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I am a retired teacher who loves reviewing Amazon products. I always give an honest and unbiased review.
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Noise Cancelling Wired Earbuds by EricSmithe are Overpriced

07 Apr, 2019
The Noise Cancelling Wired Earbuds by EricSmithe are overpriced at $109. they have good clear sound but are not worth $1109. They arrived in a small plastic bag and I felt for that price they could ha... read more »

Wired Headphones Are Overpriced

07 Apr, 2019
The Wired Headphones by EricSmithe are overpriced at $130. They have good clear sound but are not worth  the $130. They arrived in a small plastic bag and I felt that for that price they could ha... read more »

Excellent Bluetooth Speaker at a Good Price

05 Mar, 2019
The SHAVA Bluetooth Speaker has excellent sound quality. It is water resistant but cannot be submerged in water. Included are a micro-USB charging cable and an audio cable. After charging the bluetoot... read more »

Bluetooth Neckband Earphones Good for the Price

25 Jan, 2019
The 2019 Bluetooth Neckband Earphones work well. The sound The 2019 Bluetooth Neckband Earphones works well. The sound is clear and very good. This is an inexpensive earphones but they are good for th... read more »

Very Nice Sequin Unicorn Diary

31 Dec, 2018
The Fanovo Sequin Diary is very nice. I bought it for my 8 year old granddaughter and she likes it very much. I thought writing in a journal or diary would be good for practicing her writing skills. T... read more »

Nice Compact Men's Leather Wallet With RFID Blocking

15 Dec, 2018
The Falcon Vault RFID Blocking Bifold Men's Wallet is very nice for a man who wants a small compact wallet. It measures 3.3" & 3.8". It is made of Italian leather and is soft. The RF... read more »

Wireless Computer Mouse Works Well

28 Nov, 2018
The Thin Wireless Computer Mouse by Sunby works well. The click on the mouse is silent. It is thin and lightweight and easy to carry. There is 2.4 GHz wireless transmission technology which makes the... read more »

Nice Camisoles But Run Small

25 Nov, 2018
The Suntasty 4 Pack Women's Camisoles run small so I am returning them. They are nice basic camisoles in black, white, gray and light gray. I ordered the size extra large and they would fit someon... read more »

Automatic Soap Dispenser Works Well

21 Nov, 2018
The MISCORP Automatic Soap Dispenser works well. It is stainless steel and matches my kitchen. There are 4 levels of liquid soap that can be dispensed by pressing the  + or -  buttons.. ... read more »

Wing-Style Corkscrew Wine Opener Works Easily and Quickly

16 Nov, 2018
The OBALY Wing-Style Corkscrew Wine Opener removes the cork from a bottle of wine easily and quickly. This gold wing-style wine opener set includes the wing-style corkscrew wine opener, a foil cutter... read more »

Fitness Trackers Work Well.

11 Nov, 2018
The MEBUYZ 2 Pack Fitness Trackers work well.l. I will keep 1 fitness tracker and give the other as a gift. There is monitoring of your heart rate and sleep duration. The fitness trackers are waterpro... read more »

Fragrant Bath Bombs for a Spa Experience At Home

07 Nov, 2018
The Natural Organic Essential Oil Bath Bombs by Scotin have 12 in the box. Each bath bomb is 2.5 oz. and 2" in diameter. All of these essential oil bath bombs have beautiful fragrances. These bat... read more »

Retinol Vitamin C Serum Might Work in the Future

06 Nov, 2018
The Beauty4Lyfe Retinol Vitamin C Serum has not worked for me yet. Any fine lines and wrinkles showed no improvement and any dark circles that I have also did not fade. I would have to use this Retino... read more »

Fabulous Stainless Steel Manicure Kit

05 Nov, 2018
The Professional 9-in-1 Stainless Steel Manicure Kit can be used for manicures, pedicures and eyebrow shaping. This kit comes in a nice zippered case for easy storage and for traveling. The included t... read more »

Excellent Long Handle Dust Pan and Broom

05 Nov, 2018
The Long Handle Dust Pan and Broom by SumcoolShop work well. The dust pan has teeth that can scrapde dirt and dust from the broom that goes into the dust pan. The bristles of the broom don't absor... read more »

Sonic Electric Toothbrush is Excellent

31 Oct, 2018
The Presmile Sonic Electric Toothbrush is not a brand name electric toothbrush but works well.  The electric toothbrush is rechargeable for up to 30 days. There is a charging  glass that cha... read more »

Rug Grippers Work Very Well

25 Oct, 2018
The Rug Grippers by Ameibox make a rug stay on the floor very well. They flatten curled corners of a rug and keep the rug from moving on the floor. The rug grippers are washable and when they are dry... read more »

Cute Pinkish Purple Sparkly Kids Crossbody Bag

25 Oct, 2018
I ordered the VGoodall Kids Crossbody Bag for my almost 8 year old granddaughter. The bag is very cute and also pretty. It is made of PU leather and glitter sequins which makes it sparkly which my gra... read more »

Wet and Dry Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleanrer Works Well

24 Oct, 2018
The ixaer Wet and Dry Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner is very nice and works well. There is a stainless steel filter so it is not necessray to buy additional filters. The plug is inserted into the car ci... read more »

Useful and Well Made Set of Screwdcriveers

23 Oct, 2018
The MPT Screwdriver Set works well. There are 3 slotted screwdrivers and 3 phillips screwdrivers. Both the slotted and phillips screwdrivers are small, medium and large. There are 6 screwdrivers in al... read more »

Silicone Stretch Lids Work Well

18 Oct, 2018
I ordered the Silicone Stretch Lids by Hbitsae because with them it is not necessary to buy separate storage containers or cellophane to store leftover food. There are 12 lids of various sizes that fi... read more »

Very Nice Crossbody, Shoulder or Clutch PU Leather Bag lipstick, cash, etc.

17 Oct, 2018
I bought the Crossbody, Shoulder, or Clutch PU leather Bag for my 16 year old granddaughter. It has a fur pom pom on the front of the bag that is cute. The dimensions of the bag are 8.7" & 5.... read more »

Useful Travel Bottle Set

14 Oct, 2018
The Y & R Travel Bottles Set will be very useful for airplane travel where a passenger can only bring 3 fluid ounces of liquids such as shampoo, conditioner, sunblock, etc and are refillable.. The... read more »

Excellent Rug Grippers

14 Oct, 2018
The SSZY Set of 8 Rug Grippers work very well. They prevent an area rug from moving and slipping and flattens the rug and it doesn't look uneven on the floor. The y grip the rug to the floor. Thes... read more »

Useful USB Wall Outlet Works Well

14 Oct, 2018
I ordered the USB Wall Outlet by XPLUS so I could charge my Iphone in my bedroom at night while I am sleeping. This wall outlet works well and has 2 USB ports and 2 AC outlet plugs and a holder for a... read more »

Very Attractive Scarf or Shawl

13 Oct, 2018
The yeabiu Winter Plaid Scarf or Shawl is very attractive. It is very soft and is made of acrylic and cotton and has a cashmere feel to it. The dimensions of the scarf are 55" & 55". The... read more »

Nice Gray Plaid Scarf or Shawl

11 Oct, 2018
The FRIDEKO Square Scarf will look very pretty with my winter coat and gray boots. It is gray and white large plaid and measures 55" & 55'.Although the scarf material is thin, after foldi... read more »

Essential Oil Diffuser is Excellent

10 Oct, 2018
 The Essential Oil Diffuser by ALIKE-TECH is 300 ml and works very welll. I added water to the diffuser and also added several drops of an essential oil. The diffuser on the outside is wood grain... read more »

Excellent Fitness Tracker

09 Oct, 2018
The ROADTEC Fitness Tracker works well for my daily walks. It has health monitoring and indicates heart rate and sleep duration. It also has a remote camera, pedometer, calories burnt, slepp monitor a... read more »

Tweezer Set Works Well

20 Sep, 2018
The WishesportTweezer Set works well. It comes with a case to hold all 3 pairs of tweezers for easy storage and travel. There are slant, pointed and flat tweezers. They are made of stainless steel and... read more »

Very Nice Beige Pashamina Scarf

19 Sep, 2018
The EVRFELAN Winter Scarf is very soft. The dimensions are 71" & 27.7". This Pashamina scarf will keep you very warm. There are fringes on the ends of the scarf. It can be worn by both m... read more »

FabulousFitness Tracker

10 Aug, 2018
I like the COSVII Fitness Tracker very much. It has a large display that is easy to read. It has a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, burned calorie counter, distance tracker and a step count... read more »

Interesting Chinese Puerh Tea

08 Aug, 2018
The Yan Hou Tang Organic Black Puerh Teais from the Yunnan Province in the mountains of China. It is traditional Chinese Tea.The tea leaves are loose but sink to the bottom of the cup. I wanted to try... read more »

Nice Leggings

01 Aug, 2018
The Matymats women's Leggings run small but I suggest buying a size larger. There is a panel across the front of the leggings for tummy control. They are made of 87% nylon and 13% spandex. They ar... read more »

Very Nice Leather Journal

26 Jul, 2018
The Vintantico Leather Journal with a Pen is very nice. I bought it for my almost 18 year old grandson who is starting college. I thought he could use it to jot down assignments or for any other use h... read more »

Creative and Fun Glitter Glue Pens

19 Jul, 2018
The 30 Glitter Glue Pens are an interesting craft for both children and adults. They can be used by ages 3 and up. They fit well in young childrens' hands. These glitter glue pens have fine tips f... read more »

Fabulous Selfie Stick With Tripod

16 Jul, 2018
The TimeLED Selfie Stick with Built-In Tripod Stand and Bluetooth Shutter Remote works well.It took a short while to know how to use this but now that I know how to use this it is easy. It can be used... read more »

Nice Ice Cream Scoop

13 Jul, 2018
The TAFOND Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop makes it much easier to scoop ice cream. You can scoop hard and soft ice cream , watermelon, frozen yogurt, etc. The scoop glides into the ice cream and scoo... read more »

Fun Stencil Kit

09 Jul, 2018
My 7 year old granddaughter likes the Mini Davincis Fun Stencils very much. There are 15 stencil pages and over 220 stencil pictures to trace. These stencils are made with wider spaces to make the pic... read more »

Nice Lighted Makeup Mirror

07 Jul, 2018
The UHIBROS Lighted Makeup Mirror is a nice size for applying makeup. It has a dimmable touch screen with 22 LED lights. TYhe is a small circular detachable round 10X mirror. This makeup mirror can ei... read more »

Fabulous Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace

05 Jul, 2018
The GEORGE.SMITH Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace will be a gift for one of my granddaughters. It is a beautiful as they are. There are 2 smaller hearts on top of the beautiful blue heart pendant and... read more »

Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

05 Jul, 2018
The GEORGE.SMITH Bangle Bracelet is beautiful. It comes in a nice box so it can be given as a gift but I like this bracelet so much that I am keeping it for myself. The bracelet is 7.09" in circu... read more »

Excellent Sports Armband and Cell Phone Holder

05 Jul, 2018
The FIRSTBUY SportsArmband and Cell Phone Holder works excellently. My IPhone fits in the zippered compartment. There is also a smaller compartment to store a key and a credit card. It is fastened aro... read more »

Striking Swarovski Crystal Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

02 Jul, 2018
The GEORGE.SMITH Cubic Zirconia Swarovski Crystal Link Bracelet looks very striking on my wrist . The circumference of the bracelet is 6.30" & 0.8" and is 18K white gold plated, zinc all... read more »

Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant

02 Jul, 2018
The GEORGE.SMITH Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant is very pretty. This heart pendant comes in a nice box that can be used for gift giving. The chain is white gold plated and is 17.7" with an extra... read more »

Excellent Wireless Mouse

26 Jun, 2018
The Inphic Wireless Mouse works well. It is compatible with laptops and PC's including Windows 10/8/7/XP/Me, 2000 Vista and Mac OS.This optical mouse comes with a USB cord for charging and a Nano-... read more »

Excellent bluetooth speaker

14 Jun, 2018
The Lobkin X9 Bluetooth Speaker has 10 hours of playtime and is waterproof. It can be charged in less than 3 hours.The sound of this bluetooth speaker is loud, clear and excellent. There are buttons f... read more »

Very Nice Sunglasses

01 Jun, 2018
The JIEJUN Kennifer Polarized Sunglasses aremade of plastic. The polarized lenses reduce glare. They are good for outdoor sports and driving.There is 400UV protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays. The su... read more »

Excellent Sunrise Alarm Clock

27 May, 2018
The Sunrise LED Alarm Cloc k is an innovative way to wake up in the morning and to go to sleep at night. In the morning the alarm clock gradually increases light for 30 minutes before wake up time and... read more »

Bluetooth Headphones With Good Clear Sound

05 May, 2018
The Bluetooth Over-EarStereo Headphones by IfeccoDirect have good clear sound. Pairing is very easy and happens quickly. The Hi-Fi stereo sound makes phone use and music sound good. The headphones are... read more »

Excellent Bluetooth Headphones

03 May, 2018
The Upgrade Bluetooth Headphones work very well. Theearbuds are retractable and the neckband is very comfortable and lightweight. The neckband is flexible and durable and is made of silicone. There is... read more »

Warm Winter hat With Faaux Fur Pom Pom

30 Apr, 2018
The YJWAN Women's Hat fits snugly and will keep me warm in winter weather. It is hand knitted and is fleece lined for extra warmth.There is a fur pom pom on top of the hat which makes it stylish a... read more »

Excellent Stainless Steel and Silicone Tongs

18 Apr, 2018
The Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs With Silicone Tips work very well. Theyare very easy to use and are comfortable to hold. The silicone tips of the stainless steel tongs are Bpa free and PVC free. The... read more »

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Has Clear Sound

16 Apr, 2018
The Barsone Bluetooth Speaker has very clear sound. It is portable and is 1.54" & 4.92" & 2.4". It has an 8 hour playtime and has a rechargeable battery. It is water resistant a... read more »

Bluetooth Headphones Work Well

15 Mar, 2018
The Ecandy Bluetooth Headphones work well and are very comfortable. The band on the headphones can be adjusted for a good fit. These headphones have very clear stereo sound. They can be used as wirele... read more »

Very Nice RFID Men's Leather Wallet

28 Feb, 2018
The RFID Leather Wallet for Men is very nice.It has 8 credit card slots and 2 more hidden slots and a flip up ID window where a driver's license or ID can be kept.The wallet is very sturdy and lig... read more »

RIFD Blocking Wallet

28 Feb, 2018
The RFID Long Yellow Wallet is made of nice leather. There is a zippered compartment and the wallet snaps shut. There are 11 slots for credit and other cards and a window for identification or drivers... read more »

Hair Curler/Straightener Works Well

16 Feb, 2018
The 2 in 1 Travel Curling Iron/Straightener works well.Hair can be curled or straightened depending on how this is used.Hair can go into the straightener or wrapped around the curler for curls. It is... read more »

Very Cute Winter Hat With Fur Pom Pom

06 Feb, 2018
The EVRFELAN Fur Pom Pom Hat fits well and looks very good. The hat is very warm and is made of acrylic. There is a large fur pom pom on the top that is very cute. The pom pom can be removed to wash t... read more »

HD Stereo Sound Is Very Clear

04 Feb, 2018
The Sports Bluetooth Headphones are lightweight and can be used for running and walking and are also waterproof. They can be used for 8-9 hours on a charge. They are very comfortable to wear. They are... read more »

Excellent Art Set

01 Feb, 2018
The Professional Art Set has sketching pencils and charcoal sticks,a drawing pad, a kneaded eraser, a plastic/vinyl eraser, paper blending stumps,a pencil extender, and an art knife and a zippered cas... read more »

Pretty Hoop Earrings

16 Jan, 2018
The Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Earrings are very pretty but aresmaller than I thought they would be.They are huggie hoop style and are small hoop earrings. They are gold plated sterling silver and... read more »

Excellent Set of Scissors

11 Jan, 2018
The set of 3 CUSIBOX scissors are very sharp. There are small, medium and large scissors. The handles are comfortable to use. Both left and right handed people can use these scissors. These scissors a... read more »

Soft and Warm Stylish Purple Scarf

11 Jan, 2018
The o.Keer Purple Winter Scarf is very soft and is 100% acrylic. It measures 82.6" & 23.6". There are tassels on the ends of the scarf which make it very stylish. This scarf is very warm... read more »

Beautiful Teardrop Swarovski Crystal Necklace

07 Jan, 2018
The Pearlrich Teardrop Necklace is mad with Swarovski Crystal Elements and is beautiful. The chain is 18" and is made of zinc alloy and is lead free and nickel free. The necklace came in a nice b... read more »

Ice Cream Scoop Works Well

31 Dec, 2017
The XCOOK Ice Cream Scoop works well and is an attractive addition to my kitchen utensils. It is made from zinc alloy. The handle is made of plastic and rubber and is BPA free and safe to use with foo... read more »

Excellent Bluetooth Headset.

31 Dec, 2017
The LOBKIN Bluetooth Headphones have really good sound. The tracks can be forwarded or reversed and the sound can be adjusted louder or softer. Phone calls can be accepted or ended by pressing a butto... read more »

Bright Set of Colored Pencils

22 Dec, 2017
The 8BEES Colored Pencil Set have bright colors and are made of bass wood and have 36 colored pencils in the set. The pencils are lightweight and durable and have a cylindrical case.  By using th... read more »

Gaming Mouse Glides Quickly and Accurately

21 Dec, 2017
The RGB Wired Gaming Mouse reacts quickly when playing computer games or just with using it with the computer. There are LED lights around the mouse and on the button on top of the mouse and the color... read more »

Lightweight Yet Sturdy Backpack

15 Dec, 2017
This Sports Backpack is lightweight yet sturdy. It is water resistant and very useful for outdoor activities. It is made of nylon on the outside and is lined with polyester.  The shoulder pads ha... read more »

Sturdy Water Bottle

11 Dec, 2017
The KingCamp Water Bottle is very sturdy and at 17.7 ounces can hold a lot of water. It is made of TRITAN and is BPA free. The water bottle is marked with both mililiters and ounces. The top opens wit... read more »

Very nice winter scarf

09 Dec, 2017
The o.Keer Winter Scarf is very nice. It is made of 100% acrylic and is 82.6" & 23.6". I bought the light coffee scarf and it matches my brown jacket. You can dry clean or wash the scarf... read more »

Selfie Ring Light Works Well

09 Dec, 2017
The Selfie Ring Light by LightX Direct works well. I charged it with the USB cable. It works for an hour on a charge. You can change the light mode by pressing the button on the back. There are 3 kind... read more »

Bluetooth Headphones with Exc ellent Sound

04 Dec, 2017
The Liwithpro Wired Wireless Bluetooth Headphones have excellent quality sound. They block outside noises well. The bass on these headphones is good.  The memory foam cushion on the earmuffs is v... read more »

Beautiful Men's Watch

02 Dec, 2017
The CUENA Men's Stainless Steel Quartz Watch is very attractive. The numbers are Roman Numerals. It is also a calendar watch. There is a date window. There are 3 chronograph subdials. It tells ana... read more »

Athletic Socks Are Hard to Get on

29 Nov, 2017
The Athletic Socks for Men and Women are too small around the top of the socks and are hard to get on.. I received 10 pairs of black sock . They are made of 67% cotton 30% polyester 2% fiber and 1% ru... read more »

Excellent Inexpensive Men's Watch

24 Nov, 2017
The CUENA Classic Mens Quartz Wrist Watch is very attractive and works well. The face has Roman numerals and is easy to read.  There is a Japan quartz movement which is accurAte and a comfortable... read more »

Soft Very Pretty Makeup Brushes

23 Nov, 2017
The Unicorn Diamond Makeup Brush Set is very nice. These brushes are also very pretty. They are very soft and easy to use. There are 4 large brushes for blush and powder and 6 small brushes for concea... read more »

Pretty Satin Robe but Runs Small.

21 Nov, 2017
The ENJOYNIGHT Women's KimonoSatin Robe runs small. There is 1 pocket on the side and a tie belt that goes Through 2 belt loops. The purple color is very pretty but I suggest buying a size larger.... read more »

Swan Melodica Sounds Excellent

16 Nov, 2017
The 37 Key Piano Style Swan Melodica is a nice gift for my musically inclined granddaughter. The Melodica can be used standing or sitting. While standing the mouthpiece is used. While sitting there is... read more »

24 ubes Acrylic Paint Set Has Many Colors

10 Nov, 2017
The Acrylic Paint Set with 24 tubes has many colors. The tubes are 12 ml. They can be used on canvas, wood, clay, ceramic and fabric. These acrylics are thick and go on smoothly and easily. They also... read more »

Interesting Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

05 Nov, 2017
The Mugig Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone works well. Pairing was easy with my Iphone. Sing time is 4-10 hours on a full charge. The buttons on the microphone include high and low pitch adjustme... read more »

Warm and Very Cute Pom Beanie Hat for Winter.

01 Nov, 2017
The ADUO Thick Pom Beanie Hat fits well. It is made of 100% acrylic and is fleece lined and is very warm. It can be worn for outside winter activities malland I will wear it when I walk every day. The... read more »

Nice Silicone Spatulas, Various Sizes

30 Oct, 2017
The Silicone WISHPOOL Spatula Set works well. There is 1 large spatula, 1 spoon spatula, 1 jar spatula, 1 small spatula and 1 basting brush. These spatulas are made of silicone and are easy to clean,... read more »

Nice Leather Wallet

28 Oct, 2017
The Leather Zippered wallet has 2 zipper compartments for change.mIt is 4.92" & 3.74". There are 3 credit card slots and 1 photo slot. There is a full legnth pocket for bills. The w... read more »

Sturdy Easily Identifiable Luggage Tags

27 Oct, 2017
The BURIUS Innovations Luggage Tags will look very nice on my luggage. On one side it says "Burius" and will make myn luggage easily identifiable. There are 2 luggage tags. On the other side... read more »

Nice Binoculars Can See Far

23 Oct, 2017
The HeQiao Compact Binoculars work very well. The binoculars are made of rubber. They are water proof and fog proof. The magnification is 10& 25 and you can see far. I will use them to observe nat... read more »

Very Pretty Star Necklace

21 Oct, 2017
The Pearlrich Lucky Star 925 Sterling Silver Necklace is so pretty. The star is 1.25" & 0.98". The chain is made of sterling Silver and is lead free and nickel free and is very nice. The... read more »

Talking Hamster is a Lot of Fun

17 Oct, 2017
The Talking Hamster Mimicry Pet repeats what you say in a cute hamster voice. This toy is very cute. When the hamster answers you it shakes its' body. My 7 year old granddaughter will love this to... read more »

Very Clear Sounding Bluetooth Speaker

16 Oct, 2017
GThis very nice HOMTSsAW Bluetooth Speaker has solar charging technology and if it is charged for 10 minutes byn the sun it can play for 30 minutes. It can play for 30 hours on a regular charge. Thed... read more »

Bluetooth Headset Works Well

16 Oct, 2017
The HOMTSSAW Bluetooth Headphones are good to use for sports and I will use them for walking. A charge lasts for 8 hours. There is a 2 year manufacturers warranty on these bluetooth headphones and the... read more »

Nice Nonstick Ceramic Frying Pan

09 Oct, 2017
The Hommate Nonstick Ceramic Frying Pan has a titanium coating. This makes for a healthy and safe frying pan that is FDA approved. The non-stick coating makes cleanup quick and easy and works well wit... read more »

CNASA Bluetooth Headphones Work Well

08 Oct, 2017
The CNASA Bluetooth Headphones work well. The hi fidelity sound is clear and they fit well in my ears. The charge lasts for 8 hours and the headphones are water resistant. You can use the headphones u... read more »

Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace

01 Oct, 2017
The Pearlrich Heart Neclace is beautiful. It is made of multicolored 100% authentic Swarovski Elements Crystals. The heart is 1.18" & 0.98" and the chain is 18".mThe chain is made o... read more »

Fabulous 6 Pack of Men's Socks

29 Sep, 2017
The Hapyfost 6 Pack Men's Socks are fabulous. They are machine washable but shouldn't be tumble dried so I will air dry them. They have reinforced toes and heels.. They grey color matches many... read more »

Nice Yoga Leggings

29 Sep, 2017
These Yoga Leggings fit fine. They are22" high waist pants. Supposedly they have tummy control but I didn't think they did.  These leggings are long enough and I am tall.  These wil... read more »

Very Bright Frisbee Flies Straight and Swiftly

22 Sep, 2017
The CFTech LED Ultimate Frisbee is very bright at night. It does not bend and is 9.8" in diameter. It has multicolors with the LED lights. The frisbee is very durable and lightweight and water re... read more »

Very Sharp Ceramic Knives and Fruit Peeler

18 Sep, 2017
The LovKitchen's Ceramic Knives are very sharp as is the fruit peeler. The 3 knives are different sizes and different colors.The sizes of the knives are 7", 8", and 9". These knives... read more »

Feel Safe with this Carbon Monoxide Alarm

28 Aug, 2017
It was easy to hang the Firstbuy Carbon Monoxide Alarm on the wall upstairs in my house in the hall between 2 bedrooms. If the alarm detects carbon monoxide an alarm goes off and a red LED light flash... read more »

Large and Very Nice Pencil Sketching Set

24 Aug, 2017
The H & B Sketching Pencils Set is Large and very nice. There are 40 items in this set that includes sketching pencils, charcoal pencils, erasers, etc.This set is lightweight and portable in its&#... read more »

Roomy Canvas Bag Good for Traveling

21 Aug, 2017
The Khaki Cylinder Canvas Bag measures 2" & 10" & 13". There are 6 pockets--1 main pocket, 3 front zipper pockets and 2 side zipper pockets. This bag weighs 2.2 pounds. It makes... read more »

2 Sports Armbands Are Comfortable and Useful

18 Aug, 2017
The 2  Sports Armbands by Firstbuy that I received are easy to use and work well. My Iphone 7 fits well in this armband. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The armband is made of neoprene... read more »

Soft and Comfortable Comforter

18 Aug, 2017
The Twin Reversible Comforter by Bedsure is beige on 1 side and brown on the other side. It is for a twin bed and measures 66" & 88".This comforter is 100 per cent microfiber and is soft... read more »

Stylish and Different 3D Printed Top

18 Aug, 2017
I bought the Youvimi 3D Printed Top with a Hood to give to my 15 year old granddaughter. The size fits well and I ordered the Lg/XL. The fabric is lighter and softer than a sweatshirt but is is in a h... read more »

Very Attractive and Useful Placemats

17 Aug, 2017
The set of 4 Blue Placemats are just what I wanted for my 3 sets of blue dishes. The placemats are made of PVC, won't slip and are washable. The placemats will protect your table from scratches. Y... read more »

PAERDE Polarized Sunglasses Are Comfortable and Stylish

17 Aug, 2017
The PAERDE Mens Polarized Sunglasses are very stylish and fit well. I ordered the black sunglasses. These sunglasses are lightweight and have a metal frame. The dimensions of the sunglasses are 2.76&q... read more »

Very Cute Robot Alarm Clock

12 Aug, 2017
The Gigibon Robot Alarm Clock is a cute addition to any child's room and it is also educational so a child can learn to tell time. The numbers on the clock are large and easy to read. This clock r... read more »

Very Useful and Bright Flashlights

09 Aug, 2017
The 2 Tactical Flashlights are bright and will come in handy. I will keep 1 flashlight in my house and the other flashlight in my car. The 2 flashlights came in a nice case for storage.You can use a L... read more »

Very nice Leather Wallet

09 Aug, 2017
The Genuine Oil Wax Leather Wallet has 2 zipper pockets and a snap pocket. The dimensions of the wallet are 7.7" & 4.5" & 0.79". There are 20 card slots and a bill compartment a... read more »

Nikka Notto Waterproof Black Eyeliner

08 Aug, 2017
The Nikka Notto Waterproof Black Eyeliner went on my eyelids very easily and made a fine line with its' very small pointy brush. The eyeliner dries on your eyelids in 10 seconds. It applies very e... read more »

HDCRAFTER Classic Unisex Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses

08 Aug, 2017
The HDCRAFTER Classic Unisex Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses are stylish and look very good.. These sunglasses arrived in a very nice zippered case. The le3ns height and width are 1.57" & 2.16&... read more »

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