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Love that they're eco friendly

05 Nov, 2023
I like these bandages and especially the metal tin they came in. Adhesion is good. Material they're made from is green. Working well. #ViralixReview #Sponsored  #ReviewKickReview... read more »

Didn't even last three months.

10 Jun, 2023
Got a refund on this order.  Cord started to break down, rust, and rot within three months.  It almost ruined a $500 iPad!   Horrible product.  Will not buy from this brand ag... read more »

Works fine and is very quiet, but only glows for a short period of time

30 Aug, 2021
Clock works excellently, and the size is just what I was looking for. Beautiful glass cover.  Big hands.  Silent second hand that is smooth (it doesn't click). However, as with mos... read more »

Wow, is this baby bright!!!

21 Aug, 2021
I bought this for a pot fixture, I think that's what they're called:  a recessed hole in the ceiling that you can fit with a lightbulb. Anyway, I currently have an LED light in that fi... read more »

They hit the spot

14 Jun, 2021
Really nice back scratchers.  I like that they come in six different colors, and you get one of each. They scratch well.  Not too sharp, but not too smooth. Extended the arm is a littl... read more »

Goes on eaasily

14 Jun, 2021
These are nice and soft and easy to apply.  I bought them mostly as eyeliners, but there are 4+ colors that would be more likely used as lip liners. They go on very smoothly.  They're... read more »

Really cool toy

10 Jun, 2021
One of these days I'm going to teach myself how to aim and really use this slingshot for good.  Right now I just play with it.  But I would presume with the right ammunition and a good a... read more »

Great little syringe!

07 Jun, 2021
I use these for giving my pets medicine or when I have to dose them homepathically.  They don't hold a lot, but they're small and thin, so they're easy to get into their mouth. ... read more »

Super, super bright!

06 Jun, 2021
We installed this light in our garage.  It's super bright. It's equivalent to more than 500 watts from a regular bulb.  AND, you can adjust the three wings/lights so they point in wh... read more »

Well made and smooth.

03 Jun, 2021
Nice spoons.  They aren't cheap nor thin.  The wood is smooth with no rough edges and no way to get a splinter. Handle is a nice length and a nice thickness.   I like the co... read more »

Cute little clock. Does as advertised.

27 Apr, 2021
Bought this just as a back-up alarm clock because I can put it anywhere (with batteries) and can reach it when I'm in bed.  Wish it were a wall plug-in, but knew it wasn't when I bought i... read more »

Just as good as the other water guns I have from the same seller

20 Apr, 2021
These are fun to use.   You don't use the trigger to shoot the water.  Instead, you pump the bottom white portion in and out. Water squirts/shoots very far, at least 20'.&nbs... read more »

A little tiring to use a long time, but fun!

09 Apr, 2021
I didn't realize when I bought these water guns that they only shoot by sliding the white loader forward and backwards.  The trigger is just there for show and doesn't move. It's o... read more »

Very nice looking

27 Mar, 2021
They're very nice for what you get.   Their colors make them look like glass. Containers are very firm.  They're easy to hold and use.  The spray portion locks, so make... read more »

Really fun toy!

09 Mar, 2021
Great toy!  I didn't buy this for a child to put together.  It's recommended for STEM.  I got it for my cats to play with.  LOL   They LOVE it! Not too hard to... read more »

Fun to play with and chase my cats around, but the remote was awkwardly shaped

12 Feb, 2021
I bought two of these cars in the same week: one to play with and chase my cats around the house, and the other to gift to a needy child. I much prefer the other one over this one, even t... read more »

Fun to use and chase my cats with. LOL

12 Feb, 2021
I bought two of these cars in the same week:  one to play with and chase my cats around the house, and the other to gift to a needy child.  I much prefer this one over the other one, even... read more »

Beautiful. Nice and bright!

11 Jan, 2021
I love solar powered string lights.  We have them all over our deck and around our pool I bought this set for my Mom.  I'm sure by May when we open the pool one of the sets we've... read more »

Excellent quality with every style you can imagine

11 Dec, 2020
While I don't do my eyebrows much, I really wanted a set of really good tweezers.  This product was exactly what I was looking for.  It has not just one but several tweezers, each to a d... read more »

A good supplement to add to your regimen of health

18 Oct, 2020
Been taking magnesium in one form or another for about 5 years now.  I've found that it helps me relax, helps me sleep, improves my dreams, and relaxes my muscles at night.  I've nev... read more »

Pretty in the garden at night

18 Oct, 2020
Charged them up in the sun upon receipt and put them out that night.  They worked fine.  I surprised my Mom by putting them in her garden.  She loves how they look! #ViralixReview&nb... read more »

Makes it fun to turn vegetables into dinner

17 Oct, 2020
I have this same model, so I gift this one to my sister as an early Christmas present so she could use it while fresh vegetables are abundant. She LOVES it.  Works great.  And it's a... read more »

As good as most other brands out there.

29 Sep, 2020
I use anywhere from 100-200 of these staples each season on my farm.  Even though are say they won't rust, they all do.  So at least 25% of them become un-usable after I pull them out of... read more »

Great to have on hand for emergencies!

29 Sep, 2020
Bought this eyeglass repair kit just to have on hand for in case of.  Everyone in this house wears glasses, and we depend on them to see.  So if a screw goes missing, we need to be able to f... read more »

They came pre-charged!

29 Sep, 2020
Great price for rechargeable batteries!  They also came fully pre-charged, so I was able to use them immediately out of the box. They were nicely shipped in two plastic 4-packs for neat storag... read more »

They work good so far.

20 Jul, 2020
They're advertised as long-lasting.  I can't say yet whether that's true or not, but they do work fine.   #ViralixReview #Sponsored #Poweradd read more »

Great supplement to make your relax or when you have restless leg syndrome!

20 Jul, 2020
I've been taking a magnesium supplement for about 3-4 years now.  I wasn't sure I needed it, but I had trouble falling asleep and couldn't relax.  Once I started taking magnesium... read more »

Great toys for both adults and children in the pool.

20 Jul, 2020
I already had a set of the sinking sticks that have number values on the end, but adding four from this set makes it really fun when there's a group of people who have to dive for them.  The... read more »

Better than the one I bought last year from another vendor!

26 Jan, 2020
I got a cone ice scraper last year at a discounted price. It works great! It's especially good when you have thick frost and ice on your windshields.   Now I was able to order, also at... read more »

Beautiful, just beautiful!

06 Jan, 2020
I gifted this to a friend because it just looks so pretty AND classy. It's easy to open.  Comes with it's own cover.  But what I liked most about it was how pretty it was.  I... read more »

Easy to install

04 Jan, 2020
Easy to use, easy to install. Have no way to tell you if the item works or not because I haven't hit a deer in 15 years without the product, but this is just insurance to keep me safe in the fu... read more »

Well made.

07 Oct, 2019
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my roommate.  I opened it, though, to see how it would fit and to fluff it out a bit.  It comes vacuum sealed and flat as a pancake, but after a bit it... read more »

Cute AND comfortable!

07 Oct, 2019
This fit SO well.  I'm a size 7.5-8.0, but I usually buy 8 so that they're loose and comfortable.  These fit me perfectly.  They're not too narrow or tight.  Length is... read more »

The quality is what you'd expect at this price point

12 Sep, 2019
At the price point this clippers/pruners was offered at, it's a very good purchase.  They arrived sharp. The closure latch works fine. The handles were super padded (extra padding that... read more »

Works as advertised

12 Sep, 2019
I wouldn't call it instant read, but it's pretty fast.  You do get a reading within a second, but it routinely takes about five seconds until it stops moving and you get an accurate tempe... read more »

They work as they should

27 Jul, 2019
I've had other brands of these non-stick silicone baking mats, but these were the best value at the time I was looking for more.  I like the fact that this is a 3-pack and three different siz... read more »

So far it does help me sleep better

27 Jul, 2019
I don't have anxiety or anything like that, but I do have issues sleeping well and deep.  On the nights that I took a full dose of this hemp oil, I did sleep better. They recommend holding... read more »

One of the brightest flashlights I've ever owned!

27 Jul, 2019
Super bright flashlight with high lumens, that's why I bought it.  I love the slim profile.  It's very comfortable in my hand.  I also like the fact that whenever I turn it on,... read more »

Beautiful and useful coasters!

03 Jul, 2019
Bought these as a gift for a friend.  I have a set similar, and knew she would love them.  She does! These are prettier than the set I have.  They also include SIX coasters (my set i... read more »

Great gift for an instrument lover

03 Jul, 2019
This is almost exactly like the recorder my sister had in school.  I bought it for her as a gift, and it works great.  Just like she remembered. Even comes with a cleaning rod. It'... read more »

Great tool at a reasonable price

29 May, 2019
I was surprised that this was such a great drill given the lower price range it was offered in.  I like the fact that it was nicely presented and comes with its own carrying case.  The batte... read more »

Fine mesh so none of the tea leaves or crumbs get into your brew!

29 May, 2019
This is one of my favorite style tea diffusers.  It has super fine holes, so absolutely none of the tea leaves or even the fine crumbs from the dried tea every make it into your brew. The lid... read more »

Really great toy for younger cats would like to play with toys.

29 May, 2019
I wanted to get a new cat toy for my cats because they’ve become bored with what they already have.  I wasn’t sure if this would be attractive to all of them (‘cause they’... read more »

Mother's Day gift for my Mom; she LOVED them!

18 May, 2019
Really nice item.  They came pre-charged, but I left them in the sun all day and then repackaged them for my Mom (who lives with me).  She put them out in the garden as soon as she received... read more »

They work ok, but can't use them with Facebook Messenger :-(

18 Mar, 2019
For whatever reason, these don't work for phone calls on Messenger.  We don't know if it's an issue with the earbuds or a compatibility program with Messenger because we have another... read more »

Really nice coasters!

11 Mar, 2019
Drink coasters....I bought myself a set of them a few months ago that are made of ceramic with a cork bottom. I've been using them all winter, and they are great for hot cups of tea. What I'm... read more »


11 Mar, 2019
I ordered this for a family member who lives with us.  He had already tried out the one I had in my car and loved it, so wanted one for himself.   This is a really nice visor. It... read more »

Excellent. Just what I needed to make my boots comfortable again!

24 Feb, 2019
hese insoles are very comfortable. They were easy to cut and size.   I bought they for a very specific reason: I found that mice had gotten into my hiking boots and gnawed a really big hole... read more »

Well made product with many uses!

24 Feb, 2019
Great cheesecloth! Used it strain some homemade maple syrup and it was very good at keeping things out of the syrup that I didn't want to go through into the final product.   It's w... read more »

Excellent tasting tea from a great company!

24 Feb, 2019
GREAT tasting tea! I've had this variety before AND from the same company, but this time it was loose tea (which I prefer) because the tea bags it came in previously weren't the compostable... read more »

This one of the funnest things I've ever bought!

16 Dec, 2018
My newer riding lawn mower uses a lot of these clips to hold the sides on it as well as other small parts.  Just to buy ONE package of one size clips is at least $3, but I like having all the dif... read more »

They work fine, but not as bright as I would have wanted.

25 Nov, 2018
Great easy-to-use small sized flashlight to keep on your person, in your pocket, or in your purse.  I also keep one in the car.  And they're great to stick into your backpack so you alwa... read more »

Works well and wasn't too expensive.

25 Nov, 2018
I am currently using a wireless mouse with a dongle for my laptop whose built-in mouse pad doesn't work right.  But I wanted to have a back-up in case the wireless one ever broke.  This... read more »

Squeeky and tight

11 Nov, 2018
I bought the correct size.  I am a US7.5 and I always buy size 8 so shoes are extra loose and comfortable on me.  These are at least one whole size too small.  I could barely get my fee... read more »

Simple design

11 Nov, 2018
I am using it as we speak.  I haven't tested it in a fire, so I hope it really works IF that were ever to happen in my house. But be that as it may, you can never be too careful.  Our... read more »

Bright little cute lights!

16 Oct, 2018
These lights were just SO cute that I had to get the trio of them.   I wasn't completely sure before I bought them whether they were something you charged up OR something you had to hav... read more »

Delicious tea, like I've come to expect from this company.

16 Oct, 2018
Years ago when I started to explore teas and taste different types, Puerh tea was the first one I tried.  I liked it then, and I love it now!   Tea is loose and in a zippered (reclosea... read more »

Thick and durable!

04 Oct, 2018
I got these gloves at a really great discounted price. I knew a medium would be quite large on me, but for the price I couldn't beat it! Plus, they're big enough for most any guy's hands,... read more »

Easy to instal and works well

04 Oct, 2018
I now have two of these anti-sun, anti-glare visors, one for each car.  I can say without a doubt that they both work well and are pretty much equal in their performance. This one was much eas... read more »

Can't tell if it works yet

04 Oct, 2018
Have them spaced all over the house. Won't know if they are working for a few weeks. Hopefully they do work so I don't have mouse droppings all over my closets again this winter! &nbs... read more »

Well made and nice to look at. Don't know if they're working yet.

04 Oct, 2018
Instructions say they need four weeks to fully do their job. They've only been up less than 10 days.   I have this four-pack as well as another four set up in EACH room in the hous... read more »

Easy to set and very sensitive, I just think I have smart mice

15 Sep, 2018
I don't know whether I have the smartest mice in the world or they can levitate, but either way, they are getting the bait but not getting caught in the traps. We noticed a few weeks ago a bad... read more »

Mounts easily and works as described.

14 Sep, 2018
So far this visor is working quite well.  I have only had the opportunity to use the daytime (dark) visor since I don't do a lot of night driving.  Also, I am in a rural area and they do... read more »

Mild taste.

06 Sep, 2018
Fermented grey oolong tea tastes to me like fermented green tea.  Considering that this is harvested when ripe, I would think it's similar.  I don't like 100% green tea, but this was... read more »

Lovely blanket and dimensions are correct, but description of size is completely misleading

22 Aug, 2018
This is a beautifully soft and mink feeling blanket.  Even softer than "ultra plush".  The feel is EXACTLY what I was looking for.   But it by no means a queen or king bl... read more »

Excellent tea. Best I've ever tasted from Taiwan!

14 Aug, 2018
I was nicely surprised that this tea is so delicious. Now, I'm not normally a hot tea drinker in the summertime, but our nights have been getting a little cooler and I've been a bit depress... read more »

Coasters that actually do what coasters are supposed to do: PROTECT!

20 Jul, 2018
I really wanted coasters that absorb sweat. Most just let it pile up ON the coaster, and then later it spills off, completely defeating the purpose of using the coasters in the first place. &nb... read more »

Great pair of bypass pruners at a super price point!!

10 Jun, 2018
Really nice pair of by-pass pruners given the price point.  Major brands usually charge $30-$60.  These were steal AND they work quite well.  I'm most impressed by the type of sprin... read more »

Precision at your fingertips!

31 May, 2018
These are great whether you're using them for cosmetic reasons, around the house, or when fixing small appliances or working on something intricate such as a computer or other device.  ... read more »

Nice to have when camping or for emergencies, but it's very heavy when filled!

19 Mar, 2018
I got this to have in case of emergency, to take while we're hiking or camping, and to have outdoors in the summertime for any dirty messes that we don't want to bring into the house. I sel... read more »

Super fun to use!

19 Mar, 2018
I bought this for my Mom for Mother's Day. Even though it's great for decorating cakes, I think she'll use it more as a serving plate on a pedestal. It's really nice to have if you... read more »

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