TECKMAN Eyeglass Repair Kit, Small Eyeglasses Screwdriver Tool Set with Assorted Tiny Screws,Nose Pads,Cleaning Cloth and Slant Tweezer for Jewelry,Glasses,Sunglass,Spectacles and Watches
Price: $8.99
4.90 / 5   (42 Reviews)


great case!

16 Jul, 2021
Very organized! I love it! It is  easy to use, and I'm able to find the parts I need without having to dig through.  read more »

Definitely much needed

26 Jun, 2021
It comes with literally anything you could possibly need to fix your glasses, good quality screw drivers, tiny little screws along with nuts and washers and cant for get the soft cloth to wipe off gla... read more »

More Affordable then Going to an Eye Doctor!

22 Jun, 2021
This Eyeglass Repair Kit by #TECKMAN is much more affordable then going to an eye doctor to have your glasses repaired. I brought my eyeglasses to Walmart to the eye doctor office there to have a nose... read more »


06 Jun, 2021
This set has really come in handy! read more »

Very handy to have...

27 May, 2021
I use these all the time not just on glasses, but fixing toys around the house.  Having the parts I have been able to fix not just mine but all the eyeglasses in the family. read more »

Really nice to have.

24 Jan, 2021
Cool product read more »

Like it

27 Dec, 2020
I love those tools fix all of my glasses.  Now I can use my favorite glasses again.  ^__^ read more »

Very useful

08 Dec, 2020
I bought a #TECKMAN Eyeglass Repair Kit, Small Eyeglasses Screwdriver Tool Set with Assorted Tiny Screws,Nose Pads,Cleaning Cloth and Curved Tweezer for Jewelry,Glasses,Sunglass,Spectacles and Watches... read more »

Tekman Eyeglass Repair Kit

07 Dec, 2020
TECKMAN Eyeglass Repair Kit  available on www.amazon.com/B07SR1LGMX The TECKMAN Eyeglass Repair Kit is priced at $9.99 on Amazon Prime   It comes with everything... read more »

great to have for glasses

06 Dec, 2020
My son and daughter both wear glasses full time. Sometimes the screw comes out of the frame holding the lens. This kit is so great for that because it is hard to find a screwdriver that small to fi... read more »


26 Nov, 2020
I had to destroy the bag they came in to get the box of screws out, but it is a decent set. It came with a nice set of screwdrivers too. read more »


25 Nov, 2020
Such good price fast shipping and actually has a lot to work with. Very helpful.  read more »

I can fix it now.

11 Nov, 2020
There has been many times I've had screws come out of my eye glasses. My child's glasses need the screw fixed  I  didn't have the equipment at home to do it. Well, I have it now!... read more »

Very nce and practical

27 Oct, 2020
I really love this set. It comes with many sizes of the small screwdrivers for all your needs plus so many screws in the smallest sizes!  read more »

Eyeglass kit

30 Sep, 2020
Comes with many sizes screws. Will work for any glasses from plastic to metal or adult to child size! Definitely worth every penny.  read more »

Great to have on hand for emergencies!

29 Sep, 2020
Bought this eyeglass repair kit just to have on hand for in case of.  Everyone in this house wears glasses, and we depend on them to see.  So if a screw goes missing, we need to be able to f... read more »


28 Sep, 2020
this repair kit has everything you need to fix your glasses yourself. for some reason my husband glasses keep loosing the screw that hold the glass in place. i brought it many time to the sores to get... read more »

a must have

26 Sep, 2020
It is a must-have for every household. My son wears glasses. I needed it. very reasonably priced and has everything you could possibly need.  read more »

Eyeglass Repair Kit

21 Sep, 2020
Received quickly. Packaging was nice great set. Has different sizes of screws. Came in very handy. read more »

Great toolset

16 Sep, 2020
Great toolset for eyeglasses. All the tools and bits included are great. couldn't ask for anything more. Just one set will last for years to come. No more worries about losing the small screws. Ev... read more »

Great !

16 Sep, 2020
Great little kit with everything I need to repair my glasses and sunglasses. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #TECKMAN read more »

Great item

07 Sep, 2020
It comes with many screws of all different kinds so you can fix almost any type of glasses and other small electronics/items. It comes with very nice screwdrivers and nice tweezers as well. All the sc... read more »

Handy item

07 Sep, 2020
As someone who wears glasses everyday I always need to adjust them I'm not kidding when I say I have over 20 pairs of prescription glasses including sunglasses and they need adjusted frequently th... read more »

Perfect to save time

03 Sep, 2020
You know when your glasses are a little loose or your nose pad falls off or needs replaced and you have to make time to go to the eye doctor's office and have it fixed?  Well now you can do i... read more »

Glasses fixers

30 Aug, 2020
I have bought many sets of this same kit and it works so well! So many screws to accommodate all types of glasses. I have fixed my sun glasses and they have been working and better then when I bought... read more »

Very Nice

04 Aug, 2020
This is much nicer than I expected for the price!  All of the tools in the kit are well made and it all has some weight, nothing flimsy.  I would definitely purchase again. read more »

Very Handy & Helpful

27 Jul, 2020
We have a couple of us in our family that wear eyeglasses so this is extremely handy and helpful to have around. read more »

All you need

27 Jul, 2020
It has everything you need to repair glasses. read more »

Has everything in it!

17 Jul, 2020
There are several of us that wear glasses in our home. This kit is perfect! It has everything we need to make repairs in a pinch!  read more »


15 Jul, 2020
This is an excellent product.  I was able to finally replace a screw that was lost on my granddaughters glasses. She is so happy.  read more »

Repair kit

13 Jul, 2020
awesome kit! Has everything you need  read more »

No case? Cmon...

13 Jul, 2020
The tools and equipment itsself if fine. The problem is it doesn't come with a case. It all comes packed into a plastic envelope. C'mon... read more »


11 Jul, 2020
The perfect mix of items! Very happy with my purchase!  read more »


18 Oct, 2019
This is the perfect little tool set to keep around for many reasons. I fix my glasses, and they work on those small screws that are in game systems or small electronic toys. Its perfect! read more »

Finally a kit that works!

10 Aug, 2019
I lost a screw on my eyeglasses, so I purchased a small point of sale kit at the checkout of my local grocery store. The screws that were included kept falling out and I couldn’t find another ki... read more »

handy tool

05 Aug, 2019
This complete set does the job that I need for all my fix. Love it   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SR1LGMX #RankBoosterReview #TECKMAN read more »

Very Nice Quality

01 Aug, 2019
I was super surprised when this item arrived and the quality was great. For the price, I honestly thought it was going to be cheap plastic, but no this is a very nice set and you get plenty of glasses... read more »

Quality sunglasses repair kit

31 Jul, 2019
The package was shipped quickly. Thanks to Amazon Prime. Pros: Good quality kit tool for sunglasses, watches and small personal items. The screwdriver tools have a comfortable handle with a r... read more »


31 Jul, 2019
So I know these are for eyeglasses but I actually purchased it for my car key and with the various sizes I found a perfect match.  This is a great set to have handy  read more »

No other repair kit comes close

28 Jul, 2019
This is a great set of tools with hardware included. Nose pieces, and about every size screw for any glasses. I've fixed three pairs of my old glasses. Theres even a little tool that holds on to t... read more »

Exactly what I needed

25 Jul, 2019
I absolutely needed to get one of these kits. Recently prescribed glasses for me being nearsighted now, this is a must have. It comes with extra screw and nose pieces to fix glasses and watches. Also... read more »

Eye glass repair kit

22 Jul, 2019
This kit is amazing and so handy and helpful to have around! I can fix any kind of eye wear one the go or at hike amazing and will be buying more plus it comes with the tools to do it all and extra sc... read more »

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