AUTIDEFY Magnetic Hook,12 Pack 12LB Strongest Heavy Neodymium Hanging Hooks D16 Multi-purpose Indoor Outdoor Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Garage Lockers Office
Price: $9.99
4.86 / 5   (63 Reviews)


Works good

26 Feb, 2021
It looks good and useful read more »

Works well

15 Oct, 2020
bought these for outside on my patio so I could hang sheer drapes and curtains it work really good over all super pleased  read more »

They hold!

25 Jul, 2020
I got these to use in my homeschool room. My k8ds art projects, charts, etc. They were great and hold quite a bit of weight too! read more »

Really strong magnets!

14 Jul, 2020
I use these in my craft room to hold up cutting mats and they hold with ease. I have a few left and will eventually use them in my workshop, as they are truly multipurpose. They are small and don'... read more »

Mighty Magnets

24 Jun, 2020
Very strong. They are small. I use them on my magnetic door .Theo hold a small child's jacket, notes, banners, signs, etc.  read more »

Exactly what I needed

06 Jun, 2020
These Magnetic hooks are perfect.  I hooked them on the cross bars in my basement to hang party decor read more »


21 Apr, 2020
Suoer powerfuk magnets. These will not fall off!! read more »

I would give a hundred stars if I could

14 Mar, 2020
I love how strong these are and how well these work. The hook rotates all the way around and is perfect for many projects. I use them all over the house for the perfect hanging project. I love love lo... read more »

Sturdy and Good magnetic power!

24 Feb, 2020
These arrived and they are a little smaller than I was thinking i was going to use them for, however, they work well for small items to hang or hold on a metal surface.  Shipped quickly and as ad... read more »

They don't hold 12lbs

13 Feb, 2020
  The Autidefy Magnetic hook 12-pack is ok. The hooks are supposed to hold 12 pounds, and I tried to hang a pair of lightweight cotton coveralls from them multipl... read more »

They stick

05 Feb, 2020
They are great the hold up things on your refrigerator but not too much too heavy of things because then the cat will slack get on them and they slide down and then I have to pick them up and put them... read more »

I'm hooked on these

05 Feb, 2020
I am hooked on these and so are all of my cooking utensils that now live on the side of my fridge.  These are strong for their size and can be used anywhere the magnet sticks. I've been us... read more »


30 Jan, 2020
These are magnets so they work awesome in the kitchen   read more »

Perfect for cruising to hang your stuff from the ceiling of your cabin

19 Jan, 2020
If you are a cruiser then this is a must!  All the cruise ships I've been on the cabins always have metal ceilings.  The space is tight and I'm always in need of a place to hang my j... read more »

Excellent for fridge!

12 Jan, 2020
Works on fridge wonderful, I couldn't get it to hold anything over a few pounds but they do wonders otherwise!  read more »

Very useful

09 Jan, 2020
So I found these work for a couple different things I hang it on my fridge for a towel ect. And if I just need a magnet u can unscrew the hook piece off and use the bottom for just a magnet. These are... read more »


04 Jan, 2020
These are the best magnets I have got in a long time. Very strong. Holds up multiple sheets of paper plus clip holds several appointment cards. read more »


28 Dec, 2019
Quite powerful magnets, but make sure you put them on something with a decent amount of metal or they won't be as effective. Good price. Smaller than I expected but still handy. read more »


23 Dec, 2019
These magnet hooks are the best. I have varying sizes and these are the small size. I use them to hang oven mittens on the side of the fridge. I use them in the garaget to hang tools. Also use them in... read more »

Love them

18 Dec, 2019
These hooks are great. I use them on my fridge to hand our big pizza cutters, grill spatula and all kinds of things. They hold up great and are handy for so much.  read more »

Super Strong

12 Dec, 2019
These are super strong, they. can hold a lot. They are small but durtable. They have a nice shine to them too, read more »

Great magnets for everywhere in the house

10 Dec, 2019
Good strong magnets are somehow difficult to find. When I found the Autidefy magnetic hooks, I was thinking I could use them in the garage and in the back yard. When they arrived, they were a bit smal... read more »

Really strong

09 Dec, 2019
So impressed how strong these magnets are, I love them. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #AUTIDEFY read more »

Using Everywhere

04 Dec, 2019
These arrived just in time to help with Christmas decorating.  They were in a metallic and plastic zip bag.      Began using them right away.  We can't get enough of... read more »

Love these

02 Dec, 2019
I have used these in the pat and needed more because my husband kept stealing them. Excellent holding power and grip! Will buy again. read more »

very sturdy

22 Nov, 2019
I used these to put up my Christmas decorations. Very sturdy, great product. read more »


15 Nov, 2019
just what I needed to hang my dry erase markers on my fridge.. read more »

These work perfectly!

04 Nov, 2019
Very strong as described. Magnetic and stick to the corners of my walls. Definitely stronger hold on a downward pull than a sideways pull. Absolutely happy with this purchase and using all of them alr... read more »

Great buy

02 Nov, 2019
I bought these to hold up a privacy curtain in a cruise ship cabin. BRILLIANT! they were amazing and even my in-laws (first time cruisers) remarked on how handy they were. Now they are in use at home... read more »

So useful!

01 Nov, 2019
What you see is what you get. The magnets are pretty darned strong, too. I attached them to my hood range and hung the essential cooking utensils to free up cabinet space!  #RankBoosterReview... read more »


22 Oct, 2019
These magnetic hooks have so many uses and these work well. Very strong. read more »

Small but terrible

20 Oct, 2019
I won't deny the magnets are small. But hey, the power of these magnets can take up so much. I managed two hang up 3 cooking l , metal utensils without losing its traction from the fridge! I also... read more »

Super product

20 Oct, 2019
I received this today and I got to tell you I'm pretty happy about it upon initial inspection the magnet is about 1/3 of a size of normal ones but it's strong it told his mighty the hook screw... read more »

Great !

10 Oct, 2019
Very happy with these. Have a long hook so I can hang a lot of different items. I wish they came in smaller packages. I couldn't find these in a local retail store.#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsore... read more »


10 Oct, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #AUTIDEFY read more »

Fantastic Magnetic Hooks

09 Oct, 2019
Perfect for decoration at christmas! I can use these to decorate my front door with packs of battery operated lights and not hurt the door !  A+ read more »

works but

05 Oct, 2019
does hold full 12lbs but works for me  read more »

small but mighty

29 Sep, 2019
My husband is a contractor and uses a cargo trailer to transport his tools from job site to job site. I am always trying to find ways to help him keep his trailer organized so I bought him this set of... read more »

Very practical purchase

31 Jul, 2019
I love those hooks - so useful in the kitchen and with my hobbies - crafts and sewing. I'm not sure they can hold 12 lb though but I may buy even more this is how useful they are. #RankBoo... read more »

Love it!!!

17 Jul, 2019
I have already bought this product few months back and just loved it. Its a great rescuer fo renters. I live in a rental apartment where nailing is strictly prohibited. I use these magnetic hooks almo... read more »


15 Jul, 2019
These are great for my boyfriend's work Van he works in the heating and cooling and has to hang things and these are nice strong magnets to hang things in the back of his van read more »

Hook magnets

09 Jul, 2019
Does the job, was thinking they may be bigger but actually a lot smaller then I thought.  read more »

Very Handy

03 Jul, 2019
The hooks are suowe convenient for around the house and work areas. Pretty heavy duty and very convenient to come with 12 hooks.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Iijuan read more »

Love these hooks!

27 Jun, 2019
Bought them for my deck roof and they work great!  read more »

great for any area that needs extra organization with hooks

16 Jun, 2019
I live these the only ones before these I was a to find the magnet was big or to small with a thick hook. These are perfect have used several on sode of fridge, in shop and use a couple of the in the... read more »

Nice and Strong!

15 Jun, 2019
These magnetic hooks by #AUTIDEFY are nice and ccx strong. They can hold up to 12 lbs each. I keep some on the side of my refrigerator to hold extra potholders and mitts. I put some on the bottom of m... read more »

BEST magnetic hooks....EVER!

14 Jun, 2019
These wonderful magnetic hooks are so very handy. The magnets are strong, so they stay put and I use them for all kinds of things. I have a metal desk in my office and down the legs are the metal magn... read more »

Great Product! Works nicely!

06 Jun, 2019
These magnetic hooks are perfect for my classroom. They are strong enough to hold my pocket charts and other teaching aids. Thank you!   #RankBoosterReview #Autidefy  read more »

Yep - does what it's supposed to

17 May, 2019
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #autidefy read more »

Strong magnets and very handy

14 May, 2019
i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #AUTIDEFY Magnetic Hook,12 Pack 12LB Strongest Heavy Neodymium Hanging Hooks D16 Multi-purpose Indoor Outdoor Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Garage Lockers Office&n... read more »

Great for cruising!

30 Apr, 2019
I purchased these magentic hooks to use on our cruise.  There's never enough places to hang items in a cruise cabin so with the metal walls, these work great to have a few extra places to han... read more »


28 Apr, 2019
These little magnets are very strong!  They are small so I can put several in different places--I'm currently trying to find something metal in the bathroom to put some on!  I don't... read more »

AUTIDEFY Magnetic Hook,12 Pack 12LB Strongest Heavy Neodymium Hanging Hooks D16 Multi-purpose Indoor Outdoor Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Garage Lockers Office

24 Apr, 2019
AUTIDEFY Magnetic Hook,12 Pack 12LB Strongest Heavy Neodymium Hanging Hooks D16 Multi-purpose Indoor Outdoor Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Garage Lockers Office. Graet in the kitchen. I use these on my fri... read more »

This things really stick!

28 Feb, 2019
The little hooks are awesome.  The magnet is very strong and works well.  We have a few hung around the house to hang keys, light jackets, and belts in my closet.  The quality seems ver... read more »


09 Feb, 2019
These hold about three times as much as most magnetic clips. read more »

Autidefy Magnetic Hooks

04 Feb, 2019
I bought these hooks for the express purpose of helping me declutter my home and life. I needed to find a way to get things off the floor and make them more accessible. These caught my eye b... read more »

incredibly strong

30 Jan, 2019
These are amazingly strong. Wherever you put them, they're not going anywhere. I can think of a million use for these and will definitely get more. read more »

Small, but does the job

23 Jan, 2019
I really like how the hooks are smaller and powerful. They attach even with 2-3 oven mitts on it. I appreciate the strength due to a 5 year old not knowing her own strength. It exactly what I needed a... read more »

These magnetic hooks are the best

20 Jan, 2019
I use these to hold my pots and pans on a metal rack. No fear of them falling off rack! read more »

Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks are Really Helpful

09 Jan, 2019
These hooks have strong magnets and hold a tremendous amount of weight for their size. I love to have these around the house and use them on the fridge for calendars and my file cabinet for other type... read more »


09 Jan, 2019
These are perfect! Very very strong magnets, and nice and small! Very happy  #Rankboosterreview #sponsored #autodefy read more »

display! many uses

22 Dec, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #AUTIDEFY Magnetic Hook set   Small but powerful. read more »

Amazing product!

22 Dec, 2018
I love these hooks! I use these to hold up my curtains in my RV! read more »

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