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Always great to have extra cords

30 Nov, 2021
Nice set of charging cord. The cord is long enough to still use your device while charging it, the 3A cord allows your device to charge faster. read more »

iPhone Charger Cable

30 Sep, 2021
Very long cables, which comes in handy when your regular cable is not long enough to reach from the wall to where you're sitting. These cables charge my phone just as fast as a smaller 3ft cable.... read more »

Well made case

18 Sep, 2021
A nice well made case, it's a two piece case. It has an inner rubber case, and a plastic cover that goes over the case to help protect your phone. The pattern on the  case makes it easie... read more »

Great for every project

01 Sep, 2021
A nice kit with everything you will need to start soldering right out if the box! The soldering iron heats up quickly, and stays at the correct temp making it easy to get the perfect solder line. read more »

Nice Assortment

14 Jul, 2021
These fit well on my 40mm series 6 even though it says they only fit series 2, and 3. The pack comes with a nice assortment of colors to choose from. They cover all of the watch face, and sides. The c... read more »

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

31 Jan, 2020
It's always great to have a tire pressure gauge in the glovebox to check your tires periodically. This gauge is easy to use, and very acurate. The light up display makes it so you can even check y... read more »

Multi charging cable

18 Jan, 2020
I have been using this cable for a short time, and I already couldn't go without it. This cable makes it easy to charge multiple things at once. read more »

Teflon PTFE Tube

15 Jul, 2019
After testing this on my 3D printer for a few prints, it is working well as far as I can tell. It is staying in place and not moving with the force of the retraction as it should. I think this will ho... read more »

Sanding Paper,100 pcs

23 Jun, 2019
These fit on my small little sander without any problems, I only used them for some light sanding on some projects but they worked really well. read more »

Premium Hookah Bowl Set

16 Jun, 2019
Nice little add-on to any hookah, it retains the heat very well and is easy to clean. It has a decent size holder, and you can fit quite a bit of tobacco inside of it which makes filling it less of a... read more »

Usb Wifi Adapter

18 May, 2019
This little wifi adapter will have you on the internet in very little time, with easy to plug & play setup with windows 10. It allows you to connect to both 2.4g and 5g connections, which is nice... read more »

Chunky Thick Beanie

11 May, 2019
This hat is a very well made knitted beanie, and will keep you warm on those cold winter days. It stretches easily so it will fit well on either a kid, or an adult. read more »

Instant Read Meat Thermometer

25 Apr, 2019
I really like this thermometer, the display is easy to read. You can get temps pretty quickly as this thermometer has no trouble reading the correct temps well. read more »

Electrilucn Automatically Locking Windshield Phone Holder

25 Apr, 2019
A great phone holder, though there is a minor thing I didn't like about it. The release button is a bit hard to push to release your phone,  read more »

Dual Vibration Body Massager

18 Apr, 2019
This is a great addition to the gf's stash of toys, she really loves it! Also fun for the both of us to spice thing up as well. read more »

Off Shoulder Layered Look Long Sleeve T Shirt

18 Apr, 2019
A really well made shirt,it light and will be a nice shirt to wear a lot once it starts getting hotter outside. read more »

In Ear Headphones

17 Apr, 2019
If you're looking for a set of earbuds that you want to use at the gym, or jogging these will work well. The sound quality, you will not get audiophile quality but they will serve well for regular... read more »

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

17 Apr, 2019
A great set of basic everyday earbuds, they have a pretty good sound and build quailty. read more »

Anguo Bluetooth Headphones

28 Mar, 2019
The headphone work really well, and stay in place. I didn't care for the little nubs on the end of each headphone. Other then that they are a solid set of everyday headphones. read more »

Garlic Press and Peelers Kit

23 Mar, 2019
A garlic press set that will make your other kitchen utensils wish they were made as well as this one. The press is very sturdy, and only takes a small amount of pressure to mince garlic rig... read more »

Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

23 Mar, 2019
SHAVA Night Light Bluetooth Speaker is an all around bluetooth speaker that does it all. You can answer calls, play music by bluetooth/3.5mm cable also with a micro sd card, even works as a touchable... read more »

Mercase 30W Metal Dual USB

10 Mar, 2019
Nice quick charger for the car, it charges my phone pretty quickly when using the 3.0 port. I use the 2.4 port for things I am not in urgent need to charge while my phone is plugged in. read more »

Mercase Apple Watch Stand

10 Mar, 2019
I recently got an apple watch, and I really like this stand. It holds my watch very well without the concern that it will fall off during the night, and it also is able to hold my phone. I like that i... read more »

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

10 Mar, 2019
Small, but amazing is how my gf described it. read more »

USB C Adapter

26 Feb, 2019
I really like this usb hub, I am currently using it on my desktop computer. I like that it has multiple usb ports, as well as a card reader. I have a cutomer built pc, so I don't have a card reade... read more »

LOBKIN 7 in 1 USB Hub

26 Feb, 2019
Great usb to use on my laptop, so I can plug in a lot of extra items to use without taking up extra usb ports. Also when you're done using something you can just switch it off, instead of having t... read more »

LED TV Backlights Strip Lights

01 Feb, 2019
These light are very bright,and have a wide range of color options to choose from. I used these to light up the inside of my computer case, and they ended up making the case look really well. read more »

Base and No Wipe Top Coat Set

28 Jan, 2019
Nice set of gel polishes, I like that you get both the base and top coat together instead of needing to spend extra just to get one of each. These polishes have a good stay, and don't wear easily. read more »

Pour Over Coffee Dripper

28 Jan, 2019
Works well,and easy to use...great if you're you're not in a hurry and want fresh coffee. read more »

Mesh Travel Organizer

16 Jan, 2019
Nice assortment of bags, every size bag to fit your needs. Great for when you're carrying a lot or just a little, the handle makes it convenient to carry the bag as it. read more »

Bellamei Cheesecloth

12 Jan, 2019
Works great for making any foods, just give it a quick rinse to clean off the cotton seeds and you're off to making something great. read more »

3.0 Wireless Adapter

12 Jan, 2019
Easy to use plug and play wifi adapter, plugged it in and with in second I was connecting to the internet. It gets great speeds, and reception with this adapter. Overall a well made adapter, would wor... read more »

Precision Screwdriver Set

12 Jan, 2019
A well made multi-tool, it has just about every driver bit you will ever need. A thick sturdy case to hold everything in, it's also see through so you can see which bits you have for the job. read more »

Mini Sewing Kit

12 Jan, 2019
A great sewing kit, everything comes inside of a small carrying case. Yet the case holds a lot more then one would think, it has enough supplies to handle any problem you need to fix. read more »

GEL Insoles

07 Jan, 2019
Easy to size to perfectly fit my shoes, great insoles if you have to stand all day at work. read more »

Motent Women's Fashion Wrap

02 Dec, 2018
This scarf has nice warm colors that would be great warn in fall. Oversized to keep you warm on those cold days, and nights. read more »

Frideko Square Scarf

02 Dec, 2018
The scarf was a lot larger then I expected, which is nice because it will cover more area keeping you warm. It has very nice rich colors, making it a nice accent piece to just wear on cool days. read more »

SSZY 4 Pack Mini Flashlight

24 Nov, 2018
Nice set of flashlights, the leds are very bright. Easy to find something with the large stream of light the flashlight puts out. Also a great item to add to an emergency pack, in case your elect... read more »

Salad Cutter Bowl

29 Oct, 2018
The size of the bowl is way bigger then I expected it to be, it holds a large amount of salad ingredients. Very easy to use, takes the effort of of making individual salads any way each person wants t... read more »

Shower Curtain Hooks

10 Oct, 2018
Easy to install, have a nice clean look to them. An excellent way to add some flair to your bathroom. read more »

Open Back Workout Top

10 Oct, 2018
Great shirt to wear for your workouts, fits well and keeps you cool also. read more »

Winter Beanie Hat and Warm Scarf Set

30 Sep, 2018
The hat and scarf are very well made. A great set to have for the winter, both will keep you warm not only because of the fleece lining. But also because they are pretty snug fitting,which will help k... read more »

AXBIDY 24W Dual Smart USB Car Charge

25 Sep, 2018
This charger works really well, it doesn't take long to charge my phone using it. It also lets you know if you're getting the correct voltage to charge you phone properly. read more »

Aromatherapy Diffuser

12 Sep, 2018
This is a really nice diffuser because it can hold large amount of water, allowing you to fill it less often to keep it running. The auto off feature is great, it will help make the uni... read more »

200ML Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

05 Sep, 2018
Great everyday essential oil diffuser, works very well with the lavender oil I have been using. An easy way to fill any room with the perfect smell that suits your mood. read more »

2 Port HDMI Switch

30 Aug, 2018
HDMI switcher works well, I use it to switch between using my computer monitor with my pc & my tv with my pc. It makes things easy instead of having to go in to change the settings everytime... read more »

Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats

02 Aug, 2018
Well made floor mats, they have nice thick grooves that hold all of the dirt & dust that comes off of your shoes. These floor mats stay in place, so there's no need to worry about them sliding... read more »

PS4 Controller Charger Charging Station

31 Jul, 2018
This charging station is great for charging your extra controller while it's not in use, or charging your one main controller when your finished gaming. It only takes up one usb slot, so you... read more »

Steam Hair Straightener

30 Jul, 2018
The straightener works really well with the steam, it makes your hair less frizzy after straightening because it doesn't get dried out from the heat alone. read more »

Small earbuds, big sound!

27 Jul, 2018
I'll start off with my review of the packaging, then move on to the actual product. The box that the earbuds comes in is beautifully designed, the outside of the box has a embleshed wood grain des... read more »

Men's Gym Shorts

26 Jul, 2018
I like these shorts they are very light weight, and soft yet breathable fabric. I have not got them wet so I'm not sure how quickly they would dry. The pockets in the shorts are nice deep pockets,... read more »

All Weather Protection Universal Floor Mats

25 Jul, 2018
These floor mats are very well made, they are made of thick rubber. I have had them in my car for a couple of days now, and I really like them. There was no need to trim them, I just put them down and... read more »

Bright little flashlight

24 Jul, 2018
These flashlights are pretty bright for their size. The only thing I didn't like was once you turned the flashlight on, if you nudge the button very slighty it went to the next setting. I don... read more »

Very handy little device

17 Jul, 2018
This is a great usb hub, it makes it easy to have all of your streaming devices hooked up all at once without all of the corded mess. Allowing you to keep all of your devices charged, or have constant... read more »

Works like a spatula should

26 Jun, 2018
Item was just as expected, it worked just like it's a spatula of course! Very sturdy, not cheap and flimsy so it should hold up to a lot of wear when cooking. Every spatula came i... read more »

Nice portable light

26 Jun, 2018
A great item to either take camping, for emergencies, or just to keep in your car. It's very bright, and will be more then enough light you will need to finish your project or find what you are lo... read more »

A great everyday set

23 Jun, 2018
The brushes are very soft, have not had any problems so far with them falling apart. They are well made, also have very sturdy handles. A must have in your travel back, or everyday makeup bag! read more »

Lunch for the whole day!

17 Jun, 2018
This lunch cooler is a lot bigger than I expected! You can pack all of your work snacks, and lunch for the whole day in on container. It also works very well to keep your food/drinks cold, with enough... read more »

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