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different shades drawing pencils

03 Apr, 2021
bought for my oldest, she is quite the artist, these pencils shade in different shades, perfect for textures when drawing read more »

was larger than expecting remote control car

03 Apr, 2021
great value for the price, was larger than I was expecting, easy to use, good quality, hours of fun for my kids read more »

neat easter candy bags

03 Apr, 2021
easter bunny pants to stuff full of candy for easter, cant wait to see kids enjoyment when receiving these on sunday read more »

neat lcd tablet

03 Apr, 2021
easy for kids to practice writing on, neat writing board, bought for my younger kids to practice drawing and writing on but my oldest seems to like doodling on it the best  read more »

neat sprinkler

03 Apr, 2021
Kids love this sprinkler, was easy to hook up, tubes shoot water all over and make a fun game for the kids to try to run over and threw without getting wet read more »

really cool hat

03 Apr, 2021
Hat was better than was expecting, bought for my kid, but dad ended up taking, he wears it out in public and think it makes him look cool, he likes to pretend the colorful hair sticking out the top is... read more »

Flying Ball Kids Toy

24 Mar, 2021
Fun toy, kids love this type of toy, got for easter basket stuffer read more »

iphone cords

24 Mar, 2021
Nice braided pack of iphone cords, like the braided ones because they seem to last longer than standard just plastic covered cords, no issues using them to charge so far.  read more »

wifi adapater 1200mpbs

24 Mar, 2021
Bought because the wireless card in my computer is going bad and also would not pick up the speeds I pay for with my internet this product pics up over 1gb and is easy to use by plugging into usb... read more »

Flying ball toy, easy to use

04 Mar, 2021
Fun toy that flies around the room and into stuff, my kids love these, easy to use, just flip it on, and toss it gently up and it takes off read more »

Bug explorer kit

04 Mar, 2021
Cool kit for playing with bugs, tool to pick them up, magnifying glass to look at them threw, box to carry them in, really nice set, my kids were so excited about this kit, they use it all the time read more »

Flying ball toy

04 Mar, 2021
These toys are really neat. You just flip it on sit it in your hand and then gently toss it up, my son gets so excited about these, he loves watching them fly around and crash into things read more »

Rotary tool

04 Mar, 2021
The rotary tool itself is pretty nice and comes with alot of accessories, case broke after one opening and closing though, ended up having to dump the tool and accessories out into a took bag as the b... read more »

Biotin Keratin & Collagen Capsules

30 Oct, 2020
I have low vitamins and brittle nails due to breastfeeding, I didnt think my nails were going to grow back but I decided to try this, noticibly longer and thicker nails after a week or two of use, I t... read more »

WORKSITE 8V Cordless Drill

30 Oct, 2020
Came wtih evrything needed, spacious tool bag to carry it and other supplies in, plus extra space to drop more tools down in, I keep all my most used tools in the bag, drill came charged with charger... read more »

Baby Teething Necklace for Mom to Wear

30 Oct, 2020
Was longer than expected, Cute teething necklace for mom to wear, safe beads for baby to chew on read more »

Sensory Chew Necklace

30 Oct, 2020
Cute teething necklace for mom to wear, safe beads for baby to chew on read more »

Swedish Plush Santa Gnome,

30 Oct, 2020
Cute christmas gnome, great for the holidays, very nice material, sturdy sitting read more »

Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set -

30 Oct, 2020
Brings out the blonde in your hair, makes it soft and more vibrant read more »

Create Your Own Vase and Felt Flower Set

30 Oct, 2020
Cool project for kids, make their own vase and put flowers in it good stem/art activity read more »

Luxury Polyester Shag Area Rug

30 Oct, 2020
Nice soft rug read more »


30 Oct, 2020
Nice pink recorded, daughter needed one for music class and to practice music at home, came wth cleaning rod and bag, thick plastic, durable, served its purpose read more »

cute taxi airpod case

30 Oct, 2020
Nice airpod case fit airpods nicely, cool car design read more »

nice teething mitten and necklace

30 Oct, 2020
Nice 2 piece set, teething mitten and cute teathing necklace, I really liked the necklace even though baby didnt like the miten read more »

nice set

13 Nov, 2019
Nice lingerie set, quality material, very sexy, comes wtih everything needed besides stockings, pair with any stockings of your choice.      #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored ... read more »

Extra large basket

29 Oct, 2019
Few inches bigger than the other basket I have by them, nice and big and large and round, has the inside sectioned off so you can easily store and sort items by section instead of just dumping them al... read more »

Cute mouse teether

29 Oct, 2019
I have a toddler that is currently teething so this mouse teether has been great for her, it even comes with silicone beads, and a clip to clip it to a paci or to her clothes, i normally clip it to he... read more »

Large storage basket

29 Oct, 2019
Nice large storage basket, great for storing all kinds of things inside of it, we have used it for diapers, clothes, toys, and more, it even came with a changing pad. This has been very useful around... read more »

Fun toy

09 Nov, 2018
My kids loved playing with this. Pull one ball back and let it go and then the ball on the other end moves, fun for kids. good for hand eye coordination. thanks read more »

My kids love it

25 May, 2018
Wonderful night light for kids, touch countrols, with 3 different brightnessleverls, easily charge it with the usb port. Holds a charge well, lights up easily. Neat little light.  https://www.... read more »

Great sd card reader!

25 May, 2018
Works great, easily plug it into your computer with the usb port and sd coard in the other side, reads and transfer really well. Great product, thanks read more »

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