Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Auto Shut Off
Price: $32.99
4.78 / 5   (46 Reviews)


Blown away

03 Nov, 2018
I have tried thru the years so many gadgets to style hair that is crazy. I recently got this flat iron because steam, ceramic, tourmaline, etc. , seemed interesting enough to give it a try. I have fin... read more »

Love it

05 Oct, 2018
Love this flat iron,  i cant believe how it kept my hair straight for a week... my hair was soft and best of all no burning and damaging my hair.. i definetly recommend this product read more »

Great for the price

03 Oct, 2018
Easy to use and works great! read more »

amazingly awesome

22 Sep, 2018
Great straigtner heats up fast and doesnt take muktiple times to get a piece straight. Is very cute as well and high quality of product  read more »

Works excellent

14 Sep, 2018
This flat iron really does its job well! It cuts my flat ironing time and half. The flat iron heats up quickly and you can adjust the temperature. Feeling up the water tank is easy. You can choose whe... read more »


12 Sep, 2018
works so great!! I was kinda skeptical about it! But works wonderfull! Gets hot fast steam keeps my hair from drying. Comes with hair clips and extras so I’m very happy with it! Well worth the p... read more »

A nice straightener

03 Sep, 2018
The overall straightener us very nice and does it's job. Although the piece that holds the water for the steam funtion in will not stay clipped in. So that was a little disappointing. read more »

Best steam straightener EVER.

31 Aug, 2018
I have no idea how steam straightens hair so I was VERY skeptical. My hair is 4a coil pattern (or so I'm told, not sure). I was certain this would cause my hair to frizz but it didn't! I let i... read more »

Great straightener expecially for a teenager.

28 Aug, 2018
 I got this for my daughter I got this for my daughter who had been wanting a straightener to straighten her hair. She absolutely loves it and it seems to work perfect. It doesn't seem to get... read more »

Works great

26 Aug, 2018
This is one of the best hair straighteners that I've had it heats up fast and works really well love the purple also  read more »

Really nice iron!

20 Aug, 2018
The feel in the hand of this iron is amazing!  The iron itself has a nice smooth feel to it.  The lock and the ON/OFF and the steam buttons are all easy to see and use.  Heated up prett... read more »

Great Hair Straightener! A+

14 Aug, 2018
I love this hair straightener. It works very well and i especially like that you add a little water and it steams as it straightens. Very nice and high quality!  A+++ read more »

Light Weight

13 Aug, 2018
  This flat iron is light weight and easy to use. The temp screen is nice and large makes it easy to read.  This flat iron gets hot fast, no waitng around. I just got this yesterday an... read more »

Works well

13 Aug, 2018
Works well. Feels nice in my hands  read more »

To Straighten Hair

13 Aug, 2018
This steam hair straightener is a flat iron, ceramic tourmaline ionic hair straightener.  Has an automatice shut off for saftely reasons.  Is easy to use, just plug in and wait for a few min... read more »

Great Straightner

12 Aug, 2018
Bought this hair straightner for my granddaughter.  She has thick medium length hair.  It works amazing.  I wasnt sure how it was gonna be because of the reasonable price but it works g... read more »

Like it

11 Aug, 2018
Its work very good and easy to used. read more »

Amazing Flat Iron

10 Aug, 2018
I have used a flat iron for years but never one with steam until now and it really makes a difference.  This straightner is easy to hold, not too confusing, heats quickly and most importantly, le... read more »

Good for the price

09 Aug, 2018
Works well for being so affordable. I have very thick, coarse hair so I just swipe over more than once to obtain the straightness that I prefer. Would be perfect for those with thinner hair.  read more »

Love it

09 Aug, 2018
Loving my new hair straightener it’s quite easy to use and really helps fixing my hair. Like much. read more »

Straightening iron

07 Aug, 2018
This is a really effective straightener to reduce frizzy hair while straightening it. It uses an atomizing technology (mist from inside the iron using distilled water). The iron is a great material an... read more »

Love this!

06 Aug, 2018
this straightener came packaged nice!  I love the color, but mostly I love how it makes my hair feel when I use it!  So smooth!!  read more »

Super straightener

03 Aug, 2018
This straighten my hair so good after I washed my hair which was really puffy!! & thick. Now that I straighten it, it's very silky & soft & has lots of volume from using this flat iron... read more »

Who doesn't love purple!

01 Aug, 2018
Great quality, and who doesn't love PURPLE! <3  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Beautlinks read more »

Very easy to use

01 Aug, 2018
I love this hair straightener, it has lock button by the tail which is very convenient. There is also an area where you can put water to steam your hair and I even tried using it as a curler and it ac... read more »

veryy good

01 Aug, 2018
Now I have one for home and one in the car for emergency meetings when it's a rainy day or just any type of emergency really.. Its the right temperature of hotness for my hair I love it. read more »


01 Aug, 2018
This is a good quality product. It is working great. Nice color purple. I like it. It is constructed a good material and is durable. read more »

Hair Straightener

31 Jul, 2018
Bought this product for my wife and she absolutely loves it. It has an auto shutoff feature to make sure even if you forget to turn it off, it will automatically, many colors to choose from.  The... read more »

Steam Hair Straightener

30 Jul, 2018
The straightener works really well with the steam, it makes your hair less frizzy after straightening because it doesn't get dried out from the heat alone. read more »

good quality

30 Jul, 2018
works really good. my daughter really likes it read more »

Great Steam Straightener

29 Jul, 2018
This is the Beautlinks Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic with Auto Shut Off.   I've never even heard of a steam straightener so I was excited to tr... read more »


25 Jul, 2018
This is a nice straightener it works well and I love it  The only issue I had is when I tried to fill it with water for the steam I could not get the water thing back in it wants to pop out read more »

Steam Hair Straightener

22 Jul, 2018
This lightweight straightener goes to work right after you plug it in and turn it on, be sure to add the water prior.  I gave less stars on it because the compartment door where the water holder... read more »

Works Well

22 Jul, 2018
This is a nice flat iron. It is easy to use. It heats up well and works well. This is the thinner version rather than the normal full size one. It is easier to use on bangs and side areas. read more »

Worked on my curly hair

18 Jul, 2018
This Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Auto Shut Off did wonder for my unruly hair, it straightened my hair so easily and very quickly my hair is very thick and c... read more »

Very Nice!

18 Jul, 2018
I have never used a steaming straight iron before so i wasn't sure what to expect. I love it! It keeps my frizz way down and I don't feel like my hair is getting damaged as much from the heat.... read more »

#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #(Brand Name)

18 Jul, 2018
I have stubborn 4C hair that I don't get along with and am very frustrated by. This product was recommended to me by my sister, and after reading many a review I decided to buy it. Well let me say... read more »

Works great

17 Jul, 2018
I have thick coarse hair and this is perfect for me. It heats up very fast​​​ has two settings low and high and  with or without steam. This makes my hair look smooth and takes the frizz away... read more »

Very nice

17 Jul, 2018
Wow wow. This is very nice hair straightener.  Works great on my hair. Very easy to use. It makes my hair more beautiful.  Good quality as well. I highly recommended this. Great deals from r... read more »

Easy to use

14 Jul, 2018
Easy to use stepdaughter is very happy with it as its a replacement for one that stopped working. read more »

"Steam" flatiron Hair Straightener

13 Jul, 2018
Beautlinks Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Auto Shut Off, Great design, easy to use, Steam makes it very easy to straighten my hair, Done in no time! https... read more »

Sitting Pretty

02 Jul, 2018
Heats up quick and hot. I can use quickly and get going. Compact enough for easy packing. read more »

Easy Light Wieght Good Results

25 Jun, 2018
I love my flatiron because it has done the following for me: Having a flat iron at your disposal save you the time, money and energy that you may have to spend in a salon to straighten you hair.... read more »


16 Jun, 2018
amazing so far. Heats up quick! read more »

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