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Love it!!

03 Jun, 2020
Love it would recommend the HD Foldable Screen Magnifier to anyone who has kids always on cell phones!!!  read more »

Bright light!!!

03 Jun, 2020
Have to say this light turned out to be a lot brighter than what I was expecting.  read more »

Cell phone repair

20 Jan, 2020
This tool set has save my life when it comes to repairing broken cell phones! read more »

Very please

20 Jan, 2020
I use this container in my car also useful on gamenight night while playing cards! read more »

Love it!

15 Jan, 2020
The Bclip helps cut down the laundry simply because it protects clothes from getting dirty as easily as they would without out the Bclip. read more »

craft time

11 Jan, 2020
Being a home school teacher I use the Cable Wire Ties for many different projects. Product shipped right on time a good deal!!  read more »


13 Dec, 2019
I wear the gel toe separators to help correct my toes that I broke. While wearing the separators I paint my toenails it prevents getting nail polish all over my other toes! Love them!! read more »


13 Dec, 2019
Checking the tires on my car has become a lot easier now with the digital tire pressure gauge. I also like that it small enough to fit in my glovebox without any problem!! read more »

Charges batteries rapidly!

13 Dec, 2019
The universal charger is very durable for the size charges batteries rapidly a lot faster than I expected. Great for households who own a lot of flashlights with batteries. read more »

Great for camping!

13 Dec, 2019
These flashlights are a great source of illumination for camping, fishing, or anything outdoors at night! The rechargeable batteries are long-lasting which are included with the battery char... read more »

Charges different devices!!

07 Dec, 2019
I would recommend this charger to parents with teenagers who have different devices.  Both my teenagers can charge their android, iPhone, and tablets at the same time with the Multi Charging... read more »

Worth every penny!!!

07 Dec, 2019
 The quality exceeded my expectations of these stocking the picture in the descriptions doesn't do them justice! Great for the price worth every penny and ship faster than expected!!  read more »

Fast shipping!

24 Nov, 2019
The product shipped faster than I expected!! Also, for the price, you can't beat two charger cables and a wall plug that charges my device fast! read more »

wonderful for travel!

24 Nov, 2019
Light and compact, this converter will be wonderful when I travel!!  read more »

Charge your device anywhere!!

12 Nov, 2019
Shipping was fast and packaged very neatly. I love that it fits in my purse and I can charge my device anywhere anytime.  read more »

Great for charging multiple devices!

29 Oct, 2019
The Hub USB 2.0 is awesome with all the different usb ports everyone in my household can charge their device at the same time! read more »

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