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I am a Project Manager in technology by profession and Father of 5 girls. Influencing my community through reviewing various products is a side hobby of mine.
Send me an offer and maybe I'll take you up on it. Email is [email protected]
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super tiny fits in pocket flashlight

01 Nov, 2021
If you are looking for a tiny flashlight to fit comfortably in your pocket then this is it.  It's bright.  Takes a AA battery.  compact and bright.  durable.  simple flash... read more »

Exactly what is expected

14 Oct, 2021
You can never have enough cables, so I got these.  I love the 6 foot length.  They are high quality and durable.  Perfect for charging my devices.  Great buy.  read more »

cute decorative flag for my front yard

22 Sep, 2021
We like to decorate our front yard with these tiny flags.  As you can imagine with the sun and rain and outside environment these flags don't last long... BUT... wait.  This one is an ou... read more »

Perfect for my pizza oven

22 Sep, 2021
I have a pizza oven and I determined I needed two slides.  once for hot pizza and one for cold uncooked pizza.  I bought this for my second and I love it.  it's foldable for easy st... read more »

Exactly what I expected

22 Sep, 2021
High quality and durable 10 ft. long cords for my iphone.  Always running short on these and needed some extras.  In this case I noticed they have a great coating and expect them to last muc... read more »

Perfect for my electronics and phone charging

11 Aug, 2021
My household family is short plugs. so many devices... that need charging.  I have batteries, phones, flash lights and head phones etc.  There is not enough plugs in my house.  This sol... read more »

so much fur comes out of my golden with this

26 Jul, 2021
I can't believe how much fur comes off my golden retriever when I use this dematting comb.  It's endless.  Clump after Clump and he likes it.  It doesn't hurt him, but pulls... read more »

I have some caulking to do around the house and this is perfect

26 Jul, 2021
Doing caucking so the edges are tight and square are impossible without this tool.  This is great to have handy for all your caulk projects and I needed this.  I love all the different attac... read more »

cleans up the cords around the home

26 Jul, 2021
I have so many cords all over the house and I needed a way to organize them.  They got tangled all the time.  These little straps solve that problem with a velcro adjustable strap.  It&... read more »

super bright light. Excellent

26 Jul, 2021
I use this as a work light in my garage.  It's super bright and love that it only uses 50 watts.  This is really a great light to bring brighness to a garage or even a outside area. ... read more »

Super fun in the pool with the kids

26 Jul, 2021
I got this for some fun play time in the pool with the kids.  It provides hours of fun and really expends some energy for the kids to joust and try to knock each other off.  Lots of fun for... read more »

Love this neck deep tissue massager

23 Jun, 2021
I love this thing. I use it every day and you can up the power for stem to the point I can't handle it anymore.  I went up to level 14 and couldn't go higher. I can lower it down to one.&... read more »

Great clips and durable for everyday household use

23 Jun, 2021
I need clips for a variety of house projects and boat ropes.  This does the trick for all my clip needs.  Also works great with metal line to clip lights to.  I love the flat black colo... read more »

Perfect clip for everyday household use.

23 Jun, 2021
I need clips for a variety of house projects and boat ropes.  This does the trick for all my clip needs.  Also works great with metal line to clip lights to.  I love the flat black colo... read more »

Clips are solid and tough

23 Jun, 2021
I need clips for a variety of house projects and boat ropes.  This does the trick for all my clip needs.  Also works great with metal line to clip lights to.  I love the flat black colo... read more »

Great gift for the puzzle fan

23 Jun, 2021
What could be better than a gift for my Dad for Fathers Day a puzzle.  He loves puzzles and he's retired plus he loves donuts.  It's a perfect trifecta of fun.  I love the vibra... read more »

A great way to prank the kids

23 Jun, 2021
I love to have fun with my kids and joke and try to scare them with these ants.  I put this all over the place.  In the fridge, in their bed, on the counter and just watch and wait for my ki... read more »

Great birthday gift solid board great price point

23 Jun, 2021
My daughter loves to camp and she loves Chess.  This is a perfect Chess Board for traveling and on the road and camping with magnet you won't lose all the pieces.  It's the right siz... read more »

I'm always in need of extra plugs and chargers. This solves the problem. Great power bank

06 Jun, 2021
I can use this throughout the house.  I need power strips, but this is even better.  It gives me the needs plug outlets for all my devices.  I can even set the phone on top and it charg... read more »

Perfect Fall colors for table runner

06 Jun, 2021
This is a great runner for my decor in the fall.  It checkered and perfect for the holiday's in the fall.  Thanksgiving and Haloween.  Love it. 5 stars.  read more »

great back stretcher

04 Jun, 2021
I needed a way to stretch my back do to soreness so I got this.  I lay on it and it does exactly what I needed.  You can adjust the level of curvature to your preference.  Also my daugh... read more »

perfect for flooring and custom cuts and woodworking

24 May, 2021
I replaced my floors and there are some spots where the angle is really odd and I need help to make sure I cut it exactly right.  I'm also working on my deck and the same issue.  I have... read more »

Great mic for clear sound

13 May, 2021
I got this to record some videos.  I noticed the mic on my laptop doesn't pickup my voice really well.  Sort of sounds like i'm in a tunnel.  Now this solves that issue.  I... read more »

great booties for my German Sheppherd

26 Apr, 2021
My femail German likes to hike and she needs protection for her paws.  Plus when it gets hot the pavement can burn her paws, so this shields her paws from the hot pavement.  Great and water... read more »

Much better than liquid vinegar

05 Apr, 2021
I bought a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar to try to do a shot once a day.  I did it once... and the taste was awful.  I understand all the health benefits plus weight loss, but I just couldn&... read more »

fun water play on the grass for the kids

05 Apr, 2021
This is a great fun summer activity with the kids on the grass.  I even use it with the dogs and they go crazy.  Super fun on a hot day to get everyone cooled off.  Very simple product.... read more »

great rope

26 Mar, 2021
Exactly what i needed to strap things down.  Never can do with enough rope.  it's always needed.  This is thin and strong nylon so it will hold up to the weather.  perfect for... read more »

Powerful light

25 Mar, 2021
I have a backyard that needs to be lit up with a flood light.  This will perfectly do the job.  You get 7,000 lumens... Wow... That is bright. I will need my sunglasses at night... but fo... read more »

solution to corn hole at night

22 Mar, 2021
It's really stinks when you got a game of corn hole going on that must end when the sun goes down. This solves that.  You can't aim without light.  This give you the light on the out... read more »

hose for all your backyard front yard needs

22 Mar, 2021
I love these auto retractable and never knott hoses.  They are super long.  100 ft. for all your yard watering needs and when you turn it off it shrinks.  Added bonus is you get a nice... read more »

earings are beautiful... lots of sparkle

22 Mar, 2021
I'm gifting these to my wife for her birthday.  She will absolutely love them.  Perfect size for her ears.  Love the sparkle.  they are not too big.  they have alot of bli... read more »

beautiful ruby Necklace

22 Mar, 2021
I'm going to gift this to my wife.  She will love it.  My birthstone is ruby and she will wear this on her neck and it's beautiful.  love the silver chain and it's small...... read more »

perfectly water proof for my tail light connections

22 Mar, 2021
I back my trailer into the water to drop my boat in.  The problem is the tail light connections short out due to the water.  I needed something that was waterproof to keep my lights on the t... read more »

Great scooper for anything...

22 Mar, 2021
I'm just not a fan of plastic measuring spoons.  The residue left behind is not desirable.  This stainless steel scooper for my coffee and/or protein powder is exactly what I needed.&nbs... read more »

perfect for corn hole in the evening

12 Mar, 2021
How does one play cornhole at night... You can't! because you can't see wear to aim. Problem solved.  This is perfect for that night time game of cornhole.  What Can I say. ... read more »

spoons for the environment concious

12 Mar, 2021
There is too much plastic in our landfills and this is a perfect alternate for earth friendly usage.  These can be used for just about anything for measuring. I'm using it for spooning my... read more »

The key chain for all the people that don't want to touch anything

12 Mar, 2021
Love this.  WIth Covid happening.  I need something to press buttons, open doors, pick up things.  this is it.  it doesn't spread the germs.  fits in my pocket on my key c... read more »

Great high quality knife set

08 Mar, 2021
I was surprised the the level of quality of these knives.  Much better than anticipated from the price point.  Excellent and heavy duty.  I really like the wook look handle.  It lo... read more »

so cute for Easter gifts

05 Mar, 2021
my kids will love these for their Easter gifts.  also perfect for pictures while hunting for eggs.  adorable and larger than I expected.  you can fit alot in there.  very cute plus... read more »

great wooden and sturdy

05 Mar, 2021
My daughter is environmentally conscious and doesn't want to use more plastics.  These wood utensils make her happy and the earth happy.  she loves them.  Perfect for cooking. ... read more »

Perfect mini processor and rechargeable

03 Mar, 2021
Exactly what I needed to chop up my onions and garlic and nuts. I needed this and I got it at a great price and high quality and durable.  This is recharchable with a USB cord included. ... read more »

Best Cat toy EVER.. Better than Catnip

01 Mar, 2021
My cat is going bonkers over this fish.  I also like it's recharchable.  No batteries.  Just a usb cord included for charging.  My cat just taps it and it starts flopping. ... read more »

A great cover to prevent rust and rott from rain and weather. Sleek and comes with a nice pouch too.

27 Feb, 2021
I needed a cover to cover and protect my bbq from the rain.  This is perfect.  Comes in a nice pouch too.  I trust that this will stay on with the velcro holders.  I like the silve... read more »

Perfect for the rain and dirt and rust protection

27 Feb, 2021
I needed a cover to cover and protect my bbq from the rain.  This is perfect.  Comes in a nice pouch too.  I trust that this will stay on with the velcro holders.  I like the silve... read more »

such a simple and convenient storage for my SUV

25 Feb, 2021
My wife needs to store her purse in a better spot than the floor of the SUV.  The purse was always in the way.  Problem solved.  This very simple device fits in between our two front se... read more »

Super big fan of these

25 Feb, 2021
    I love these lights.  They look just increadibly cool in my front and back yard to spot light whatever I want.  I love the deep blue and purple color.  Kids like the... read more »

I'm a coffee drinker and i need something to get the stain out of my teeth

09 Feb, 2021
Let's face it.. as we age our teeth get darker.  Especially if you are like me with your morning coffee.  I don't want my teeth to be brown!  I want pearly white teeth and I exp... read more »

perfect for my vegan daughter

09 Feb, 2021
My daughter is seeking quality and good ingrediants.  natural ingrediants.  Not the aluminum in the deodorant.  In fact my mother had cancer and they said all the chemicals in the deodo... read more »

nice hard wood and perfect for my vegan daughter

03 Feb, 2021
My daughter likes to use natural wood and organic.  No plastic.  Better for the environment.  These are perfect for her.  Again she won't use plastic so this is the perfect alt... read more »

Love this light to light up my backyard grass

24 Jan, 2021
I love this flood light.  It has a great remote. I can and it does light up my grass so the kids can play at night.  Love the quality. It is water proof.  High efficiency. Very bright a... read more »

great storage for sheets and clothes

23 Jan, 2021
I needed some storage for my clothes and sheets.  These are perfect and you can shove the long one under the bed.  The others will fit perfectly on the shelf in the closet. This is exactl... read more »

Perfect for charging my iphone

23 Jan, 2021
I can never have enough of these.  I'm always loosing them OR they wear out.  These are fantastic.  Exactly what I needed.  I like the braided cord.  They are durable and... read more »

Awesome choke chain but the 24 inch is too big for my 85 lbs Golden Reteiver

15 Jan, 2021
The quality of this choke chain is excellent.  I really like the durability and the design.  I think it will work great in training my dog, but it's too big.  So I returned it. I ne... read more »

Perfect car storage tote with a bunch of compartments

13 Jan, 2021
For years I've been using laundry baskets to haul stuff in my car, but they are bulky and don't fold up.  This trunk organizer for my car solves all my problems.  It has a bunch of c... read more »

Great for washing my car and garden

12 Jan, 2021
I love that I can easily add soap and wash my car with all the suds I need.  Plus you get a mitt.  This is a great product and great price point.  I give it 5 stars as I will use it eve... read more »

Fantastic and super bright

12 Jan, 2021
Exactly what I needed.  Very bright. Perfect price point. Strong long lasting battery.  waterproof.  I really like this product.  It is of high quality and rugged.  You can ne... read more »

Perfect for my awning

10 Jan, 2021
I have an awning with runners 6 inches apart so when it rains the water just runs through and get's my deck wet.  I got this to hang on top of the runners on my awning to protect the deck whe... read more »

Great winter gloves not too heavy and puffy. just right

29 Dec, 2020
I would say these are great winter gloves that are not too puffy.  I've had winter gloves that were really bulky.  These are not bulky.  They give the needed protection and yet they... read more »

Great Rotary for my wood projects

22 Dec, 2020
I give this 5 stars as it is exactly what I expected to receive.  I needed a new rotary tool for wood projects and you get everything here in one box.  Perfect for what I need. I really l... read more »

Heavy duty! these are strong

22 Dec, 2020
These are not your cheap alloy.  They are truly steel and heavy duty.  I think you could lift or hoist some really heavy stuff with these.  Perfect for my boat. I give them 5 stars.&... read more »

Great to clean off my grill

20 Nov, 2020
I got this as a Christmas gift for my Dad.  He always needs and I do too... a good brush to get rid of the bbq mess on the grill.  This has triple scrubbers that will really clean the gritt... read more »

Perfect two pack and works great

20 Nov, 2020
You get exactly what you expect with this.  High quality cords that will last a long time.  White and perfect.  love it.  I never can have enough power usb cords for my Iphone.&nbs... read more »

Perfect for storing stuff in my closet

20 Nov, 2020
Hangs on teh door as you can see from the picture.  Easy to assemble.  I like how sturdy it is and will hold my stuff.  I doesn't get away of my closet either or jackets as it is ju... read more »

Perfect for picnics

20 Nov, 2020
Great nylon blanket for the beach or bascially anywhere outdoor.  the stickers won't stick to it.  Perfect for a picnic or day trip.  Light and tight bag that will fit easilly into... read more »

best to have around the house for anything

09 Nov, 2020
double sided tape is a necessity for any homeowner.  There are so many uses.  Stick anything to the wall and with this tape it is safe to remove without making holes in your walls.  If... read more »

Perfect for bring tension for my sun shade

09 Nov, 2020
I got these to connect wire and bring tension to my sunshade.  It is exactly what I needed to hook the sunshade up to wire and bring tension so it doesn't flop around in the wind. Exactly... read more »

universal clips for anything

09 Nov, 2020
It's always nice have a good supply of these around the house to keep track of keys and clip onto anything to hang on a back pack or whever.  I use these all the time and these are perfect. N... read more »

It's a duck dog tow and quacks when the dog squeezes it

09 Nov, 2020
A fun dog toy.  It really got the attention of my dog.  Vibrant color.  He really took attention to it and he loves it.  My dog is happy so I am happy.  You get exactly what i... read more »

Great for star gazing with the kids

09 Nov, 2020
You get what is pictured below.  Great star gazing in the house with the kids. you have a remote to change the settings and colors. My kids love this.  I give it 5 stars.  read more »

Pig fun toy for my dog

09 Nov, 2020
Vibrant color, great sound, really got the attention of my golden.  Tough so it will last.  I give it 5 star.  Fun and cute.     read more »

Perfect for my Golden Retriever large right size for my 80 lbs dog

15 Sep, 2020
I like the velcro and the American flag on this dog color, plus the loop for handling my dog is great. It fits perfect.  It is heavy duty.  Exactly what I need for my dog. No plastic c... read more »

Solid clips that are heavy duty

02 Sep, 2020
These are not your cheap harbor freight carabiner hooks... They are heavy duty with spring loaded feature.  I will use these for a variety of everyday use for hanging stuff from my tool bag and b... read more »

Great for my Golden Retriever -- His happy and I'm happy

21 Apr, 2020
I needed a new collar for my dog and I love this Patriotic starred collar for my Golden Large dog.  he's about 80 lbs and this fits perfect.  It's adjustable.  Holds together.&n... read more »

Better then Duct Tape by far

21 Apr, 2020
I have these stairs in my garage that I put a pice of orange duct tape.  Very in-adequate!  It's been this way for along time and it did not provide any grip. Today that is all solved... read more »

My Golden Retriever Loves these toys

10 Mar, 2020
My dog is a toy fanatic, but he chews them up too fast... These last.  He loves them.  He always has atleast one in his mouth at all times.  They have a squeeker in the head of the plus... read more »

Great display for my comic book collection

10 Feb, 2020
I needed something to display my favorit comic books in my office.  This is perfect for protecting and displaying my comic books in my office, but I can think of a gazillion things to display in... read more »

The best digital tire gauge

19 Jan, 2020
I love this little guy to test the pressure of my tires.  I like to make sure my tires are inflated to optimal amount to improve my gas mileage.  This does the trick.  Give me the readi... read more »

Perfect for cruising to hang your stuff from the ceiling of your cabin

19 Jan, 2020
If you are a cruiser then this is a must!  All the cruise ships I've been on the cabins always have metal ceilings.  The space is tight and I'm always in need of a place to hang my j... read more »

great product...

18 Dec, 2019
I'm trying out incense for the first time.  Smells good in the house... I like it.  I give it 5 starts.  read more »

Worth the wait... Love it! And gives my Dog Tucker some extra bling bling with his collar and tag

14 Dec, 2019
This dog tag really stands out... It sends a message that my dog is not your average dog... he's loved and very special to me and this dog tag really stands out in case he ever wanders and get'... read more »

It's small in size, but really pumps out the music!

14 Dec, 2019
The one thing that stands out to me the most about this product is it's tiny.  Notice the picture of the speaker in front of the pen.  it's nto big... but surprisingly it produces gr... read more »

Very bright times 2

12 Dec, 2019
You get two great flash lights.  Very powerful. Remember to remove the little plastic protecting the battery when you get it.  Very bright.  Very powerful.  Long distance light.&nb... read more »

Need these tweezers and can't beat the price

12 Dec, 2019
Splinters... Easy to pick out with these.  Three different size.  Nice case.  It is exactly what I needed for use around the house when my kids get splinters. read more »

great little air pump for balls and tires and whatever you need

12 Dec, 2019
Nice little pump.  You can adjust the PSI with this bump.. Easy to charge, easy to use.  You get exactly what shows in the picture.  This will work great to inflate my basketball and so... read more »

Great cords and work with my Iphone XS Max and Ipad

12 Dec, 2019
These look just like and perform identical to a OEM Apple cord.  You can't tell the differennce from an original Apple cord.  They work great.  You get two in this order.  Grea... read more »

Great flashlight and rechargeable too

12 Dec, 2019
I very much dislike my flashlights always with dead batteries.  This solves that issue.  With a easy to recharge and powerful flashlight.  I am amazed out how much light output this giv... read more »

Great little flashlight and pocket knife

12 Dec, 2019
Pocket knife is perfect size to fit in my pocket as well as the flashlight.  The flashlight is powerful.  You get exactly what is expected and cannot beat the price.  I give this a Big... read more »

Love dual plug and USB power and surge protector

05 Dec, 2019
I'm always short on plugs for all my devices.  ANd this give me usb plugs too.  I love this... I have it in my room and I plug all my devices in it for charging.  It works great.&nb... read more »

Awesome slippers

05 Dec, 2019
They fit my foot perfect.  I got size 12.  I love LOVE the memory foam.  Very comforable and the grip on the bottom is substantial.  I am wearing these in my house all the time.&nb... read more »

very bright... perfect for my dog hiking... and easy to adjust the size.. One size fits all you just cut it to size

05 Dec, 2019
Very bright, no batteries.  It recharges with usb port.  Very easy to turn on and adjust to fit my log.  Love the blue color.  He will really stand out on the trail with this brigh... read more »

Great gloves with grip too

05 Dec, 2019
These will be perfect for biking.  Nice grip.... When you get moving on the bike your hands get really cold... I highly recommend these for that.  These fit my hands perfectly.  I have... read more »

exactly what I expected === Works perfectly with my iphone

30 Nov, 2019
These cords look exactly like if you were to buy them from Apple direct, but at a much cheaper price. I really like them and they charge my phone perfectly.  I can't say anything bad about... read more »

great light multiple colors from warm to bright white

30 Nov, 2019
I love how you can easily adjust the light brightness and color of light.. soft white to bright white.  And it has a usb outlet for charging your phone.  I have this on my night stand for re... read more »

easy to pick up dog poop with this tool

22 Nov, 2019
I have a big golden retriever and this works perfect to pick up after him.  My daughter uses it all the time.  It's bright and colorful and strong hard plastic.  This is durable and... read more »

great light very bright and the plugs area very handy

22 Nov, 2019
I love this light for reading at my bed side.  I plug my phone in direct into the base.  The bright has three brightness levels.  Very nice looking and all the USB ports are very handy... read more »

can't go wrong for the price

22 Nov, 2019
I use this in my diffuser to add a wonderful smell to my house.  I have the oil difusser in the bathrooms and closet and using this lavender really removes all the odors.  We have a big dog... read more »

great soft and comfortable with vibrant colors and patterns

22 Nov, 2019
I give these socks 5 stars.  Love the quality and colors and patterns.  I give them as gifts to all my family.  They are very soft and will last.  read more »

great colorful socks with great graphics and soft

22 Nov, 2019
I can't ask for more with these wonderful socks for my kids and family in general.  I love giving them as gifts to my daughters for birthdays and holidays.  They even like to mis match a... read more »

great product with a huge selection of bits.. All that I need for my tiny repairs to electronics

22 Nov, 2019
I can never find that small screw driver when I'm working on electronics that fits just right.  I lose the tiny pieces and thhis product solves all my delays and problems.  Every micro s... read more »

exactly what I need

22 Nov, 2019
I like the fabric cords the best.  They last longer and the connections are more stable.  Plus you get a plug in... you can't ask for anything better at this price.  I give this 5 s... read more »

Great backpack fits laptop and ipad perfectly

13 Nov, 2019
I love this backpack for traveling and everyday use.  I got this for carrying my stuff and it would be a great gift item too.  It's not too big.. Perfect size. Durable.  Like the co... read more »

Love these hats... all are great and fit fantastic and music easy to stream through your cap

13 Nov, 2019
I love these hats to listen to music while you walk outside in the cold. In comparing them all they all work equally well... They are warm.  They fit all sized heads... easy to setup.  I thi... read more »

Comparing all three from the same seller... All are great...

13 Nov, 2019
I love these hats to listen to music while you walk outside in the cold. In comparing them all they all work equally well... They are warm.  They fit all sized heads... easy to setup.  I thi... read more »

Three hats... all form same seller all are great... I like them all... They all have a slightly different style but all work great

13 Nov, 2019
I love these hats to listen to music while you walk outside in the cold. In comparing them all they all work equally well... They are warm.  They fit all sized heads... easy to setup.  I thi... read more »

All this socks from Sallacks are great

13 Nov, 2019
I have purchased a bunch of these socks a wide variety and the colors are so vibrant and the socks are soft.  I really like the designs and they are great as gifts for my daughters.  I like... read more »

Puppy socks are great as a gift

13 Nov, 2019
I love these puppy socks but they have all great patterns and colors.  I love them all. I highly like these as gifts for my kids.  The puppy socks are probably my favorite out of all of them... read more »

Love this socks for my wife... bright colors very vibrant

13 Nov, 2019
I give these 5 stars. My wife and daughters will love this socks for their feet as gifts.  I love the colors and design and I'm sure you will too.  5 star review.    read more »

crazy funny socks for all my daughters

13 Nov, 2019
My daughters love silly socks... Not all of these are silly.. Actually the flower ones are more for my wife.  But the girls mix and match these socks and where them all over the place.  They... read more »

Easy to pair... I like it alot, sound is crystal clear

13 Nov, 2019
I can rave enough about how great this design is.  Fits nice in my ear.  I like the color silver.  the storage box is unique.  The form factor is great.  Immediately paired to... read more »

Love this retro toaster, the plus is a baby blue see pics... works great

13 Nov, 2019
My family loves this new toaster... We have a blue colored blacksplash in our kitchen and this color on the sides matches perfectly.  We really like this toaster the adjustment knobs are nice.&nb... read more »

Funny harry hat... I wear it in the house and it just makes people smile

13 Nov, 2019
I've seen guys wear these in amusement parks and stores and just out and about occassionally.  I couldn't resist getting my own.  It definately put a smile on everyone's face and... read more »

Love this backpack... I give it 5 stars as it meets all my requirements for a bag to hold my laptop and ipad

13 Nov, 2019
I love this backpack.  Very nice, durable and not too big.  Fits my laptop nice and snug.  Zippers are of good quality.  Love the color.  A great gift for my kids too.  b... read more »

Awesome Pliers very strong and durable

05 Nov, 2019
I really like these pliers.  They are heavy metal.  They have a bunch of different tools all in one.  I like most the pliers.  This will be a perfect gift for any out doors kind of... read more »

Silver gray, love it...

18 Oct, 2019
The picture doesn't do it justice.  The silver in the fabric really pops.  It's not a blah gray.  The silver is metalic like but it's very soft and warm.  Fits any head... read more »

great for keeping smells at bay

18 Oct, 2019
I put in my car, in my dog crate, in my garbage compartment. in the bathroom... SO many places to put these... anywhere that it gets smelly.  In your closet near your shoes.  In a gym bag...... read more »

great high quality with many different accessories great gift

18 Oct, 2019
My favorite is the wine aerotor, but all the things in this box are fantastic.  I m a wine drinker and this will work perfec for opening, sealing, drinking and un corking.  All the tools are... read more »

great for trimming nails of my dog

18 Oct, 2019
Instructions are clear, the little handheld device is not super loud.  My dog doesn't get scared.  Keeps a charge... Easy to charge with USB, and has different applciation methonds as th... read more »

perfect charger times 2

18 Oct, 2019
Can't beat the price.  You need these powerful charger to quickly charger your bigger pads.... 30W is for faster charging.  High Quality.  You just need to get the USB cords to plug... read more »

great lock with long lock too

18 Oct, 2019
This will work perfect for my shed and the extra long lock is perfect.  I need it for my boat trailer hitch too. I'll also use it for my electrical box on my house.  You can customize... read more »

Perfect for the car for my golden

18 Oct, 2019
My golden gets hair all over my seats.  This solves that problem.  Plus it has some pockets to store stuff and a clip that buckles into the seat belt to keep him secure. The rubber mesh i... read more »

great lights, very bright, and LED

18 Oct, 2019
Here are some pictures of what you get.  The colors are very vibrant.  The remote works great.  Different colors, easy to setup.  Power cord is nice.  even has sticker on back... read more »

light weight and see through

26 Sep, 2019
One thing I didn't realize is with a wireless charger you have to have a very thin case for it to connect and charge.  This case did the trick.  This not only protects my phone, but it a... read more »

Purrfect for my Golden Retriever

26 Sep, 2019
My Golden is such an awesome dog... The only downside is all the HAIR.  Hair everywhere.  I brush him and still hair comes off.  HOWEVER.  Once I started using this product I notic... read more »

Perfect times 3

26 Sep, 2019
I have gone through alot of cords in my day and this one is GREAT... I love the fabric feel and color.  I love that it has all three fittings for all my different devices.  It fits for my ip... read more »

Great Multi tool pocket knife size --- Tough metal ... This is a awesome tool for carrying everywhere

18 Sep, 2019
This utility tool with knive, plyers, can opener, screw driver and file and everything else is handy to have.  It's always when you are out and about that you find you really need it.  I... read more »

Missleading only one ear bud

10 Sep, 2019
I'm really dissapointed.  first I waited maybe 3 weeks for it to be delivered.  Then once I get it it's just one ear bud. I re-looked at the amazon item.  adn the description... read more »

Perfect fit for my large Iphone XS Max

07 Sep, 2019
I was a bit worried my big XS max wouldn't fit... But I got it and tested it out and my phone fits perfect in the pouch.  High quality zippers.  This is a really nice fanny pack that I w... read more »

love the added rubber grip for the heal

07 Sep, 2019
The most frustrating part of having socks is them slipping.  These have an upgrade with a rubber spot on the back of your heal to keep them staying put on your feet.  Very nice and soft sock... read more »

great smells love this... Perfect for my oil diffuser in my home... aromatherapy at it's best

07 Sep, 2019
I love the box and presentation of the product.  This is a wonderful item to gift to a friend or family member.  Perfect birthday gift. I opened every single one of them and smelled. ... read more »

Love the oil for my oil diffuser. Great smelling nice box... Love the variety of scents

07 Sep, 2019
I love the box and presentation of the product.  The wood and caps are all very nice.  this is a wonderful item to gift to a friend or family member.  Perfect birthday gift. The bott... read more »

Fantastic wide brim boonie hat for my daughter for hiking and boating and just enjoying the outdoors

07 Sep, 2019
Here's a few observations about this wide brim hat 1- Great sunshade 2- has nylon and air flow netting to keep you cool 3- Adjustable and will fit anyone's head from small to large... read more »

Love the color and wide brim hat for sun protection

07 Sep, 2019
Here's a few observations about this wide brim hat 1- Great sunshade 2- has nylon and air flow netting to keep you cool 3- Adjustable and will fit anyone's head from small to large... read more »

Great hat and stylish for my daughter

07 Sep, 2019
I got this hat for my daughter.  She loves whool caps in the winter and this is a perfect present for her.  It will fit all size heads.  It's very stylish. Unique.  Love the co... read more »

Great collar and perfect size for my 80 lbs golden Retriever

29 Aug, 2019
The last dog collar I bought my dog was way too big, so this time I made sure to buy a Large, not an Xlarge.  This is exactly what my boy needs.  Love the color and it reflects at night for... read more »

perfect for my landscape lights.

26 Aug, 2019
I would give it 5 stars except for this one little issue.  The Description online shows "Smart Outdoor Switch" and yet within the packaging it shows "Indoor Dry Location Use Only&q... read more »

Great light to add some decor to your office or home. Kurio Cabinet decor.

26 Aug, 2019
I bought this first because I thought it would really look cool in my office.  Just something to look at when I'm working and thinking.  Add some light and dimension to my office. ... read more »

Looks like bread and it's a pillow

16 Aug, 2019
My mother-in-law loves to bake bread.  This is a perfect gift for her.  It looks just like the bread she bakes.  A perfect decorating item for her home.  Great as a way to start co... read more »

Great for running the marathon

06 Aug, 2019
My dauther is training for the marathon and is jogging alot of miles to prepare.  The constant pounding is causing her feet to bruise.  She needs something to soften the pounding on her feet... read more »

I call this my "murse"... It's a purse for a man! I love it

06 Aug, 2019
I have perscription glasses and sunglasses.  I'm always loosing track of them or when I'm out and it get's dark... I don't have my glasses and I'm stuck with only my sunglasse... read more »

Whole house fan and just doors in general... You must have this to prevent doors from slamming due to air flow

06 Aug, 2019
If you have a whole house fan you need wedges.  Rocks just are ugly and they can crack the tile.  When you run your whole house fan or even just having the windows open the airflow can cause... read more »

Perfect for running protection

06 Aug, 2019
My daughter is training for a marathon.  She is starting to run alot of miles and she needs support for the ball of her foot.  The jogging can and has bruised the ball of her foot so I got t... read more »

my daughter works in a hospital and is flat footed.. these are a must

06 Aug, 2019
I have a newly graduated daughter and she's working as a nurse.  She walks all day doing her rounds.  12 hour shifts... Her feet have no arch and she needs the extra support.  I bou... read more »

It even matches my shirt! I love this Bucket Mesh Boonie Hat...

30 Jul, 2019
For those that know me, they have observed that I protect myself from the harmful sun rays.  I'm super careful with the sun.  I don't want skin cancer! too many people I kn... read more »

Beautiful picture and perfect for my office

26 Jul, 2019
I have a dark midnight blue painted office.  I wanted something to match and was having a hard time finding the perfect picture until I found this moon mountain image.  It's perfect. &nb... read more »

LOVE IT.... Way better than my other oil diffuser

26 Jul, 2019
I've had quite a few different oil diffusers.  This is by far my favorite.  You can see the pictures comparing my old to new one.  The wood grain is beautiful.  The size is per... read more »

Works great for my golden retreiver to remove the undercoat and detangle

26 Jul, 2019
I have a golden that loves to swim.  His hair gets matted and I needed a good way to untangle all the hair.  This is exactly what I needed!  It works great to untangle his hair and get... read more »

Doesn't stick... Must use command strips or double sided tape

22 Jul, 2019
I like the product.  It's heavy duty.  It won't get in the way of my AC vent.  It has plenty a strong magnet for holding my phone.  The only problem which is easily fixable... read more »

Great for on the go!

22 Jul, 2019
No more plastic straws.  These fold up easily and store in your bag.  Comes with a cleaner.  THey are flegible. Like the color, both pink and blue.  They fold up to fit in the plas... read more »

Perfect for all my daughters' stuff--- These bags will hold up and nice zipper too. color is great.

22 Jul, 2019
My daughters love these bags!  We all have so much stuff now.  Between the phones, the charger cords, the makeup, jewlery and knick knacks.  If you are on the go like these girls you ne... read more »

Perfect compact scraper for my BBQ

16 Jul, 2019
Great if space it tight.  I will use this when I go camping to scrape the grill and clean it.  I don't like the wire brushes due to safety issues with the bristles falling off.  Thi... read more »

fantastic for my iPad

16 Jul, 2019
It connects seamlessly to my ipad and the precision of the pointer is amazing.  No more double thumping things I don't need to press.  I can draw easitly any diagram I want quickly with... read more »

Great knife and sharpener

16 Jul, 2019
This knive is above expectations for me.  It has alot of nice features and it's small to keep with me wherever I go.  It also comes with a sharpener.  It's made of strong medal.... read more »

Great for bird watching and spotting things from a distance, plus able to add iPhone to it to take pictures

16 Jul, 2019
I love this scope.  You easily connect your phone to it and you can see and take pictures with you phone and zoom in a long ways.  I think this will be great for vacation and bird watching.... read more »

Works great to charge all my devices

16 Jul, 2019
This does exactly what I expected it to do.  I can charge multiple devices.  up to 4.  It has plenty of power output to charge everthing.  I think I'll use this to charge all m... read more »

I got three of these. 1 of the 3 was different using a different app. No key ring, so you have to crack it open. It pairs good though!

16 Jul, 2019
It took me a while to figure these out.  First problem, there is no key ring included.  You have to crack it open and use wire to feed in.  I think they should have included a key ring... read more »

I call this my Murse

08 Jul, 2019
It's great for all my stuff.  My cords, my glasses, my sunglasses... my keys, my chargers, my mail, my wallet, my sun screen, my notes, etc.  I just put everything I need in this and hau... read more »

Protective iPad cover PLUS you get a keyboard

08 Jul, 2019
This is great.  You get a keyboard plus a protective pad.  The keyboard connects easily to your ipad.  I highly recommend this.  No more pecking on the screen to type.  the ke... read more »

works great cause I have too many devices

08 Jul, 2019
I just have too many devices.  Between my drone batteries, blue tooth buds, phones, and toys... It all requires a USB port to charge.  This gives me the extra ports and the power.  work... read more »

This will be perfect for carrying my phone and walking the dog hand free

08 Jul, 2019
I just put my phone in here with my keys and link up with my bluetooth ear buds and off I go.  I think this fanny pack will work perfect for me needs.  Fully adjustable... Enough space for a... read more »

You can never have enough heavy duty plugs!

03 Jul, 2019
I use these inside and outside.  Especially with my multiple devices with those bulky plugs.  This allows me to plug in multiple devices and heavy duty to make sure it provides the correct a... read more »

Perfect leash for my Golden Retreiver

03 Jul, 2019
I like the padded handle... When my dog pulls me... He really pulls.. This gives me extra leverage to pull him back without stripping the palm of my hand and fingers.  I like the bonus poop bags... read more »

It is really nice! BUT it didn't fit my ipad

03 Jul, 2019
I opened it up... All looked great.  Even has a stylis pen and cord to charge the keyboard.  It looks perfect and exactly what I need, but I'm dissapointed because it didn't fit. &nb... read more »

Perfect to hook onto my mom's wheel chair to carry her stuff

03 Jul, 2019
My Mom is in a wheelchair.  My dad needed something to store their laptop, ipad, cell phones and just the stuff you take with you day in and day out.  Since he's pushing my mom in the wh... read more »

Perfect for my 13 year old daughter

03 Jul, 2019
She is at the age where she wants to do makeup.  I got this for her birthday.  A pefect gift for my daughter.  Not only does it let her get close up with lighint to do her makeup but th... read more »

Great for archiving family heirlooms

03 Jul, 2019
I have a bunch of post cards, old letters, pictures, priceless family heirlooms.  I very much do not like scanning on a printer.  It doesn't work right ever and takes a long time.  ... read more »

Gift for my mother who needs this for makeup

03 Jul, 2019
She is in a wheel chair, so it's difficult for her to see herself in the mirror.  I got this for her to help her do her makeup and hair.  She loves it.  She said it works perfectly... read more »

This iPhone case provides great protection and

03 Jul, 2019
It also fits perfectly and it is clear.  It works with my wireless charger.  My previous case would not work with my wireless charger, but this one does.  It has a little lip on the edg... read more »

This looks like a fun hobby for me

27 Jun, 2019
I've alwys wanted more options with my iphone camera picture taking... The standard lense is limiting and I enjoy using my SLR.  This gives me another option.  No longer need to carry my... read more »

Exactly what I need for monitoring my Golden Retreiver

27 Jun, 2019
My dog is very special to me.  I go tthis so I could check in on him when I'm away.  It has audio so I can even talk to him via my phone.  The camera looks like the perfect size. &n... read more »

It looks REAL... Very nice decoration for my kitchen

25 Jun, 2019
I love this potted artificial plant.  It's perfect for adding a little green to my kitchen or bathroom without having to deal with watering.  I truly does look real!  Compare the on... read more »

Gives you maximum flexibility with importing your SD card data.

25 Jun, 2019
My apple laptop only has a slot for an SD card, but now there are many devices like my drones and other devices and require a mini SD card.  I don't like this mini cheap adapters.  Inste... read more »

Exceeded my expectation! Not only was it EASY to connect using the free app to my phone, but it also works perfectly well to find my keys and find my phone

25 Jun, 2019
The little tile is not big, fits well on my key chain.  I press the button twice on the tile and then my phone immediately chimes, so I can find it when it's lost.  I can't tell you... read more »

LOVE It... It's my "Murse" aka my "Man Purse"... I take it everywhere I go

25 Jun, 2019
I really like this "Murse".  I can fit all my stuff inside... My phone, keys, wallet, glasses, etc.  It's perfect.  The strap is comfortable.  I love the color.  ... read more »

All is great EXCEPT the strap adjustment slips

25 Jun, 2019
I got this for my daughter for running.  She loved the nylon mesh fanny pack and the color.  She loved the idea of putting her phone in it while she runs...  It is slim and looks perfec... read more »

This are perfect for my sander and 100 will give me the quantity I need for all my sanding projects

18 Jun, 2019
I use these for sanding my deck.  I go through alot of them and these are perfect.  They have the Velco Hook and Loop backing so very easy to just stick onto stander. Long lasting.  ... read more »

Great for replacing my old CFL's

18 Jun, 2019
I'm very happy with my new LED.  You can compare the size to my old CFL's.  They are brighter, use less energy (only 7 w), and they will last longer and better for the enironment.... read more »

Way Better than my old one --- Comparison

18 Jun, 2019
Hands down the XPLUS is better than my old one.  The mist is more powerful, it has more timer settings, the wood grain is very sleek and fits perfectly in my kitchen and bedroom decor, I love the... read more »

They are too small but nice quality - I'll return and get a bigger size. Medium was too small for my 36 inch waste

12 Jun, 2019
I ordered the medium as I thought that was the right size for me.  Way to small.  I probably need the larger with a 36 inch waste.  No problem though.  I will return and ask for a... read more »

Great for my apple computer for an extra screen

12 Jun, 2019
It fits in my thunderbold display port on my Apple Macbook.  It allows for 4 different connectors including HDMI and VGA.  I plugged it in and it worked immediately.  Note it's for... read more »

Great for packing my clothes and organize for my vacation trips

12 Jun, 2019
Comes with 6 pouches of various size.  Exactly what I needed for packing all my clothes and accessories on my trips.  Organizes the stuff.  Keeps it compressed.  nice mesh to allow... read more »

Tough drone with great propeller protection. Long lasting battery. Flying is smooth with the included remote. 5 star rating, my favorite

30 May, 2019
My favorite drone of the three pictured.  The U47 has a bigger battery which means longer fly time.  It's not too small and not too big.  Camera works great.  and I like the pr... read more »

It's bigger than my other potensic drones... I like it... Tough... it takes abuse.

30 May, 2019
Comparing it to my other Drones you can tell it is bigger.  Plus I really like the 2 prong battery because I think I can get generic batteries to use vs. the propriatary batteries the other drone... read more »

Great 10 w charger... Works great and nice size

30 May, 2019
Great charger. I like that it has 10w charging capacity.  See video for my review on this product.  read more »

Great little battery charger 7.5W

30 May, 2019
Great  charger.  Small compact size compared to the standup.  Posted a video too.  read more »

Great Drone and really tough --- It can handle the crashes! Highly recommend.

23 May, 2019
This is a GREAT starter drone! It is my first and I'm really having a lot of fun with this one. It is easy to pair to your phone. The Remote works great to control your drone. I've crashed it... read more »

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