Earbuds Earphones in Ear Headphones Earbuds for Music Wired Headphones
Price: $129.00
3.80 / 5   (115 Reviews)


Great quality

05 Apr, 2021
Good earphones  read more »

great sound

22 Oct, 2020
Earbuds Earphones in Ear Headphones Earbuds for Music Wired Headphones #Hexdeer   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Review #amazon #sale #Viralix #gifts #deals Great headphones great so... read more »

Sounds great

11 Jul, 2020
These headphones are great, fit well and sound nice. I like them for listening to music. read more »

Nice sound for a corded headphone

06 Jan, 2020
This is a nice pair of corded headphones that have great sound quality and have no issues witht he length of the cable.  read more »

Not so great

13 Dec, 2019
Already broken.  read more »

Durable but feel cheap

04 Dec, 2019
Made of thin cheap plastic. Careful use and storage have made sure that these didn't break after a few uses. The sound is ok but not worth the money and not noise cancelling.  read more »

Good headphones

26 Nov, 2019
Great quality, lovely sound, worth the price! read more »


06 Nov, 2019
They do the job. Cheap quality  read more »

great for on the go

20 Oct, 2019
great sound, they are super compact read more »

Regular price too high

13 Oct, 2019
Common material and built. Sound is normal. The regular price is too high. read more »


10 Oct, 2019
these are not worth the $.01 they are flimsy and break very easily.  read more »

great for a few uses

19 Sep, 2019
these were made to be used very gently. My teens broke them the third day. This was our second order of these.  read more »

Cheap and badly made.

25 Aug, 2019
I don't set a high expectations everytime i order something in amazon but expecting that what you are getting will work is fair enough. This one is probably one of the worst, its so cheap and has... read more »

Sound just fine

30 Jun, 2019
Cheap looking Earbuds but works fine  I only used it for my portable mp3 player the sound is not like an expensive one the music is just average . If you like hearing good base effect this ear... read more »


22 Jun, 2019
They work and sound good. But they bare made very cheaply and are very thin. read more »

Basic earbuds

18 Jun, 2019
These earbuds work pretty nice. They have a good sound. There’s just enough space for your music. They aren’t worth the price though. They are very basic earbuds. read more »

Avoid - not worth it

05 Jun, 2019
It is amazing how often I have to buy earbuds for my boys and how fast they go through them. I saw these two pairs of earbuds and thought I would give them a try. There are two options - black or whit... read more »

Great Sound!

04 Jun, 2019
These headphones work as advertised. They sound great, and fit comfortably in my ear. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a great pair of ear buds at a great price! read more »

Amazing Technology

29 May, 2019
For what you get, the price on these is just crazy. read more »

False advertising

23 May, 2019
Sadly this is another case of false advertisement. These are outragesly overpriced, cheap headphones with sound quality of the ones bough for a dollar. Package was rather disappointing as well, t... read more »


11 May, 2019
same as the black pair. simple plain ear buds don't know what's so special about them  read more »


08 May, 2019
Earbuds Earphones in Ear Headphones Earbuds for Music Wired Headphones These earphones produce a crisp powerful acoustic sound with strong deep bass. Studio-tuned audio with crystal clarity Nois... read more »

Good quality

06 May, 2019
I don't use this very often because they don't have a built-in mic. But the sound is really good, so I do enjoy them read more »

Ear buds

01 May, 2019
They work, sounds not the greatest. Kinda cheaply made. Wouldn't pay over $5. #rankboosterreview #blodboosterreview   read more »

Great Sound Quality

01 May, 2019
I purchased these as a special gift for my 13-year-old granddaughter. She's doesn't like the "wireless" style of earbuds, so these are perfect for her. Stylish and practical with gre... read more »

Pretty darn good.

25 Apr, 2019
My husband goes to bed early, but I lke to stay up. I go to bed with him, but watch videos in bed. I use these earbuds so I don't bother him as he sleeps. These do the trick!  read more »

nice and basic

25 Apr, 2019
I love these earbuds! They arrived on time and the sound quality is amazing! Great buy. Would recommend to anyone who is looking to buy earbuds. read more »

Work Perfectly

23 Apr, 2019
Nice earbuds! They feel more expensive than they cost and the sound is great to boot. I appreciate having a pair on hand when the Bluetooth ones die because you don't have to charge these and that... read more »

Just ok....

22 Apr, 2019
These earphones are ok quality, the sound is not real sharp.  They fit and stay in place good.  Came package in a little plastic zip lock type bag.  Are they worth the asking price....N... read more »

Very nice

22 Apr, 2019
These work great while going for walks with my dogs.  read more »


22 Apr, 2019
The cord length was nice.  The earbuds fit nice in the canel comfortably. I don't think the price refects the quality of the product sufficiently. These worked great for me but I do not need... read more »

Great earbuds

22 Apr, 2019
Very good quality earbuds, they are better than what I thought they would be. Sound is clear and mids seem good and bass is ok. Highly recommended! read more »

A shocking pleasure.

20 Apr, 2019
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PN8978Q  These didn't look like much at first not well put together ect. Then I put them in to listen to some... read more »

Altered bass

20 Apr, 2019
This is a cheap quality of earbuds. I have to remove my phone casing just to plug it in and sounds comes iff weird,  the bass is terrible that it alters the original sounds of the music. Not wort... read more »

Over priced

20 Apr, 2019
Not impressed with construction quality and way over priced. Sound is not bad just not worth the cost.  read more »

Excellent beats

20 Apr, 2019
These are perfect for listening to music when I am in the gym. They sound loud and keep outside noises out. The first time I tried them on , I fell in love with them. I will never buy beats again. read more »


19 Apr, 2019
I bought these based on the reviews with the intention of buying a couple more if they were as good as I hoped, which they are. I plan to have a pair for around the house, one in my gym bag and one in... read more »

Very good earphones great audio.

19 Apr, 2019
is not a boss but the produce decent quality audio. The fit perfect on my ears. They are very comfortable. they come in a small bag not a box. They are white so I would had prefer for them to hav... read more »

Not what I expected

19 Apr, 2019
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #hexdeer Convenient product to have. Expected a better sound.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PN8978Q read more »

Good product

19 Apr, 2019
These are a great pair of earphones they are well built and the actual earplugs is nice and soft and very comfortable. They do a really good job of reducing the noise around you so that you can enjoy... read more »

Love them!!

19 Apr, 2019
kids love them read more »

good quality

18 Apr, 2019
Very good quality ear buds. The price point is extremely high though, One hundred dollars is way too much for these. read more »

Works really well

18 Apr, 2019
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #milleramy Very nice pair of earbuds.  They work really well.  Very overpriced. read more »

There are better $1 head phones in dollar tree

18 Apr, 2019
I am not sure why this was priced so high at $129. It has no bass or audio quality. Wire is flimsy. It looks like a dillar tree headphone. read more »

In Ear Headphones

17 Apr, 2019
If you're looking for a set of earbuds that you want to use at the gym, or jogging these will work well. The sound quality, you will not get audiophile quality but they will serve well for regular... read more »

Sound is ok

17 Apr, 2019
Sound is ok, but just by the feel of em , they are cheaply made read more »


17 Apr, 2019
I like this, arrived on time and great sound quality.   read more »

Great sound!

16 Apr, 2019
These In-Ear earbuds are great for listening to my music, They are lightweight so easy to use when I am doing my workout!  They are good quality. They are wired, so if you want bluetooth ones, do... read more »


16 Apr, 2019
I bought both the White and the black pair of headphones receive them on Friday and both were broken by my teenage children who dotake care of their Electronics. Both pairs were broken and not working... read more »

Great sound!

16 Apr, 2019
These ear buds work perfectly and have great sound. They fit great in my ears even with my piercings! I would recommend! read more »


16 Apr, 2019
really nice earbuds. These stay in my ears great, no more falling out when I run. The sound is beautiful as well. They seem to be well made as I’ve dropped them several times and throw them in m... read more »

horrible misleading price

15 Apr, 2019
These are so misleading with a price on amazon of $129,and are the cheapest headphones ever. I could buy better at Dollar Tree. DO NOT BUY. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #MillerAmy read more »

Dollar Earbugs for $129 ? I don't know what this seller was smokin'.

15 Apr, 2019
Dollar Earbugs for $129 ? I don't know what this seller was smokin'. read more »


15 Apr, 2019
Got these for my so he can use them with his phone on the bus and they work great. Nice quality and easy to connect to his phone.  read more »


15 Apr, 2019
These are good earbuds. They fit nicely and come with extra pieces to fit your ear size. Took one star off for pricing, it’s exaggerated a lot! But with discount was a good deal. #rankboosterrev... read more »

Earbuds Earphones in Ear Headphones Earbuds for Music Wired Headphones

15 Apr, 2019
Not what I was expecting i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #milleramy read more »

These aren’t even worth $10 let alone $100.

14 Apr, 2019
You would be better off getting headphones from the dollar store. Seriously, not worth it. read more »

Works as it should

14 Apr, 2019
The headphones work good. They are your basic in ear headphones, made with plastic, with ok sound.  read more »

Earbuds in Ear Headphones

14 Apr, 2019
Bought these not so good earphones from Rank Booster, definitely a thumbs down. read more »


14 Apr, 2019
These would be great but they look more like dollar store ear buds than something that costs $100. #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #dealsbyella #MILLLERAMY read more »


14 Apr, 2019
Cheaply made and assembled. Sound quality is terrible and they are not worth the penny I paid for them.DO NOT BUY! Especially for over $100... read more »

Good product

13 Apr, 2019
My daughter loves these. Wish they came with different size ear pieces. read more »

Slightly too large..

13 Apr, 2019
Though these have decent sound, they are too large for my ears. I wish they came with changeable gel tips, because itsi hard to tell sound quality when you can't get them decently into your ears.... read more »

Works great!

13 Apr, 2019
This ear phones works great with my iphone~ compact and portable to carry around. good sound quality~  read more »

Sounds Great!

13 Apr, 2019
I received this pair of wired headphones from Hexdeer. The sound quality is crisp and the bass sounds great! They are perfect for listening to your music on the go. These headphones make a great gift,... read more »

nice buds

13 Apr, 2019
These earbuds by Hexdeer are awesome. These earbuds are nice quality and great for MP3 players, smart phones, tablets, and more. It has a flexible design and silicone gel earbuds so they stay in place... read more »

Good sound and lightweight.

12 Apr, 2019
Fast shipping.  The earphones are lightweight and fit my ears perfectly.  The sound is good. read more »


12 Apr, 2019
I bought two pairs of these earbuds for my grandson and they work great. Very clear sound quality and well made.  #RankBoosterReview   #Sponsored    #earbuds read more »

Small and powerful

12 Apr, 2019
The Earbuds Earphones in Ear Headphones are comfortable, work well at all sound volumes, provide good noice cancelling, and stay firmly in place. I highly recommend these small and powerful earphones.... read more »

Working very good.

12 Apr, 2019
Works great and they stand behind their product. I definitely would recommend this product. read more »

Great sound quality, very comfortable with the best warranty on the market.

12 Apr, 2019
The sound quality from these earphones are excellent, they really do have a crisp clear sound. The ear buds fit well, comfortable and they are light weight. The earphones are made from a plastic compo... read more »

Great Earphones

11 Apr, 2019
These are really nice earphones.  I love that they are small and I can just drop them in my purse to take with me everywhere I go.  These fit very nicely in my ears and block out all other s... read more »

Good sound

11 Apr, 2019
I like these earbuds.  They fit well and are comfortable.  The wire is long enough to give me some room to more around at my desk.  The sound is good. read more »

Ok set of headphones.

11 Apr, 2019
This is a pretty decent set of headphones.  They are your basic earbuds.  The sound quality is a little muffled, but my children like them so they are a win in my book. read more »

Earbuds Earphones in Ear Headphones Earbuds for Music Wired Headphones

11 Apr, 2019
Earphones Noise Cancelling Earbuds in Ear Headphones Wired Sports Stereo Super Bass Earphones. Nice set of headphones. Good sound, small, compact size. Wire doesn't tangle. Plenty of bass also. #R... read more »

Earbud Earphones

11 Apr, 2019
i really like the comfort of these earphones and they stay in place well  read more »

Sounds great

11 Apr, 2019
Sounds great, plugs in quite nicely. buds are also comfortable on your ears. nice as a travel pair or to leave in your car.  read more »

Music to your ears

10 Apr, 2019
These white earbuds are very comfortable and seem to be very well made. We will be traveling and will want to be able to still interact with are music and games on our phones with out disturbing other... read more »

Very basic earbuds that work

10 Apr, 2019
The build quality of these earbuds are ok and the quality of the audio is pretty decent. These are labeled as "Super bass" which I would say the bass on these is pretty decent but nothing &q... read more »


10 Apr, 2019
Excellent product. Good value, very good quality, fits well. Pretty good sound quality, they are also very lightening so you won’t feel the headphones cables hanging, very nice shape and they fi... read more »


10 Apr, 2019
I love these headphones! They stay put, the sound quality is great read more »

Good sound!

10 Apr, 2019
These sound good on my phone.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Hexdeer https://amazon.com/dp/B07PN8978Q read more »

Quick delivery and works great

10 Apr, 2019
These earbuds work as intended. They are not high quality, but do provide decent sound and are not cheaply made headphones. The product comes with an 18 month warranty which is hard to beat! Recommend... read more »

Well worth it

10 Apr, 2019
Great ear buds...well made ...highly reccomend read more »

too pricey

10 Apr, 2019
This is definite over price. And nothing special, it might be just a typo for the pricing. No one will buy something 129 when the dollar store is just nearby  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0... read more »

great earbuds

10 Apr, 2019
 #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Miller Amy I got the black pair and then found this white pair. I was so excited. These really are nice earbuds with great sound quality. read more »


10 Apr, 2019
These were very comfortalbe but not real loud. They also came in a plastic bag which made them seem kind of cheap.  read more »

Cheap made

09 Apr, 2019
Doesnt sound the best and are pretty cheaply made. Not sure if it's worth more then $15 read more »

Nice little earbuds to keep in my bag.

09 Apr, 2019
I love these little earbuds. I own many headphones and airbuds but I wanted an extra pair to keep in my car n purse. These are perfect and have great sound! Love them.  read more »


09 Apr, 2019
My headphones came crushed which was probably the fault of delivery, but I don't even need to try them to see how garbage they are. They aren't worth a penny, much less $129.00.  read more »


09 Apr, 2019
Cheaply made and assembled. Sound quality is terrible and they are not worth the penny I paid for them.DO NOT BUY! Especially for over $100...   read more »

Overpriced but great quality

09 Apr, 2019
We always keep earphones next to the computer for private listening.  These are perfect for that purpose.  They are comfortable and offer decent sound quality.  The $129.00 seems very h... read more »

Great product

08 Apr, 2019
Nice set of quality ear buds!  read more »

Amazing deal!

08 Apr, 2019
Great deal - nice looking and perfect for traveling.    #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #PURHOOD read more »

great sound. decent headphones.

08 Apr, 2019
well these are cool. they work fine. they are confortable. they are strong cause little niece already tried to break them but they survived. the sound is not like the professionals earphones outhere (... read more »

Excellent Earbuds

08 Apr, 2019
They fit in my ears comfortably!  The music quality is amazing! I can hear and feel the bass! They are truly incredible!    read more »

Earbuds and Music

08 Apr, 2019
These earbud earphones are great for musice, wired in headphones and have a great sound. They fit great in backpacks, makeup bags or your handbag.  WE love that they are so small and sound so goo... read more »


08 Apr, 2019
These headphones are awful. Absolute trash. They had a short in them when I received them so it was hard to listen to anything. Even when I could hold it just right the sound quality was terrible. It... read more »

Noise Canceling Earbuds

07 Apr, 2019
I prefer to wear headphones, but it is easier to use earbuds while working out or even at work, as you can have one in your ear and keep the other one out while listening out for things.  That wa... read more »

If i could give a negitive i would

07 Apr, 2019
This is terrible there is no audio to them worth anything. you can barely hear music if you raise the volume it turns into a tinny mess of sound i bought this and the black and both are JUNK! Trash No... read more »

cant hear sounds

07 Apr, 2019
i can hear sounds its like almost no sounds at all..not good quality iam not happy actually. i cant believe how expensive this earphones are.. read more »

Wired Headphones Are Overpriced

07 Apr, 2019
The Wired Headphones by EricSmithe are overpriced at $130. They have good clear sound but are not worth  the $130. They arrived in a small plastic bag and I felt that for that price they could ha... read more »

Earbuds earphones

06 Apr, 2019
Work great, good sound quality. Fast shipping. read more »

Poor quality earbuds. Never buying these kind again.

05 Apr, 2019
I purchased these the other day and just received them yesterday and I already know I don't like these. The sound is just really bad and not good at all.   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07... read more »

Works great

05 Apr, 2019
Works great, works with Android note 8 read more »

Made so they stay in your ear without falling out! Super good.

05 Apr, 2019
These earphones not only have an awesome sound, but they actually stay in your ear so when you are outside working, they stay in your ears with no falling out.  Very comfortable to wear. ... read more »


04 Apr, 2019
Excellent headphones, price is a little high read more »

Not worth $129

04 Apr, 2019
So i ordered these bc my kids are always needing ear phones. I saw they were $129 but with a discount from rank booster I thought this would be an awesome buy. If I would have paid $129 I would b... read more »

Good product and good price.

04 Apr, 2019
Very good product and high quality. read more »

Great Noise Cancelling EarBuds but a bit overpriced!

03 Apr, 2019
This is a great set of corded noise canceling earbuds by #Hexdeer. I like the fact that when I play my music through my phone it truly sounds the way music is intended to sound. Like a stereo album. I... read more »

Great buy

03 Apr, 2019
These earbud headphones are amazing. Its exactly what I've been looking for for my workout. These pair so easy and fast to your phone you can do it while running or stretching. They fit comfortabl... read more »

Nice headphones

02 Apr, 2019
Sound quality is good. Stay in the ear. Overall nice product read more »

Listen up

29 Mar, 2019
Nice set of earbuds. Seen fairly well made. Great sound and easy to connect. Would recommend for the price. read more »

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