Bedee LED Garage Lights, 60W E26/E27 Deformable Light Bulb for Garage, 8000LM 6000K Garage Ceiling LED Light Fixtures with 3 Adjustable LED Panels Fits, Triple Glow Lights for Garage and Large Area
Price: $39.99
4.93 / 5   (28 Reviews)


Quality LED lights!

21 Jan, 2022
I bought this light for my garage and it is perfect for that. With adjustable panels, I can aim the light exactly where it is needed most. This is perfect for working on cars or other projects.  read more »


03 Sep, 2021
This light is very bright!  I love it.  It lights up my whole garage! read more »

Super Bright

14 Jul, 2021
This LED light floods any area with amazing light.  No more dark corners in the garage!  You can direct the panels in different directions giving you total control.  Love it! read more »

Very Bright

14 Jul, 2021
Great product, Great quality. Perfect fitin standard bulb housing. I did not realize this light was adjustable on all 4 sides!! This light works very well, and just as advertised. Would definitely buy... read more »


05 Jul, 2021
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Bedee LED Garage Lights, 60 w E26/E27 Deformable Light This light goes directly into the normal US ceiling light fixture. No special equipment needed. Unscre... read more »

Wow!! Our garage is super bright now

25 Jun, 2021
I can't believed how easy to install this garage led lights. Eversince we installed this lights I saw the big difference now when we used the old lights vs this led garage lights. I have no more p... read more »

very bright

22 Jun, 2021
large light very bright put two in a two car garage lit up th whole place  read more »

Very Bright!

18 Jun, 2021
I really love this light! Before I bought this I was going to buy a 4ft. floresent light. This is Garage light buld is just as bright and even better  that I can adjust the angle of where I ne... read more »

Super bright

17 Jun, 2021
If you need light, this is it. It is very bright, which is great for our large garage. Easy installation... if you can screw in a light bulb you will have this mastered! Great price, good quality, ver... read more »

Large Light!

16 Jun, 2021
Look's to be a really nice light it is rather large! read more »


13 Jun, 2021
Like omg these lights are amazing. So good I put them in my house and I can not believe how bright they are.  read more »

Great item, super bright

13 Jun, 2021
I ordered this for my husband to work in our shed.  It lights up the whole thing!!!  Very happy with this purchase read more »

Love it!This light is bright and there are 3 panels that tilt so you can direct the light in different directions. I bought it for my garage where a standard 100W light bulb still was not bright enough and cast shadows. With this light, I c

10 Jun, 2021
This light is bright and there are 3 panels that tilt so you can direct the light in different directions. I bought it for my garage where a standard 100W light bulb still was not bright enough and ca... read more »

Bright light all angles

10 Jun, 2021
This is a great idea. Light where you want it at a lower cost for power consumption. A good value also. You cant go wrong with this so get yours now. Great for garages, basements etc...  read more »

Super Bright

09 Jun, 2021
I got this to use in my garage and it is super bright and works just like I hoped it would. Installation was super easy as well. read more »

Really Awesome

08 Jun, 2021
This LED garage light by Bedee is formable, can be used in a garage, storage or large area living quarters.  It is sixty watts and goes in the ceiling into an LED light fixture, has three adjusta... read more »

Garage light bulb

07 Jun, 2021
This is awesome definitely would buy again! read more »

Super, super bright!

06 Jun, 2021
We installed this light in our garage.  It's super bright. It's equivalent to more than 500 watts from a regular bulb.  AND, you can adjust the three wings/lights so they point in wh... read more »

LED Light

02 Jun, 2021
These LED Lights are pretty cool! They work great and really light up a dark space well! You can adjust the sides if you need to. I have this one on basement and it sure makes a difference!  #... read more »

Awesome, so bright!

18 May, 2021
This gets 5 stars from me. It works great and we've been using it for a few weeks now in our garage. It's very bright and it exactly what I was hoping it would be. Thank you! read more »

Oh My !!

05 May, 2021
I got this light and we put it in out garage.  It screws in just like any light bulb, but the intensity of the light is magnigicent !!  I am so very happy with my purchase and I definetly re... read more »

Versatile lighting

03 May, 2021
Easy to install and one light provides a lot of light.  I love the options for positioning the light different directions.  A great solution if you need more light in a garage or other stora... read more »

Super Bright!

28 Apr, 2021
Love this light so much!  The panels move and adjust nicely.  The light is extremely bright and definitely lights up my entire  2 car garage without any issue. Would buy again!  read more »

Bedee LED Garage Lights,

22 Apr, 2021
Very bright, well made light. I love it. read more »

Bright light

21 Apr, 2021
Super bright light lights up my whole entire yard!! It's arguing Awesome read more »


20 Apr, 2021
This light is so awesome, i will defanitly be getting more in the future. these are so bright and save so much energy read more »

not sure

11 Apr, 2021
it is really hard to find a fixture where this light fits in!i wish the screw part of the light would be longer or better designed that it fits in regular small light fixtures.i have to take the light... read more »

Super Bright LED light~

04 Apr, 2021
Bedee LED E26/E27 60W light is super bright~  It's hasslefree to install this fixture~  It can be easily screwed into any E26 socket base.  Uses only 60W of electricity and gives ou... read more »

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