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super cute

04 Aug, 2021
Super cute cat food bowl! I adopted 2 Maine Coons so they will definitely need raised food bowls. Very easy to clean, sturdy and I get compliments on how cute the design is all the time. I ordere... read more »

Very good quality

04 Aug, 2021
I highly recommended this umbrella It only took me less than 15min to set it up. It comes with very good quality stands. It seems like to be a long standing patio umbrella. Love it! This umbrella... read more »

Awesome projector with Numerous light color functions

04 Aug, 2021
This product is very user friendly. It was easy to switch between the different lighting scenes and the speakers work really well. It makes my surroundings feel different which is Definitely a nice li... read more »

Light to carry and does the job

22 Nov, 2020
This portable grill is so easy to take with. We went camping and took the grill with us, it can fold easily into the box/bag, and don’t take much space as the other one we owned before. It Serve... read more »

Fast and efficient

22 Nov, 2020
I air up all types of balls weekly! Small balls, medium balls, and large balls that sometimes need a little and other times needs a little more than needed! The gauge is right on to help get you the q... read more »

Looks and feels great

22 Nov, 2020
Visibly and structurally, the controller is identical to the original PS4 controller. It feels no different from playing with the original. These controllers are fantastic! I was weary about buyi... read more »

Perfect for my little girl

21 Jul, 2020
I was skeptical at first. Wasn’t sure that the beep would prevent her from barking but once she wore it a while she understood that the beep means don’t bark. Very effective and after a li... read more »

F fu fun

21 Jul, 2020
Oh my gosh this thing is so cute and fun! And shocker--it actually works! Very rare for flying gadgets out there. I bought one for my son for Christmas. I opened it and tested it to make sure it worke... read more »

Great case and great price

21 Jul, 2020
Great high quality Fits right on my keychain It does very well indeed protect my airpods because I got drenched on a couple rides and they happened to be in my pocket but they were dry inside the pl... read more »

Great price and protection

21 Jul, 2020
Great high quality Favorite color Fits right on my keychain It does very well indeed protect my airpods because I got drenched on a couple rides and they happened to be in my pocket but they were d... read more »

Great performance and convenient

21 Jul, 2020
This portable wireless pump is very small yet very powerful. We purchased it to take on vacations to blow up floats or air mattresses when we go camping. The battery on the device seems very large and... read more »

Soft and organic

16 Mar, 2020
Soft and cute This blanket is soo soft and cute! Very good design on it. I purchased it as a newborn gift for my friend. I was in between this blanket and another one but decided to buy this. Thank... read more »

Cute but small

29 Jan, 2020
Very cute plaque but smaller than I expected and also cheaper material then I expected. Mor like $1 store feel to it  read more »

A good set. Recommended.

15 Jan, 2020
I would definitely reccomend this product to anyone that can feel built up wax in there ear. The tools seem very strong and sturdy. I would excercise some caution in using them but if you have co... read more »

Great assortment of fuses

15 Jan, 2020
This kit is quite the value for the price. The assortment and quality are exactly what I was looking for. The random times I have needed a fuse have been far I'm between, but usually a hassle to d... read more »

Cute and funny

14 Jan, 2020
Cute hat!! And fun the hair is semi realistic.A distance it looks can finger it but can't comb it.It will shad. Still for the money its cute. read more »

They are as good as named brand

04 Jan, 2020
Never buy batteries from a retail store again. Buy these in bulk. Fraction of the cost and the same longevity. I tested each one out of the box. They all registered 1.6 volts. They last just as l... read more »

Powerful Batteries

04 Jan, 2020
These are d size alkaline battery. They aren’t name brand.I always have my doubts about things that are not name brand. They so far have lasted just as long as the other batteries I have in a fl... read more »

Stylish and practical

04 Jan, 2020
Stylish & very well made messenger bag/crossbody bag. It’s made out of good quality canvas & has nice features which give it a more rugged look, which I like. It was the perfect siz... read more »


30 Dec, 2019
Wow these incense sticks smell wonderful. The blend of each package is in perfect harmony. I immediately burned one stick. You can smell the stick standing a few feet away! Burns evenly and laste... read more »

Absolutely beautiful

25 Nov, 2019
So much prettier, and better made than I was expecting! Very happy with it. Because of the small diameter, I have to shorten the longer incensesticks, or place the holder on a larger plate. But i... read more »

Easy to use & works perfect

22 Nov, 2019
I installed this immediately in my car and I am loving it! It has super easy controls and I love that it connects automatically to my phone whenever I get in the car.Works great. I love the screen dis... read more »

everything I need in one box

20 Nov, 2019
Besides having a nice and elegant design, this set is super sturdy and doesn't bend like other paper products. Great for any reunion or party. Excellent choice for hosting any dinner and... read more »

Great Security Camera with good coverage

17 Nov, 2019
This is probably my best Amazon purchases I've made all year. I have tried some other cameras that work fine, but I have always have to find a way to shoot through a window because of the need to... read more »

Bright, long lasting and good value

17 Nov, 2019
I used these for my front yard decor. It looks so cute! I am impressed with the quality of the wreaths and the lights. It charges even though I have it tucked back under our front porch overhang.... read more »

Attractive Lightweight Bag

15 Nov, 2019
I really like the look & aesthetic design of this bag, and it is also very lightweight -- exactly what I was looking for in a daily-use bag. There is plenty of space in the bag for daily commuting... read more »

see and feel the difference

13 Nov, 2019
I wish I knew about this product before because I would have been using it for years! I love the way this makes my skin feel and look. This is my new favorite lotion. I use it on my face and body ... read more »

Excellent quality for the price

12 Nov, 2019
For the price it's really a great handy tool kit to have around for fixing small items. I recommend this product. The housing is made of hard plastic, so be careful not dropping it. The hous... read more »

Does what it’s supposed to do

09 Nov, 2019
had issues with the reverse lights not working. Turns out the cables was cut. Simple replacement just do it really fast . read more »

Good quality and cute

09 Nov, 2019
Very happy to get these cover for my airpods. The quality is great and the price is a great. It fits perfectly. I like this colors they are super cute. Will recommend this to anyone who need a cover t... read more »

Great price and great results

09 Nov, 2019
The product came in a very sturdy box and honestly would be surprised if someone got a damaged glass. Screen protector went on super easy and covered a majority of the screen. Unlike standard sc... read more »

wow! a really cool massager...

09 Nov, 2019
What a product! Never had this type of massager before -- actually, I've never heard of a "massage gun" before. But buying this was a delightful surprise. All the different attachments a... read more »

Best flossing tool to add to your hygiene toolbox

09 Nov, 2019
I've switched from old fashioned flossing wire a few years back and never been happier. These are so easy to use. They have both the flossing wire and pick on the other end for stubborn pieces of... read more »

Excellent product.

07 Nov, 2019
Worked as expected and great valuE I've been looking in to USB-C Hubs for a while now. Since moving over to the new Macbook Pro, I need something that allows me to easily connect my devices. Wh... read more »

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