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May, 2018

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Just your average crazy cat guy. I love to do crafting, DIY, and upcycling in my spare time. I'm also very interested in technology, kitchen gadgets, and food. I'm retired, so I have plenty of time to pursue my interests. In a few weeks I'll get to travel out of the country for the first time!
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Handy for keeping me contained

03 Jan, 2019
I love this zippered portfolio. It's the perfect size for my coloring book and pens. Since I frequently have to wait for appointments, I take this with me so that I can easily contain my coloring... read more »

Best when used with a SIM card

05 Dec, 2018
I've had inexpensive smartwatches before and I've always been somewhat impressed with them. At least I could see my notifications on my wrist without having to pull out my phone. This phone is... read more »

Not bad for the price

03 Dec, 2018
Most people nowadays listen to their audiobooks and music on their phones. I usually do, too. But sometimes I don't want to use my phone. Maybe I'm going to be outside doing chores and don'... read more »

Functional, but could be better

03 Dec, 2018
This nifty little MP3 player is stepping up the game. Not only does it play music and audiobooks, but it also lets you view photos, videos, text documents, make voice memos, and even has a built-in pe... read more »

I use it when working on 5D paintings

03 Dec, 2018
I've recently started playing around with the 5D painting kits. They are pretty fun and time-consuming enough that I'm not done with them in under an hour. But, with anything time consuming, y... read more »

Great earpiece for a great price

01 Dec, 2018
This earpiece is simple and works great. The only time I needed to even look at the directions was to figure out the power button (It's the one that you would hit if you were to try to stick your fing... read more »

Good for garage doors, great for crafters

28 Nov, 2018
These palm-sized magnets are great for embellishing your garage door. Instead of springing for all new doors, place these on the existing garage door to create the appearance of windows. Since these a... read more »

No more plastic!

25 Nov, 2018
Mesh Bags I hate always using plastic bags everywhere I go. I use reusable bags for my regular groceries and now with these, I can use reusable bags for my produce as well. And one of these bags wi... read more »

Great product for watercolor beginners

23 Nov, 2018
This kit is a great idea for those just starting into watercolors. It comes with a nice sized color palette, a small assortment of brushes, and a pad with 12 sheets of thick art paper. This is just en... read more »

Perfectly powerful

23 Nov, 2018
I am not one of those people who can go all day without charging their phone. I just use it so much that the battery can't keep up with me. Since I'm not always in my car when my battery gets... read more »

Hands up, a great toy!

22 Nov, 2018
Hand plug I love to incorporate kink into my bedroom activities, so I like having a variety of different toys. This butt plug is different from all the other plugs I've tried. The taper allows... read more »

Should probably come in a different color

22 Nov, 2018
For those of us who like a little kink in their life, toys like this can be great. This is definitely a toy that will help you get used to being fisted. It's made of silicone and the material feel... read more »

Big AND Strong

18 Nov, 2018
This citrus squeezer was a little larger than I was expecting. I was honestly expecting a cheaply lightweight citrus juicer that would barely fit a lemon. Instead, I received large stainless steel one... read more »

Great price for the number of refills

16 Nov, 2018
Gel Pen Refills (RR) Coloring is a great stress reliever. It's also a great way for me to stay focused whenever I have to sit and pay attention. I used to use coloring pencils to color with unt... read more »

No more tired feet after a 'quick' shopping trip to my local store!

16 Nov, 2018
I use these sleeves in both size medium and large. The large is great for all-day wear, but I prefer the medium for short, intense activity sessions. I've always had problems with my feet. They... read more »

It's like a therapy blanket for my feet.

16 Nov, 2018
I have feet that tend to be too narrow for most men's shoes and too long for most women's shoes. I end up sizing for length and then just doing what I can to make the width fit better. I usual... read more »

Wow! They stay in my ears!

14 Nov, 2018
Wired Bluetooth earbuds seem like an oxymoron, but with Apple having done away with the headphone jack, it's becoming the new necessity for people who don't yet want traditional Bluetooth earb... read more »

These make me feel happy and relaxed and creative all at once!

13 Nov, 2018
I love setting up fun lights and making scenes in my room. Depending on the lights, it can help me relax, be creative, be energized, just about whatever I need. These lights are so much fun. I can'... read more »

Grippy so your drink doesn't slippy!

13 Nov, 2018
I hate not having coasters but I hate the feeling of instability when blindly setting a cup down on a ceramic coaster. These silicone coasters help me feel secure when I'm setting my glass down, n... read more »

Smooth and sleek

11 Nov, 2018
I have so many devices that I am always running out of charging ports for them. It's annoying to have to rotate my phones, tablets, earbuds, power banks, and whatever other devices I have that use... read more »

Charges even though my phone case

11 Nov, 2018
Since I insist on using a case on my phone (I'm pathologically clumsy.) I have a hard time getting a wireless charger to work decently. I have found that using a rectangle charger as opposed to a... read more »

They fit my hard to fit feet!

11 Nov, 2018
I love cats and I love cute socks, so these socks are perfect!. The image is printed on both sides of the sock, so I am awesome coming and going. The image does fade out a bit when you put them on, bu... read more »

Lightweight and oh so soft

09 Nov, 2018
I know this is supposed to be a scarf, but I'm going to end up using it as a lap blanket on my flight in a few weeks. That is if I can keep my sister from stealing it long enough to enjoy it mysel... read more »

Wired (for power) bluetooth

07 Nov, 2018
These Bluetooth earbuds are perfect for people who still like traditionally wired earbuds but have the iPhone without the jack. These are actually Bluetooth earbuds, but since they don't have thei... read more »

The suction cup makes up for the extra couple inches I wish it had

07 Nov, 2018
Since I moved to such a rural area, my hookup prospects have dried up. I mean, I can walk naked a mile to my mailbox and only have to worry about unfortunately placed mosquito bites. This adult toy ha... read more »

Ring is great, stylus needs improvement

07 Nov, 2018
I am happier with this ring stand than I thought I would be. My phone case usually doesn't handle things stuck to it because the design doesn't have a uniformly flat surface. This ring does ha... read more »

So happy I found this!

06 Nov, 2018
I have been wanting an immersion blender for a long time so I'm glad I found this one. It comes with plenty of gadgets, like chopper, blender, and whisk attachments, a chopper bowl, and a mixing c... read more »

Sturdy and easy to take along

02 Nov, 2018
I knew I was getting a 2.5-liter water jug, but I wasn't really expecting something this size! That being said, it isn't too big at all. Now, this probably isn't the jug you want to carry... read more »

A must have for every bed!

01 Nov, 2018
I. Love. These. Grippers. I hate bed sheets that pop off or are so loose that I have massive wrinkles with my fitted sheet. These prevent all of that! The plastic gripper part don't damage my shee... read more »

Long lasting scent

01 Nov, 2018
I love burning incense. There is just something warm and comforting about it. Plus, it makes my rooms smell great and the scent always lingers long after the incense is gone. This set comes with 5 dif... read more »

Keeps my Mini safe

01 Nov, 2018
I've seen these for the echo dot, but I hadn't seen them for Google Home Mini until I ran across these. They are great for keeping my cord contained and my mini safe from getting knocked on th... read more »

Unobtrusive and secure

01 Nov, 2018
I love my Google Mini and this nifty mount keeps it safe and protected and out of my way. No more dealing with the temporary death of all things smart when my cat gets a bit frisky! Get yours here:... read more »

Great for jump scares, but really needs aired out to get rid of the smell

01 Nov, 2018
I may not have handed out candy to rugrats tonight, but I've still had fun with this mask this year. It easily fits over my head without pulling hair and I can see out of it halfway decently. My o... read more »

Fun times were had by all except the cat

22 Oct, 2018
Today I learned not to pick up my cat wearing this. While it isn't realistically scary in daylight, it will still freak out the cat. Wearing it isn't too bad. It's full coverage, so it... read more »

Small even for a beginner

21 Oct, 2018
I got this because since moving to a very rural area, my options for a sex life have pretty much died. I thought this would be a good start to replacing all my toys and starting fresh. It's small,... read more »

Portable and comfy

01 Oct, 2018
There is something about hammocks that are just fun. They do make for great sleeping - no hard lumps to deal with and you can put them up just about anywhere. This one is great because it comes wit... read more »

I'm not sure why this says Donkey Head Mask. I ordered Deadpool.

29 Sep, 2018
I love Deadpool! I even named my cat Maximum Effort! I was excited to order this mask, even though I knew it wasn't going to be perfect, since it isn't licensed. But I was surprised. Out of th... read more »

No more struggling for that dropped bag while driving!

29 Sep, 2018
It's bumpy AF driving where I live. Even if I put my backpack on the seat of the truck, it may end up on the floor (or if it's been raining a lot) all the way in the back set of the truck by t... read more »


21 Sep, 2018
I've been working with plastics lately and have been struggling with how to get rid of the rough edges without spending forver with sandpaper or a heat gun. This deburring tool makes it so much ea... read more »

Sharp and easy to use

21 Sep, 2018
Living in the country means I'm constantly battling nature trying to reclaim it's territory. I love that these pruning shears are spring loaded so I'm not fighting to reopen them every tim... read more »

Sturdy as all get out!

21 Sep, 2018
I like to make my own lip balm and lotion bars. I don't like to share the tools I use for making them with the kitchen tools I use to cook. These measuring spoons are perfect for making my lip bal... read more »

Durable and portable

21 Sep, 2018
I absolutely love my stainless steel straws! They are durable, reusable, and allow me to enjoy my drinks without affecting the taste. These are great because they come with silicone sleeves that allow... read more »

Great for all kinds of counting tasks

21 Sep, 2018
Several of my knitting projects require that I count my rows. I've downloaded an app that lets me track them, but often I need my phone for something else. So, I use these counters. They are easy... read more »

Cute pots for starter plants

21 Sep, 2018
I've been working on starting some plants. I have a few plants I've started from seeds that fit perfectly in these little flower pots. I also have a few succulents that I'm starting. I put... read more »

Strong but lightweight

19 Sep, 2018
I'm getting Max used to being on a leash so that I can occasionally take him outside. The regular leash I started him with doesn't give him much room to explore, but with this new extendable l... read more »

Max is intrigued, at least.

13 Sep, 2018
Max is finally comfortable enough to come out of his cat cave and start playing. So, I thought this cat perch would be a nice treat for him. It would still give him the ability to hide a little, plus... read more »

Soft, stylish, functional, and warm

13 Sep, 2018
Last winter I was outside most of the day during winter. Needing to do something on my phone would be miserable because it was freaking COLD. This year, I may not be outside as much, but I'm defin... read more »

So simple to use, even I can't mess it up!

10 Sep, 2018
I've been trying to get some seedlings started and it's hard to judge the soil just by eyeing it. This soil tester is so simple to use. All I have to do is stick the prongs into the dirt and t... read more »

Simple idea that works

10 Sep, 2018
I get tired of buying veggies only to find that they've already gone bad by the time I get around to eating them a few days later. These foam mesh liners help extend the shelf life of my fruits an... read more »

Compact, yet spacious

10 Sep, 2018
got this magnetic calendar to help with basic communication within the home. While I tend to keep a more detailed calendar on my phone, I use the magnetic one as a quick reminder of upcoming things. I... read more »

Fast charging that isn't fast to break

08 Sep, 2018
I am hard on data/charge cables. Generally, I end up messing with the end that plugs into the phone, but sometimes, I have no idea what I've done to them. This cable at least helps me with part of... read more »

Sturdier than expected

06 Sep, 2018
The Newton's Cradle is the original fidget toy, masked as a science toy. I've always wanted one and I'm quite happy with this one. I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy it is, especiall... read more »

The best jump rope in the world

01 Sep, 2018
I live too far out in the country to go to a gym. I do yardwork, but that's not always an option for cardio. I could go for a run, but between oil trucks and wild animals, that's not always a... read more »

Well worth the price

29 Aug, 2018
Despite it's small and lightweight appearance, this little phone holder can hold my LG G5 fairly secure. It didn't survive the off-roading feel of the dirt roads by my house (To be fair, not m... read more »

Sturdier than they look, more magical than I expected

29 Aug, 2018
I'm not sure how magic these are, but they are quite nifty. There are several tools packaged into a small space with each of these, but, amazingly, they easily do the job. The look and feel a bit... read more »

Strong and versatile

27 Aug, 2018
Looking forward to getting my pallet swing built. Already have the perfect straps to use with it. These are easy on/easy off, idiot proof, and sturdy enough to hold 2800 pounds! If I don't want to... read more »

Small but MIGHTY

24 Aug, 2018
Mighty little silicone spatulas! Perfect for smaller jars, but work just as well in larger ones. The blades are firmer than regular spatulas so I don't have to work as hard (or worry about acciden... read more »

Does the job and looks cute!

22 Aug, 2018
Living so far out like I do, going to town is often a several hour trip. I'm trying to save money, so instead of buying drinks or fast food when I'm out, I pack my own snacks. This lunch bag i... read more »

Way better than fidget spinners!

22 Aug, 2018
I got tired of fidget spinners pretty quickly, but these kinetic rings haven't lost their magic yet! I received two - one standard silver color and one multicolor. I have three of these now, so I... read more »

Lightweight, so my hand doesn't cramp

19 Aug, 2018
Since I do so much crafting and upcycling, I use a lot of hot glue. I've owned several hot glue guns in my short crafting career and I've found that I like the smaller ones the best. This glue... read more »

My shower time more than doubled.

19 Aug, 2018
I love spending time in the shower. And I'm lucky enough that my shower has both an overhead rainfall shower head and a wall mounted shower head. I'm excited to get to put this bad boy to use!... read more »

Bold and bright colors

19 Aug, 2018
Really liking this washi tape. It's easy to use for both crafting and labeling. It sticks quite well, but doesn't leave a residue when I remove it. I love that the colors are bold and right.... read more »

This diffuser lasts longer than I do!

18 Aug, 2018
I LOVE aromatherapy! Lavender, with a little bit of Rosemary, and I'm much calmer. I've had several diffusers over the past several years, but this one blew me away! All my other diffusers onl... read more »

Good watch, but blood pressure monitor needs tweaking

16 Aug, 2018
I really like this fitness tracker. The step counter is accurate. (I've had so many in the past count steps when I'm sitting in the chair knitting.) I love that it accurately monitors my pulse... read more »

Better than I was expecting

28 Jul, 2018
I have a hard time keeping earbuds in my ears unless they have a built in hook. These earbuds actually stay put for the most part. (If I get too rambunctious they will still fall out.) All of my other... read more »

Easy sharing between devices

23 Jul, 2018
I have an LG G5 and a Samsung Note 5. It's hard to share files between the devices, especially if I'm not near a computer. While there is the option to share via Bluetooth, it's slow and f... read more »

Perfect for home DIY

19 Jul, 2018
I've been wanting to get a drill for my DIY projects, so I was happy when I came across this handy item. It's rechargeable, which is nice because now I don't have to worry about being limi... read more »

Awesome light!

19 Jul, 2018
I do a lot of crafting and while I do have a nice overhead light, it's not the best for intricate/detailed work. I also have a lot of electronic items, so free electrical outlets are rare. This la... read more »

Great for DIY crafting

19 Jul, 2018
I have been working on some DIY beads using recycled plastic. These necklace cords go great with my crafts. I can even double wrap them and use them as bracelets. The lobster claw clasp is easy to wor... read more »

66 feet is a lot longer than you think!

10 Jun, 2018
These lights are great for creating a gentle glow on the patio at night. With the copper wiring of the lights, I can easily wind them around the posts and supports without needing to put new nail hole... read more »

Perfect for fairy globes

10 Jun, 2018
I didn't have really high expectations for this product when I ordered it. I figured it would be a nice novelty to try out in some craft projects and ten eventually toss in an aquarium once I got... read more »

Bigger and better than I expected!

21 May, 2018
I've used clip on macro lenses for my cell phone before and I've never really been that impressed with them. The macro quality was no better than my phone's built in zoom and the fish eye... read more »

Great little nightlight

19 May, 2018
I love these nightlights! I have one in the bathroom and one by my bed. The one in the bathroom is great because it gives off enough light so that I can see where I'm going without getting blinded... read more »

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