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Dec, 2017

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I'm a mother of four daughters, ranging from young teen to adults. I'm also very lucky to be blessed with 6 grandchildren. I'm single so im always on my phone. I'm a very open and honest person so even if its a sex toy i will put reviews on my social media. I'm always shopping for my girls and grandbabys.
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Wonderful cords

06 Oct, 2021
Work amazingly love how long they are. Can use with any plug in read more »

Great wires

06 Oct, 2021
Perfect nice and thick works perfectly. Well worth the money read more »

Great to keep all contained

13 Aug, 2021
Before I got this I had wires everywhere. Everyone trying to use the same plug in. This is a life saver. We can now charge as many phones as we want while having a fan plugged in and tv. Also don'... read more »

Great space control

07 Aug, 2021
Love how u can move these around and also add more to them so easy to put together so much space saved. Love these read more »

Comfort and cool

06 Aug, 2021
Love how they have the built in bra, but also how they are comfortable don't leave anything showing at all. Just goes above the belly button. The colors are great has no shrunk or faded in the was... read more »

Spectacular more then just a light

28 Jul, 2021
Don't miss out on this. I thought I was just buying a light I wasn't I never realized that it also charges my phone. And u also get the tail light and the mounting for both lights. Didn'... read more »

Balloons and cars all kinds of fun

27 Jun, 2021
My grandchildren loves these. Now they want to collect them all. I wish it came with some more balloons but what it does have makes for lots of fun also the crab car is difficult to get the balloon on... read more »

Privacy at it's best

27 Jun, 2021
I gotta say I love that u can cover the hole so nobody can see in. Now I can see who's knocking or who may be outside my door. It was very easy to install as long as u have a drill. Nice and sturd... read more »

Extremely impressed works for iphones

24 Jun, 2021
The wireless charger does work for newer iphones and androids. Love that I can turn the cord in right to where I want it so no needless cord laying around. This definitely helps with space. I can'... read more »

Works just as it should

24 Jun, 2021
The glass isn't too thin so no worry's about snapping or cracking. Can definitely withstand the heat it should. Perfect for what it's used for  read more »

Cool and loving it

21 Jun, 2021
My daughter loves this shirt I probably wouldn't refer to it as a sweatshirt it is thin. But the style is in right now and girls are all about trying to be cool. It washed and dried in machine was... read more »

Sand and fun in one bag

21 Jun, 2021
So the carrying bag is very sturdy and u can carry all the beach toys in it. It's also see thru so u can see if u missed one. The toys were also made to withstand toddlers. I've never seen som... read more »

Hours of fun for a little one

19 Jun, 2021
This whole set keeps my toddlers busy for awhile. They love the train but also the building blocks it's a great way to work with teaching colors because there's so many bright colors and teach... read more »

My kiddos riding now

19 Jun, 2021
So this is super cute, built nice and sturdy easy to switch over to two wheels. The color is great. It's absolutely perfect for my 2 yr old and my 3 year old. read more »

Lots of wind lots of fun

15 Jun, 2021
These kites are great, we had so many people come up and ask where we got them? And then just comment on how much fun we were having.great colors that u can see a very long ways away the tails are nic... read more »

Comfortable fits perfect

29 May, 2021
They fit my king size bed perfect, even fit after a wash and dry . Nice and smooth feels great makes for a comfortable nights sleep read more »

Transformer heaven for boys and girls

13 May, 2021
So usually u get transformers and they either don't actually stay into the form the kids want them in. And I know for my grandson it breaks his heart. But I say 100 percent these are great they st... read more »

Perfect for little chefs

02 May, 2021
This has made a new memory for my grandchildren with me,  they can do everything  mix with the wisk brush butter on the buns or frosting the cookie cutters is the top like. Measuring spoons... read more »

Cool belt

27 Apr, 2021
My teenage daughter wears it all the time. It fits almost every pair of jeans she has, and she also puts it on with some of her dresses to give her outfit that extra coolness. Easy to use no issues at... read more »

Way better then I ever expected

27 Apr, 2021
I purchased it for my grandson for his birthday. He loves it takes it every where with him. It's actually got a good thickness that keeps him warm it so soft. And after machine wash and dry no shr... read more »

Works great for a few things

27 Apr, 2021
My daughter uses it on the days she don't need so many books at school she can get her lunch a notebook and a couple drinks in it. My other daughter uses it as a baby bag for quick little trips fi... read more »

Best body therapy

27 Apr, 2021
This vibrating wand is amazing. Helps relive tense and hurting muscles. And actually keeps a very long charge. Easy to charge if it does die  read more »

Would be perfect if it had some stick

27 Apr, 2021
They kept falling off my wall. But they were actually really nice so I had to purchase some tac stuff to help it stay. Still on my wall it's been months read more »

Comfort and snazzy

13 Apr, 2021
My grand daughter absolutely  loves this romper she refuses to take it off. Shes just at the point where she's realized pockets are for stuff, and stuffed those lil pockets are with lots of r... read more »

Comfort and great construction

05 Apr, 2021
Very strong fits amazing I have issues with my arns so it's great to clip in front but still feel your good. Perfect for a bigger woman. No padding have washed and machine dried on heat and no shr... read more »

Baker babes

05 Apr, 2021
The best site to see my grand daughter in her apron and hood, all ready to make cupcakes. Everything you see can actually be used to bake stuff. It really teachers responsibility along with spending s... read more »

My little chefs are happy

05 Apr, 2021
This is a great set I can actually have them help bake goodies with this set. Makes my kiddos feel like big kids. And is so adorable. Very well made read more »

Shoots so far

05 Apr, 2021
These are some great water guns and really easy for children to fill and shoot. It shoots a good ten feet if full    read more »


03 Apr, 2021
I really am very impressed with this set. It has a really nice case it comes in all the toys are good sizes. Plus we have some that make noises. This is so worth the money I will be buying more read more »

Princess please

01 Apr, 2021
You would think this actually came from disney in amazing condition, looks like top dollar and can with stand a tom boy princess  read more »

A top contender

01 Apr, 2021
This is all it says it is, works great easy to use. Amazing results I would have like a carrying case with it but still really great ring light large and worth every penny read more »

Nice for maybe a 20 inch or bigger doll

01 Apr, 2021
Its a great baby carrier, colors wonderful easy for a child to adjust. But the 14 and 18 inch dolls fell out of it  read more »

Impressive guns for sure

01 Apr, 2021
Love these guns. Easy to fill. They shoot super far. Also far from being cheap these are very nice guns gonna buy more. read more »

Animal balloonapooza

01 Apr, 2021
Omg talk about a giant bag of balloons great colors, easy to work with no popping. Just great balloons read more »

Elsa is fantastic in this dress

31 Mar, 2021
This dress is great I would take my grand daughters to a party in this. It's actually made with care. It's just as it shows in the pic been washed and hand dryed no shrinking no issues at all.... read more »

So elegant

26 Mar, 2021
Now we've got a few different  dress up dresses and I gotta say this is in the top 3. Its not some cheap dress that will rip. Its stronge material and the fur around the neck is just stunning... read more »

Resin molds lots of fun

22 Mar, 2021
We really enjoying making the resin items these molds have been great we've used for several sets and no issues at all. But heads up before u get into resin look it up. It can be dangerous and can... read more »

Picture is great

22 Mar, 2021
It's exactly as shown and described. I have it hanging iny bedroom I love it have washed and no issues read more »

More like hospital needles

22 Mar, 2021
These are more like hospital needles it's to put a catheter In. Also not sharp tried to do a ear piercing and it wouldn't even go thru. Sorry but I feel like these are a form of hospital needl... read more »

Elsa dream come true

22 Mar, 2021
My grand daughter couldn't be any happier. She kept running around singing all the frozen songs and made us call her elsa. The dress is really made to last. She wore it for 4 days in a row and was... read more »

Absolutely stunning

19 Mar, 2021
I got this for my granddaughters to play dress up in. But now I'm thinking it will be a perfect easter dress or birthday dress. It's really stitched well it's exactly as it shows on the pi... read more »

Product was cancelled

18 Mar, 2021
It was cancelled by the seller. But I will give viralix the 3 stars for trying read more »

Fell apart cheap

18 Mar, 2021
Only got to use it once and not for long it actually fell apart and couldn't be fixed great idea if actually was made better  read more »

Awesome for explorers

18 Mar, 2021
It's all in really Strong condition which is good no braking really easy. Definitely brought there want for my outside knowledge.comes in a great carrying bag. read more »

Perfect camera or camcorder for children

18 Mar, 2021
Perfect for smaller children my 4 and 5 year old can run it easily. The sounds great picture is really well too. Make sure u get a sim card of atleast 14gb read more »

Top ring light

18 Mar, 2021
Top Ring light on amazon, Its really bright easy to use 18 inch is a perfect size light it makes for great pictures. Or great lighting for video making. I've tried alot of different kinds and size... read more »

Colors pictures stickers

16 Mar, 2021
These are made very well, they stick great there awesome size. They came in a great plastic bag very strong stick great colors great pictures.  read more »

Smoking hot stickers

16 Mar, 2021
They are all really awesome pictures, there about the size of a golf ball maybe a little bigger u definitely  get the amount they said comes in a nice plastic bag thats strong. Buying more right... read more »

They work great

06 Mar, 2021
I purchased  for a friend who works on her feet al day long. She went one day without it and she definitely  got to see what a difference it makes. She wasn't coming home having so much... read more »


02 Dec, 2020
I actually didn't expect this tray would be as great as it is. The size for one i figured it would be this tiny tray, but instead its a really great size. Made to actually with stand some stuff. T... read more »

Really good quality

30 Oct, 2020
I've bought some cheap LED strip light and they never stick correctly or work correctly, but this set really sticks i can also move them and they still stick. There brighter then any others plus B... read more »

Beautiful pillow

03 Aug, 2020
this pillow is made so well, and its absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see the ring barrer carrying this amazing piece of work read more »

Want more and more

28 Jun, 2020
this is the most beautiful summer suit for my grand daughters. It fits perfect for a 18 month. The head band as cute and made perfectly. I was worried with all the little balls but this was definitely... read more »

Never received

10 Jun, 2020
I never received this item but the seller did make it right and was very polite. read more »

Stickers are awesome

10 Jun, 2020
So I love these stickers there great pictures and colors. They stick really well but also peel of easy. There on my thermos and I've washed it several times and the stickers are as good as they we... read more »

Keeps air for a long time

20 May, 2020
It's been two weeks now and it's still full of air. Thick strong ball. Great for rehabilitation or exercise. Doesn't come with a way to blow it up besides with your mouth. read more »

Great musical toys for lil ones

18 May, 2020
My grandbaby loves these. The colors are great. But also being able to play there own music is so much fun. These are amazingly made.  read more »

Very handy and comfortable

18 May, 2020
It comes with a battery operated pump. The bed is really comfortable. It also comes with two blow up pillows. The color is great  read more »

The socks are great

18 May, 2020
There comfortable. They don't shrink with machine wash and dry. Also no fading in the pictures or colors. These are some great conversation starters. They also have so many other types to choose f... read more »

New addition to my kitchen

18 May, 2020
I really like how theres no nails or screws to put into ur walls. It has a very stronge sticking back. I have my broom and mop hanging from it. Pulling them down I've never had it pull from the wa... read more »

Favorite swimsuit of the year

17 May, 2020
This is the most comfortable swimsuit. It leaves you feeling sexy. But it also gives u all the support you need. I love this suit no shrinking in machine wash and dry. Actually purchased it in red als... read more »

Dont work , fell apart

17 May, 2020
I tried several different knives. It didnt come with instructions so I went online to see how to use this sharpener. Unfortunately the wet stone fell off after a few uses. It didnt sharpen my knife. M... read more »


17 May, 2020
Made very well. Waterproof. Perfect size and very comfortable. Also love the color read more »

AvidLove has some amazing stuff

17 May, 2020
Avidlove has some really nice stuff. I have got alot of clothing thru them. Unfortunately this outfit was lost in the mail and they made it all right and refunded so also a great company to deal with read more »

Cute but had a flaw

12 May, 2020
First I purchased the blue one and it wasnt fully blue there was white material under the lace of the chest part. It looked very awkward but I was sent another which was perfect all one color. Very co... read more »

Didnt receive but

12 May, 2020
I didnt recieve this item but I have got items from Kissgal before and they were really well made. As soon as we figured out that the package was lost they refunded me right away and was very polite read more »

Great beginning but not so great end

20 Apr, 2020
My grandchildren loved this was playing with it several times a day absolutely loved it. But after 2 weeks it started to come apart leaving small pieces everywhere so I had to throw it out  read more »

Extremely impressive steal toe shoes

03 Mar, 2020
2nd pair of shoes I've ever bought online and loving these shoes. My daughter wore them to work last night and came home saying shes never had brand new shoes that didnt kill her feet the first ti... read more »

Great mini bullet

02 Mar, 2020
Stronge vibration. Definitely mini. But works great. The charger goes into the end where the rubber is. It was very hard to see but it is there. Charges quickly it also stays charged for a many hrs. A... read more »

Snow boots are comfortable

02 Mar, 2020
I really love these boots. There so comfortable. Fur all the way thru the inside. They have really good traction. I wore them out in the snow and my feet didn't get wet. I was really unsure about... read more »


29 Feb, 2020
I buy alot of these. I have 4 daughters. All want different things in toys. "Massagers" this one became a favorite between all of us. The vibration patterns are really different and nice. Ha... read more »

I'm in love

27 Feb, 2020
This is a amazing massager. It has a very strong vibration. It's very easy to hold. And works great on my sore muscles. It has 3 speeds. A carrying bag. It's also rechargeable. Within a hr it... read more »

Very cheaply made

27 Feb, 2020
I'm very disappointed in this rug it super thin and the fur is so thin u can see the lining under it. The lining isn't that thick either u spill a tiny bit on it and its soaked it dont absorb... read more »

Cute stickers

27 Feb, 2020
These are really cute stickers my 13 yr old loves them shes stuck them on her cups and I've washed them the sticker didnt fall off. These are easy to remove to stick. And have a very strong sticki... read more »

Makes for some fun!

27 Feb, 2020
It cleans with soap and water. The white vibration piece slides out easily to change batteries also when u receive theres a piece of paper to save the batteries make sure u remove before using. I almo... read more »


27 Feb, 2020
These foldable stools are great. There light easy to fold. My toddlers can do it without pinching fingers. The stools have slip grips so no matter how much water they use they will not slip. But as a... read more »


27 Feb, 2020
I buy alot of these. I have 4 daughters. All want different things in toys. "Massagers" this one became a favorite between all of us. The vibration patterns are really different and nice. Ha... read more »

Sexy look but has a little issue

27 Feb, 2020
These are super sexy but we ordered the blue one and it had white behind the chest area looks strange. Seller did make it right and I also got a red one that did have all red material. Really sexy. Bu... read more »

Not so baggy

25 Feb, 2020
The hat is great super cute love that I can unbutton the puff ball on Top. But it didnt fit correctly it was really small for my head. So great hat just suggest maybe for a smaller child. read more »

spectacular balls

22 Feb, 2020
These are spectacular mini basketballs. We have other sizes and there all extremely well made. And can with stand some force. Also they keep the air for a very long time without having to be blow... read more »

Just what it is

21 Feb, 2020
This cord worked great. It was exactly everything it says it is in its description. I use it daily and have had no issues at all.  read more »

Stronge no worrys

21 Feb, 2020
I always worry will it come apart and loose my loved ones ashes. But this necklace is really standing up to the job of protecting. Right now my daughters doing some extensive training and this necklac... read more »

What a dress

21 Feb, 2020
I have know worn this dress 4 times. And I love it. Love how it looks and feels. It's a dress I could pull off on a nice date or at church. I love the satin bottom it just feels great when ur wear... read more »

Not so great

21 Feb, 2020
It worked at first the lights switching was beautiful. And then the tunes and regular beeps u could set for the alarm was cool. Nice and loud. Also very easy to set. But it only lasted a week. Then it... read more »

Sexy but fragile

21 Feb, 2020
It is a very sexy nighty. I love how it fits how it looks and feels on me. But it is awful thin and fragile. If not gentle with it u will rip it like I unfortunately did. But I repaired just too find... read more »

Cute but falls apart if cleaned

21 Feb, 2020
So if was super cute. My granddaughter use it to sit on. Soft nice color. But when we went to wash it all the fur came out. I had to throw it away it left a awful mess. Sucks because I have gotten stu... read more »

Wonderful buy

21 Feb, 2020
First I like that its smaller so it can be put in a purse or in a small drawer. Then the fact that its waterproof. Easy to clean. Easy to use and so many different speeds makes it more fun! It fits pe... read more »

Am buying more great mini balls

21 Feb, 2020
First of all they come with the pump and the extensions that go on the pump to blow up the mini basketballs. It Is a hand pump, but hey it's a mini basketball it's not that much effort. They b... read more »

Above and beyond my expectations

21 Feb, 2020
I really didnt think they would be so great. But I was wrong  the eggs are strong could take a few throws or beatings from youngsters without opening. But when they want to open them there not di... read more »

Handy belt to have

13 Feb, 2020
Very easy to use. Has perfect stretch. Love the no show part of the belt it's exactly as it said it would be and what it shows in the picture. Color is a dark brown. So far seems like a great belt read more »

Fit but ripped apart

13 Feb, 2020
These fit my case perfectly but it's very thin so it ripped apart. Wish it was thicker material read more »

Very soft but not big

11 Feb, 2020
It's about the size of a hand towel. It is very soft and seems very sturdy. Did machine wash and dried and it came out looking like brand new. Just really expected a larger blanket. But I will say... read more »

Very see thru but cute

11 Feb, 2020
Super comfortable, machine washed and dryed no shrinkage. I do gotta say maybe best for smaller chest sizes the bigger ones tends to pull it down alot more tugging it up. It is very see thru. But it a... read more »

Really well made happy

05 Feb, 2020
It works for what I need it for. I love how it glows in the dark. It's not some thin cheap glass its actually a good thickness. Actually cant wait for them to come back in stock. I want to gift so... read more »

Could be stronger

31 Jan, 2020
I used them to put up sweaters but all it took was for my cat to scratch at it and now theres a big hole. Started looking at them better after that and could poke a hole just with my finger. read more »

Cheap and difficult

26 Jan, 2020
So i bought two of these. And everything I say is about both unfortunately. For one it took a while to get it back to shape. The strings were all messed up. Once I actually got to wear it which I gott... read more »

Great stickers

26 Jan, 2020
These stickers peel easily. And stick very well. Have been in dish water and has yet to peel off or damage at all. Cute pictures my 13 yr old loved them. Average size really great stickers  read more »

Another set of Amazing stickers

26 Jan, 2020
These stickers are great, they are average size stickers. The pics are perfect. Billie Eilish is extremely popular, so my daughter was beyond happy. She put these on her flask I've washed it in di... read more »

Impressed for sure

26 Jan, 2020
My kid loves these. Even got other kids asking where to buy them. There all really well made stickers. Peels off easy. Sticks extremely stronge. Also have washed in dish water and no peeling off or th... read more »

Starter nighty for a young woman

19 Jan, 2020
This was perfect for my young lady daughter. Shes covered and very comfortable but also covered and could wear out of the comfort of her room. Machine washable and dryer. Not see thru.  read more »

Sexy and covered.

19 Jan, 2020
Comfortable sexy. Everything is covered so leaves some to the imagination. Easy on easy off. Machine wash and dry. No shrinking or stretching out. Really love how sexy I feel in this  read more »

Charger is great

19 Jan, 2020
I had been looking for a charger that would plug a type c charger end into it. But it also has a spot for a USB plug in. Quick charging. I bought another one cause this one was great. Now my daughter... read more »

Sexy for sure

19 Jan, 2020
These are so cute. Too be honest I didnt think they would look like the picture on m . But they do. There just like the pic. Comfortable easy on easy off. Machine wash and dry no shrinking, no stretch... read more »

Really nice but go one size lower

19 Jan, 2020
It was about one size larger then what I fit in. It's exactly what is in the picture. Very easy to put on and take off it's very comfortable. Can wear under clothes or alone but very sexy ... read more »

Like all the ways to wear

09 Jan, 2020
Theres so many ways to wear this swimsuit. And all of them are comfortable and very flattering. The colors great. So far I've worn this a few different ways its winter so at the y in a pool. No di... read more »

Repeat of another review

09 Jan, 2020
I've already reviewed these bags. So I feel like that review stands strong. I do gotta say I love these colors more. My kids and grandchildren are running around with these using them for everythi... read more »

You will definitely use the temperature lock

09 Jan, 2020
This straightner is great. The only reason I do 4 stars is because it will get extremely hot. Most of the straighteners I've got dont heat up much. This is not the case to this one. There is a tem... read more »

Case is everything it says it is

09 Jan, 2020
The picture of the giraffes is so cute. The case fits great. The case is flexible. Easy to clean. This is my second case from RicHyun and so far I'm in love with all there cases. They come in a ve... read more »

Not exactly what's pictured

09 Jan, 2020
Its either not exactly as pictured or it just dont sit on me like it does on the lady in the picture. On me it sits on my arms almost half way down my arm I know I got the right size the waistline fit... read more »

Love love love this hat

09 Jan, 2020
I live in maine so it's cold half the year. I dont want to take this hat off. It's so warm and so comfortable it clips at the neck but also has a mask that is removable. I love the lil foxes a... read more »

This ring is great

09 Jan, 2020
I've been wearing this ring for a week now. No finger turning green. It's a very stronge ring. I love the picture. I'm actually thinking of having it engraved which I spoke to a jewelry st... read more »

Hard to connect but so worth it

09 Jan, 2020
These lights are great. So brite. It was harder for me too hook up. Probably best to ask someone whom knows or use utube how to videos. Also can be hooked to a toggle switch so they can be turned on a... read more »


09 Jan, 2020
First of all I gotta say this has some major power. It has a remote so u can use ur imagination be anywhere within range. It's super comfortable. Easy to wash  read more »

Grand daughter loves her new rug

09 Jan, 2020
It's so soft and the colors such a pretty pink. I got this for my granddaughters when they're sitting on the floor. My grand daughter carrys her around with her everywhere. Shes even slept wit... read more »

Very useful

09 Jan, 2020
So I found these work for a couple different things I hang it on my fridge for a towel ect. And if I just need a magnet u can unscrew the hook piece off and use the bottom for just a magnet. These are... read more »

Sexy but

09 Jan, 2020
This is a very sexy lingerie. But the bottoms were more like a medium when the top was a small. They both should have been smalls. But other then that the colors great. The fabric feels great. It... read more »

Lights out

01 Jan, 2020
I was very disappointed in these lights for one the box to put the battery in barley stays shut wr had to tape it shut. Then the lights come on and off randomly. Which that's not supposed to happe... read more »

Lots of room

01 Jan, 2020
These bags actually have way more space tgen I expected. They have a lining to keep either your stuff hot or cold it helps keep in either. I like how it has a pocket outside so u can put silverware or... read more »

Super helpful

01 Jan, 2020
I have some youngsters that dont mind brushing there teeth but flossing is a hell no. But since I've got these and showed the kids how to use them. We finally have flossing children. Also so impre... read more »

Perfect for outside working

24 Dec, 2019
I'm a newspaper carrier. So it could be pouring out or snow but we gotta deliver. Right now its freezing in maine. So I was so impressed that there was room for me to put these over my winter jack... read more »


21 Dec, 2019
First of all it comes in a carrier case which I love. The pictures are the exact as online. It opens easily no pinching your fingers trying to shut it. It's not too thin so it's not flying bac... read more »

Comfortable bright socks

21 Dec, 2019
These socks colors are exactly as in the picture. They fit just right they have not shrunk in machine wash. There really warm  read more »

Above and beyond my expectations

21 Dec, 2019
I really expected them to be smaller. These are actually larger great for them to make there amazing art pieces. The markers are great they work so well. read more »

Fits a little snuggly

11 Dec, 2019
This face mask is great, it keeps you warm also allows u to breathe just like u wasnt wearing a mask. But it is a little snug. It didnt have a whole lot of stretching in it. read more »


11 Dec, 2019
Any of this seller Sallcks socks are absolutely great there unique so comfortable. And they make a great topic to show off to people. I personally love unique socks and will keep buying whatever comes... read more »

Sleeping better then ever

11 Dec, 2019
Sleeping so much better now. I work funky hrs and cant sleep in the daytime, usually someone suggested I use a sleep mask. This was such a Game changer as far as getting rest and being able to work be... read more »

In love

09 Dec, 2019
This foot file is awesome. I'm loving how well it worked causing no pain. Cleans so easily. Im seriously buying more for Christmas gifts. I live in maine so summer in flip flops then winter doubli... read more »

Works but has a issue

09 Dec, 2019
It takes a good amount of time to warm up. Infact my coffee was almost cold before it started to warm up. Also the piece to cover the mouth slot dosen't keep the liquid in theres a small gap. Also... read more »

The cutest tie I've ever seen

07 Dec, 2019
I had my doubts but they were blown away. This tie is so cute. It's well made. No flaws on top of all of that. The music plays great and the button to turn it on and off is so easy to use. I bough... read more »

All in one spot awesome

30 Nov, 2019
I absolutely love having all 3 of these cords in 1. And usually when u get a cord like this u can only use 1 end at a time. Not with this one u can use all 3 at the same time if you want. Its coiled s... read more »

Very Impressed !!

30 Nov, 2019
Ok first of all it comes in a stronge plastic box. And it's got padding in it to protect. The head lamp works great. This is great for a mechanic or anyone that works outside in the dark. I've... read more »

Really cool

30 Nov, 2019
This is the 2nd belt of this type I have bought. I hate wearing belts and having people look at u. Now nobody really notices it's a belt they just think it's part of my jean. I've also use... read more »

Extremely comfortable and stylish

30 Nov, 2019
It is really comfortable, I love the belt with tie in front. Gives it a total classy look with a little fun. Only issue I had was it didnt come in the color I expected? It was dark green, I believed i... read more »

Absolutely beautiful

28 Nov, 2019
This is actually a very beautiful set. No flaws at all. Fits well. The colors are great. The fabric feels great. Machine washed and dryed and no issues u do want to hang it after drying so it dont wri... read more »

Very nice not cheaply made at all !

28 Nov, 2019
First off the box they come in is really a nice sturdy box. Its thick and opens and closes easy. The set inside the box also made very sturdy works great on small to large blemishes. This sets really... read more »

Great support also comfortable

27 Nov, 2019
These are not too tight but still give great support. They felt comfortable all day long. No issues fitting under my socks and in my shoes. Its everything it says it is in the description. Washes grea... read more »

Very cute little struggle

27 Nov, 2019
The patch is great. Thick enough to not fall apart in the wash. It did take awhile to iron it to the point it was stuck on and not coming off. Worn the jeans its ironed to all day no issues machine wa... read more »

Fun stickers

23 Nov, 2019
These all are great colors. So far seem to not be damaged by water. They are slightly thin. But the pictures are all great. Peel easily  read more »

Just loving these socks

23 Nov, 2019
I love unique cute socks. These are them. There warm not too tight. The colors are great. No shrinking after wash. They didnt stretch out too much. There perfect read more »

Totally in love

23 Nov, 2019
These bags are so cute. There made well. This company knocks it out of the ballpark with all there bags. Cant wait to see what else they come up with. What can I say there great. The hair ribbons and... read more »

Another great set of charging cords

23 Nov, 2019
They are very well made. Came with it's own block. Works great. read more »

So cool

23 Nov, 2019
Not one of the cheap ones u buy at a dollar store. Comes in it's own carrying case. Also has the tool to clean it even it's own cloth. The color is great. The carrying bag also comes in some v... read more »

Nice but bigger then expected

23 Nov, 2019
This two piece swim suit is vibrant in color. Made very well not a flimsy one. But it was about a size bigger then what I expected so runs bigger.   read more »

Lots of fun

23 Nov, 2019
My grandchildren played with these for hrs. They loved out the magnetize to each other which made it easier for them to build stuff. Very sturdy came in a great carrying box. Will be purchasing more.... read more »

Omg I'm in love

22 Nov, 2019
Cutest ever !! This is the cutest backpack ever. It's so soft and really made so well. And then they throw in a bracelet and hair ribbons. I want more plan on going to buy more. My grand daught... read more »

Good cords

16 Nov, 2019
Came in a box , they are really sturdy well made cords. They all work perfectly. Great cords would purchase again read more »

Cord is great

16 Nov, 2019
This cord works great. Super long so u can move all around. Also withstands teenagers. read more »

Really great cord

16 Nov, 2019
I have a daughter whom goes thru charger cords alot. This one seems to be withstanding whatever she does to them. Works with any block. Actually liked it so much I bought another one. read more »

Really like this belt

16 Nov, 2019
This belt is great for someone that dont want to fight with buckles being in the way. Works great. Wonderfully made. Nice and sturdy. Colors great  read more »

Love these socks

16 Nov, 2019
So warm the coloring on these are great no peeling pictures. Not too tight just perfect. Have washed and no shrinking and no fading. These are perfect socks and I love unique socks. read more »

Great socks

16 Nov, 2019
Love these socks and all the others from this company. The colors are great. And even after two washes the colors great no shrinking and just as comfortable as they were the first time. read more »

Great socks

14 Nov, 2019
Love the color the comfort the warmth these are so unique and for the price it's great. Washed and they dont shrink or dull in color read more »

Seriously love these socks

14 Nov, 2019
These are beautiful, I love strange and unique socks and these are great. Color fit comfort also have washed no shrinking and no dullness in color read more »

Absolutely beautiful only one flaw

14 Nov, 2019
Its beautiful but it's really thin. The picture is great and it's exactly as it shows on Amazon. As long as u are careful putting it up it's great  read more »

Super warm and great pictures

14 Nov, 2019
Colors are great and the socks are soft and thick enough to keep feet warm. Very comfortable. Washed also no shrinking no color changes will buy these again. read more »

Super cute and warm

09 Nov, 2019
These are warm and very cute. There not too tight they stretch very well, have already washed them and no issues looks like they did when I purchased them they came in a zipped plastic bag.  read more »

Just as good as the very expensive name brand ones

08 Nov, 2019
They work great, volume control is very easy to use. Also come in a case so u dont get them all knotted up. Sound is great.  read more »

Only one small issue

08 Nov, 2019
It goes on so great no leaks and comes with everything u may need. It moves around just as advertised. But I did find out that the covering chips easily. It got hit by a pan not hard and the covering... read more »

Love this hat so warm

08 Nov, 2019
This is great it's so warm and keeps ur face hidden from the cold. The color is great it's a bold red. Also it was shipped in a air tight package so there was no chance of damage. Just got the... read more »

Great set of tweezers with a awesome case

08 Nov, 2019
Great tweezers Sometimes u get some and they just wont tweeze it's like there not closing together stronge enough. Or the colors come off. But not with these they work great and the color Dosen... read more »

Amazing cute warm and cuddly

06 Oct, 2019
This bear was made so great my little toddler has put it thru alot and it's still kicking. Warm beautiful bear. Also washable and dryable read more »

Warm but made poorly

06 Oct, 2019
The face mask and hat is warm but the one I received the mask and hat the stitching came apart. read more »

Super soft and super comfortable.

06 Oct, 2019
Great warmth and was made stronge. Love the color and the length was great also read more »

Worked as it should

22 Dec, 2017
Got a beautiful piercing now. It worked great. Had everything it needed to do the naval piercing. read more »

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