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Mar, 2017

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Modern photo frames

01 Sep, 2018
these are perfect for my kids school and sports photos, I can keep them on the fridge and have it look modern instead of having a bunch of messy looking pictures here and there. The acrylic frame is v... read more »

Sexy and comfortable suit!

01 Sep, 2018
I am loving this swimsuit, I was looking for a one piece suit that was flattering and sexy while being somewhat conservative for family functions and this suit is perfect!! It fits true to size and is... read more »

Perfect for school notes and fun too!

01 Sep, 2018
The colored pen set has an ultra fine tip that I love, the colors are bright and deep even with the fine tip making them useful for everyday as well as for artwork. I bought 3 of these for my mid... read more »

Rug grippers

01 Sep, 2018
This is great for keeping a rug in place, I have one with one corner than drives me crazy because it won’t lay flat. This rug gripper fixed the problem and stays in place well. To reuse and make... read more »

Gel nails at home!

19 Aug, 2018
The Beautlinks 36 watt nail dryer works great with my gel polishes that require this type of special nail lamp to set the polish and it makes my polish stay on for a couple of weeks before it chips at... read more »

Straightening iron

07 Aug, 2018
This is a really effective straightener to reduce frizzy hair while straightening it. It uses an atomizing technology (mist from inside the iron using distilled water). The iron is a great material an... read more »

Compact Silicone Facial Cleaning Device

07 Aug, 2018
I like this cleansing device because it is waterproof and is made of silicone, which I find to be cleaner that the replaceable brush system type cleaners. Silicone doesn’t promote bact... read more »

Work well, look great, love them!

07 Aug, 2018
These hooks are very sturdy and stick easily and firmly to any clean smooth surface. They look sleek and modern. You don’t notice them like the plastic command hooks that stick ou... read more »

Great replacement for our PS4 chargers!

07 Aug, 2018
My sons have a PS4 and needed to replace their charging dock that didn’t work anymore. This one looked nice and was well priced. It is very lightweight but seems sturdy and and doesn’... read more »

Great for setting healthy goals!

07 Aug, 2018
This was easy to sync. It seems to be fairly accurate at counting steps. It notifies you of incoming text, emails and calls. You can turn off this function if you don’t need it. It als... read more »

Perfect Makeup Tote!

27 Jul, 2018
This is the perfect makeup tote for travel as well as for home use. I have been keeping all of my daily necessities in it so that all of my hair care, skincare and makeup are all in one spot and my ba... read more »

Whiskey Glass Set

30 May, 2018
These twist whiskey glasses by Mivim are a great set of 2 lowball whiskey glasses that come in a nice box set that is perfect for gifting. The glasses are unique and really beautiful. They a... read more »

Purifying charcoal peel off mask

18 Feb, 2018
This facial mask is great for getting rid of dry, dead skin and as a bonus removes peach fuzz also! The mask is easy to use in a tube instead of a jar and is less messy. It takes about 20 minutes for... read more »

My kids love these!!!

25 Jan, 2018
These double walled stainless steel bottles are 17 ounces. The opal design is beautiful and it fits easily into my purse or cup holder on the go. Water stays cold all day in this!! I use these no... read more »

Nice set of measuring spoons

19 Jan, 2018
the slim design of these measuring spoons is perfect for getting into small spice jars. They are all kept neatly hooked together on a stainless steel ring and can be easily removed to place in the dis... read more »

Rosa Rugosa UV sterilization box

19 Jan, 2018
This is a nice quality UV light plus ozone box and is a great addition to a cleaning solution for silicone and plastic products to make sure your toys, etc are properly cleaned. It makes me... read more »

Exfoliating foot booties

28 Nov, 2017
These come with a pair of booties containing liquid inside that you wear on your feet (after soaking for a few minutes in warm water) for an hour and then rinse off. The booties are large enough to fi... read more »

Great storage set

22 Nov, 2017
This 10 piece BPA free storage set is easy to use and keeps leftovers fresh for days. There are 5 nesting rectangular containers each with a snap on lid that is easy to attach and remove. The lids hav... read more »

Fitness band

06 Oct, 2017
This fitness tracker has many options. Remote control phone, camera, music, and phone call capability. It syncs with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and send me SMS... read more »

Excellent quality balloons

29 Aug, 2017
These are a great package of 100 gold, white and black balloons. They are easy to inflate and hold air well for days. These are the perfect color combination for what I needed and I'm very pleased... read more »

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