were most are so stout that u cant breathe and overp... read more »

The aperfect Top

18 Apr, 2018
this top is perfect for wearing out or to the gym. I thought when ordering I was gonna be getting a cheap product that would shrink up after the fisrst wash. I was so wrong. This top is amazingly soft... read more »

Rockin earphones

18 Apr, 2018
I am completely in LoVe read more »

Perfect Comfy Fashion Tee

18 Apr, 2018
I am completely amazed with just how comfortable this top is. I did purchase the lg in this shirt and Med in another and they seemed to fit about the same but super perfect cotton fabric with a stretc... read more »

Beautiful Necklace

18 Apr, 2018
#sponsored through @rankbooster and is amazing quality with a rich minimalistic design. Spoil Cupid has never let me down on any design jewelry. They have a quality that is perfect for any picky perso... read more »

Truly Adorable

13 Apr, 2018
This is an amazing Great quality necklace from these sellers. I love the multiple color choices and the fact that they care about their customers. They have always emailed to make sure I lived my orde... read more »

Absolutely amazing

13 Apr, 2018
This is an amazing Great quality necklace from these sellers. I love the multiple color choices and the fact that they care about their customers. They have always emailed to make sure I lived my orde... read more »

Amazing Life Necklace

13 Apr, 2018
This is an amazing Great quality necklace from these sellers. I love the multiple color choices and the fact that they care about their customers. They have always emailed to make sure I lived my orde... read more »

Love it

13 Apr, 2018
This is amazing and very beautiful disc necklace from this store. I am a minimalistic type of person and I love smaller necklaces because I like to wear mine without taking it off. I am in love with t... read more »

Amazingly beautiful

13 Apr, 2018
This is amazing and very beautiful disc necklace from this store. I am a minimalistic type of person and I love smaller necklaces because I like to wear mine without taking it off. I am in love with t... read more »

Beautiful and Dainty

11 Apr, 2018
This is one of those people who love minmalistic jewelry but also attention grabbing. This is so beautiful and sparkles when the sun hits it. It goes with anything you want to wear weather it be to th... read more »

Awesome Makeup Brush Cleaner

10 Apr, 2018
I can definitely say this is one amazing makeup brush cleaner. As I said in my video I didn’t have the batteries to it but I would update once I did. This works perfect and didn’t destroy... read more »

Love these Earrings

10 Apr, 2018
What can I say these earrings are super amazing and just the perfect size. They are very well made and are easy on my ears and I have veru sensetive skin. They come well protected in a cute little vel... read more »

Amazing touch little light

08 Apr, 2018
This is an amazing little touch light, the brightness off this little light blew me away. It has four modes, bright med and dim. The last mode is a blinking mode for im guessing emergency assistance.... read more »

Absolutely amazing

06 Apr, 2018
this fidget spinner is absolutely amazing. The weight behind it helps it glide smoothly and not loosing any speed. Its is a very distict color as well, this is one of the things my son liked with this... read more »

Best for Android

05 Apr, 2018
 I’ve not got a chance to explore full functions of this smart watch, since I have the Iphone and not all functions work with iphone. I didnt know this. It only does the call via Bluet... read more »

Love it

04 Apr, 2018
This is one of the most amazing tops That I have recieved i. A while from Amazon. It is a netural type of shirt than can be dressed up or down. I love it with my leggings and my boots. Its very soft m... read more »

So very soft

13 Mar, 2018
this is such a very soft blanket scarf and it goes with anything I have worn in this winter season. It is just big enough to fit perfect as a shawl as well.  I love the quality and design of this... read more »

Amazing Little Iron

23 Feb, 2018
This little Iron is truly amazing. @about 11” long from top to bottom and a perfect rotating 360degree cord so that its easy and tangle free.  It also heats up to the temperature you need i... read more »

Love this Iron

17 Feb, 2018
I am completely supeised at how well this iron works. Its not like most heavy and bulky, nor do you need to pack two different items to get the looks you want to achieve while traveling.  This is... read more »

Amazing kit

13 Feb, 2018
I wanted to get this because my brother is an artist. He absolutely loved this kit. It has everything he needs to start his painting again. He had stopped for a while when he found out he had arthriti... read more »

Amazing Bright USB Lights

26 Nov, 2017
these are amazing little HD white fairy light. When I first received them I am not gonna lie I thought it was just a buch of crumpled up wires with little clear beads cause rhat is what it looked like... read more »

Great Quality Thermometer

26 Nov, 2017
high quality infrared thermometer. Quick and accurate. The only thing I didn’t like is that the battery was dead when i first opened but wasn’t a big deal as I had an extra. This is a very... read more »

Great Kcups

26 Nov, 2017
Perfect quality set of Kcups for any coffee lover. If you love great tasting quality thrn grab these. They do not stop up like most and are amazing quality. Their made of stainless steel to keep down... read more »

Great little scale

26 Nov, 2017
I found this scale to be quiet useful. Ready to use right out of the box. Super simple and sleek looking. I got this to weigh out ingredients for baking. It's important to get baking measurem... read more »

The Amazing LED Mirror.

03 Nov, 2017
Oh my god was I amazed with this mirror. Yes. I have two ti y mirrors that i have gotten through reviewing which inlove. But they do drain my battery. I use more batteries than my kids do in their gam... read more »

Amazing Fun Technology

28 Oct, 2017
I am absolutely amazed with this item. It is so nice and has so many different features. Its nothing like my little one that goes through more batteries than my boys xbox remotes. This will save you m... read more »


24 Oct, 2017
These babies are super comfy to wear with slippers. The really keep your feet warm and without looking nasty. I adore these and love the neutral colors, but id love to have some more vivid colors. The... read more »

Love It

24 Oct, 2017
This gadget is very useful, it was very messy on my desk. I then got it straightened up, thanks to this smart gadget. It also charges rapidly as well. This was a major improvement to me. I was used to... read more »

Great and comfy

06 Oct, 2017
these socks are amazingly comfy. My husband was in need of new socks andnusually wont wear any brand other than the starter brand but I found these and they are amazing. The stitching is amazingly sew... read more »

Awesome love it.

26 Sep, 2017
First off let me start out by saying this.  Real glass lens of good quality mounted in plastic frame with a cheap plastic cover, but the glass makes it a more durable magnifier than the two... read more »

Great for my Son

20 Sep, 2017
My Son is a big time hammer and he constantly packs his phone in his hand so I got this for him as a late birthday gift. He loved it and thanked me a hundred times. Now he has his phone his bank card... read more »


20 Sep, 2017
this little trimmer is simply amazing. It’s not too big or bulky and you can pack it around while traveling easy. It has very good blades and trims well. My husband adored it, he said that it wa... read more »

Perfect Case

13 Sep, 2017
This case is amazing and fits my Sisters Samsung galaxy 8 super well. It is also very adorable and gets many compliments. This case is super easy to put on your phone not like most that are so hard yo... read more »

Hubby Loved

13 Sep, 2017
First off sorry I cannot give a picture it's personal but my husband loved this for when I am away. He said the feel of this is amazing and with the right type of Lubes it will last forever. The s... read more »

Best Slow Rise Squishy

04 Sep, 2017
This is one of the best slow rising Squishy I have ever used. This thing is also huge in size and not tiny like most. The price was amazing. I have paid more for smaller ones that rose up in less than... read more »

Nice AmazonKindle 7" Armour Case

11 Jul, 2017
  This is a great Amazon Kindle Fire 7(5th generation 2015 release) its a Sturdy case with full protection and complete with full screen protection built in. Rotating leather handle grip and a... read more »

Great Charger/Very Strong

09 Jul, 2017
I must say this charger is a very strong charger and does the job it is said to do very well. My kids are usually very rough on the chargers and like most they usually stop charging unless u bend them... read more »

Really Great performing Mini key Remote

07 Jul, 2017
This is my New Smart Mini PC Air remote for my android TV box, another awesome item from #RankBooster community and #RobertWolf . I adore this remote it has so many features that I have yet to play wi... read more »

Great Stero

06 Jul, 2017
Let me say thank you to Rank Boosters for allowing me to try this awesome Stero. When I first opened the box I was worried that it wasn't going to be very good quality because it didn't weigh... read more »

Very Comfy

06 Jul, 2017
these socks are very comfy, When I buy socks I always check the stitching along the toe line because I cannot handle the thick line of stitch that rubs your toes or threads aggravating your feet and g... read more »

Super Fun and Squishy

06 Jul, 2017
Super Squishy Awesomeness ,  I want to start out by saying I was a little hesitant when I purchased this Squishy, all the others I have bought seem to be fragile and cheap made, and... read more »

Super Amazing Brushes

04 Jul, 2017
Get Them Here Ok for starters let me say, I am very very picky when it comes to my brushes and I at first glance thought all looks and beauty and No show greatness, boy was I wrong, for under $20 I... read more »

Amazing Jumbo Squishy

03 Jul, 2017
This Jumbo Squishy is hands down one of the best Squishys out on the market that I have found so far. It is made completely of memory foam so it's not like most of the fakes out their, it takes it... read more »

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