LETION LED Tactical Flashlight, Rechargeable Flashlights with 1500 High Lumens XML T6 IPX4 Water-Resistant 5 Modes for Clamping Fishing Bicycle (2PCS)
Price: $23.99
4.81 / 5   (62 Reviews)


Love these.

17 Sep, 2021
These flashlights are awesome. They are lightweight, easy to turn on and off. Love that there is 2 of them. The light is nice and bright. I have had them for quite awhile and have not had to change th... read more »

Love it

24 Aug, 2021
These flashlights are amazing. The are super bright. Easy to charge and turn on and off. read more »

Shine bright flashlight

02 Aug, 2021
These are amazing lights. And the battery charger is awesome read more »

Works Well

23 Jul, 2021
Awesome set of two rechargeable flashlights.  I am keeping one in each of my cars for emergencies and for when we go camping.  They work great, hold a charge well and the different modes are... read more »

Great flashlights!

10 Jun, 2021
These flashlights are great! You get 4 batteries, a charger, and 2 flashlights. The flashlights are really bright and the zoom is adjustable. We use flashlights every night where we live so hopefully... read more »

didnt think it worked

26 May, 2021
wow is all i can say the flash is amazing the light can light up a pitch black room  read more »

Great purchase

20 May, 2021
I got these for my husband and he was very pleased he needs for his job and he says that they were wonderful and that he definitely recommends and because you can recharge the batteries even better read more »


18 May, 2021
Living in FL we need flashlights in our hurricane kits. These are bright easy to store and very good quality. Storms often knock out power grab a box for the kitchen drawer. read more »

Great Product

11 May, 2021
I needed these really bad I am always going outside at night and having these flashlights is what I needed for extra lighting. Thank you  read more »

Good looking and heavy

06 May, 2021
They are nice looking but came without batteries like it stated it had. Over all good deal for the price.  read more »

Husband is a Fan!

04 May, 2021
I got these for my husband because like a woman and shoes, he collects and hoards flashlights. He really liked these ones, although he said they were as bright as some of this other single battery fla... read more »

Extremely Bright! They come precharged and ready to go!!

23 Apr, 2021
These flashlights come precharged and ready to go. They are extremely Bright. It comes with a charger for two batteries, 4 batteries, and 2 flashlights. Great product!! read more »

I love super bright flashlights

13 Apr, 2021
I really love these super bright flashlights. They already come with the rechargeable batteries and the charger. I will be using these the most for bad storms when our power goes out. We live in an ar... read more »

Love these ights

23 Mar, 2021
This is my second order and I cant say enough good things. A+++ for craftsmanship and durability. Holds a great charge too read more »

LETION LED Tactical Flashlight

13 Mar, 2021
This is my second time buying from this vendor.  Alaways an easy process. and I am familiar with these flashlights so I know I will be happy. read more »

Perfect for camping

01 Mar, 2021
Long lasting battery. Quality made. Excellent light to use in the dark, strong lighting. Built to last. read more »

so bright

18 Feb, 2021
The letion led tactical flashlight rechargeable flashlights with 1500 high lumens xml t6 ipx4 water resistant 5 mode for clamping fishing bicycle 2 pack is the brightest light I have purchased. I live... read more »

Good Flashlights

08 Feb, 2021
Really good and bright flash lights they get wide and narrow. I love the size of them too. First time ever using a charger like this very interesting. read more »


28 Jan, 2021
very bright love you can adjust the width of light. Love the rechargeable batteries! This is amazing and great price for two!!  read more »

Cool product

24 Jan, 2021
Cool product read more »

was disappointed

26 Nov, 2020
One of these didn't even last a month of use.  The button that you click to turn it on decided that it would only stay on for 3 seconds and shut back off.  I really liked the weight of t... read more »

LETION LED Tactical Flashlight

01 Nov, 2020
I love it. The quality looks impressive. But I sit aside for christmas present for brother. Im sure he will love it for good use. read more »

Very bright light

22 Oct, 2020
Love these flashlights. Very bright, very durable. Very please with purchase and will definitely buy again when needed. May even want to buy some as gifts. #rankboosterreview read more »

Very bright!

09 Oct, 2020
These are great quality. I love them.  read more »

LETION LED Tactical Flashlight, Rechargeable Flashlights with 1500 High Lumens XML T6 IPX4 Water-Resistant 5 Modes for Clamping Fishing Bicycle (2PCS) Price: $23.99 RATING:

31 Aug, 2020
LETION LED Tactical Flashlight, Rechargeable Flashlights with 1500 High Lumens XML T6 IPX4 Water-Resistant 5 Modes for Clamping Fishing Bicycle (2PCS)  Price: $23.99  RATING: read more »

Great Flashlights!

17 Aug, 2020
These flashlights are super bright and can withstand almost anything! The best thing of all is that they are rechargable! Awesome light for a great price! read more »


14 Aug, 2020
Got these for my husband because you never know what you might need fixing cars, woodworking or even making designer fishing poles read more »

Super bright!

13 Aug, 2020
Work wonderfully! read more »

Very bright light in a twin package

09 Aug, 2020
4 rechargeable 18650 2600mah batteries with and included 2 bay charger (usb powered) with cable. All tucked nicely in a protective foam cut out for everything to fit snugly in place inside a box nice... read more »

Light bright

09 Aug, 2020
I can honestly say that I COULD NOT BE MORE HAPPY with this purchase. My fiancé and I absolutely love these high powered, super affordable flashlights. They are extremely bright, they... read more »


07 Aug, 2020
These are great flashlights!  They are very bright.  I compared them with some others I have after both had been charged and these are much, much brighter.  And I love that they are rec... read more »

Increase safety during walks I can see from far away

06 Aug, 2020
These lights are great, light way super bright and rechargeable batteries and charger provided. Game changer for sure read more »


04 Aug, 2020
This flashlight is AMAZING! The LED portion is one of the brightest flashlights I have ever owned. Fast shipping great Seller. Would definitely recommend. Atttt Thank you so much ???? read more »

High lumens

04 Aug, 2020
Super bright. Fast charging and so far hasn't died on me so that's good. These are pretty cool to have around  read more »

Great flashlight, very bright

01 Aug, 2020
Very bright rechargeable flashlight!  read more »

Amazingly Brighter than Bright !!

01 Aug, 2020
You can't fo wrong with these flashlights!  They come with the Rechargeable Batteries for Both so you never have to buy new Batteries !!  These are the Brightest Flashlights I have ever... read more »


29 Jul, 2020
Extremely Bright lights up my whole back yard. Worth every penny. read more »

Excelent set, bright and durable

28 Jul, 2020
Excelent set, bright and durable construction read more »

LETION Excellent rechargeable flashlights

27 Jul, 2020
Letion is a manufacturer of excellent quality flashlights. This is a pair of dual-18650 powered flashlights (2 lights, 4 rechargeable batteries, plus USB powered battery charger and USB cable) The cha... read more »


27 Jul, 2020
Exactly what I was looking for  read more »

Unbelievably Bright

25 Jul, 2020
The package was shipped fast. Thanks to Amazon Prime. I ordered these flashlights because of the convenience of rechargeable batteries and the belt attachment hook which I didn't  have in my... read more »

Absolutely AMAZING

23 Jul, 2020
This is the best flashlight I have ever seen. It is lightweight and as bright as the sun. This flashlight beats any other flashlight on the market. Love that is came with a charger for the batteries a... read more »

High quality!

23 Jul, 2020
The Letion LED flashlights are VERY bright. They have five modes, including SOS mode, which my kids love. The set includes a charger for the rechargeable batteries. I am not sure how long each ch... read more »

Use daily

22 Jul, 2020
We use these around the house daily. Super bright. Says waterproof but I have tested that just yet   Comes with two with rechargeable batteries and battery charger. Easy and convenient. No m... read more »

Really Nice!

21 Jul, 2020
This light set is super nice! Like it is BRIGHT perfect set! read more »

Super Bright Flashlights!!!

17 Jul, 2020
These flashlights just arrived today, and I must say I am certainly amazed at the quality.  First of all, they are much longer than I expected, which was great! I'm used to ordering flashl... read more »

Ultra bright flashlight and 2 for the price of 1

08 Mar, 2020
The price is awesome for two rechargable waterproof flashlights. The aluminum frame of the flashlights are very sturdy and uses an 18650 rechargable battery and comes with the charging block. The ligh... read more »

LED Tactical Flashlight

25 Feb, 2020
LETION LED Tactical Flashlight, Rechargeable Flashlights with 1500 High Lumens XML T6 IPX4 Water-Resistant 5 Modes for Clamping Fishing Bicycle (2PCS). These are some nice Flashlights! Very Bright, Ba... read more »

Great Set! LOVE How it's Rechargeable!

22 Feb, 2020
I absolutely love this tactical flashlight set by #LETION. In this set you get 2 flashlights and 2 batteries for each flashlight.  You also get a battery charger and a USB cord to conveniently ch... read more »

Great for keeping in your vehicle for emergencies

13 Jan, 2020
My son rides his scooter to work, school, and back and often has to come home after dark. I wanted him to have a good tactical style flashlight to keep in the storage area of his bike in case he had a... read more »

Handy lil light

14 Dec, 2019
Small compact but the light is bright and strong. The battery last, needs minimal charging.  read more »

Great !

13 Dec, 2019
These flashlights are awesome! very bright expansive light. Works well with no problem. Good handle size. Strong and sturdy.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #lention read more »

Great for camping!

13 Dec, 2019
These flashlights are a great source of illumination for camping, fishing, or anything outdoors at night! The rechargeable batteries are long-lasting which are included with the battery char... read more »

Very bright times 2

12 Dec, 2019
You get two great flash lights.  Very powerful. Remember to remove the little plastic protecting the battery when you get it.  Very bright.  Very powerful.  Long distance light.&nb... read more »

Amazingly bright!

10 Dec, 2019
I was looking for some small bright flashlights to keep around the house and boy did these deliver!  Be warned though, they don't opperate off of regular batteries.  These use 3.7V 18650... read more »

Nice Quality

08 Dec, 2019
2 for the price of 1. The quality is great. It looks and feels durable. read more »

Great flashlight

04 Dec, 2019
I bought second one of this tactical flashlight. Works so great , the lights are bright and rechargeable battery. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #LETION read more »

Super Bright Flashlight

01 Dec, 2019
I purchased the LETION Led Flashlight Rechargeable 1500 Lumen Camping Flashlight because I wanted a couple of quality, tough, and really bright flashlights, one for work and one for home, th... read more »

Love the fact it’s rechargeable

28 Nov, 2019
I was getting these for a gift. However I think I'm going to have to buy more because I'm having a hard time giving them away.  They are very bright.  read more »


26 Nov, 2019
So both my husband and dad wanted new flashlights! And this is a twofer!! Lol. I love it and plus it's rechargeable read more »


26 Nov, 2019
Very nice! read more »

Perfect for backstage lighting!

18 Nov, 2019
Love this flashlight. It's durable, super bright, and is super quick and easy to use! I highly recommned this one! Thank you so much! read more »

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