MYMAHDI MP3/MP4 Music Player, 8GB Portable Audio Player with Photo Viewer, Voice Recorder, FM Radio, A-B Playback, E-book, Metal body, Build-in Speaker with Headphone(Expandable Up to 128GB) Silver
Price: $22.99
4.80 / 5   (45 Reviews)


Pretty great sound

29 Dec, 2019

Easy to operate

31 Mar, 2019
Easy to expand storage with a micro SD card. Has a built in speaker if you don't weant to use headphones. Does not respond to headphone remote commands. Has FM radio and a voice recorder. #Rankboo... read more »

Great Little MP3 Player!

26 Mar, 2019
I love all of the features that this player has to offer! I use the voice recorder feature all the time for notes and to catch passing thoughts. Very good value for the price! read more »


07 Feb, 2019

Easy to use

04 Jan, 2019
We got these as gifts for our 9-12 yr olds and they love it. Very easy to use. read more »


28 Dec, 2018
This one little Music Player does more than just play music!  Comes with a charging cable too.  Best sound, and you can store a ton of stuff on this including pictres.  Use it as a voic... read more »

This tiny player does it all!

23 Dec, 2018
This MYMAHDI MP3/MP4 Music Player has a compact, metal case with a thick plastic screen so it is very durable and well made. Listen to music, watch a movie, tune into am/fm radio, read an ebook, store... read more »

as described

06 Dec, 2018
 #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  #mymahdi read more »

high quality

04 Dec, 2018
great quality mp3 player works just as good as the expensive competitors. worth the buy read more »

Not bad for the price

03 Dec, 2018
Most people nowadays listen to their audiobooks and music on their phones. I usually do, too. But sometimes I don't want to use my phone. Maybe I'm going to be outside doing chores and don'... read more »

Classy and Impressive for its size

10 Nov, 2018
Elegant, and loud. This little device really packs a punch! If you're looking for a great MP4 MP3 player, this is definitely it. Not only is it great, but you can listen without headphones as well... read more »

very nice

08 Nov, 2018
got this for my youngest daughter for christmas she is gonna love it read more »

MYMAHDI MP3/MP4 Music Player, 8GB Portable Audio Player with Photo Viewer, Voice Recorder, FM Radio, A-B Playback, E-book, Metal body, Build-in Speaker with Headphone(Expandable Up to 128GB) Silver Price: $22.99

11 Oct, 2018
MYMAHDI MP3/MP4 Music Player is a nice portable player that can play movies, music pictures and a voice recorder. It comes with 8 GB of storage. Also a a slot to put your SD card so you can just view... read more »

Cute, portable and easy to navigate

30 Sep, 2018
I got this MYMAHDI MP3/MP4 Music Player for my 8 year old.  She loves music and now she can listen to it on the go.  I love that it's small,  yet pretty good quality.  It's... read more »

Nice little compact MP3/MP4 Player

20 Sep, 2018
I got this since I thought it sounded like something different small and had many functions. I am a bit disppointed since I have been having trouble with the player so I can only get the radio to play... read more »

I love this brand

11 Sep, 2018
I love this MYMAHDI brand. Their MP3/MP4 Music Player is awesome. I have purchased a few of them now. I love how modern and stylish they are. The MP3/MP4 player is heavy made. It has a metal body and... read more »

Simple music player

08 Sep, 2018
This music player is fairly simple to use. It's very durable so it would be a great purchase for a child.  read more »

Music Beats

07 Sep, 2018
Now my favorite songs whenever, wherever I go. I can play them all day and drown out the world or at least the people who annoy me, lol. read more »

Great MP3 player for price

04 Sep, 2018
It took me a while to figure things out as the instructions are not the best. Quite heavy for something so small, which makes it feel a lot more expensive than it actually was.  Visually appea... read more »

Mp3 player

03 Sep, 2018
Im an middle aged woman who is old school.  I got this mp3 player so i could download music without going thru alot of fuss that i cant figure out.  This is great.  Its user friendlly a... read more »

I love it

02 Sep, 2018
I purchased my #MYMHADI MP3/MP4 player thru #RankBooster and just adore it. I love it it's easy to use sound quality rocks its got a bunch of functions to choose from. I definitely recommend... read more »

Love it!

31 Aug, 2018
I got my #MYMAHDI MP3/MP4 player thru #RANK BOOSTER  and I just love it! It plays music, shows pictures, voice records, has a game to keep me occupied, the noise and video quality are excellent.... read more »


31 Aug, 2018
Good quality player. Would also make nice gifts. read more »

Pretty neat

31 Aug, 2018
Great gift for my teen. It has plenty to do on it without all the worries of him being on the net all the time read more »

Multi purpose recorder

30 Aug, 2018
MYMAHDI MP3/MP4 Music Player, 8GB Portable Audio Player with Photo Viewer, Voice Recorder, FM Radio, A-B Playback, E-book, Metal body, Build-in Speaker with Headphone(Expandable Up to 128GB) Silver... read more »

Shaking it

29 Aug, 2018
I was super impressed with this MYMAHDI MP3/MP4 Music Player I found on amazon. Has great sound and audio. Was simple to set up and charge. The quality is great. The price is very affordable. Ver... read more »

Very Nice for the Price! Could Have Better Features.

29 Aug, 2018
This MP3 player is small and fits in pretty much any pocket. has a headphone jack to listen to music on your headphones. It does have a built-in speaker in case you don't want to use headphones, b... read more »

Not an Ipod, but close enough for the price!

25 Aug, 2018
I use this to stream music to my car's audio system.   It connects via USB and sounds great!  It stores lots of songs, and even can store pictures!  It has 8 GB built in, but i... read more »


25 Aug, 2018
#RankBooster always keeps me thrilled!  I love how amazing these little MP3 players are for my kids!  read more »

Very good

25 Aug, 2018
I bought it for my granma and she like it. read more »

Great sound

25 Aug, 2018
easy to use, holds tons of music,  read more »

A Very Good Item When the Phone is too Much

24 Aug, 2018
Some activities I don't want to carry a phone with me, sometimes the phone is what I'm getting away from. The sound is incredible, the battery has a long life, and the weight is very light. I... read more »


23 Aug, 2018
Absolutely great I just love how easy it is to use and how much memory it has sound is really clear. read more »

Perfect for my music

23 Aug, 2018
Wonderful and compact, this is perfect for my music when I am just listening to it, or working out. Sometimes I like to just throw it in an arm pouch and listen while I work around the house! This com... read more »

Well made, compact and fits in pocket

22 Aug, 2018
This MP3 player was a gift for my 11 yr old grandson.  He likes it very much and is learning how to use it. He likes the sound and will load his favorite songs on it to enjoy. He is having f... read more »

Great Little Player

20 Aug, 2018
I wanted a player that was inexpensive just to hook up to my aux in the car for long trips. I ususally blutooth my phone but lately clinical hours at my college have me running maps on my phone becaus... read more »

Totally Rocks

19 Aug, 2018
This mp3/mp4 music player is so totally awesome.  It is portable, audio and has a photo viewer as well.  It will record voices, you can listen to fm radio or ebooks and it has 8GB of memory.... read more »

Very Nice quality

19 Aug, 2018
Music, viedo and more, this little compact player is great. read more »

Awesome product.

17 Aug, 2018
This is an excellent product. The MP3/MP4, is functional and working great. It sounds pretty well. It is easy to operate, really nice because of A-B play back, E-book, etc. I love listening music also... read more »

Very stylish with nice white color

16 Aug, 2018
Pretty nice audio player with an all white colored theme that makes it look very appealing. Design is great with capacitive buttons to make it feel of higher quality and the weight to it gives it more... read more »

Very nice MP3 player PLUS

16 Aug, 2018
This is the perfect device for the teen that likes to listen to his music or the adult to listen to his audio books. In addition, it can play certain video formats, text files, photos, and has a built... read more »


15 Aug, 2018
I love this because now I dont have to waste the battery and memory on my phone. It has a lot of great features, I bought one for each of my kids as well! #rankboosterreview  read more »

Listen up

14 Aug, 2018
Very nice, well made and durable mp3 player. Way to understand instructions and very way to take portable. It seems really really well made. Easy to connect to the computer. read more »

Excellent MP3 player

13 Aug, 2018
My new car doesn’t have a CD player so I decided to try an MP3 player. This was very easy to hook up and very easy to add music to. The display is very nice and has a very clear menu. The glass... read more »

MP3/MP4 Music Player

13 Aug, 2018
Works as advertised. Massive storage, easy to read colored screen. Connects with PC easily. Very Happy!  read more »

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