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21 Jun, 2019
I've never had a seatbelt that fit me correctly.  It would scrap my neck, run away from the center of my chest.  My Toyota has an adjuster on the inside of the mid section behind the sea... read more »

I wished they'd worked out

13 Apr, 2019
At first I was very excited when ordered... leather shoes for 20 bucks and I thought if I don't like 'em I can use them for slippers.  When I got them, I saw right away they would not do... read more »

nice polarized lenses

09 Feb, 2019
I unpacked these yesterday and noticed the colored mirror was on the inside toward the eyes.  The black part was on the outside.  I tried them anyway, and the polarized lenses reacted nicely... read more »

Works great!

09 Feb, 2019
I have a stained glass studio and my work table needed some lighting.  I bought some leds and did not have a switch just a plug.  I can turn off my lights and soldering irons by using my iPh... read more »

OMG! love it!!!

05 Feb, 2019
I have bought several desk lights and I have three of the four I bought since three years ago.  One will not charge anymore, and the other two don't shine a light large enough but for a sheet... read more »

bright enough but still looks like a flame

05 Feb, 2019
I have bought other bulbs for my front door... some just looked like it was just an orange light...not a flame!  this one is led and looks like a flame.   read more »


05 Feb, 2019
This is not the cheese cloth that is loosely woven... it is strong and tough enough to twist and strain out the fine liquid!  It's more like a flour sack type of material so i love to strain... read more »

Great craft for anyone

17 Dec, 2018
This is a cute craft especially for kids.  I used the baking method to harden the clay figures made not any other method they instruct you to use.   read more »

good set

17 Dec, 2018
You probably won't need everything that's in the set, a lot we haven't seen before but for the most part pretty good assortment of necessary clips.   read more »

honestly one of the best

17 Dec, 2018
I'm buyer for a  small automotive shop and honestly this is a pretty good set.  My mechanics were pretty impressed. read more »

not what I thought ~

17 Dec, 2018
Well, I waited until my HP 8620 needed three out of the four cartridges and after installing the three the forth one needed it also.  I let it process like normal and it made a strange noise and... read more »

not as strong as I would think... :(

01 Nov, 2018
These magnets are typically stronger than the larger brother to it.  These particular ones however are not as strong, I had to use two.  But they are small enough to use two on my tiny 1 1/4... read more »

Fun fun fun

06 Oct, 2018
I bought two different kinds... out of the two, I like this one the best. It's pretty nice and good control.  Comes with a bag to carry it in!  This is handy since it's pretty weight... read more »

so far real great

06 Oct, 2018
So easy a 6 year old used it.  Self-balanced like all smart hoverhoards... my grandson had about an hour of fun... we had the bluetooth speakers going too.  It lights up better than pictured... read more »

well. .. .

19 Sep, 2018
I really wished I could give this a 5 star but it clearly said on a card on the inside window that phone size 5.5 would fit.  I have an iPhone 7 Plus with a bumper case.  My phone will not f... read more »

my second set to purchase

12 Sep, 2018
I liked the first ones so well, I bought a second set as a gift.  I love how they come with silicone tips to distinguish who's is who's.  For the folks that hate that metal feel on t... read more »

Love it!

08 Sep, 2018
After using the plastic washable straws from the department store, I realised a couple ot things.  One, they sometimes don't fit the tops of my cups... too fat.  Two, no brush to wash th... read more »

nice document size

07 Sep, 2018
Love the feel of the outside.  Non slip...  It has a Velcro closure.. I don't believe it is water resistant but I can not attest to it being fire proof.  It does seem more protectiv... read more »


07 Sep, 2018
From time to time some repairs to wiring have to be made and I just got a small pack of these to try out as I'm used to butt splices or connections that I have to solder.  I got to use one fo... read more »

My two cats have flipped for this...

29 Aug, 2018
They don't want to use the water dish anymore.  They love their new fountain.  I haven't had it very long but it came with a great instruction book that completely helps you with set... read more »

Sound is Great

29 Aug, 2018
I have had these a while and have used them every weekday since I've had them.  I really have enjoyed them.  They're pretty comfortable and I am constantly bending over to reach for... read more »

I'd recommend it!

22 Aug, 2018
Pretty nice... since I have children that need their bouncy balls filled and my bike!  I just hook up it up- put on the correct adapter or you can just use it to air a tire then flip the switch;... read more »

far better than the one it replaced!

09 Aug, 2018
I've had a dash cam for over three years because I was involved in an accident.  The other party that caused the accident was stretching the truth so I began to have one for my own protection... read more »

not for me and my iPhone 7+

01 Aug, 2018
The first bullet line of the description is: DESIGNED FOR IPHONE 7/8 Plus - Compatible with iPhone 8 Pluse/iPhone 7 pluse/iPhone 6/6S Plus,big enough even if your device has been put into other protec... read more »


23 Jul, 2018
I pulled it out of the package it was in and all I could smell was that rich leather smell.  Well made too! Nicely stitched soft subtle leather, not too thick or thin for me, with a tiny Sco... read more »


22 Jul, 2018
I've had my solar powered bird bath pump for a few days now and here's what I think.  Took it out of the box, assembled it according to the directions and placed it into a container full... read more »

Nice pencils for the price

18 Jul, 2018
I do a lot of crafts and I have some pencils that are artist grade in water color and in oil.  I do work with wood burning and use the oil pencils sometimes to add a touch of color to my work.&nb... read more »

Love the protection I'm getting.

18 Jul, 2018
I have a 2012 Camry and it's important I keep my car's interior even the trunk, protected.  I had an area rug in it for years because the other trunk covers are really expensive.  I... read more »

Works GREAT*****

18 Jul, 2018
I wanted a way to stream my downloaded movies on my camping trip from my phone.  I was skeptical that I could do it without buying an adapter from Apple.  I was told nothing would... read more »

what the heck?

05 Jul, 2018
I actually bought this one by mistake.  I thought it was a dual charger for the USB charging cables but one port is smaller of the two larger- that I assumed were the full sized USB ports, j... read more »

Bought this for my plantar pain.

05 Jul, 2018
I have plantar pain.  It's miserable at times and have needed the therapy tapes, special -expensive shoes, the mornings are the absolute worse.  I bought these insoles to see if the... read more »

trim to fit

05 Jul, 2018
I did not order these for my sneakers.  I ordered them for my boots... I have not been able to wear them more than an hour due to my Plantar problems.  Special shoes are very expensive and I... read more »

Oh my this Rocks!

02 Jul, 2018
It came complete with great instructions. It has all necessary cables except one, I used the audio cable to go from my radio to the player so it could go through my truck speakers.  I would sugge... read more »

Pretty at night or in the daylight

02 Jul, 2018
Pretty at night or Day...  The stainless steel look is nice addition to my walkway... and at night, they shine a starburst pattern on my walkway- it's pretty.  They are not real bright b... read more »

love 'em

30 Jun, 2018
I am always sceptical when buying off brand (not 3M) sticky notes. I've bought them at the major stores, online, and at the dollar store.  These are of good value for 12 pads and perform like... read more »

I recommend these

28 Jun, 2018
I bought these so I can have a replacement for the original filters while they dried; I needed another set to finish vacuuming my floors.  I have 3300 square feet and a stairwell.  I use my... read more »

My Husky loves it.

21 Jun, 2018
Easily set up, non-slip and padded to protect against scratching and puncturing my leather seats.  Love how it protects one door. My other one didn't.  It's black so no stain happeni... read more »

My 10 year old granddaughter LOVES it.

04 Jun, 2018
She does not link it or bluetooth it to a phone but loves the different functions  She was having trouble with how little the screen was and her fingers but loves the idea of having a smart watch... read more »

bought for a friend

04 Jun, 2018
I bought this along with another pack for myself.  My friend has a phone like mine and I knew she'd like to protect her investment.  We installed them together and simple as 1,2,3. ... read more »

I'd buy it again!

04 Jun, 2018
I cracked my old protector dropping my phone on a corner table... I was really bummed and found this two pack!  I put it on with no problem whatsoever.  No bubbles and it fits very well.&nbs... read more »

Great and no fatigue after long use

13 Apr, 2018
These nippers came in fit my hand without cramping it.  I used it for almost 15 minutes straight.  I have another pair but they are getting dull for softer materials.  This pair has a v... read more »

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