UTTORA Flying Ball Kids Toys Flying Toys Kids 8-13 Hand Control LED Disco Lights RC Flying Drone Toys for Boys Girls 9 10 12 Birthday Indoor Outdoor Helicopter Rechargeable
Price: $10.99
4.63 / 5   (54 Reviews)


Fun, but hard to control

25 Aug, 2021
Purchased these for my kids. It lights up pretty and does go into the air. We could not figure out how to control it even with the instructions. The charge dies very quickly as well. Maybe 15-20 minut... read more »

Use Outside!

27 Jul, 2021
Fun toy for the kiddos but save your TV and make sure your man child uses it outside!  We found it a bit hard to control out of the box but with a little practice the kids were pros in no time.&n... read more »

Great stocking stuffers

05 Jul, 2021
Perfect for stocking stuffers. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsor #Livebox-EU https://amazon.com/dp/B08G8B441B read more »

fun toy

14 Jun, 2021
This is just a fun toy. You put your hand under the toy and it flys around as long as your hand is under the toy. Your hand under the toy, not holding but hovering under, is what powers the toy when i... read more »


12 Jun, 2021
the best toy to keep grandchildren busy without them looking at the tv for hours.  so i think its a great way to for me to entertain my 10 grandchildren. bbecause trusst me its hard to entertain... read more »


21 Apr, 2021
UTTORA Flying Ball Kids Toys Flying Toys Kids 8-13 Hand Control LED Disco Lights RC Flying Drone Toys for Boys Girls 9 10 12 Birthday Indoor Outdoor Helicopter Rechargeable . #RankBoosterReview ii. #... read more »

Still not received

21 Apr, 2021
Post off still has not delivered  read more »

Like it

19 Apr, 2021
My kids have fun with this toy, happy with it :) read more »

Cool once you get the hang of it

17 Apr, 2021
It takes some getting used to and it's fun for a little while but in the end, it does and will break. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #kizplays read more »

Only lasted one day

16 Apr, 2021
I got this for my son and he loved it. Unfortunately it flew over the fence into our neighbors yard and unfortunately there law care person mowed it over. But for the short time we did have it was gre... read more »

it flys

15 Apr, 2021
This is the coolest toy we've gotten in a long while.  It was fun to play with. Really enjoyed time spent with my 25 year old son. read more »

Kids..new favorite

12 Apr, 2021
I have two kids...both loves there new toy  read more »

So much fun

12 Apr, 2021
kizplays UTTORA Flying Ball Kids Toys Flying Toys for Kids Hand Control LED Disco Lights RC Flying Drone Toys for Boys Girls 7 8 9 10 11 12 Birthday Indoor Outdoor Rechargeable #kizplays #RankBo... read more »

Love it!!!

10 Apr, 2021
  UTTORA Flying Ball Kids Toys Flying Toys Kids 8-13 Hand Control LED Disco Lights RC Flying Drone Toys for Boys Girls 9 10 12 Birthday Indoor Outdoor Helicopter RechargeableThis is nothing bu... read more »

Love it

09 Apr, 2021
My nephew absolutly loves this toy.  read more »

Fun toy

08 Apr, 2021
A lot of fun to play with and the remote is a nice addition read more »


08 Apr, 2021
This is so much smaller than it looks. I mean it's fragile and I’m afraid of how fast it will break.     #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #uttora   read more »

great family fun

06 Apr, 2021
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #UTTORA flying ball We took this for a test drive at a birthday party and it was a hit. It was cold outside but everyone had a great time seeing what we could... read more »

So Much Fun !!

02 Apr, 2021
So much fun to play with my grandchildren !! It only takes 20 minutes to charge and you just flip the switch to "On" and the propellers start up and starts to fly. ! You control the Helicopt... read more »

Awesome toy

31 Mar, 2021
Very awesome toy and well worth the money . Came in a nice box . Awesome item  read more »


30 Mar, 2021
Very small and it is decent in design but hit and miss with the flying. Could be better read more »

little fly

30 Mar, 2021
this one is like little fly running around the houes.. its small but fun. read more »

Fun but dangerous

29 Mar, 2021
There are a couple little tricks to use in this little helicopter guy one hold it in palm of your hand for at least 20 seconds if you let it go too soon it flies sideways and straight into a wall. But... read more »

Cute Toy

28 Mar, 2021
These are on almost every kid's list. They are so much fun, simple, & rechargeable. I have not found a single fault in this one & if I do I'll update. It came well packages, charges we... read more »

Flying Ball Kids Toy

24 Mar, 2021
Fun toy, kids love this type of toy, got for easter basket stuffer read more »

It works good.

19 Mar, 2021
This toy works pretty good but the battery runs down too fast and it was hard to figure out how to put the blades back on when they came off when it crashed. Overall though, it is a fun toy. read more »

Perfect gift

16 Mar, 2021
My little one is going to love this. Works great lights are brite read more »

Fun toy

13 Mar, 2021
Cute little fun toy, it's exciting for the kids and we love it!!! Thanks ????  read more »

They fly!!

08 Mar, 2021
They are fast and so cool!  read more »


08 Mar, 2021
this is so much fun. the dog even loves it.  read more »

Fun little drone!

26 Feb, 2021
This flying ball drone is so cool! It has sensors in it that will detect your hand or other object underneath it, so you can fly it by waving your hand under it .. My grandkids make it a game like kee... read more »

wow the fun is about to begin

24 Jan, 2021
 We just love this toy. I did make a huge purchase for the holidays and bought all of my family one. We gathered in the main dinning room and turned off the light so we could get the best glow of... read more »

amazing fun with gramps

08 Jan, 2021
Kids loved this , along with grandpa who got 1 too read more »


25 Dec, 2020
What a clever toy, kids got a kick out of them and thought it was fun that it responded to whenever you got close to it but not too close to touch it. Modern keep away. read more »

So much fun

30 Nov, 2020
Okay so my children are 1 to 11 . We all are having a blast with this. It charges pretty fast and lasts awhile. I think it's fun for all ages.  read more »

It goes.

28 Nov, 2020
UTTORA Flying Ball Kids Toys Flying Toys Kids 8-13 Hand Control LED Disco Lights RC Flying Drone Toy. The drone itself I would not give to a child younger than 12 due to the propellers. A child can pl... read more »


26 Nov, 2020
Amazing gift for those teens in your life! read more »


22 Nov, 2020
These little flying ball toys are so fun to play with in our back yard.  I got one each for my nieces and nefews and they are having so much fun with them.  Came intact with all the parts. C... read more »

Didn't work for me.

21 Nov, 2020
THE UTTORA FLYING BALL DIDN'T WORK FOR ME. So I had to return. Maybe I just got a bad one. read more »

It was ok

15 Nov, 2020
I purchased this item for my daughter and it was pretty cool . It didn't last very long though after she played with it a couple of times with it smacking the wall a few times it broke . read more »


15 Nov, 2020
My kids love it!  read more »

I had fun with this toy

14 Nov, 2020
I had fun and enjoy every time I fly this little copter inside my house. It hits the ceiling and walls and survived many crashes. It still works until now! The Good: It works perfectly as intend... read more »


10 Nov, 2020
Great gift for kids! read more »

SIX stars!

09 Nov, 2020
This little gadget is incredible. When it came I was a little weary becaue it looked cheap and felt really light. But oh my goodness! This little toy has proven to be tough and HOURS of fun. Even my h... read more »


07 Nov, 2020
This is a gift.  It was delivered fast,  and from outward appearance looks just as described. Can pay results when gift is opened,  but it seems like a basic just for fun toy  &... read more »

Flying toy

05 Nov, 2020
Great flying toy. Keeps my kids busy.  read more »


02 Nov, 2020
I'm so glad I got this! I have two adult sons and a granddaughter and I knew they would all have a great time with this and it does Not disappoint! This flying toy is made very well and it'... read more »

Awesome flyer

10 Oct, 2020
This toy kept my kids active and it was so much fun. Vibrant lights were a perfect touch. Would not recommend this toy outside or around dogs, they go crazy trying to get it lol. read more »

How Fly!

10 Oct, 2020
This is my first time purchasing one of these. The kids love it and it is easy to use. I needed something that would get the neighborhood kids outside of the house, and this was a great attraction. Th... read more »

So much fun!

09 Oct, 2020
I bought this for my grandkids to play with and I ended up having fun with it too. I can't believe you control it with your hands. I wish it was just a bit larger because it seems a bit small ... read more »

Great Fun!

09 Oct, 2020
This flying ball by #UTTORA is a great gift. I love how it's not only fun, but also helps with hand eye coordination.  The kids all love these helicopter flying balls and for the money you ca... read more »

Flying Disco Ball

06 Oct, 2020
This reminds me of a flying disco ball. It's cute and fun to play with. It will make a great Christmas present for all the kids on my list this holiday season. They are affordable and fun to play... read more »

Very excited

05 Oct, 2020
I have been picking these up a few here and there. They look very cool and will be added to all the kids Christmas gifts this year. I think they will love them if not then the parents can play with th... read more »

Love it!

04 Oct, 2020
This ball has been a lot of fun during our quarantine weekend especially in the evening. Some have stated these are outdoor use only but I find it better to control inside our living room or basement.... read more »

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