Carejoy Newton's Cradle, Newton's Cradle Balance Balls with Metal Balance Ball and Black Wooden Base accompany Your Child’s Grown-up
Price: $16.99
4.91 / 5   (11 Reviews)



21 Dec, 2018
I purchased this for my friend for his desk and he really likes it, this item is entertaining and relaxing at the same time read more »

Fun toy

09 Nov, 2018
My kids loved playing with this. Pull one ball back and let it go and then the ball on the other end moves, fun for kids. good for hand eye coordination. thanks read more »


14 Oct, 2018
My kids have found a new way to amuse their selfs. With this Newton’s Cradle from Carejoy on amazon. It was super easy to assemble and is very relaxing. I am glad I made this purchase and recomm... read more »

heavy weight

14 Oct, 2018
very nice and heavy. not light weight like some others. needs to be put together, but very easy to do. will entertain. #rank booster #sponsored #brand name read more »

Well made product.

20 Sep, 2018
This is a great Newton's Cradle. I have always loved these and wanted one.  So glad that we got one.  Packaging was great shipping was fast.  Put it out on the cabinet at work and s... read more »

Balance Balls

11 Sep, 2018
Nice quality and easy set up. Seems pretty sturdy and works perfectly. I love these things and cant pass by it without playing with it. If you enjoy neat things or need a cool gift this is a great opt... read more »

Nice Desk Item

09 Sep, 2018
This is a great desk toy to gift.  It's fun to make all sorts of hitting patterens with it.  I actually find it relaxing to watch and listen to the "clanking" sounds of the bal... read more »

Sturdier than expected

06 Sep, 2018
The Newton's Cradle is the original fidget toy, masked as a science toy. I've always wanted one and I'm quite happy with this one. I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy it is, especiall... read more »


04 Sep, 2018
always wanted one of these and i love it, captures your attention! read more »

Cool decoration

03 Sep, 2018
I remember seeing these in stores and I was always fascinated with them. This item is a great decoration for your house and/or desk. It is made out of high-quality metal so don't expect it to brea... read more »

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