Silicone Funnels Collapsible Wide Mouth Water Bottle Kitchen Silicone Funnel
Price: $7.99
4.47 / 5   (15 Reviews)


Functions well for my uses

29 Aug, 2021
I use this for putting powdered products into my bottled water. The products normally come with a scoop that doesn't necessarily get the product into the bottle without mess or spillage. This funn... read more »

Great for filling

08 Jul, 2021
Great for filling Salt and pepper shakers read more »

Silicone Funnel Collapsable

02 Jul, 2021
It was slow ship but it made it home safe and sound:). It's soft and not sturdy but I think it will be fine  read more »

Gets the job done

25 Jun, 2021
Perfect funnel to have on hand in the kitchen  read more »

Collapsible Silicone Funnel

24 Jun, 2021
Terberi Collapsible Silicone Funnel is great for filling bottles and such. It is nice to have a utensil that collapses so it fits in my utensil drawer better. I really need to clean that drawer out it... read more »

Nice funnel

23 Jun, 2021
Good quality, seems gurable but did have a little trouble with it collapsing back down  read more »

great accessory for crafting!

22 Jun, 2021
This silicone funnel by #Terberl is perfect for all sorts of things. I particularly purchased this for my resin epoxy crafts. it's the perfect size for pouring resin Michael dyed into the resin mi... read more »

Flexible funnel

21 Jun, 2021
Great flexible silicone funnel. Easy to clean, store and use. read more »

Item Not Received

16 Jun, 2021
The review will be updated if the item is received. Thanks. read more »

Very handy collapsible kitchen funnel TERBERL

12 Jun, 2021
This is a very handy collapsible funnel, designed for kitchen and travel use. It is made of food-safe silicone and will remain pliable for many years. It is the right size for refilling water bottles,... read more »

Wonderful collapsible funnel

11 Jun, 2021
This funnel saves so much time and frustration in the kitchen!  It is collapsible so it fits in the kitchen drawer easily when not in use and quickly opens to help me pour into jars and bottles w... read more »

space saver

09 Jun, 2021
Great use of space in a very durable and useful product. read more »

Silicone Funnels

05 Jun, 2021
 come in very handy in the kitchen!! Thank you! read more »

Will update!

03 Jun, 2021
Will update this review when the product arrives. Thanks! read more »

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