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Good idea but doesn't quite work

27 Oct, 2021
This has a good concept but doesn't quite pull it off. Does blow out well but it doesn't get cold like they say it does even when you use ice. read more »

Cool car

20 Oct, 2021
The cutest car ever. Kids love playing with this. Have a stock of batteries for them cause they won't want to stop playing.  read more »

Good size

08 Oct, 2021
The blanket is very soft and a good size but is a little thinner that. I would expect it to be but still works for me as I live in Florida and it's just a throw to use when It gets chilly in... read more »

6 year old has a blast

03 Oct, 2021
My 6 year old nephew loves dinosaurs and trucks so this is the perfect gift for him.  read more »

So cool

03 Oct, 2021
These nightlight are so cool and they are interchangeable so you have 3 different characters  read more »

Great ghost

02 Oct, 2021
If you love decorating for Halloween this ghost is a must have it has all the spooky sounds runs on batteries so no cords and is very big. read more »

My nephew loves this

02 Oct, 2021
Bought this for one of my nephews and he loves it. I was worried as he's actually a little older and didn't know it he would but to my surprise he did and has been ha ING to s of fun with it. read more »

Love these tags

02 Oct, 2021
These tags are so cute and make your gifts look so nice read more »

Great decoration for halloween

02 Oct, 2021
Really cool lights and perfect for Halloween.  read more »

Works great

02 Oct, 2021
A little small but work great read more »

Good length

02 Oct, 2021
Nice cords 6ft length works great.  read more »

Great for creativity

30 Sep, 2021
Great toy for creativity. Hours of playtime already read more »

Nephew loves

30 Sep, 2021
My nephew always plays with this toy when he goes to his dr so I had to buy it for him. He loves it as much at-home as he does there. Great buy. read more »

Really fun

30 Sep, 2021
These toys are really great for my 3 year old grandson. He loves them and they have great detail. read more »

Really good detail

30 Sep, 2021
These toys are really good detail and fun to play with read more »

Fun toy

27 Sep, 2021
My grandson loves dinosaurs so this is the perfect gift for him. He loves taking them apart and putting them back together. read more »

Fun car

27 Sep, 2021
My nephew loves this car. It's fast and he is excited to play with it. read more »

Nephew loves this boat

04 Dec, 2020
I bought this for my 5 year old nephew to use in the pool and he loves it. Perfect as a starter remote control boat. read more »

Fits perfect

23 Nov, 2020
Fits my bath tub perfectly. Secures great helps with slipping  read more »

Easy to use very comfortable

09 Jul, 2020
Very comfortable can be used for both wrists easy to keep clean read more »

looks good

21 Jan, 2020
great plate holder. looks good on car. read more »

really cool toy

15 Dec, 2019
my step grandson plays with this all the time. it's really a cool toy read more »

great wallet

21 Oct, 2019
husband loves this wallet read more »

great machine

12 Sep, 2019
thos works really good. great thing to have in a humid climate like Florida. you can see the difference by the amount of water you dump out but the best thing is that you can feel the difference in th... read more »

my 3 year old nephew loves this

02 Aug, 2019
great camera for kids read more »

great lengths

02 Aug, 2019
Gretchen length fast charging  read more »

great set

02 Aug, 2019
this set has everything you need for a manicure really good quality read more »

very versatile

21 Jul, 2019
great knife has many different uses and is easy to carry with you read more »

fits most vehicles

13 Jul, 2019
this kit has a ton of pieces and enables you to Fox a lot of different parts and works for multiple vehicles  read more »

really sharp

13 Jul, 2019
these scissors are really sharp and enable you to cut with a straight line no ragged cuts read more »

good idea bad execution

02 Jul, 2019
I love the idea of what this float does but the execution is bad. the way they want you to blow it up is horrendous and I can't figure out how to do it.  read more »

Great quality

22 Jun, 2019
very compact but works amazing read more »

works great great

20 Jun, 2019
easy to swallow love the health benefits no after taste  read more »

easy to use

15 Jun, 2019
this diffuser is easy to and easy to clean and the oils make the entire room smell so good read more »

works great

04 Jun, 2019
this thing works great and for hours at a time.  read more »

love this diffiser

04 Jun, 2019
this diffuser lasts for hours and makes my house smell amazing with the oils. read more »

fun to fly

21 May, 2019
drone is fun to fly and only takes seconds to set up. charge battery, place batteries in remote and calibrate drone and your ready to go read more »

Fits nicely

09 Apr, 2019
Fits great works perfect very durable read more »

Great quality

01 Apr, 2019
Perfect size for an evening out read more »

Good cord

30 Mar, 2019
Charges really quickly. Decent length  read more »

Fits nicely

17 Mar, 2019
Fits nicely. Snug pockets holds cds securely  read more »

Love this

15 Feb, 2019
Makes it super easy to level your cakes for decorating read more »

Great fit

15 Jan, 2019
Love this organizer. Its a great fit fir nt can seat and hikds my umbrella Kleenex and other items so that they arrbt scattered throughout the van  read more »

Lots of space

07 Dec, 2018
Beautiful wallet kits of card room  read more »

Fits great

07 Dec, 2018
Fits great and offers movement while supporting my knee  read more »

Beautiful wallet

07 Dec, 2018
Has tons of credit card space read more »

Great kit

07 Dec, 2018
Great Kutcher has everything you need read more »


07 Dec, 2018
These lights look beautiful and are easy to use read more »

Perfect for preteen

03 Dec, 2018
This is a perfect telescope for a preteen to learn on read more »

Fits visor perfect

03 Dec, 2018
Fits perfect right size to hold the cds read more »

My grandson loves

03 Dec, 2018
Perfect size for a toddler  read more »

Fun for my grandson

02 Dec, 2018
My grandson loves to play with these bath toys read more »

Fits perfect

27 Nov, 2018
Love the organization case works great in my van read more »

Son loves theae

27 Nov, 2018
My son says these make getting messed up screws so easy to remove.  read more »

Works great

27 Nov, 2018
These lights are great powered by solar so no cost on electricity and they come on at dark and go off at daylight read more »

Works great

27 Nov, 2018
These lights are great powered by solar so no cost on electricity and they come on at dark and go off at daylight read more »

Love these

27 Nov, 2018
These lights are great powered by solar so no cost on electricity and they come on at dark and go off at daylight read more »

Works great

27 Nov, 2018
My son solders a lot and he thinks this stuff is great read more »

Easy to store

27 Nov, 2018
Live that it folds easy to store when not in use great height  read more »

Looks fashionable

27 Nov, 2018
Fits perfect looks great love the sound  read more »

Works great

27 Nov, 2018
Very sharo, cuts well. Live the little case read more »

Made well

27 Nov, 2018
Made well fits in pockets perfectly lots of space  read more »

Great set

27 Nov, 2018
Love the colors good size pieces and holds the pieces securely  for storage iwhen t's folded up. read more »

Fits perfect

26 Nov, 2018
Fits perfectly and works great gives so much more light than the original  read more »

Great set

18 Nov, 2018
I live this set for working on my laptop. The case makes it nice to keep everything together read more »

Look amazing

18 Nov, 2018
These look amazing as Christmas decorations  read more »

Good size

18 Nov, 2018
My 3 year old nephew loves these guna. They are a great size for him read more »

Great learning drone

02 Nov, 2018
This drone is great for learning on before buying a more expensive model. My niece loves it read more »

Great room saver

19 Oct, 2018
Live Being Able To Charge 4 Items On One Plug Saves A Ton Of Space From Having Multiple Chargers  read more »

Really convenient

19 Oct, 2018
This plug is really convenient for someone who needs to charge more than one item by usb and still have the plug left open with an additional outlet read more »

Great decoration

19 Oct, 2018
This is a great way to decorate for the hokidays. You can choose what you want to display on your house and customize it every night or year or whenever you want to change the scene. read more »

Love the solar lights

18 Oct, 2018
These lights are great. Love the motion detector feature.  read more »

Great for 2 people

16 Oct, 2018
Looks cool in the woods and is a good size for 2 people  read more »

Great lights for camping

05 Oct, 2018
Love these solar lights. Once charged they last for a few hours unplugged and are extremely bright  read more »

No sticking

04 Sep, 2018
Food doesn't stick and has a convenient lid to carry pan with read more »

Great sound

04 Sep, 2018
Waterproof speaker that you can listen to in the shower. Has great sound  read more »

Great for keeping up with appointment dates

01 Sep, 2018
Easy to use makes it so convenient to keep up with appointment time  read more »

Cute idea for halloween

01 Sep, 2018
Easy to use. Cute idea for Halloween decoration read more »

Works great

01 Sep, 2018
Works good  and easy to figure out how to use read more »

Great set

01 Sep, 2018
Set looks really nice and we'll made read more »

Beautiful artwork

24 Aug, 2018
Great size well made beautiful artwork  read more »

Extremely soft blanket

22 Aug, 2018
Blanket is great fits a queen bed only problem is when I got it, it was ripped.bums me out  read more »

Great for a tent

21 Aug, 2018
This Light Is Bright And Can Light Up A Tent So You Can See While Having A Good Time Camping  read more »

Fun to play with

14 Aug, 2018
My 3 year old nephew has hours of fun playing with these pull back trucks  read more »

Fun toy

14 Aug, 2018
Got this for my nephews 3rd bday because he loves to draw on the walls. So far this toy has kept him from doing that so he stays out of trouble and still gets to draw. Win win for everyone  read more »

Easy to set up

14 Aug, 2018
This tent is easy to set up, has a carrying caae, and is plenty big for 3 to 4 people. Makes going to the beach so much easier  read more »

Small but powerful

13 Aug, 2018
Fits in a small purse or habdbag. Has a powerful bean of lights great for emergencies. read more »

So soft and warm

13 Aug, 2018
This blanket is so soft and warm. Perfect for a chilly night and cuddling on the couch. read more »

Fits my echo and makes it safe

13 Aug, 2018
Fits my echo perfectly and keeps it safe when traveling read more »

Easy to use

08 Aug, 2018
Used this on a 99 rodeo and it worked great read more »

Works great

22 Jul, 2018
Great toaster for light or dark toast. Had to replace our old toaster because it stopped working and this is a great replacement for it. read more »

Makes grilling hot dogs and marshmallows easy

18 Jul, 2018
Makes grilling hot dogs and marshmallows so easy and safer to do keeps the kids further from the fire with these skewers read more »

Works great

18 Jul, 2018
Really bright and works great for under cabinets or in cloaets read more »

Great gift for avid grillers

14 Jul, 2018
Gift for my mom as she is an avid griller and she uses it all the time. Gets the grill clean and doesn't scrape off the grill coating. read more »

2 year old loves it

14 Jul, 2018
My 2 year old gets a kick out of this kight. He's already figured out the remote and can change the colors and make the lights do what he wants. Great for him. read more »

Easy to use

14 Jul, 2018
Easy to use stepdaughter is very happy with it as its a replacement for one that stopped working. read more »

Great for traveling

14 Jul, 2018
Small and compact and has attachments for international traveling. A must have item for going overseas. read more »

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