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Beautiful dry flowers

04 May, 2021
These flowers are gorgeous, the colors are vivid, the plants are so detailed. I completely recommend this for anyone whk does crafts like epoxy. read more »

Positively surprised

20 Mar, 2021
I was skeptical about this tank top based on the price, but it's actually quite nice. The fabric is cotton and not see through, pleasant to touch, well sewn.  I recommend this product! read more »

It's ok

20 Mar, 2021
I don't have many words to describe this product: it's definitely worth $3, but definitely not worth of $30. Small cheap ring, looks cute on very slim fingers. I'd not buy another one i... read more »

Does the job

20 Mar, 2021
The magnet do the job as pictured..although 2 moment - it won't hold anything heavy like kitchen scissors, second - the way you need to wrap it, it feels on my hand. I'm a female, with slim wr... read more »

Pleasantly surprised

20 Mar, 2021
I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the socks and nice packaging! Fit nicely, makes my yoga slippery-free. One improvement I'd suggest - change the color of the stripe from golden to... read more »

Cute but not worth it

05 Mar, 2021
The spoons are tiny and look like something you can buy a Dollar Tree store. Since I've purchased with a discount and they do look cute,  it was tolerable. But if i paif full price, I'... read more »

My husband loves them

26 Feb, 2021
My husband lives these flashlights so much, he tpok away both of them from me. They are durable, multi functional and good quality! I'm trying to get one back, because i liked them too! read more »

It's ok

07 Feb, 2021
The dish cloth is ok, nothing special,  it does what's supposed to. The pot holder are not great quality, going straigt to Goodwill! Other than that I'm satisfied.  read more »

Tiny and pretty

07 Feb, 2021
I absolutely love these little spoons, so adorably looking and well made. They are made of wood so not perfectly even, some thicker and some  are thinner,  which is ok with me. It will fit g... read more »

Ok quality for the price

25 Jan, 2021
These glasses are not the most comfortable i wore. And the side popped out as soon as I opened them the first time. But it was fixable and they do the job keeping eyes safe, are quite tight tk the for... read more »

Bad quality

23 Jan, 2021
I usually do not write bad reviews, I'm easy to please. But this... first of all i got only pink rubber heart instead of the whole set. So had to go through the process of returning it and request... read more »

Love the idea of degradable trash bags

20 Jan, 2021
We go through the crazy amount of trash bags and I feel guilty sometimes to think how much plastic we through away. The degradable liners are fixing this issue. Love it! read more »

My hubby took this from me

20 Jan, 2021
At first I was skeptical about what quality to expect for this small price. But the flashlight is great - multiple options, very bright. My hubby liked it so much so he took it from me and keeps with&... read more »

Great price for this quality

20 Jan, 2021
This item is must have for those who does video or photo shootings for their blogs. Small but mighty light with different options.  read more »

Small but mighty

20 Jan, 2021
It's a bag of wax, quite small but enough if using right to wax the legs. It does it job, so I'm pleased. read more »

Pretty bouquet

20 Jan, 2021
It's a pretty bouquet of4 stems, gentle color, exactly as pictured. The quality is pretty good too. read more »

So far it's good

13 Jan, 2021
It's too early to judge how efefctive this product is, I have it for a week or so. But from the positive side, there's no side efefcts, or burning feeling in stomach.    read more »

Soft to touch

12 Jan, 2021
I like jow these toe separators feel, works perfectly when i do pedicure at home. I haven't used them for medical purposes, but i think they'll work well. read more »

Very pleased with this soap dispenser

02 Jan, 2021
I'm not gonna lie, from the beginning i was quite skeptical about this product, couldn't see how it would work. But it does, now no more bulky dispensers on my kitchen sink, this little mighty... read more »

Absolutely great product

02 Jan, 2021
with this holidays i didn't open the package the same day it came in, so the review is 2 days late. But when i did, i was pleasantly surprised: every box is individually wrapped, very neatly. The... read more »

Great storage organizer

27 Dec, 2020
Great socks organizer, everything fit well and looks like it'll serve long time. I'm not sure who's happier - me, that finally the closet is organized, or my husband that he doesn't ha... read more »

Excited to try them

27 Dec, 2020
the kit came it in a timely manner and contained nog only mold sets but glitter and some finger cots as well. I checked, no scratches or defects... so far I'm pleased with it! read more »

Pretty, a little thin as for me but pretty

26 Dec, 2020
Overall the rug is good quality, pretty and does its work. I like it simplicity and functionality, I wish it was a bit thicker though.  read more »

So pretty and solid

26 Dec, 2020
I am a crazy person about house plants and have a lot of different pots - different shapes and colors... and i fell in love with these ones - they looks pretty and quite solid. I'm going to add so... read more »

Really good covers, bring the holiday spirit

26 Dec, 2020
The covers are so bright and festive,  I liked these 2 the most. Good quality  and fit the throw pillows perfectly ????  read more »

So far So good

18 Dec, 2020
I liked how it was easy to assemble and attach to my sink. Although in the morning I learned that it fell off. So I had to reattach it by press harder and waiting longer than the 1st time. So far I... read more »

Partially ripped while I was putting on the 1st time

18 Dec, 2020
This is made of neoprene and velcro, you can smell some chemical scent when you take it out of its bag. I am not a super strong person therefore it surprised me when the top velcro ripped off the b... read more »

Looks good and colorful

18 Dec, 2020
The vinyl sheets look good - no air bubbles, no damaged edges. The colors are bright and festive. A bit pricy if you pay full cost as for me. I haven't tried them yet, so not sure about the... read more »

Everything came in - no issues

14 Dec, 2020
Everything came in - no issues, no rust.. I haven't tried to put a lot of weight on them yet, to see how they hold up. But so far they look solid.   read more »

If I could give 6 stars I would

14 Dec, 2020
I absolutely love my new mop racks: the whole idea of them is awesome - 3 hooks and 3 holders. One of them I used in my house, another one in my garage to fit the brooms - now everything looks neat an... read more »

So far So good

14 Dec, 2020
I have used it once since I got it and with no issues. It looks nice, love the color, fit my Galaxy Note 9. I read the other feedbacks where people say it lasted only a couple of months, hope my ex... read more »

Loved this

11 Dec, 2020
I am going to add the pictures once I have them done: this set is so pretty and I'm excited to use them as a part of my Christmas decoration. Highly recommend it! read more »

Good quality molds

11 Dec, 2020
I read other reviews before ordering this product and there was one saying about them being scratched. I carefully checked the mold I received and there was one tiny notch that won't influence the... read more »

Cute ring set

11 Dec, 2020
This set is beautiful - all rings are neatly packed and the quality looks really nice. One recommendation only - if the beads were on an elastic string, it'd allow using a thicker fabric napk... read more »

some balloons have holes in them

04 Sep, 2019
As you already understood that purchase wasn't the best one - half of the gold confetti balloons had holes in them so I had to throw them away. also golden ribbon was quite short for this amount o... read more »

So far So good

23 Aug, 2019
The packaging was nice and no visible damage. I wasn't able to check the actual vacuum effect but the weekend is coming so I'm excited to try. I'll update the review. https://www.ama... read more »

I like these pillow covers a lot.

23 Aug, 2019
I like these pillow covers a lot.. hey fit perfectly to another set with deers I already had, so the couches look now even comfier than earlier. The material looks also nice so I'm pleased wi... read more »

Very cute socks

23 Aug, 2019
This is already my 2nd purchase of these socks - they are so cute and funny. Although the baby must be about 3-4 months to start wearing them or they just slip off the tiny feet. https://www.amazon... read more »

I love these bowls, my cat not so much but this is her problem))

23 Aug, 2019
I love these bowls, my cat not so much but this is her problem)) She's been an indoor cat for almost 3 years and gained a lot of weight. This bowl makes her eat a lot slower than usual. So we went... read more »

Love this tray

23 Aug, 2019
The original idea was to get this sphere mold for myself because I love fancy looking whiskey sour cocktails but my husband constantly steals the ice from my glass and I guess, I need to buy more so w... read more »

Look the same, feel ok

23 Aug, 2019
The heads look almost identical to the originals and feel the same. So it's a pretty good deal. Although I'm using only 1st week so if something goes wrong, I'll update the feedback. ht... read more »

Works fine but the original box was damaged

23 Aug, 2019
That was a purchase for a local Humane Society so I wasn't happy to the package damaged although the Amazon box was fine. But the bags seem to be with no holes so they still can use them. https... read more »

Small but does the job

23 Aug, 2019
I'm one of those people who doesn't pay attention to the dimensions of the items when buying them. So the size seemed smaller than I expected. But this is not an issue. It's leakproof and... read more »

Nice travel set

23 Aug, 2019
I don't use neither mask, no earplugs but the travel pillow is a must-have. This one feels fine and I hope it'll work on my long flights. So far it's useful even when we drive long distanc... read more »

Small but nice kit

23 Aug, 2019
I bought this for my husband's BD party, he's getting old this year)) the kit looks fine and going to be my centerpiece of the ballons composition. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RGZQY1K... read more »

Nice kit

23 Aug, 2019
The package was broken so the balloons were falling off. But in general, it looks like fine purchase. I'm having a BD party for my husband so many ballons are needed. https://www.amazon.co... read more »

My purchase looks like it was tested/used earlier

23 Aug, 2019
In general, this is a great carrier. For a small bread, you have to pull the string tighter so your pup/kitty doesn't jump out from that whole. Also, it's difficult to zip the zippers on the t... read more »

The dog is not happy with it but I am))

23 Aug, 2019
This bowl works well if you want to put your dog on diet. It complicates the process so the pup has to eat slowly and digest the food better. Good choice. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RWH8VTL #R... read more »

Nice beach blanket

23 Aug, 2019
We go out for a picnic from time to time and this will work great surely. I'm pretty pleased with this purchase. when it's folded, it's very compact. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SXJLYM... read more »

Not the best purchase of mine

23 Aug, 2019
This belt, in general, looks fine but it isn't made from genuine leather - it doesn't look, smell or feel like leather. Fits the size though. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #WERF... read more »

Worth the money

23 Aug, 2019
Nice simple floss picks, but the best part is the portable cases - they allow to organize the space in the toiletry bag easier when you travel. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #RAZOKO... read more »

Great option to steel straws

23 Aug, 2019
I've got 2 packs of steel straws earlier but since an accident with a woman who almost killed herself after she fell on it, I almost stopped using them. Not sure if it was a real story or rumors.... read more »

Shelves as described

19 Aug, 2019
The shelves units are as described and seem to be well made.  It didn't fit well the purpose I planned - to hold a security monitor, but I definitely can use them for something else. &nbs... read more »

Very nice bathing suit

31 Jul, 2019
It's a very nice bathing suit, looks flattering although I gained some extra weight. The neckline is not too low, it holds everything in and doesn't feel too tight. I recommend this one for... read more »

Very practical purchase

31 Jul, 2019
I love those hooks - so useful in the kitchen and with my hobbies - crafts and sewing. I'm not sure they can hold 12 lb though but I may buy even more this is how useful they are. #RankBoo... read more »

Works well but the shape is off a bit

31 Jul, 2019
The mirrors work well but the shape is off a bit - it didn't match my mirrors at all. Other than that no complains. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Utopicar https://www.amazon.c... read more »

I like the way the pattern looks

10 May, 2019
I bought this wallpaper if honestly not for my walls but to use as a photo backround for the craft I do sosmetimes.. and I like it a lot. Although I plan to try how it sticks so if it doesn't w... read more »

It's a good swimwear but it's not my favorite

10 May, 2019
It's a nice looking bathing suit but it's not my favorite. All because the top (size large) doesn't feel right on my size C. The bottom fits fine though. and this disproportion is not f... read more »

Absolutely recommend these pretty hangers

10 May, 2019
I absolutely recommend these pretty hangers - they are so well done and look good. They will make a beautiful present to my parents in law with some flower pots in them. #RankBoosterReview ii.... read more »

useful gloves, but need to get used to them

10 May, 2019
These are nice and well fitting gloves, although it took me awhile to get used to them in the kitchen - way to hard to hold wet dishes so they don't fall out. But in the bathrooms for the tile... read more »

Cute swimwear, worth the money

10 May, 2019
I really liked the top, it holds size C very well... but the bottom - the idea is great but it looks a bit weird on the spot where the top striped twist.. Other than that I really like it - the fabric... read more »

I like the actual mitten although the box was already opened

10 May, 2019
I like the actual mitten although the box was already opened, and the necklace was in a reclosable bag. and this is something you don't want for infants - that someone else touched their stuf... read more »

Seem to be sturdy and useful

10 May, 2019
These locks are perfectly on time - I'm going soon to the trip and going to use them to secure my luggage.  The code system seem to work fine, all you have to do - is to memorize 3 digits.... read more »

Nice color, the quality is ok

07 May, 2019
I'll be honest, the quality is not the best but for this price it'd be silly to expect too much. Also one of the pillow cases have some tiny spots on, like dust. At the edges the sequins are h... read more »

Frame works and looks nice but ...

03 May, 2019
Frame works and looks nice but  the box was already opened and seal broke.. Although it was very well packed, my respect.  Still I'd like to get e new product nobody tried before... read more »

Simple, cute and this blue thread makes a difference

02 May, 2019
These macrame hangers are quite simple but look nice on my front porch - nothing too much but show the beauty of the flowers. And seem to serve well for long time! Also like the blue thread, i... read more »

Simple but cute

02 May, 2019
These macrame hangers are quite simple but looks nice on my front porch - nothing too much but show the beauty of the flowers. And seem to serve well for long time! I like them and highly recommend... read more »

Very useful and pretty

30 Apr, 2019
Caption It's a very cute humidifier, the colors are pleasant and steam is stable and prety impressive for item's size. It works great so far, and I brought it to work and think I',m g... read more »

The packaging was damaged and definitely not in transportation

29 Apr, 2019
I wanted to give these dinosaurs to my co-worker because his grandson loves them.. But upon arrival I found out that the packaging was ripped off - the top had scotch tape in the middle but the side p... read more »

seems like they sent me the used one

29 Apr, 2019
I got frustrated because it supposed to be a present to my husband and when I opened a package yesterday half of the bags looked like they had some rough time... I definitely can't give it to him... read more »

Works and then turns off itself

29 Apr, 2019
I tried it today for the first time.. I'll be honest, it takes up to 90 seconds to cure gel polish and after one hand inky it turned itself off twice. Also I had a feeling of burning so I had to p... read more »

It seems to be made well

29 Apr, 2019
It seems to be made well and 5he packaging is great and thorough... the leather quality is questionable though, it doesn't smell as cow leather, it doesn't smell as leather at all.. this is on... read more »

It does the job

25 Apr, 2019
The strips do their job well, but first of all you need to steam your pores well so the effect is better.  For my skin it takes more than 1 time to have the clean pores but with consistency an... read more »

Beautiful bathing suit

22 Apr, 2019
This swimwear is beautiful and sexy, but not too much, some modesty is still there... I love the way it fits and will work great for those who has not that much flat belly. I'm afraid to wash i... read more »

Really nice design but have a question about its quality

17 Apr, 2019
I fell in love with this dress - size, length, the color is proper and as described.  One thing that botheres me - after only 1 day wearing it the red thread was everywhere - on my skin, stock... read more »

I have some doubts in this device

17 Apr, 2019
First of all there's no green light (as it is said in manual) when you put your phone to charge. It shows blue and it turns red even when I put my Note 9 on it. It took me 3 attempts to make... read more »

It's ok, but you need to size up

17 Apr, 2019
I got the size Large and it was a right decision. I'm 150 lb and normally wear size medium but it would be too tight.  I like that it is not 100% polyester and has some % of cotton.I got a... read more »

Really useful not only for tomatoes

17 Apr, 2019
I bought these clips for my house plants and they are quite useful and seems to work well. So far none of them broke. They are 2 different sizes what is very useful. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Spon... read more »

Nice shirt

17 Apr, 2019
Nice shirt, I'm pleased with color, breathable fabric and style. Only one thing I am bothered with -  it so see through, so you have to wear a shirt underneath. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Spo... read more »

Nice bathing suit

17 Apr, 2019
I sized up and it was a right decision. The swimwear looks in general nice and I like the bright colors. The fabric feels good also. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #MarinaVida  h... read more »

Cute swimwear

17 Apr, 2019
It's a cute bathing suit, I like the top shape, quite unusual.  The colors didn't work the best for me, look a bit washed of.. but other than that it fits and looks nice. #RankBoost... read more »

It's a beautiful bathing suit

17 Apr, 2019
It's a beautiful bathing suit, I feel that even can wear a skirt or pants and use it as a top. Looks really nice, a little bit big for me but I ordered a size up (my regular is Medium) . I high... read more »

Good looking suit but not for big breast

17 Apr, 2019
The fabric and colors are alright but the top doesn't hold breast well, it didn't feel comfortable. I even oirdered size Large although my regular is Medium.  I like the bottom piece -... read more »

nice planter

17 Apr, 2019
It looks really nice and sturdy. The glass heart is a bit smaller than I thought but looks nice. In general I'm pleased with this purchase! #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #jiabang... read more »

Nice swimwear

11 Apr, 2019
This bathing suit sawn well and looks nice, although kinda show the belly a bit more than desirable. I'm 5'5" anhd 150 lb so expected that my imperfection would be hidden better.... read more »

Good hammock

08 Apr, 2019
It's a good hammock for its price, I didn't expect anythinhg "over the top". I have a hammock stand but it's a bigger size so we'll probably gonna use it in our woo... read more »

My husband likes it more than I did

08 Apr, 2019
The dress color is nice, that's mostly all positive I can say about it. The fabric smells bad. I ordered size M that should fit 8-10 but it fits mostly 6, was way too small and the skirt line cons... read more »

cute little grinder

28 Mar, 2019
This grinder is quit small but functions well. My friend's cat has a split nail/claw so they needed this device desperatly. Glad it worked great for them. I start liking this brand a lot. #R... read more »

Very nice earrings

28 Mar, 2019
I was very glad to see good quality and elegant look of these earrings.. they'll fit great to any evening dress! One thing only that I had a question about - is only a hook made from silver?? s... read more »

Great bowls set

28 Mar, 2019
I love this mat and the bowls.. My cat still prefers the old ones but it'll take time. I liked that the item was perfectly sealed and packed. Highly recommend!  #RankBoosterReview ii. #... read more »

Seems to be a nice tool but looks used

28 Mar, 2019
Maybe I'm a picky person but I prefer to get the new stuff in sealed boxes. Because with this magnifier it looks like it's been used*open before: the plastic base had no bag on, the wipe was u... read more »

It's nice swimwear but wasn't perfect fit for me

22 Mar, 2019
I fell in love with the bottom part - they look great and little cuts on the sides are a great idea. But the top looked too bulky and hid my body almost completely. Probably for someone taller it&#... read more »

it didn't work for me

20 Mar, 2019
The bathing suit looks very sexy and cute on the pictures but in reallity it needs something - there are gaps on the sides that show breast more than you'd want to.  The fabric is also not... read more »

It's a really good swimsuit

20 Mar, 2019
I had a doubt when ordered this swimwear and was so pleased when tried it on. It looks so flattering ( I have C size) and will atract some attention without showing anything extra. The stripes on t... read more »

little but useful thing

19 Mar, 2019
I didn't expect much for this price but imaging my surprise when this little mount held my phone better than another one way more expensive. Just a little advice: when you connect the cups to y... read more »

It's ok

18 Mar, 2019
I'll be honest  - I didn't notice any significant difference in time defrosting meat but the tray looks good.. not sure if I would buy it again. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii.... read more »

I'm in love with this bathing suit

18 Mar, 2019
It's gorgeous beatiful colorful swimwear, one of the best I've had.. It looks so flattering and even my husband who isn't crazy about the clothes said that we need to book a cruise so I ca... read more »

it's not the leather

18 Mar, 2019
Honestly, I'd cry if I bought it for full cost... It's not leather and smell is so bad/chemical so I had to close the box.. After awhile I checked it again and it seems to be made ok but defin... read more »

Cute swimwear

18 Mar, 2019
I don't know why exactly, but as soon as I tried it one, I felt like one of the "Desperate Housewives "))) It's a cute bathing suit and I'm going to keep it for sure. Hope the... read more »

The lamp wasn't new

28 Jan, 2019
The lamp worked ok although there were a few things that bothered me and I had to sent back 1) it has already been used (the scratches and worh out bottom made this impression). But because I got it... read more »

Nice little gift

28 Jan, 2019
It was a gift to my husband because he drives a lot for his work and sometimes it worries me. The key chain will remind him that there's someone who loves him, and waits him at home. It... read more »

A nice swim suit but top is smaller that I need

18 Jan, 2019
I'm 5'5" and 150 lb so expected this swim suit fit to me. The bottom looks great but top was small, it's probably better fit to the ladies with B size, not C. And the fabric of it is... read more »

Heavy nice shower curtain but that smell..

17 Jan, 2019
Heavy nice shower curtain but its smell.... If honestly, at first I didn't pay much attention to it, because I was sure that it wouldn't last long but about the week long there was strong scen... read more »

Really nice bathing suit

17 Jan, 2019
This bath suit is so comfy and helps to hide all the imperfections. The colors haven't afded yet so I'd recommend to buy it. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Soft... read more »

Great for autumn decoration

31 Dec, 2018
These were a great addition to my autumn decoration: love the colors and th covers are sawn pretty well. You should be careful with zippers though, they seem to be easy to break. #RankBoosterReview... read more »

Sweet little thing for those who just started learning how to paint/draw

31 Dec, 2018
Sweet little thing for those who just started learning how to paint/draw: the colors are nice and easy to apply. It's not for professionals but great for the start, or kids. #RankBoosterReview... read more »

Great choice for travelers

31 Dec, 2018
I received the order the same day I had to go to Atlanta. It was perfectly on time - I'm not sure if I ever had my suitcase so neatly packed. The zippers serves good and seems like won't break... read more »

It looks good even if you have a few extra pounds

31 Dec, 2018
What a nice swimsuit: it covered all my extra pounds on the sides and flatters the figure, the fabric can't be seen through and it's important for a shy person like me)) It also helps to... read more »

Like it a lot

31 Dec, 2018
What a nice swimsuit: it covers all the extra pounds on the sides and flatters the figure, the fabric can't be seen through and it's important for a shy person like me)) The colors looks... read more »

Nice for the ladies with small breasts

31 Dec, 2018
It's ok looking swimsuite, although the fabric especially for the top didn't impress with the quality.  I'm 5'5" and 150lb and size 75C, and top didn't fit me at all.... read more »

Feels so soft

31 Dec, 2018
It a nice looking mask, the color is very bright, and gives so nice and soft feeling. Although it doesn't block the light on 100% but it's worth the money.   #RankBoosterReview ii.... read more »

Great toy for adult "kid"

31 Dec, 2018
It was a part of the Christmas present for my husband who loves hunting/playing with knives. He also got a riffle so now he has a vest to put his ammunition/knives in. He wore it immediately and spent... read more »

A great present for the ones who loves guns/knives

31 Dec, 2018
It was a part of the Christmas present for my friend who loves hunting/playing with weapon. Now he has a vest to put his ammunition/knives in.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Tang Yan... read more »

Nice choice

31 Dec, 2018
I think it was a nice purchase for this money: the clothes is not bleached and seems to useful not only as a kitchen stuff. I'm going to try it in crafting also. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsor... read more »

Low quality item

18 Dec, 2018
I'd put only 1 start but the seller refunded me the cost of the purchased item so he deserved 1 more. The showman quality is very bad - glue is everywhere, there's a hole in the snowman "... read more »

tiny but cute

14 Dec, 2018
This feather is tiny so won't work as a home decor, but it'll make a perfect little gift for my friend who loves sewing and crafting. read more »

I got the wrong pattern

07 Dec, 2018
I got the wrong cover pattern but it was also cute so I decided to keep it.  read more »

nice swimsuit

07 Dec, 2018
It was a nice swimsuit, didn't work that great for me. The bra doesn't hold C size well. Maybe for B it'd be better. i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Temptme Apparel https:... read more »

not my thing at all

07 Dec, 2018
Maybe it'd be hot on a super slim girl but with mine 5'5" and 150lb it was horrible.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Temptme Apparel https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/... read more »

Like the look

07 Dec, 2018
Like the look of it on my body, the additional plusthat you can combine the top with other bottoms and vise versa. High waist pant are rellly nice made.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii.... read more »

Looks good but for breast size

07 Dec, 2018
It'd look great for A size, but with my C it didn't work.   #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Temptme Apparel https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JNBTQGB/ref=oh_aui... read more »

Cute but for bra is more for size A-B

07 Dec, 2018
The swimsuite is cute but its top  can't hold more than size A, or maybe a bit bigger. Didn't work for me.. It looks really sexy though.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #T... read more »

very pretty swimsuite

07 Dec, 2018
I like the high waist, it looks very cute. The bra is more for B so it's a bit small for me. Other than that everything looks nice.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Soft Cloudy... read more »

I like this set the only problem is in fabric

03 Dec, 2018
I do like this set, it's plain grey but feels comfy. But such low rating is because the seller says it is washed cotton but the tag of the actual set shows 100% microfiber which is synte... read more »

Great toy for adults

03 Dec, 2018
The "skin" is soft and pleasant to touch to, there're a few tones/speed that let you enjoy this toy even more. read more »

Love, love, love it

30 Nov, 2018
Absolutely beautiful piece, looks great with almost any look. My co-worker asked me hte first day I wore it where I got it. Highly recommend! read more »

So cute towel

26 Nov, 2018
I bought it as a present and fell in love with it: so cute and seems to be well made. read more »

The lights have dim light, works ok

26 Nov, 2018
The lights have dim light, works ok for us.  read more »

the hat is ok, but the sound is too quiet

26 Nov, 2018
the hat is ok, but the sound is too quiet read more »

One word: AWESOME

21 Nov, 2018
This little thing saved my bathroom. I have long hair and the bath was constantly clogged, but this little hair catcher does its job perfectly. read more »

Looks ok

17 Nov, 2018
Maybe if you buy 19 of them, the effect will be so great but only 2 are not impressive. They worked well enough not to return them, each one needs 4 batteries though. read more »

Nice wind chime

17 Nov, 2018
This was bought as a little present to my friends who lost 2 their dogs this year. The quality is good and the paw and words on it are very sweet! read more »

Funny and cute

15 Nov, 2018
I like these socks, it's actually my second purchase of this kind. They are super warm and none slippery. Although for some reason I can't be in them too long, gives a bit uncomfortable feelin... read more »

good swimsuit

15 Nov, 2018
The red color looks good but the shape of bottom won't flatter your body if you have even littletummy - it'll attract all attention to it. I'm curios how fabric will be after... read more »

nice looking gears

15 Nov, 2018
They seems to be very handy for steampunk craft, although I'd preffer not to have so many of pinky and golden color gears, they look cheap. But the copper ones are great. read more »

nice thread

12 Nov, 2018
I didn't expect the big bobbins of thread so no disappointment. I tried to sew with them already, seems like they do a good job. read more »

new toy for my husband

12 Nov, 2018
This is a new toy for my husband and he loves it. If he says, it's a good one, it must be a good flashlight. read more »

Cheaply made, don't fit man palm

09 Nov, 2018
I got these gloves for my husband and wanted to make a little surprised. I think we bought were surprised the low quality of them - the glue strings were all around the gloves, the material is stretch... read more »

very useful

07 Nov, 2018
a new addition to my husband's collection read more »

good flashlight

07 Nov, 2018
a new addition to my husband's collection read more »

good rack

06 Nov, 2018
Helped the closet look cleaner and more organized. read more »

good supplement

06 Nov, 2018
if you care about your health, the good vitamins/supplements are important read more »

great idea for cookies

06 Nov, 2018
so much more fun to bake now read more »

good for its price

06 Nov, 2018
This scarf is good for its price read more »

It almost stopped water running

06 Nov, 2018
Although my husband noticed some difference in the water quality, it's almost impossible to use this filter. The shower now takes almost 2 times longer because the water doesn't run well throu... read more »

soft and cozy

26 Oct, 2018
I like the way they look + non slip dots = it fits perfectly to what I expected. I'm ready for Chistmas pijama party)) Highly recommend! read more »

Good quality and pattern

26 Oct, 2018
I like these pillow covers a lot, they are not too bright but the quality is good. Love them! read more »

worth their money

25 Oct, 2018
well packed and very useful. read more »

nice cup

24 Oct, 2018
I haven't tried it yet but I laready love it. I saw a few feedback saying that it's difficult to open "fish) part to put your tea in, but there's a spot you need to poush/pull and it... read more »

nice socks

23 Oct, 2018
I liked the colors of it, it'll be a little surprise for my friend. one minus for me only - that there's a nylon or polyester thread on the feet part, as I noticed. I would prefer them to b... read more »

feels good

23 Oct, 2018
need to try it more often :) read more »


23 Oct, 2018
looks ok, matches the description, I do like the pattern. The fabric seems to be warm but if you pull any thread, it'd be super visible.    Not the best, but not the worst. read more »

very useful thing if you have a cat

22 Oct, 2018
This is a very useful thing if you have a cat, the litter is not all over the batroom anymore so it was the goal of this purchase. So far absolutely pleased with it. read more »

effective and actually fun

22 Oct, 2018
So this was my first experience to use water floss. It doesn't say in manual to keep your mouth shut, so at first the water was everywhere including my face, mirror and ceiling.  Now I abs... read more »

Good lamp

22 Oct, 2018
The lamp is not as high as it looks on the pictures but you can adjust it the way you want because of the flexible goose neck it has. The light can be or bright white, or warm yellow, or both (I di... read more »

Didn't receive it

19 Oct, 2018
The item seemed to be nice by its description but it was damaged in transit. The selleer refunded hte cost back but I'd prefer the replacement.  read more »

lovely little lights

19 Oct, 2018
They are very cute and looks great in front of the fireplace.  The remote control is a gem idea. read more »

Awesome cover

18 Oct, 2018
I bought first the licensed Honda wheel cover but it was way to big and not comfortable to drive. So I had to order tanother one and got this and absolutely love it so far. It feels and looks great. H... read more »

don't see any result of it

18 Oct, 2018
It's been working for awhile and I don't see/feel any result of it, going to return. read more »

Doesn't attract mice for some reason

16 Oct, 2018
I definitely have mice in the house and tried already a lot: pepermin oil bags, traps and finally glue traps hoping they'll help. For some reason no result, after a few days I even put some cheese... read more »

Very nice set

15 Oct, 2018
I bought it for my sister in law, she loves everything about skulls! But this ones are so cute, I consider to leave them for myself)) read more »

Nice shoes

15 Oct, 2018
Nice shoes but: 1. smell was pretty strong as I took them out of a box 2. they are bigger than the size says (I wear 8-8,5, bought 8US here but they are still loose a bit) Everything... read more »

Pretty good lipstick

15 Oct, 2018
Pretty good lipstick for its price, looks good although doesn't stay very long. read more »

Works good

08 Oct, 2018
I didn't do a lot of measuing but so far it works well and shows the results correctly. Only 1 issue - I have an adapeter/charger missing so have to use only the batteries. read more »

Very nice opener

08 Oct, 2018
I bought this can opener just in case if the hurricane hit us bad and there'll be no electricity so I wouldn't be able to use my electrical can opener.  And I like this my ourchase a l... read more »

Nice but way bigger than I expected

05 Oct, 2018
It was absolutely my wrong expectation so I can't blame the item. It works fine and seems to be useful. read more »

My friend is excited about it

05 Oct, 2018
That was a little present for her+some other cosmetics and she was excited to see the result. I can't assure that only this oil helped but it works good in the complex therapy.  read more »

Super nice massager

05 Oct, 2018
it has 10 different speed regimes and brings a lot of joy! read more »

Good quality pillow covers

05 Oct, 2018
I really liked them, they are anough bright and the pattern was printed well, haven't washed them though. My friend will love them for sure. read more »

nice set

19 Sep, 2018
The set looks nice and comes with 2 big brushes and set of silicone coasters. One thing only Id' like if they were individually wrapped. Maybe it's my own thing but I'd prefer it. read more »

These straws are the best

19 Sep, 2018
They look so nice and easy to clean. And also what's important for me - each straw was individually wrapped.  I highly recommend them. read more »

Great design

19 Sep, 2018
I like the way it looks and has the comfortable grip. Also seems to clean nicely, I'm going to try it in next few days. read more »

Good small glue gun

14 Sep, 2018
Works fine for the small project, 50 pcs of glue is a good help. read more »

Nice bottle, good size

14 Sep, 2018
My husband works outside so it's necessary to have enough water to keep him hydrated. This one seems to be a great size. read more »

Good help

14 Sep, 2018
It's easy to use, cuts fine so far. I have it only a week though. read more »

Toy for ladies

14 Sep, 2018
It is a nice toy although don't expect to get a lot of "emotions".. It can be used as an additional toy. Wasn't "enough" for me. I like it though. read more »

Seems to work

14 Sep, 2018
I have these liners for only 2 weeks but they seem to really extend the freshness of the veggies. read more »

Love these mitts

14 Sep, 2018
I bought first another mitts - Lobster Claw Red Oven - and they were too small for my husband's hands so I had to order these ones. Can't be happier with my purchase: they are safe, comfy a... read more »

Nice toster

14 Sep, 2018
The color of the toster is exactly as on the picture, not too bright. I tried to make a toast on" ", it wasn't done as well as I wanted to, so the next slice I put at "4" and i... read more »

Love this leggings

06 Sep, 2018
The fabric feels great and you can't see through it what is very inportant to me. They are tight a bit but it's easy to get used to, they fit to all activities: casual wear, sport or yoga... read more »

The best sleeping mask we've tried

06 Sep, 2018
This is really the best mask so far and we've tried a few before. Absolutely no light goes through and feels very comfy. read more »

Adult toy

06 Sep, 2018
I got this as a present for my man and this is something he'll enjoy to. read more »

Great bathing suit

06 Sep, 2018
Very nice swimsuit, and the size was exactly as said. I got L and it's a bit big but still can wear it.   read more »

The leather doesn't look/feel/smell as genuine 

06 Sep, 2018
The cover case looks nice but leather isn't genuine.  read more »

Bought as a gift

06 Sep, 2018
This will be a gift for my best friend - she has everything but not a blanket she could use for picnics. This one seems to work good, the colors are very pleasant and the texture of fabric is also goo... read more »

Nice top for sport activities

31 Aug, 2018
The top looks really nice and good quality. Of course, I have to wear another one underneath. I like the light lavender color of it.   read more »

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