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Great smell

26 Feb, 2023
It has a great smell, its like a gel like feeling for the pads but the results are not significant. I like the pads feeling though and i can add my vitamin c underneath with them read more »

Looks great

08 Jan, 2023
I hesitated ordering this because it was for a present for my husband and did not know the quality but i was happily surprised when i saw it. It feels and looks good read more »

Add to the holiday spirit

08 Jan, 2023
nothing like adding the grinch to the holkiday spirit, it w has become a favorite and sad that i have to wait until next christmas to display again read more »

Beautiful and big

08 Jan, 2023
These stencils are perfect in size and design. I hope they make more styles for other holidays read more »

All about the sparkle

16 Nov, 2022
Hard to compete with lights during the holidays but this just add that special holy note. Napkins never looked so good  read more »

Unique carbon/titanium look

16 Nov, 2022
I love these because the titanium color, so they are not harsh black. I have these reindeer in other colors and you can have fun on your tables mixing yhem around. read more »

Pretty and convenient

16 Nov, 2022
I recently had brain surgery and couldn't do much with my hair and it looked messy so i got these and they are uplifting. They made me feel better right away as it looked like i was not dying (whi... read more »

Life saver if you want to shower without hassle

16 Nov, 2022
Life saver if you want to shower without hassle After surgery. My husband had carpal tunnel surgery and it was painful wrapping his hand and arm in plastic wrap every single time. We bought this sleev... read more »

Nice looking but not your typical ratchet

16 Nov, 2022
Nice looking but not your typical ratchet belt im used to buy in which the ratchet is actually a hard ratchet plastict insert build into the belt and this belt just had indentations acting as the ratc... read more »

Silver napkins rings

16 Nov, 2022
These are so pretty, i wish the ring part was thicker but it is still prettier and a must have at your holiday table. read more »

Festive design

16 Nov, 2022
I really love the look of these socks and they are comfy, also they are not to short so perfect with ankle booties  read more »

Gold reindeer glam

16 Nov, 2022
There are unique and go nicely with gold themed decor for Christmas  read more »

Perfect for parties

22 Oct, 2022
Great addition to our greenery wall read more »

Easy to hang and elegant

26 Jul, 2022
Easy to hang and elegant With nice black/gold tones read more »


22 May, 2022
It was a gift and hear it doesn't slide easy but can't confirm  read more »


22 May, 2022
These are very comfy and breathable  read more »

Add candy or travel tickets for a surprise

22 May, 2022
Small but cute for themed party souvenirs  read more »

So far so good

09 Jan, 2022
It has been 2.5 months and still clear. read more »


09 Jan, 2022
It fits in my pocket and works great with my windows computer. Easy to pair. read more »

It must be exposed to brighter light to charge

09 Jan, 2022
It must be exposed to brighter light to charge and glow in the dark. It has a cheap feeling when in your hands but can't tell from far away read more »

Happy wedding

09 Jan, 2022
Venue didn't allow rice or seeds toss so this was the next best alternative and made for pretty pictures. Batteries are not included but was still a good purchase. It came in two colors but not mu... read more »

Fun for parties

09 Jan, 2022
I have a pool party and this was perfect to act to the ambience, but needs batteries not included  read more »

Comfortable lounge pjs

08 Jan, 2022
This pjs are super comfortable and you can wear them all day long without looking disheveled. It is definitely not an expensive or lux fabric but is flexible and comfy. I like them! read more »

Some flair for Halloween ????

08 Jan, 2022
Added this to the outside of my apartment door in college and everyone start getting excited about Halloween and started decorating. I'm a trend setter now lol  read more »

Love the buffalo plaid

08 Jan, 2022
I have side windows in my front door and these made a huge difference with my decor. I have them in the inside vs. outside of the house and looks great. For some reason image did not upload. It's... read more »

Love the look

08 Jan, 2022
Was so tired of the traditional grandpa look with socks that were too high or to short that drink on your feet, these were perfect  read more »

Pump up the holiday spirit

08 Jan, 2022
These pillow cases are super cute and the canvas fabric is easy to clean! read more »

“It’s like the movies”

11 Sep, 2021
“It’s like the movies” My nephew said about this light, whatever that means. All I know it that it makes him very happy read more »

Nice warm light

11 Sep, 2021
I prefer this kind than cool light bulbs. The little bulbs are of a good size and charged fast read more »

I like the look but

11 Sep, 2021
I like the look of these boxes but the clear window film becomes unattached, not for all but some. I still will use them and you can personalize them on your own read more »

Love this belt

11 Sep, 2021
I love how wide this belt is but I wish it was tighter or adjustable for me to make my weist look smaller read more »

Much better than expected

11 Sep, 2021
These were wrap individually and make the perfect accessory for my precious diva. Keeps her away from my stuff read more »

Ideal for travel

11 Sep, 2021
I use these at home, when travel with the family and help keep counter free of unnecessary mess read more »

For my little chef

11 Sep, 2021
This set is adorable, perfect for your little chef. My niece loves it  read more »


11 Sep, 2021
These are very cute but the gold color looks fake or cheap. They are however a nice addition to table setting read more »

Big and strong

11 Sep, 2021
No more damage to my desk. I love that is not flimpsy, it looks nice and easy to clean read more »

Making the job easier

09 Sep, 2021
I never knew what the purpose of sifting your flower was in recipes and didn't do it as was a long process. Once I got this tool and put batteries on(not included) it goes fast and the recipe resu... read more »

Space saver

09 Sep, 2021
I love how neatly I have my wires organize with this instead of using extension cords everywhere read more »

Cute as it could be

09 Sep, 2021
I have a real like baby doll and this outfit is adorable. It is perfect for photo shoots or have your baby dressed in style read more »

wirerope to lift curtains

01 Aug, 2021
This works good to lift some curtain straps, you will need to buy wire gauge according to size but does the job read more »

Great for filling

08 Jul, 2021
Great for filling Salt and pepper shakers read more »

It can be iced with frosting

08 Jul, 2021
This plastic sign can be decorated with icing then cleaned to be reused read more »

it works and materials is good

15 Jun, 2021
i used this for tying up a wire cable for hanging a sail fabric for shade and works great read more »

Couple of pillows were stained

30 May, 2021
I love the pillow pattern and fabric; however, a couples of pillowcases were either stained or faded in middle of design. Otherwise I would have given these a five star. read more »

Healer for your back

21 May, 2021
My husband enjoys playing golf and minigolf with my son very much but he struggles after his back surgery so picking the ball constantly is not fun and creates more pain until I found this magical gad... read more »

Go away COVID

21 May, 2021
My parents got COVID and my mom says it was my dad who brought it home since he didn't wash his hands because he forgot about it. So I gifted this dispenser and they have it at door entrance so ev... read more »

Best invention ever!!!

21 May, 2021
I'm always scared to turn my gas grill because I don't know if the flame will ignite or not, but this has made my life so much easier. It works, it starts the grill right away and I can rechar... read more »

I finally got these and are easy to replace

22 Apr, 2021
when I go to the pool i usually have my glasses on and it seems that with time the nose pads get discolored or green. I dont want to through away my shades so this was the perfect solution. I took one... read more »

compartmentalize your food for easy access and stop cross contamination

22 Apr, 2021
this is great for separating my veggies and eggs or fruits in the tiny fridge on campus. and you can stack them read more »

Lightweight and easy to carry

22 Apr, 2021
I like how compact this grill is, very easy to take around but it has very sharp edges and bends easy if not careful but for the price it is a good addition when going camping read more »

safety first and complement my running/jogging outfit

22 Apr, 2021
when i go for a walk or run outdoors, there is always a concern being a pedestrian that a vehicle might not be able to see me when crossing or going along roads. this vest it super n=light, comfortabl... read more »

perfect storage organizers

22 Apr, 2021
I actually got these for my makeup and love that i can have my  liquid foundation in one container and powders on others then  eye liners in a different one. you can use it whatever way... read more »

not quite as expected but it does the job

22 Apr, 2021
i would have like see that the sign was stronger and the glitter was both sides. but on the side opposite to glitter you can see where the lasercut burned the paper. read more »

they definitely help illuminating the cornhole

22 Apr, 2021
they definitely help illuminating the cornhole and makes the game so much fun. Super easy to instal and it comes with the screws. I took one star off just because other sets included the ribbon or lig... read more »

amazing fit

22 Apr, 2021
love thie wrinkle free pants, it feel and looks very elegant and did i mentioned they are wrinkle free? definetely a must have read more »

So easy to apply

23 Feb, 2021
These lashes are great, the liner works good but it here is not much on eyeliner. Not sure if it's dry or if it just doesn't come with much in the two little containers. If they were full then... read more »

not quite as expected but it does the job

15 Feb, 2021
for some reason i was under the impression this was made of some sort of wood but it wasn't. its almost like plastic conected by staples. it did came with the fabric so thats what i use to proof t... read more »

Fast charge, easy light

08 Jan, 2021
With having a lot of scented candles that come in jars, it's difficult to reach as they are used and used to burn my finger trying to lit them up. This lighter is genius, you can bent it, and long... read more »

Holiday or micro wedding dinner

08 Jan, 2021
I plan weddings and with the increase of micro weddings due to COVID, the more elaborate and unique couples want their mini celebration. This dear is perfect for a woodsy/ green theme wedding, it'... read more »

Super cute

08 Jan, 2021
My cousins loves cats and since I was planning to send some digital images of family to her, I think this dresses it more as a gift that she would love inside and out read more »

Good for a gig

08 Jan, 2021
It's good for a gig for sure, son tried all the pills in bottle hoping to see growth but there was none. It was funny though as he was so excited, kid of sad too. read more »

Keeps my hands warm and are not bulky

07 Jan, 2021
Wearable in many environments. If I'm dress casual or more elegant it doesn't matter. It keeps my hands warm and easy to store on my pocket read more »

Add charm and glamour to the holidays

24 Dec, 2020
These are perfect to upscale your decor and add a glamorous look. The rings are perfect for big napkins and you can I set silverware if desired. I highly recommend!!! read more »

Perfect trees for diy holiday projects

21 Dec, 2020
Adorable tiny trees perfect for diy projects for the holidays. While I'm not a fan of the actual color, it doesn't matter because I'm spray painting these. They look just as I pictured!... read more »

Taste good but

31 Oct, 2020
Great fruity flavor but I haven't seeing any improvement on nails or hair. Maybe needs to be used for a very long time before you see results.  read more »

Great for arthritis pain

31 Oct, 2020
My husband needed something for his hand, not wrist but this serves the purpose. He was told by dr. To put ice for 20 minutes on hand but usually towels and ice packs moved around. This doesn't mo... read more »

Bright and easily portable

31 Oct, 2020
Love how compact and light weight this flashlight is. I can throw it in my purse and use it anytime, anywhere. It has become so handy specially for those hard to reach places where bulky lights can... read more »

Never arrived

28 Sep, 2020
I was looking forward to get this but didn't arrived, I got instead a paper thin mask read more »

Lovely for young girls

28 Sep, 2020
They are soft and colorful but they are more on the small size. They will be extremely tight for teenager. However for young girls are perfect. I wish they were bigger because it would have been perfe... read more »

Increase safety during walks I can see from far away

06 Aug, 2020
These lights are great, light way super bright and rechargeable batteries and charger provided. Game changer for sure read more »

Customers station-time saver

28 Jul, 2020
This monitor stand is super convenient in business environments when you need your customers to check in. Our checking process is much neat, faster and practical. No longer use paper to enter on compu... read more »

Soft and light

25 Jul, 2020
It feels like I'm wearing socks because of how light and comfortable they are. Also like the modern design and added height it gives me read more »

Fits like a glove!

06 Jul, 2020
I just got me some air pods and these are perfect. It looks and feels good. I got the black color and like the added protection  read more »

Good for small treat

06 Jul, 2020
We used at wedding and got lots of complements read more »

Can be used with fondant

06 Jul, 2020
The size is great and can be use with fondant, clay, etc read more »

So compact and fast

17 Jun, 2020
You can carry this pump with you anywhere, it's size is so convenient and the digital display is great. Once set it will pump the specified air you set to. read more »

Very pretty against a solid background

30 May, 2020
These mirrors are somewhat flexible and gives dimensions to otherwise boring wall. They look very nice!!! read more »

Saving the planet

19 Feb, 2020
I chose these straws because they are environmentally friendly but I'm dissapointed the colors are not vibrant, specially for a Mexican theme read more »

Great size and semi- flat bottom

15 Feb, 2020
If you grow annoyed by eggs rolling out of control, then you must try these. They are bigger so more stuff can be added  inside and with flat bottom you can have them hide or on display. read more »

One little tool, so many uses

05 Feb, 2020
Incredible and multi use tool, I was so excited to find out I could use this to not only paint regular art but also decorate cake, makeup and they said nails as well but I would think filling the airb... read more »

Way smaller than advertised

22 Jan, 2020
Sadly this is a cute design but very misleading on size based on the model in picture. Fits more like a top and fabric is too thin.  read more »

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