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Jun, 2018

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I am a stay at home mom who has the time to review products. I enjoy trying out new products and letting people know about them. I have two grown boys and one grown granddaughter. My interests are reviewing, nature and doing stuff with my family.
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Christmas Stockings

24 Nov, 2019
Received my second set of christmas stockings.  I bought the first set and I loved not only the characters on them but the quality.  These stockings are on the large side also.  Love th... read more »

Wisteria Fake Silk Flowers

23 Nov, 2019
I bought these to use on a wooden trellis in my backyard.  I tried them out when I got them to see what it will look like next summer.  They look awesome!  I was a lil surprised how wel... read more »

Mini Christmas Stockings

23 Nov, 2019
I ordered these to put gift cards in.  I wasnt expecting that I could use as decorations to.  They are great for different size gift cards and the best part is I got 16 in the pack... read more »

Christmas Stockings

23 Nov, 2019
These are the cutest!!  They came with a santa, a reindeer and a snowman.  I wanted to get new stockings this year and I made the right choice.  These are well made and who can go wrong... read more »

Baby Drool Bibs

19 Nov, 2019
Cutest idea!!  Bought for my goddaughter and she looks so cute in them.  Four different sayings and holds of to all that drool.  Lol. read more »

Reusable Drinking Straws

19 Nov, 2019
These are wonderful not only for myself but the environment.  No more plastic straws to harm the earth!  I use one and wash it and it's ready for another use.  Great idea.  Str... read more »

Hoch Pocus Shirt

19 Nov, 2019
Bought this for my granddaughter because she loves the Hocus Pocus movie.  Quality is nice and colors are vibrant.  She got alot of compliments and people asking where she got it from. ... read more »

Blackout Curtains

19 Nov, 2019
Received in September but waited to paint my bedroom to put up.  These are great!!  No more waking up to sun in my eyes or the moon staring at me.  No matter how beautiful the sun and m... read more »

Christmas Chair Covers

16 Nov, 2019
These are the cutest covers ever.  I bought them on a whim to decorate my kitchen table for christmas.  They fit perfectly and really made my kitchen look alil more christmassy.   ... read more »

Cotton Rope Baskets

16 Nov, 2019
I bought these for my newly remodeled bathroom.  I'm using large one for toilet paper and the other two on countertop to put odd and ends in.  I really like them because they are somethi... read more »

Water Drawing Mat

16 Nov, 2019
I bought this water drawing mat for my grandson who is 3 years old.  I really wasnt sure how it worked but after receiving and following instruction my grandson really enjoys using it.  Keep... read more »

Digital Scale

16 Nov, 2019
I received my scale a couple days ago and I luv it!  No more trying to see and read the lines.  The numbers are large and very lit up.  No problem trying to see anything.  It's... read more »

Grooming Dematter

30 Oct, 2019
My dog was a mess and I didnt have alot of money to get him groomed so I took a chance on this.  I'm glad I did.  It dematted my dog so good I didnt have to take him to groomer.  Th... read more »

Eye Mask Headset

30 Oct, 2019
Omg what a great invention.  I can actually sync my phone to it and turn it on and wow within 20 minutes I am sound asleep.  I was having trouble getting to sleep so I decided  I would... read more »

Dish Rack

30 Oct, 2019
Bought two of these.  One for my granddaughter who is moving into her own place and one for my son who has his own place.  They love it.  For two young people to tell me that they love... read more »


30 Oct, 2019
Love, love this cheeseboard.  It came with coaster, a pullout drawer that stores the cutting utensils needed to cut cheese or whatever you may be serving.  Also came with an entertaining gui... read more »

Cake Decorator

30 Oct, 2019
I bought bgg this for my neice because she loves to make different cakes and also make different things with chocolate.  She told me she loves all the different pieces that came with it because c... read more »

Personal Blender

30 Oct, 2019
I bought two of these.  One for my myself and one for my husband at work.  We both enjoy protein shakes but not being home to blend makes them not taste the greatest.  I love them!... read more »

Grill Scraper

30 Oct, 2019
Bought this little gadget on a whim thinking it won't work but low and behold IT WORKS!!  I used it all summer.  I have a older grill and it still worked very well getting the gunk off t... read more »

Electric Toothbrush

28 May, 2019
Never used a electric toothbrush before I thought I would check this one out.  I like the way it cleans my teeth.  It seems to do a better job than a regular toothbrush.  It does the wo... read more »

Puts my newborn nephew right to sleep!

28 May, 2019
I bought it for my niece who just had a baby boy.  She was having trouble with him sleeping.  She puts this on for with the different sounds and he falls asleep.  What's nice is it... read more »

Great Thermoneter

28 May, 2019
This was a first for me with this thermometer.  I'm old school and used the old mercury kind.  So I took a chance and bought this one that is digital and can be used on the forehead.&nbs... read more »

Nice Scrubber

24 May, 2019
I've had this scrubber for about 2 weeks. I also have the other sponge that I was using.  I like that it doesn't lthat get that  musty smell u usually gt from the sponges.  Nice... read more »


15 May, 2019
Bought this because it said two adults can fit in the hammock.  Love the idea of the extra room it gives plus can be put into a chair.  Haven't put it up yet but material appears to... read more »

Lip Pacifier

15 May, 2019
This is so cute!!  The babies look like they have big lipsticked lips.  Nice and durable.   read more »


15 May, 2019
I've been using in my bedroom because it gets so dry in my house especially in winter with furnace running.  It has helped me sleep a little better and not waking up with a dry throat and stu... read more »

Stainless Steel Tumblers

15 May, 2019
I bought these to use when sitting outside with a cocktail or a soda.  They are non staining and stay cold for quite a long time.  Love that they come with a lid especially with the bugs try... read more »

Fairy Lights

15 May, 2019
Cutest jars for outside!  I put these in my flower garden and they show up really nice at night.  They are durable and worth buying. read more »

Security Camera For Baby's Room

15 May, 2019
I also bought this for my niece who was expecting.  After her husband set it up I was amazed by the clarity and sound.  They could watch the baby sleeping during the day or at night with the... read more »

Stylish Diaper Bag

15 May, 2019
I bought this for my niece who was expecting.  I wasn't sure at first because it's a backpack design.  She loved it!  Gone are days of the traditional diaper bags.  Lol.&nb... read more »

Cosmetic Mirror

15 May, 2019
I love putting my makeup on with this cosmetic mirror.  I can listen to my favorite songs while I'm getting ready.  I know I could use a speaker or my phone but why when I can have it al... read more »

Great camping tool

15 May, 2019
Was little skeptical in buying this but glad I did.  Went camping last weekend and used to light a fire.  Was the easiest fire I ever started.  It was a little windy but that didn&... read more »

Great for outside

15 May, 2019
These tea lights have worked out great for my outside hurricane lamps.  I have them in each of the lamps and they hang in my gazebo.  Not only does it same me money because I don't have... read more »

Great for kids

03 Sep, 2018
If you want something to keep the kids active for awhile invest in this hoverball.  Keeps them active while they are having fun.  Worth the money read more »

Big calendar

03 Sep, 2018
This has come in so handy for keeping track of my families activities and appointments.  The best part is its magnetic so it fits perfect on the fridge.  I like it so much i bought a second.... read more »

Nice for seatbelts

03 Sep, 2018
This are nice and thick for my kids seatbelts.  They helped with the seatbelts not cutting into my kids necks.  They are pillowlike so they are very comfortable for the kids read more »

What a magnigying glass

03 Sep, 2018
Getting older and need some extra jelp seeing certain things.  This came in very handy to be able to read small print or sewing.  Glad i bought it read more »

Mp3 player

03 Sep, 2018
Im an middle aged woman who is old school.  I got this mp3 player so i could download music without going thru alot of fuss that i cant figure out.  This is great.  Its user friendlly a... read more »

Smells good

03 Sep, 2018
Very nice smelling incense.  The smell lingers a long time.  Worth the money read more »

Comfortable hammock

03 Sep, 2018
This hammock works out great.  Its very comfortable and the best part is it has a mosquito net which is a lifesaver in the evening.  Very durable material.  You can fold in down into a... read more »

Great watch

03 Sep, 2018
This watch does everything.  I can answer phone, get texts, go on facebook and other social media.  It has a camera, alarm and tons of other things you can do on it.  I love it. read more »

Nice fir watch

03 Sep, 2018
Like this watch because it tracks my steps, calories, sleep pattern and has an alarm on it.  Very nice.  Color is great read more »

Nicely made tongs

30 Aug, 2018
These tongs are great.  Nice and durable.   Love the rubber on the ends for picking up food.  Better than most tongs i've seen.  Worth the price read more »

Sharp can opener

30 Aug, 2018
Bought can opener not only for price but in case my electric one would break.  Heavy duty and nice and sharp.  Not bulky to use. read more »

Passport holder

30 Aug, 2018
Did not expect it to be so durable.   Has slots for your license or any other type of ID you need to carry.  I like that i can keep everything together in one place.  Nice material... read more »

Nice earbuds

30 Aug, 2018
Nice earbuds for the price.  Bought for laptop while listening to music or taking my classes.  Very nice sound. read more »

Nice and clear sound

30 Aug, 2018
These say kids walkie talkies but i bought them for me and my husband when we r taking road trips or jus when one of us are outside.  Very crisp and clear.  No background crackles or sounds.... read more »

Great kids camera

30 Aug, 2018
Bought this camera for my 7 year old granddaughter.  She loves it.   I cant keep her out of the pool.  Shes loves taking underwater pictures with it.  Very kid friendly. ... read more »

Durable material bag

30 Aug, 2018
Nice and durable for my important papers.  Just the right siza for the papers you would need in case of a emergency.  Not to big not too small.  Glad i got it read more »

Love the color

30 Aug, 2018
I bought this for the color.  My kitchen is done in red so i decided to buy this to match other stuff in my kitchen.  Not only does the color go but i like its wide slots for bagels and the... read more »

Flavor Enhancer Salt Block

23 Aug, 2018
I received this yesterday and used it last nite on the grill for dinner.  I made chicken cutlets with it.  I couldnt believe what a fifference a salt block would make but it does.  The... read more »

Good earplugs

19 Aug, 2018
I have a pool so with the kids they eere always getting water in their ears.  Well not anymore.  The earplugs are the best.  No more water in the ears.  Smart purchase read more »

Fashionable beach bag

19 Aug, 2018
I bought this as a beach bag but ive been using it for other things.  It has come in handy.  Its sturdy and nice material. read more »

Nice collar

19 Aug, 2018
I bought this for my cat.  I like it because it has a little bell and also a place to write his name on and a phone number in case he gets lost.  Sturdy too read more »

Love my birdbath

19 Aug, 2018
I bought this for my birdbath.  It looks so nice with the fountain in it.  And i love that i can change it to different heads to appear different.  Love it read more »

Nice looking necklace

19 Aug, 2018
Bought this for my granddaughter for a charm she has.  I wasnt sure wht the quality was gonna be like but it looks very nice.  It's definitely worth buying read more »

Fashionable choker

19 Aug, 2018
Im not a choker person but i bought this for my daughter-in-law who is.  She loved the looks of it and say its comfortable and not itchy around the neck.  Glad i bought it read more »

Comfy Underwear

19 Aug, 2018
These were bought for my husband and he says they are so comfortable.  The material is nice and soft.  The material has little holes to make it airy.  Good purchase read more »

Bright solar lights

19 Aug, 2018
I bought these solar lights for my deck.  I didnt want anybody to fall at night. They fit perfectly and are bright so you can see a couple feet ahead of you.  Price was good for the product read more »

Nice Earbuds

19 Aug, 2018
I purchased these earbuds on a whim.  I was looking for something i could use on a laptop when im using the volume while my hubby is watching tv.  They fit nicely in the ears and i dont even... read more »

Heavy Cover

19 Aug, 2018
This cover is great.  It is made with heavy material and fits well.   Would definitely buy another read more »

Nice Headset

19 Aug, 2018
I bought this for my nephew.   He's using it for his gaming system.  I asked him how it was and he said the headset was really good.  He can hear good with it with no crackling... read more »

Sturdy wisk

15 Aug, 2018
Very nice wisk.  Most are flimsy but this was is nice and sturdy and very cute with the handle being a carrot read more »

Great Straightner

12 Aug, 2018
Bought this hair straightner for my granddaughter.  She has thick medium length hair.  It works amazing.  I wasnt sure how it was gonna be because of the reasonable price but it works g... read more »

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