Pumteck Electric Ball Pump,Smart Air Pump Portable Fast Ball Inflation with Accurate Pressure Gauge and Digital LCD Display for Football Basketball Volleyball Rugby (2 Needle and 1 Nozzle)
Price: $29.99
4.97 / 5   (37 Reviews)


Amazingly Useful Powered Sports Ball Pump

30 Apr, 2021
This is a small automated sports ball inflator. It is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery and is recharged using a USB power wall-wart or other USB supply. It is operated by inserting the needl... read more »


06 Jan, 2021
I've been needing an air pump such as this. It actually worked on bike tires. read more »

Quick Pump

12 Dec, 2020
This pump provides a very good and quick pump to any ball that you are looking for.  Not only is it portable but it also has a LCD display for an accurate pressure gauge to assist you with your s... read more »

Fast and efficient

22 Nov, 2020
I air up all types of balls weekly! Small balls, medium balls, and large balls that sometimes need a little and other times needs a little more than needed! The gauge is right on to help get you the q... read more »

Super easy to use

20 Aug, 2020
This electric ball pump is really nice and useful. Its super easy to use and works perfectly. Fill the balls very quickly and the best thing is that it can be loaded very easily. read more »

love it

03 Aug, 2020
this electric pump is super amazing, it has saved me time and is super easy to use comes pre-charged and only takes seconds to pump up the ball read more »

Works Well.

29 Jul, 2020
This is a nice compact air pump. Good for sport balls or pool blowups. Comes with 2 sizes of needles. You can set the air pressure for the psi that you want. Unit turns off when you reach the preset p... read more »

It work great

28 Jul, 2020
Need this for my youth football team read more »

quick and accurate

28 Jul, 2020
quick and accurate, works well and the battery lasts a while read more »

Easy to use

22 Jul, 2020
This little pump is exactly what I needed to pump up my exercise ball. I had been using a plastic foot pump that came with the ball, and it took forever to . Being so small, it takes a few minutes to... read more »

good pump

22 Jul, 2020
Works great for a tiny pump read more »

Easy to use and a must have

20 Jul, 2020
this was an awesome buy and its super easy to use a little kid can use it. read more »

Electric Ball Pump

20 Jul, 2020
High quality product and i really like it..the packaging is so nice. read more »


16 Jul, 2020
Small and compact, inflated my ball within minutes. Easy to read screen. Charge last long. Comes with built in light read more »

Excellent pump

15 Jul, 2020
Electric pump is small and compact. Inflates balls within minutes. Very easy to use. Comes with built in flash light that is very handy. Fits in gym bag. read more »

Great for you balls

15 Jul, 2020
Great for toy balls!  read more »

Good and easy to use but max 12 psi

14 Jul, 2020
Only complain is that it goes to maximum of 12 psi. Very practical and I love the portability. Don't plan on using it for tires :) read more »


08 Jul, 2020
Perfect!! Love this!  read more »

Awesome air pump

08 Jul, 2020
I gave this pump as a gift to my friends kids as the boys are preteen and active in sports, they LOVED it.  One of the boys was so impressed by how it well it worked that he hid it in his bedroom... read more »

Excellent quality

07 Jul, 2020
This is the first pump I buy that gets the thumbs up rating from the Mr and the boys. And thats because I suck in that department, but this one caught my eye and figured it was worth a try. They love... read more »

very helpful

24 Jun, 2020
The charge on this last a long time.  It is able to charge 30 balls on one charge.  It comes with the charging cable and it takes rougly two yours to charge fully.  I bought this for my... read more »

So compact and fast

17 Jun, 2020
You can carry this pump with you anywhere, it's size is so convenient and the digital display is great. Once set it will pump the specified air you set to. read more »

Heavy Duty!

16 Jun, 2020
This thing is made WELL.  I was expecting something flimsy but this is made of quality materials and works great.  I am happy with it:) read more »


10 Jun, 2020
Small enough to almost fit in your pocket and has enough power to fill up basket balls along with floats for the pool. read more »

Nice pump

08 Jun, 2020
Seems to be a very good idea. I haven't been able to test it out yet, but if it works as advertised, then I am all for it. read more »

Works great on balls

04 Jun, 2020
Love this. Works great on small balls like basketballs and volleyballs. Grandkids coming over and mine were all flat. I love the smart screen  read more »

Easy to use!

26 May, 2020
I was really looking for a small pump specific for outdoor sports balls and this worked great. It was easy to use and created a good seal for easy inflation.  read more »

Works well

25 May, 2020
This works great for the balls we used it for. It doesn't work for bike tires or at least I haven't been able to figure out how yet but still a really cool pump  read more »

Love it!

23 May, 2020
Works great! Excellent seller! read more »

Much easier!

21 May, 2020
The manual pumps are such a pain!  This is a really great product.  And it charges via usb!   read more »

Powerful little air pump! Very quiet and fast inflation.

18 May, 2020
I had my doubt before ordering this portable air pump but, now I'm so glad I purchased it. The little pump is amazing. The air pump is very quiet and very fast. You can set the poundage you need a... read more »

Pumps up all my balls

17 May, 2020
The Pumteck electric ball pump gets much use at my house...basketballs, soccer balls, tetherballs, volleyballs. Works like a charm every time. Charges fully in under an hour and is so easy to use my t... read more »

Pump it up

17 May, 2020
very nice,  well made and easy to store.  Great for your garage, gym or school.  Works great and fast.  Highly recommended.  read more »

it works

15 May, 2020
With 6 children under the age of 17, we have a huge collection of basketballs, footballs, soccerballs and more!  In the Arizona heat, they get beaten up and frequently become deflated.  I ha... read more »

I love this!!

13 May, 2020
so I just got this today and I love it!! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning!! I found every ball in my house and filled them all!! I love that I can set the pressure push the button and it does ev... read more »

Great buy!

13 May, 2020
I have 2 boys. One is active in basketball and the other loves all sports so I really needed a way to keep their sports balls aired up. This works very well. Easy to set up. Smart buy. read more »

Handy Smart Air Pump

07 May, 2020
Electric ball pump with 2000mAh lithium battery, inflate 30 balls on one charge, come with Micro-USB charging cable, about 120 minutes to full charge "when I received this in the mail the other d... read more »

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