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my kid loves it

27 May, 2021
My daughter is 6 years ols and like very much to play with play dough. Seeing her precised works, I wanted to gift her that she can mold and save it forever. Glad found this product. Gifted her this c... read more »

Nice quality

25 Apr, 2021
Setting up the organizer was easy. Holds lot of bottles and fits fine on my counter. Very happy with the purchase. read more »

Good Quality!!!

30 Dec, 2020
Used these flowers for my daughter's birthday. I set them along with the other color flowers as a backdrop for photobooth. They all together looked like a flower garden, couldn't tell they are... read more »

Awesome decor

30 Dec, 2020
Used these flowers for my daughter's birthday. I set them along with the other color flowers as a backdrop for photobooth. They all together looked like a flower garden, couldn't tell they are... read more »

tiny toy

30 Dec, 2020
It is fun to play with. The battery charge holds for less than 10 min. It is really difficult for a 6 yrs old to manage it to fly. Requires lot of adult's energy to prevent it from bumping into ob... read more »

nice set

30 Dec, 2020
The scissors are at right size. They have a good grip and and are comfortable to hold and use.  read more »

very beautiful

22 Jun, 2020
The color of the stone is very beautiful. The quality of the earring is very good. the metal is in rose gold color and compliments other jewellery very well. I love the piece. read more »

good quality

27 Jan, 2020
The straws are made up of good quality stainless steel. Love the silicone mouth piece attachments. Easy to clean and my daughter's favorite straw as of now.  read more »

fit well and does the job

17 Jan, 2020
The strainer fits well on the regular sink hole.  It is made up of good quality Stainless steel. I dishwash them often and still looks new. The handle in the strainer makes it super easy to... read more »


17 Jan, 2020
Its a beautiful bracelet bangle. The make and finish looks luxurious. The material is heavy and sits nicely on the wrist. Love it!!!  read more »


17 Dec, 2019
The bag is of good quality and very thick that might hold heavier items in it but definitely not the regular 13 gallon capacity. Its smaller than the other regular bags.  read more »

nice and warm

17 Dec, 2019
its perfect for the winter. There is an adjustment in the band that provides a snug fit. love the set. Its thick and soft enough. None of the wires hit the neck or ear. Only negative remark is that th... read more »

an ok set

17 Dec, 2019
I wish there were more magnetic tiles than the non-magnetic ones. Little dissappointed with that. This indeed makes a less number of pieces to build. Other than that the set is of good quality and mad... read more »


18 Nov, 2019
The quality of the purse is more than anticipated. The color and the design is elegant. read more »

Love it!!!

17 Jul, 2019
I have already bought this product few months back and just loved it. Its a great rescuer fo renters. I live in a rental apartment where nailing is strictly prohibited. I use these magnetic hooks almo... read more »

its a decent product!!!

17 Jul, 2019
I am impressed! It fits perfectly on my makeup table and it's the perfect size! The lights are great and it's amazing you can dim them. The 10X mirror is just an added bonus. My friend saw it... read more »

Very soft and comfy!!!

16 Jun, 2019
It is a very fluffy, soft and comfy pillow.The pillow came rolled into a small package. I thought it might become soggy after few uses. But to my surprise, the pillow regains it fluufy position even a... read more »

just what i needed!!!

16 Jun, 2019
Its an awesome product with good quality. I use it for many things. For instance, I use it on my counter, under my oil dispensers to pevent oil spillage. Also, I use it to kneed and roll doughs. It ha... read more »

no more messy sponges...

07 May, 2019
The silicone material is of good quality. Its more sturdy than the regular latex gloves, thats a big plus. The dishwashing glove works perfectly, cleans well on dishes that does not have much grease o... read more »

A must kitchen gadget

27 Apr, 2019
The built quality is pretty good and different slots for different types of blades. Very solid and sharpening takes just few swipes. It works wonder. Love the slot that sharps scissor blades. My previ... read more »

Good Quality!!!

27 Apr, 2019
The sheet fits perfectly on my gas range stove top. It covers the burner stand and forms like a raised boundry around the stand. It prevents spreading of liquid spills during cooking. I have been usin... read more »

very strong hooks!!!

25 Mar, 2019
I use them to organize almost everything in my home. kitchen items like laddles, filters, hot pot holders etc; hanging all the keys of my house; All of my handbags in my closet. They have a very good... read more »

good quality

25 Mar, 2019
I bought the same bluetooth ear warmer already once. This is my second buy. Love this warmer cum headphone. In winter its always difficult to wear headphone in our warmers. We always had to sacrifice... read more »

soft and comfort

25 Mar, 2019
I bought this for my husband. According to him, it is perfect in size for his wrist. The wrist rest is soft and yes no more hurt with prolonged use of mouse. Planning to buy for my own use. read more »

woth buying!!!

25 Mar, 2019
Its worth every penny. The Baker's rack is perfect for my small and compact apartment kitchen. The quality od the unit is very good. Its sturdy and finish is awesome. The stainless steel rods are... read more »

super quality!!

12 Jan, 2019
I bought this two pocket folders for my toddler's school work. They are awesome. Pretty colors; good quality; fits in her backpack easily. One is in her bag and I use the emaining to save her art... read more »

poorly made

13 Nov, 2018
I dont have anything positive to say about this product. The whole thing can be just used as a playtime toy. The cap does not fit even a 2 year old toddler. The goggles does not have enough nose space... read more »

perfect to bake big!!!

13 Nov, 2018
The nonstick cake pan is aweomely nonstick. easy to use because of the lock and slide model of the pan. but fitting the base with the pan was not that easy atleast for the beginners. Its little tricky... read more »

Good quality

13 Nov, 2018
I bought this for my daughter. She loved the colors. The painting sheets are of professional quality. It keeps her occupied for more hours. The color palate have more shades. Brushes are firm and comf... read more »

soft and comfy!!!

23 Oct, 2018
The socks is very soft and comfortable. I bought it for my baby girl who wears 4t clothes. Its roomy and comfortable for her. Descent design and its not vey thick so can be worn throughout the day too... read more »

Love it!!!

27 Sep, 2018
I love the colors. First I was not very confident to use it as the brand was new to me. I do have a very dry lips. So applied ample of lip balm and then tried on the matte liquid lipstick. It surely w... read more »

does the job...

20 Aug, 2018
Easy to paste. It fits well my ipad air perfectly. Does the job and its been few weeks now. Still works well without peeling off. #rank booster #sponsored #Fong Rita  read more »

ipad saver

20 Aug, 2018
Finally found a perfect case for my ipad which mostly is used by my toddler girl. She plays her games, watches cartoons in my ipad and mostly slips the ipad on the wooden floor. If i put a case she ea... read more »

worth the money

20 Aug, 2018
worth every penny. The cloth is very soft and of good quality. Elastic in the pant is soft and snugs right. Love the print. Its a perfect summer sleepwear. I have already washed it many times and the... read more »

Great product

20 Aug, 2018
This product feels great, cuts out almost all outside noise, and the sound is incredible. I'm comparing this all to the awful Apple earbuds I had. The cording is also a far more malleable material... read more »

Love it!!!

20 Aug, 2018
Very comfortable and stay in my ears without budging. The only headphones I've tried that actually stay in while running. The model is slick and storing them in purse is easy. Easy to use without... read more »

Good Quality!!!

20 Aug, 2018
The quality of the product is awesome. The mat is made of thick rubber. I love the concept of having a single continuous mat on the rear seat leg space. The cleaning is easy peasy. The mat is also nic... read more »

good quality

24 Jul, 2018
The fabric is thick and well stitched. Wheels are just what i wanted to carry the clothes around for laundry. The entire frame is pretty strong. Only defect is the rod on the edges doesnt stick inside... read more »

Love it!!!

24 Jul, 2018
With both the silver and gold tone the bracelet can be worn with either gold or silver tone jewelery set. It compliments both. Also for casual use it goes well with my rose gold tone watch. The c... read more »

elegant bracelet; Love it!!!

24 Jul, 2018
With both the silver and gold tone the bracelet can be worn with either gold or silver tone jewelery set. It compliments both. Also for casual use it goes well with my rose gold tone watch. The c... read more »

sharpy knives!!!

24 Jul, 2018
It works wonders. I usually buy new knife once my knife edge get blunt. When i saw this product on amazon I really wanted to give it a try. I was very happy about the purchase. All my blunt knives are... read more »

accurate measure

24 Jul, 2018
The weighing scale measures accurately. The black glass top looks elegant and the design is very slender. Totally its a tiny product thats does the job perfectly. #rank booster #sponsored #Tina Yue read more »

very nice

17 Jul, 2018
The quality of the product is awesome. The mat is made of thick rubber. I love the concept of having a single continuous mat on the rear seat leg space. The cleaning is easy peasy. The mat is also nic... read more »

loved it

04 Jul, 2018
I bought these to decorate my kid's room. I hanged them along with her photo string light display. It added a nice touch to the whole decoration. works perfectly. I have been using this for past 3... read more »

Nice and handy

26 Jun, 2018
Its a very compact toilet brush. It surely does the job but takes more time to finish the job as the brush is not as big as the regular ones. Its a tiny brush. Other than that its perfect; entirely pl... read more »

peels perfectly!!!

26 Jun, 2018
The foot exfoliating mask is with pleasant smell and works perfectly. I used this product just as mentione in the instructions and it does the job just as said. The more moistured the skin, More quick... read more »

elegant bracelet

15 Jun, 2018
With both the silver and gold tone the bracelet can be worn with either gold or silver tone jewelery set. It compliments both. Also for casual use it goes well with my rose gold tone watch. The c... read more »

Awesome set!!!

13 Jun, 2018
LOVE IT!!!! The entire set is absolutely stunning. I bought it for my birthday dress. This set compliments the dress perfectly. The jewelery is of high quality. Ring is little bigger for my hand (I ha... read more »

pretty headset

06 Jun, 2018
I have been using this for past 1 week. works well. The product is exactly as it is described in the product description. Hope it works for a long time. Only remark is its too pinky and shiny makes li... read more »

works perfectly, awesome find...

03 Jun, 2018
It works wonders. I usually buy new knife once my knife edge get blunt. When i saw this product on amazon I really wanted to give it a try. I was very happy about the purchase. All my blunt knives are... read more »

nice product!!!

03 Jun, 2018
It fits both mine and my husband's hand. I have complete silicon mitt which I use regularly but They are not very comfortable to use. So I bought this as an alternative to it. They fit well, come... read more »


01 Jun, 2018
I was looking for something to brighten my pooja shelf. I used this LED ropee  around the shelf and the shelf looks so beautiful and decorated now. All the LEDs work well. The light is not too br... read more »

handy make up accessory

30 May, 2018
This makeup brushes are very good; the bristles are soft and comfortable. They blend the make up very well. These brushes can meet my daily makeup needs. They come with a nice wrap which can protect t... read more »

best exfoliator

25 May, 2018
The brush exfoliates very well making the skin smooth and luminous after using. It does its job perfectly. The brushes comes with various size and softness. I love the body brush and the pumice stone... read more »

does the job perfectly

25 May, 2018
I bought these for my new couch. It has a very broad solid and heavy legs. This pads holds well with the couch feet, glue is of good quality. Its easy now to move the sofa to clean behind without any... read more »

pretty collection, match for every dress

23 May, 2018
its a pretty collection of head bands. sits perfectly on my toddler's head. it has a wide variety of colors that would go with all her dresses. The band is soft and the metal doesnot hurt. ... read more »

very nice product

23 May, 2018
I love this diffuser. its easy to use and definitely my favorite. The finish is wood grain and it gives an elegant look to the room. The machine can be accessed easily no complicated using instruction... read more »

awesome fix

23 May, 2018
my baby always keeps her fingers in her mouth. i have tried covering her fingers with mittens but she pulls them off easily. finally bought this teether mitten. she stopped biting her finger instead b... read more »

very handy

20 May, 2018
Its a wonderful accessory to the kids parties. I used it for my daughter's birthday party and it was so much fun. My daughter loves singing and its a perfect gift to her. So far it works well. Hop... read more »

less messy sponges

16 May, 2018
the bristles are very soft hence good to use with nonstick pans. Can be used as pot holder too. It better works as a pot holder than scrubbing sponge. Only remark is it doesnot scrub as good as regula... read more »

Great quality for the money

15 May, 2018
Happy with this purchase. It fits the door perfectly, easy installation. Very good quality compared my other magnetic screen doors! I have used 3 screens before this one with similar cost. This surely... read more »

just works perfectly

15 May, 2018
Works perfectly. small and tiny instrument that does a wonderful job. Easy to use. i tried it on my stainless steel knife and it just works fine.  #rank-booster #sponsored #Sammy Wang read more »

cozy blanket

13 May, 2018
Nice thick blanket. Though its polyester it feels like woolen. On the picture it looks like grey but its light purplish in color. love the color. Nice cozy throw to keep us warm to use in living room.... read more »

super quality

12 May, 2018
It definitely looks like very good quality product. I use them for cooking rice and dal daily; wash them in dishwasher. I have been using it for past 1 week and it still looks new without any scratch... read more »

a multipurpose organizer

29 Apr, 2018
This is not just a makeup organizer but a multipurpose organizer. The heights of the 8 divisions are adjustable which makes it multifunctional. It is so spacious that me and my husband shares it for p... read more »

clean up made easy....

26 Apr, 2018
Where to start... Its slick model enables storing easy. Three brushes are convenient to use according to purpose. No cord attached, hence no distraction from them. The batteries make the stick heavy t... read more »

clean up made easy....

24 Apr, 2018
These bibs are made of silicone which makes it easier to clean even in a dishwasher. But I usually use soap and warm water to clean them.When I got these I thought they could be heavy on my toddler... read more »

good find!!

10 Apr, 2018
it locks well but clips are difficult to open. it surely does the job. Seals the pouch very well and the pouch is well made, no leakage. Fits my samsung s6 perfectly.  read more »

Good value for money

28 Mar, 2018
Its elegant and the color adds well to my work desk decor. I would say its good for a manual shredder. I tried to cut 3 papers together and it cut just fine. its little difficult to rotate the handle... read more »

Good quality, worth the price!!!

22 Mar, 2018
Great selection of oil paints. Go on well and are easy to mix. Came well packed. Good value for the price paid. I bought this for my sister who paints and draws as a hobby. She loved the colors and th... read more »

awesome air tight container set!!!

07 Mar, 2018
Its an awesome product, just what I needed. I use them for storing my coffee, sugar, cookies and spice powders. They lock in the aroma very well. The lids are super air tight yet easy to close and ope... read more »

ok for the price

07 Mar, 2018
Its a nice ink pen. Perfect as described; print looks like as if written in ink pen and does not bleed at all. Though its not a micro tip pen hence line is not as fine as expected. Its a medium point... read more »

nice quality

20 Feb, 2018
Its so soft and comfy. It gives a slick look when wore. The shape is perfect; material is awesome. Its an awesome night dress for summer.    #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored... read more »

high quality product

09 Feb, 2018
The glass bottom is very thick and quite heavy and broad. The dispensing nozzle is perfect. There is no oil spilling. The brushed steel finish gives a nice look to the product. Altogether its a wonder... read more »

gorgeous stud!!!

27 Jan, 2018
Its a perfectly circle, light weight gorgeous stud. The zirconia stones are shiny and gives an elegant look. Altogether its a great purchase.   #rank-booster #sponsored #jewelry Lover read more »

Good quality

16 Jan, 2018
The material is super soft and high in quality. It does have the elasticity as stated in product description. The elastic rim around the cover holds well the entire cover around the sofa. I have a con... read more »

awesome fun!!

07 Jan, 2018
I bought this for celebrating my daughter's birthday. I hang her pictures from birth to till date using these string lights. It added a nice touch to her birthday decor; Catched many eyes. Very ha... read more »

Its an OK purchase

07 Jan, 2018
The bins doesn't smell which is good. The lid closing velcro doesn;t help much. there is some open space between the bin and lid. Otherwise its worth buying. Not a great but ok product. # rank... read more »

Its a perfectly working product!!!

07 Jan, 2018
It boils the water so quickly. No leakage anywhere. I have been using this product for more than a month now. I regularly boil water for my tea in this kettle; works perfectly no stains or corrotion.... read more »

nice sparkling evening purse!!

07 Jan, 2018
Its a heavy sparkling purse with lot of stones in it. I love the way it shines. Can be used both as a hand clutch or side bag. The chain adds beauty tothe purse. Only remark for me is the heavy pungen... read more »

Good quality

07 Jan, 2018
Its a nice accessory to my instant pot. Sits properly and fits the eggs well. The finish is good and helps cook more eggs.  # Rank-Bosster # sponsored # Bliss Guan read more »

Its just what I needed!!!

30 Nov, 2017
My daughter is a very picky eater and she doesn't eat even regular food sometimes. I was trying various tricks to feed her fruits and veggies. I use these cookie cutters to cut fruits and coo... read more »

happy with the purchase

19 Nov, 2017
I am very happy with the purchase. The thread is very thick and sturdy. I used it to stitch DIY multicolor jute tote, it came out very well. The collection was just what I needed. #RankBoosterRevie... read more »

awesome fun!!

15 Nov, 2017
It works well and a non stop fun with those vocal change option. My kid loves to sing and this karoke mic is just what she needed. the speaker is not as loud as expected. other than that its an awesom... read more »

nice product

05 Nov, 2017
It surely increases the height. Suitable for ankle high shoes. the cushion is not very soft as I expected, Its little harder. Other than that its a nice insole.  #RankBoosterReview ii.&nb... read more »

Nice decor set

24 Oct, 2017
I am planning to decorate for my daughter's birthday with green, pink, white and gold color combinations and this decor set is a perfect addition to my idea. baloons are of good quality. blowed 2... read more »

Its a perfectly working product!!!

23 Oct, 2017
The extension cord works perfectly. The finish is nice. I have been using it for my electric pressure cooker and blender. Sometimes I plug in aroma diffuser along with them. they all work well at same... read more »

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