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05 Jan, 2022
This is the best tape. Saves money causeu rinse let dry and reuse read more »

Vacuum kinda suck but in a bad way

05 Jan, 2022
It gets really hot quick and shuts itself off but it works good until then . About 10 mins then shuts off read more »


09 Oct, 2021
Just half of a washrag.  read more »

Cutting it up

09 Oct, 2021
These r sharp and cut very easily   read more »

Beast shovel

09 Oct, 2021
This lil shovel can do everything. It's amazing love it read more »

Wow sharp and awesome

09 Oct, 2021
These are very sharp be careful. Love these   read more »

Can't connect

09 Oct, 2021
It won't connect to wifi read more »

Great chargers

04 Oct, 2021
These are strong and flexible. They charge so fast.  read more »

A dab will do

04 Oct, 2021
These are great. Extremely strong and lightweight. Work perfectly read more »


02 Oct, 2021
Seems to work read more »

My kids lived these

02 Oct, 2021
Kids loved b decorating these read more »

Super fast charging

02 Oct, 2021
Great and hard to bend read more »

Better of I got all of it

21 Sep, 2021
I didn't get all ofy kit no googly eyes, no pipe cleaners or fuzzy sticks read more »

The bees knees

21 Sep, 2021
Great for my husband. Said relieved alit of the pain  read more »


17 Aug, 2021
B betterif they weren't all connected read more »

Must have

17 Aug, 2021
Incredible. Lung cord on it and all my stuff is plugged in one place read more »

Rolls up a lot

17 Aug, 2021
This thing never stays flat always rolla up read more »


17 Aug, 2021
These were cute lots of repeated ones though read more »

Good stickers

17 Aug, 2021
Finally a pk of stickers that we're good. This is a great selection read more »

Awesome box

17 Aug, 2021
This thing is amazing . for my kids n they loved it read more »

The glowing is so Bright

02 Aug, 2021
I love this ring!! Didn't turn my finger green and it glows really bright read more »

Light bright

02 Aug, 2021
These things are awesome. They r so bright and the 2 diff options are perfect read more »

Don't work

02 Aug, 2021
These don't work at all read more »

Too thick to do the trick

02 Aug, 2021
This thing is heavy and very thick hard to use on everyday jobs read more »

The keychain that spins is a ultimate ein

02 Aug, 2021
This keychain is cool. My husband got it and it is perfect read more »

Ain't the best paint

02 Aug, 2021
The paint and oil in these separate easily but it's hard to shake them and get them to mix back together read more »

Shine bright flashlight

02 Aug, 2021
These are amazing lights. And the battery charger is awesome read more »

A lil bling that will turn your finger green

02 Aug, 2021
Not so bad but does turn fingers green  read more »

Definitely not 150, stickers

04 May, 2021
Idk if i didnt receive all mine or what? I only got 75 stickers???? read more »

Kinda weird

04 May, 2021
These literally are bingo dobbers. But they work. They are a lil hard to get off skin though read more »

Very hot

04 May, 2021
These things are great to light candles with. I love them  read more »

Awesome boxes

04 May, 2021
These lil boxes are so useful. I put my bracelet making beads in them and they fit perfectly. Gave it a 4 star because 3 out of 24 were broken read more »

Lil light sure shines bright

04 May, 2021
This light shines so bright its amazing. And the charger fornthe batteries was a great bonus. I definitely would biy again  read more »

Bright light

21 Apr, 2021
Super bright light lights up my whole entire yard!! It's arguing Awesome read more »

Perfect fit

09 Apr, 2021
Love these perfect fit read more »


09 Apr, 2021
Hubby n me can sit or kay inthiin this together!! Love it read more »


09 Apr, 2021
This takes a lil bit of practice but when u get it, its so much fun read more »

Swimmingly perfect

09 Apr, 2021
Fit my daughters Barbie's and she loves them  read more »

Works great

09 Apr, 2021
Does exactly what I need perfect read more »

The right light

09 Apr, 2021
Love these Lil lights. Awesome read more »

Works greaaatt

09 Apr, 2021
Love all the different levels of vibration!!  read more »

One hot lighter

01 Apr, 2021
Great for lighting candles!! And I live that its digital read more »


01 Apr, 2021
It was way bigger than I thought!!! Super happy about this purchase  read more »

Love It!!!!

01 Apr, 2021
Look so much like the real thing!!  read more »

Barbie's styling!!

17 Mar, 2021
My daughter's got these the other day and my 6 yr old, told me, " Mommy, i love these! Now Barbie styling lol!! Good quality, cute outfits, and made my girls happy as heck!!! Ty read more »

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