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Jul, 2017

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I'm a mother of 3 children and grandmother of one granddaughter which I am raising. I love playing with her and teaching her new things. I like spending time with my boyfriend and children. I like trying new products for my home, electronics, pets, cell phone, toys (of course can never have enough of them lol), and pretty much anything else. I just like checking out new stuff.
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Good quality

26 Apr, 2022
I like these rugs. They are decent size and made very well. read more »

Granddaughter loves them!!

09 Oct, 2021
My 8 year old granddaughter absolutely loves these things.  read more »


28 Aug, 2021
They are holding the slats up that were broken so they are doing the job they are supposed to do.  read more »

Easy to use

28 Aug, 2021
Works good. Lifts it up just the right amount.  read more »


27 Apr, 2021
My granddaughter loves this thing. She can use it to carry any one of her dolls with her.  read more »


27 Apr, 2021
It's so adorable. Granddaughter now has close to a matching one as hers. read more »

The Right Size

16 Apr, 2021
They are the right size for barbie clothes. But it was pointed out to me by my granddaughter that they are not the right size for her Chelsea dolls.  read more »


16 Apr, 2021
My granddaughter thought they were so cute. She loves changing the clothes on her Barbies all the time.  read more »


24 Mar, 2021
My granddaughter loves these. They are cute and the shoes they come with was her favorite part. read more »

Good quality

24 Mar, 2021
I like these cables. They are made well and seem to be durable. read more »

Works Good

04 Mar, 2021
This works pretty good. It's easy to apply & remove. read more »

Very cute

27 Jan, 2021
I enjoy doing diamond paintings. This one is very cute can't wait until it's finished. read more »

Not bad

13 Jan, 2021
This is what it is. Lol read more »

Great Camera

13 Jan, 2021
This is actually a very good quality camera. Including the night vision quality. Very easy to setup and access from my phone. read more »


03 Dec, 2020
These are great utensils. They are nicely made. The set includes everything you need plus sone. read more »

Great flashlight

17 Aug, 2020
This is an nice medium sized flashlight.  read more »


15 Jul, 2020
This is an excellent product.  I was able to finally replace a screw that was lost on my granddaughters glasses. She is so happy.  read more »

Everything you need

13 Jul, 2020
This kit is great it comes with everything you need to make so many kinds of slime. It also has a special product that actually helps if your slime becomes to hard. We enjoy using the kit. read more »

Nice material

20 Jun, 2020
I like the material. But not so sure about the way it fits though.  read more »

Very soft and comfortable

05 Jun, 2020
I absolutely love this one. It's very comfortable. Would and probably will purchase more.   read more »

good image

11 May, 2020
The camera has a very good image on this. Not to hard to install either. read more »


11 May, 2020
I like this duvet cover. it fits great. read more »

Really soft

21 Apr, 2020
This is really soft and comfortable. Fits very good.  read more »

Good quality

21 Apr, 2020
This is a nice little waterproof speaker. I've been looking for one to replace my old one and I finally found it. The lights are a great added little feature. read more »

Love this lamp

12 Apr, 2020
I really like these lamps. They are good quality. Easy to use. And put out a decent amount of light. read more »

Nice combo

29 Mar, 2020
This was a nice case & keyboard combo set  read more »


29 Mar, 2020
My daughter likes it. she uses it all the time. read more »


17 Mar, 2020
This has got to be one of the best lamps I've ever had. It's well made with a good quality shade on it. Puts out good even lighting. Doesn't take up an entire end table either.  read more »


17 Mar, 2020
My granddaughter absolutely loves this outfit for her dolls. When she seen it her eyes lite up. She had to put it on one of the dolls immediately. Very cute.  read more »

Haven't tried yet

09 Mar, 2020
I haven't gotten to actually use the product fully I've only used it for the area test before actual fully using over a larger area. read more »

Really handy

09 Mar, 2020
My granddaughter and I really like these step stools. They are easy to fold and store. They are a good height to help her reach things. And they are to big to take up alot of space.  read more »

Love them

29 Feb, 2020
I love these candles. I watched my granddaughter try to blow out the flame of one for at least 2 full minutes.   read more »


29 Feb, 2020
They are very pretty, but I can't seem to get them to glow in the dark like they are supposed to.  read more »

Convenient to store

17 Feb, 2020
I like the bright colors, the stackable design and quality of the plastic.  The ring they come on is very convenient to use for hanging. read more »

Good lighter

08 Feb, 2020
This is a pretty decent lighter. It is waterproof had to test that first thing.  It holds a charge for several days I still haven't charged it yet.  read more »

Sounds good

01 Feb, 2020
Very lightweight easy to use. Extra battery is helpful.  Sounds good as well.  read more »

Works good

01 Feb, 2020
This charges my phone quickly. It also recharges easily and fast to use again. Easy to bring with you.  read more »

Love it

17 Jan, 2020
I've been looking for an Airbrush and glad I found this one. Its works great, easy to use & cordless.  read more »

Perfect size

17 Jan, 2020
These are perfect size for my 6 year old granddaughter to hold in her little hands and paint them. She loves painting and hiding rocks. read more »


11 Jan, 2020
I love this little set. It has so many extras. You have everything you need for all small items like electronics, toys, glasses, etc.  read more »

Good quality

11 Jan, 2020
This was made well. I gave it to my daughter to use for her phone and she said it worked good. read more »

Easy to hold

11 Jan, 2020
These are very comfortable to hold. Easy to use. They don't slip in your hand.  read more »

Multi use

11 Jan, 2020
This is a very multi useable tool. I've used it for many different projects and for many different reasons.  Very easy to use.  read more »

Granddaughter loved it.

12 Feb, 2018
This is a lower end projector light but it still works good and comes with several slides to use. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored read more »

Its ok for small jobs.

23 Aug, 2017
I like the lamp but I find that having to plug it in to use during use makes it hard to use. The cable provided with it isn't long enough to give you much distance between the power source for the... read more »

Really neat and cool item.

05 Aug, 2017
Love this pen. It takes some practice to get the hang of it. But love all the possibilities that you can create with it. Only downfall I had was I was sent wrong power cord, but that was a easy fix ju... read more »

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