Tker Stainless Steel Straws Set of 8, 10.5’’ Long Reusable Metal Drinking Straws for 30oz / 20oz Tumblers with 2 Cleaning Brushes& Silicone Tips(4 Straight + 4 Bent)
Price: $10.99
4.73 / 5   (73 Reviews)



19 Jan, 2021
Strong, clean stainless steel. Very useful. Cleaner brush included makes them easy to clean. read more »

The ultimate in Creativity!!!

27 Oct, 2018
A wonderful creativity tool for kids!!  The 24 assorted Colorado provided ample portions for the kids to use.  The package even includes tools so you have everything you need in one box. &nb... read more »

Quality over quantity

26 Oct, 2018
great value for the quality you pay.  read more »

Nice, quality is good.

25 Oct, 2018
We use these every time we have a glass of wine. They are classy and thermal. read more »

Rug Grippers Work Very Well

25 Oct, 2018
The Rug Grippers by Ameibox make a rug stay on the floor very well. They flatten curled corners of a rug and keep the rug from moving on the floor. The rug grippers are washable and when they are dry... read more »

Multi Tool Pen for Men

24 Oct, 2018
I recently got this multi tool for one of my guy friends and he loved it. Thanks Rank Booster for all the cool stuff I have boughten from you. read more »


24 Oct, 2018
Great product! Very easy to use and clean. The matt is awsome  to take to the restaurant. super recommend ! great for babyshower gift. read more »

Nice pen

23 Oct, 2018
Looks to be useful with all the gadgets included. read more »

Eye Massager Electric

23 Oct, 2018
Eye Massager Electric for Reduce Dark Circles, Heat/Music and Air Compression Three Modes Eye Care Improve Sleeping SELECTIVE MUSIC (SUPPORT DOWNLOAD): You can download and delete songs through... read more »

Very cute

23 Oct, 2018
Very nice quality and pigment for the price. Love this brand and the products I have purchased. I'd say just as good as my high end palattes.  read more »

Works fine

21 Oct, 2018
Came in handy yesterday for removing a splinter from my son's foot.  Love the built in light to go with the magnification.  Happy with this! read more »


21 Oct, 2018
This little multi use pen is really neat.  I was going to use it for a Christmas present, but I may have to buy another to achieve this goal, this one is now mine!  #RankBoosterReview&n... read more »


21 Oct, 2018
looks good works well the pen is small if you try to use it without the body read more »


19 Oct, 2018
Sweet gift for any little shark. So darling. read more »

Review: Fresion Universal Backpack w/ External USB Charging + Rain Cover

18 Oct, 2018
Before the backpack even arrived at our office, I was already much excited to test it out to the fullest. In which I did, since I've received it back in January and it's basically the end of t... read more »

Great Price!

18 Oct, 2018
These lashes are of good quality and look natural.  They held up all day long.  Great price for 5 sets! read more »


17 Oct, 2018
Very cool, it looks very functional and very well made. #Rankboosterreview #sponsored #fruitman read more »

Love it

16 Oct, 2018
This is great. We have a community pool and my kids are always using googles and nose plugs. This set is great. They love the swim cap as they can pretend to be sharks. The goggles fit great. It says... read more »

Grooming brush

15 Oct, 2018
Works great on hairy dogs. Easy to use, easy to clean. Great for everyday grooming. read more »

My favorite

15 Oct, 2018
This is my second or third time buying these protectors.  I love how they fit and look on my Iphone 7plus.  I love the white border to match my phone.  I am very picky and change them a... read more »

IcyZone Damen Sports yoga leggings. Butterfly XL

03 Oct, 2018
These are like magic yoga pants.  They fit me and my daughter.  They are long enough in the crotch which is awesome.  They are long enough which most of the pants I have bought aren'... read more »

We adore this squishy

03 Oct, 2018
Not only is it adorable, but it's huge and so squishy. Ultimately satisfying. read more »

A worthwhile set

02 Oct, 2018
I bought this set for both affordability and the simplicity of buying a full complimentary set without having to shop at a store.  With being in a brand new place and having to start over, this i... read more »

A good gold plated rose for the price.

01 Oct, 2018
The first time I opened the package I noticed that the box was beautiful and well protected and the rose was not damaged. the stand was included was helpful and this would work as a great gi... read more »

Just as pictured

30 Sep, 2018
Just as pictured and advertised. Arrived on time, well packaged without any issue. Will be giving it to my 9 yo nephew on Christmas. I have purchased similar set for my daughter and we made few animal... read more »

Not slow rising

30 Sep, 2018
Not a slow rising at all but it's really big. It had a little scent right out of the package, not unpleasant, smelled just like other squishies I bought but unlike others the scent went... read more »

Perfect for my sons Harry Potter themed bday party

26 Sep, 2018
Purchase the tie for my sons themed birthday party. It was perfect for tieing (haha, see what I did there) everything together! Was surprised by the awesome material. read more »


25 Sep, 2018
This is exactly like the pink set, except for boys! It is well made and the kids like it.  read more »

Very Cute!

25 Sep, 2018
This is a great little set for kids. It is really cute and well made. The little fish helps children to want to wear it.  read more »

My cats love it

25 Sep, 2018
It's cute and a good size for my pets! read more »

What Fun!!!

22 Sep, 2018
What a fantastic set! The packets are only small but my son and I have made loads of models and still have a lot left. It’s a great starter set and very easy to use. Didn’t take too much k... read more »

Bright colors

21 Sep, 2018
Super bright colors. I am going to use these to make roses for gifts so really happy with the colors and quality. Packaged expertly for shipping. Received in excellent condition. read more »

Lots of Supplies!

20 Sep, 2018
This is a fantastic set with tons and tons of colors to choose from! If you want larger quanities of one color, this set doesn't supply that, but it's great for smaller and more detailed proje... read more »

Soft, squishy and smells so good!

20 Sep, 2018
I was not expecting this doll to be huge, but she is!  She is about the size of a grapefruit!  I bought this for my 2 year old granddaughter, but I think I will save it for Christmas. ... read more »

nice set

19 Sep, 2018
The set looks nice and comes with 2 big brushes and set of silicone coasters. One thing only Id' like if they were individually wrapped. Maybe it's my own thing but I'd prefer it. read more »

So much fun

18 Sep, 2018
This is really easy to use and lots of fun.  Beautiful colors and awesome craft. read more »

Decent toy.

18 Sep, 2018
This is a decent toy. It has several vibration modes but they could be a bit stronger. read more »

Fun with Clay

17 Sep, 2018
This clay will be great for the kids  at camp. I intend on doing a craft day with the kids. I love all the colors and the tools that came with it. read more »

Great Set

16 Sep, 2018
Rubikliss Polymer Clay Set is really nice! It comes with 24 colors, sculpting tools, and hardware to make jewelry, key rings, hair accessories, and a button. It definitely compares to F... read more »

Easy to use.

15 Sep, 2018
Steps seem accurate. Waterprrof so can be worn during sporting activities without worrying about damaging the device. Stylish looking watch. read more »

Like it

15 Sep, 2018
This a perfect gift for my friend child, she love it. read more »

great squishy toy

15 Sep, 2018
This Russian doll squishy toy is very good size bigger than I thought it was going to be my granddaughter loves it the scent is very nice to overall I'm very happy with it highly recommended #Rank... read more »

Multiple Use Clay Set

14 Sep, 2018
My daughter is really enjoying this polymer clay set that I got her. It came with a variety of colors, a bunch of tools to help make things, and different accessories for her to make earrings, keychai... read more »

Pull back truck

14 Sep, 2018
It looks sturdy. I ordered this to gift but it arrived very late I kept 2 day shipping.but It arrived  after a week.  read more »

Big hit

14 Sep, 2018
This clay is an important part of being creative whether you are young or old. Just do it. read more »

Picture perfect

13 Sep, 2018   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #WOODMEETSCOLOR  I'm redoing my hallway and this is a perfect way to show of m... read more »

This Adorable Squishy is Huge!

13 Sep, 2018
This Russian Doll Squishy is adorably cute. I’m shocked by how big it actually is. My 8 yr old Granddaughter gives it a big thumbs up! It’s met all her requirements for a GREAT squishy. It... read more »

squishy and smells GREAT

13 Sep, 2018
its not fpr babies but the rest of kuds and adults will live the smell, texture and look of the doll read more »

Cute to look at

13 Sep, 2018
I only get a very light scent from this due to the fact that when it got to me, the bag it comes in, was open and I think that let out most of the smell from when it was on the shelf.  It is cute... read more »

So effective

13 Sep, 2018
I love this brush for my chow/Shepard mix. Tried regular slicker brushes before, but pulling out the fine hair is a nightmare. This brush little does all the clean up with the flick of a button! read more »

Serves its purpose

12 Sep, 2018
I was pleased that this trash can was so small, it fit perfectly on my desk. I was disappointed because there is no way to remove the "lid" in order to clean it out, you have to try to get e... read more »

simple and sturdy

12 Sep, 2018
This small juicer is compact and well made. It does the job it is meant to do well and it seems like it will last a lifetime. Rank Booster provided me the opportunity to try this item at a promotional... read more »

worth it

12 Sep, 2018
these are great straws!! spoil yourself!  #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  read more »

Super soft and really cute with great feel..

12 Sep, 2018
#Gracy  #VLAMPO   #Squishies Jumbo Russian Doll      Slow Rising Super Soft Squishy Toys Stress Relief Time Killer Funny Squeeze Toys Scented Fragrant Cute Charm Gift for C... read more »

Tea cup

12 Sep, 2018
This is a 3oz clay tea cup and its absolutly beautiful. It comes in a very impressive box lined with a velvety cusion for the cup to rest in. The size is great for tea because it cools quickly making... read more »

Soft and Squishy

12 Sep, 2018
This squishy russian doll is bigger than we expected.  It is made very well.  Looks great, works wonderfully.  It is slow rising, smells great and feels good.  It is over six inche... read more »

I love

11 Sep, 2018
My son love to make things out of clay and this is very nice clay he will have is carnation for a long time now  read more »

Perfect size for my rtic/yeti cups!

11 Sep, 2018
I brought my family Rtic cups to take when travelling,  not realizing that standard straws did not work in them! We would have to get straws from Duncan Donuts or Starbucks to get long straws. Th... read more »

VLAMPO Squishies Jumbo Russian Doll, Slow Rising Super Soft Squishy Toys Stress Relief Time Killer Fun Squeeze Toys Scented Fragrant Cute Charm Gift For Children & Adults (Pink)

11 Sep, 2018
This VLAMPO Jumbo Russian Doll Squishy Toy is super slow rising, soft, has a pleasant scent and is adorable. It measures 6.3" (Length)  x 5.1" (Height) x 3.54" (Wide), is Pink with... read more »

Stainless steel straws

11 Sep, 2018
Perfect size to fit in the tiny slit on the top to my Yeti, Ozark and Members Mark cups. You get straws for 30oz and 20oz curved and straight as well as the cleaning straw. These are good quality stra... read more »


09 Sep, 2018
Seals in steam to infuse tea fast. Even covers my large coffee cups which I like drinking my tea from. read more »

Anal is optional

09 Sep, 2018
The vibration is good for foreplay and increasing arousal.  We did not use it in the manner that it is described because that is something we do not participate in, but have found use for it in o... read more »

Great squishy

09 Sep, 2018
This Russian doll squishy smells really nice it is decent size the kids love it squeezing it watching it go back over and over they're happy I'm happy highly recommended #RankBoosterReview&nbs... read more »

makes a great cup

09 Sep, 2018
Espresso Coffee Capsule Barsetto Intensiva Roasted Italian Coffee Capsule 60 Pods by Barsetto     Rich bold flavor the coffee is very good easy to make and no mess to clean. The... read more »

Jumbo squishy

08 Sep, 2018
Large squishy  read more »

its simple and works

08 Sep, 2018
everything on it works great and seems to be fairly accurate  read more »

Love it!

08 Sep, 2018
After using the plastic washable straws from the department store, I realised a couple ot things.  One, they sometimes don't fit the tops of my cups... too fat.  Two, no brush to wash th... read more »

Lid gets stuck, but durable

07 Sep, 2018
A tough little trashcan for minimal use when tossing things away. Works great for a desk or cubicle, but wouldn't be useful for anything bigger than that. The body is for sure durable. However, th... read more »

Looks nice, works

07 Sep, 2018
Nice Galaxy Note case, Rose gold in color. read more »

Save the straw

07 Sep, 2018
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Tkee . This awesome pack, four straight four bent perfect for any drink, eco-friendly stai... read more »

Love the silicone tips

07 Sep, 2018
I like this pack of metal straws. They are straws and they function as such. However I love the silicone tips that are provided for multiple reasons. One I can designate a straw for each kid without a... read more »

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